The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 89

Chapter 89

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Due to the effect of the same life and death technique, the divine body of the Ghost Crown Prince cannot leave Xuan Jinghe more than a hundred steps. What appeared in the Heavenly Realm at this moment was just his projection.

Ying Kai glanced at him for a moment and calmly replied, “The divine power is not enough to support it. It must first be extinguished for seven days, and then reignited.”

The Ghost Crown Prince silently nodded.

Ying Kai asked, “Why are you here?”

The Ghost Crown Prince sighed deeply, seemingly having no intention of continuing to ask the previous question. He sighed and said, “I thought you realized it the moment you saw Eastern Heaven return.”

After a pause, he continued, “I need your help to retrieve the godhead lost by my master.”

Ying Kai was not surprised. “From Xu Shuangce?”

“No.” The Ghost Crown Prince completely turned around, still smiling at the corners of his mouth, but with a bloody chill flashing in the depths of his eyes. “From Gong Wei.”

The majestic and solemn temple fell into silence.

Ying Kai’s eyes flickered, and after a moment, he asked, “Why? Didn’t Xuan Jinghe pass his godhead to Xu Shuangce?”

“You don’t understand,” the Ghost Crown Prince said lightly, “Gong Wei’s greatest limitation is that he is young, equivalent to a child in human terms. However, his innate godhead is very pure and perfect, which determines that he can go much further in the future. What my master passed to Xu Shuangce was only the acquired godhead of human ascension… It’s incomparable to Gong Wei’s pure innate godhead.”

In the depths of the Yellow Springs, in the void of the netherworld, the Ghost Crown Prince walked through the blood pool of the altar and stood in front of Xuan Jinghe.

He bent down, and his fingertips passed over the lifeless cheek of Xuan Jinghe. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth curled up, and he smiled, saying softly, “Everything I offer to my master must be the best in the world, haven’t I always been like this?”

“…” Ying Kai said, “But innate godhead is innate, and it can’t be removed from Gong Wei’s body.”

The Ghost Crown Prince said, “That’s just because no one knows how to remove it.”

He stood up from the side of the altar, reached behind his back with his hand, and seemed to pull something out of his body―― Countless layers of silver light burst out, and the divine power made it impossible to open one’s eyes. Ying Kai’s eyebrows suddenly jumped!

The magnificent divine light gradually condensed, and he only saw the Ghost Crown Prince holding something in the palm of his hand. It was a bone that he had pulled out of his own body, long and white, engraved with spells, with traces of blood between the lines.

That turned out to be a bone he had pulled out of his own body alive!

The Ghost Crown Prince tightened his five fingers, and a brilliant stream of light passed over the bone. It instantly turned into a blood-red dagger with carved spells in the light, emitting endless sinister and cold air.

“My divine body is invulnerable to conventional weapons, and naturally, it is invincible,” said the Ghost Crown Prince as he held the dagger in his palm, raising the blade to Ying Kai’s face. “You can use this to extract the godhead from Gong Wei’s body, and then bring the godhead to the underworld, and hand it over to me.”

Ying Kai’s gaze fell on the blade, but he did not reach out to take it. After a moment, he averted his gaze and refused in a single word, “No, Gong Wei has never done anything wrong to me.”

But the Ghost Crown Prince was not concerned. “Are you willing to make a deal?”


“If you bring Gong Wei’s godhead to the Guiyuan, I will pluck out the seed planted in your soul nine thousand years ago with my own hands.”

Ying Kai’s expression changed suddenly, and he looked abruptly at the Ghost Crown Prince.

“No need to pretend to be surprised. Didn’t Gong Wei tell you everything back then?” The Ghost Crown Prince said lightly. “I once bestowed upon you an extremely absolute and flawless morality. With Gong Wei’s current divine power, he cannot help you remove it, but I can. After removing this layer of moral shackles, you will feel very relaxed, and your soul will become burden-free. Don’t you want to experience the feeling of a normal person firsthand?”

Ying Kai’s pupils dilated slightly, his hands clenched into fists at his sides. After a while, he squeezed out a word, “You…”

But the Ghost Crown Prince easily interrupted him. “And does Gong Wei really have no faults towards you? Don’t forget, nine thousand years ago, in that game of choosing between two, it was he who led me to you.”

Ying Kai suddenly fell silent.

“If the moral shackles I bestowed upon you had not fallen on you, but into the soul of Xu Shuangce, what do you think would have happened later?” The Ghost Crown Prince seemed to find it particularly interesting, sympathetically sizing up Ying Kai, smiling as he gave the answer, “――Nothing would have happened. Xu Shuangce’s attainment in the Heart Dao is unparalleled, and this layer of moral shackles would not have much impact on him. When the flood came, he would not have run to manage the waters. In other words, all the disasters, grievances, and pains over the years would not have existed from the beginning.”

Ying Kai stood motionless in place, as if even his breath had stopped.

“Nine thousand years, Northern Wall. The soul shackles that you cannot escape, mean nothing to Xu Shuangce ―― but even so, when I gave Gong Wei the choice, he still led me to you, who were young and ignorant.”

The Ghost Crown Prince took a step forward with his hands behind his back, smiling as he leaned towards Ying Kai’s ear, emphasizing his words, “Now, think back, do you really have no resentment towards Gong Wei?”


“When you and Xu Shuangce met the little fox at the same time, why did he choose to protect Xu Shuangce and abandon you?”

The surroundings were eerily quiet. After a while, Ying Kai finally uttered a hoarse voice:

“…Your skill in eloquence and manipulation is even better than nine thousand years ago, Qu Xie.”

The Ghost Crown Prince shrugged indifferently. “I am a mirror. The more evil there is in people’s hearts, the more it reflects my greater strength. What’s wrong with that?”

Ying Kai closed his eyes, and the muscles all over his body tensed, forming clear lines due to stiffness.

Just then, the ground shook violently, and the entire Northern Wall emitted a dull roar as powerful sword energy fiercely struck the barrier――No Way Out!

Xu Shuangce and Gong Wei had already arrived in the Heavenly Realm!

Ying Kai suddenly closed his eyes, as if he had finally made a decision in desperation. Trembling, he raised his right hand and tightly grasped the dagger projection hanging in front of him.

At that moment of contact, blood light suddenly flashed from the void, and the tangible entity of the dagger above the blood pool altar was transported to the Northern Wall temple, firmly held in Ying Kai’s hand!

Another earth-shattering sword energy struck the barrier heavily, shaking the vast Northern Wall territory, causing the ground to tremble continuously, and the furnishings inside the temple to fall down.

Cracks and subtle movements emerged from all directions, and the platinum barrier was shattered by No Way Out’s divine force, on the verge of complete collapse! “―― Ying Kai!” Xu Shuangce’s cold voice pierced through the heavens, echoing overhead. “Come out!” 

Ghost Crown Prince placed his hand on Ying Kai’s shoulder, and silver light erupted from his body instantly―― it was the unimaginable divine power of Ghost Crown Prince being transferred into Ying Kai’s body. Mountain Ocean Order immediately surged with surging vigor, even shattering everything within several feet around simultaneously! 

“Go and fulfill your revenge, God of the Northern Wall,” Ghost Crown Prince said politely, bowing slightly. “I will lend you a hand.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud noise from outside the hall―― a thunderous roar! 

The platinum barrier enveloping the Northern Wall territory shattered into millions of pieces, and the No Way Out sword light swept in, crashing down the ninety-nine levels of white jade steps in front of the temple. 

Xu Shuangce swung his long sword and flew into the shattered barrier, his eyes fixed on the closed doors of the Northern Wall temple, the next strike about to fall――

At the same time, in the Guiyuan Underworld.

The Ghost Crown Prince took a step back, standing by the blood pool altar, and gave a sudden wave of his sleeve!

The flowing yellow springs suddenly stopped, and then madly surged backward, breaking through the exit from the underworld to the human world.

The suppressed souls and spirits for thousands of years screamed, breaking free from their shackles in unison, and surged upwards with the yellow springs, rushing out to the human world!

Xu Shuangce’s sword energy, about to strike the temple door, suddenly stopped. He turned his head and met Gong Wei’s equally astonished gaze, then both of them looked down.

Through the vast sea of clouds under their feet, countless resentful spirits surged up from all directions like a fountain, covering the entire earth in rolling black fog in an instant.

Various major sects immediately opened up towering arrays of clear energy to resist, but their power was insignificant compared to the entire Yellow Springs. Countless resentful spirits spread out rapidly, and the human world fell into eternal night, with grievances reaching the sky!

“…Opening the gates of the underworld without permission will incur divine punishment,” Gong Wei murmured with a chilling tone, incredulously, “Is Qu Xie insane?”

Heaven and earth are merciless, treating all things as straw dogs. For the Heavenly Dao, the initial War of Annihilation launched by Northern Wall was only to exterminate the human species. Now, Qu Xie’s opening of the gates of the underworld is confusing the operation of the three realms, a truly contrary move to the rules of heaven and earth. Even innate gods will not be easily forgiven.

What made the Ghost Crown Prince suddenly become so crazy?!

Xu Shuangce was about to instruct Gong Wei on something when a voice suddenly sounded in the Heavenly Realm, and both of them heard Yuchi Rui’s roar at the same time: “Is anyone there?!”

Gong Wei was caught off guard by the sudden shock, “What’s wrong, Changsheng?”

“—-I can’t hold it anymore!” Inside the Yejinmen, Yuchi Rui stood in the center of the training ground with a sword inserted into the ground. Immense spiritual power, centered around the divine sword Rakshasa Tower, rushed in all directions, but the defensive barrier in the sky was still crumbling, with thousands of resentful spirits continuously pounding against it. Amidst the cries of countless civilians behind him, Yuchi Rui roared angrily to the sky, “Is there anyone coming down to help! Hurry up!!”

Gong Wei didn’t hesitate to fly down to help, but Xu Shuangce grabbed his arm and pointed to the tightly closed Northern Wall temple behind him, asking, “Is the Ghost Crown Prince inside?”

Gong Wei focused his senses for a moment, then shook his head, “He’s in the Guiyuan.”

With the Ghost Crown Prince absent, Ying Kai alone was not a threat to Gong Wei. Xu Shuangce repeatedly weighed and contemplated in his heart for a moment before saying, “I’ll go down to help, you stay here, but be sure not to rush in easily. Once Ying Kai comes out, immediately inform me via sound transmission. Understand?”

Gong Wei nodded earnestly, “I don’t think Senior Brother will…”

But Xu Shuangce interrupted him, “Never face Ying Kai alone, remember?”

Finally, under his urgent gaze, Gong Wei reluctantly uttered a “Mmm” and nodded.

Xu Shuangce finally released the tight grip on his wrist held by his five fingers, just about to lift his foot to go to reality. Suddenly, he remembered something, turned around, and stopped in his tracks, taking something from his right wrist.

It was a golden ring, very familiar in shape, consisting of three intertwined wires.

Gong Wei was stunned.

“In the twenty-eighth year of present Taiyi, I wore this ring to ascend to the Ascension Immortal Platform, and then entered the butterfly dies and the dream is born on the Ascension Immortal Platform. In the dream, in the twenty-fourth year of present Taiyi, Madam Xu personally promised to marry me in Peach Blossom Village. I gave this ring to him as a token of our engagement.”

Xu Shuangce lowered his head and pulled Gong Wei’s left hand, placing the ring below his elbow. He said calmly, “Now it finally returns to its original owner.”

Gong Wei looked at the golden ring on his forearm and couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly.

Then, a curve that couldn’t be suppressed appeared at the corners of his lips, and Gong Wei raised both hands to hook around Xu Shuangce’s neck, his eyes shimmering with clear and shining light, happily saying, “Madam Xu has no money and nothing to give back, so I’ll give you a kiss!”

The next moment, a kiss with the fragrance of peach blossoms landed on the unsmiling thin lips of the Eastern Heavenly God.

Lips and tongues intertwined, then parted.

Xu Shuangce remained calm, but his cheeks seemed to flush imperceptibly. He wiped the corners of Gong Wei’s mouth with his thumb and said, “I’ll be back in an instant.”

Gong Wei stepped back half a step, reminding anxiously, “If there’s danger, send a message to me!”

Although the human realm was now filled with demons and monsters, Xu Shuangce replied, “There’s nothing to fear about wandering souls and wild ghosts.” With that, he drew his sword and flew down, slashing through the chilling black mist that filled the sky like a meteor, heading towards the human realm!


As if a waterfall had plunged into a deep pool, the moment the Eastern Heavenly God descended into the world, his divine power erupted into dazzling golden light, covering the earth layer by layer. The malicious ghosts and spirits in the crowd, which were biting and tearing each other apart, immediately turned into billowing smoke as soon as they touched the light!

Gong Wei kept an eye on the situation below from the heavenly realm. When he saw this, he relaxed. At this moment, however, a gust of wind suddenly rose behind him.

Turning his head, he saw that the giant gate of the North Wall Temple in the distance had been opened. Suddenly, a clear light poured out from behind the gate, and standing behind it was the familiar figure of Ying Kai.

Gong Wei stood up immediately. “Senior Brother?”

Ying Kai stepped out of the threshold slowly, standing above the ninety-nine steps of white jade, and looked down at Gong Wei. For some reason, there seemed to be a hint of indescribable depth in his eyes.

“……” Gong Wei whispered again, “Senior Brother?” 

He was hesitating whether to transmit a message to Xu Shuangce now, but at this moment, Ying Kai stared at him, raised his hand, and hoarsely said, “Ah Wei.” 

This address was like a small hammer, gently tapping on his heart, causing Gong Wei to hesitate for a moment. 

―― In the butterfly dies and the dream is born, Gong Wei grew up in Tui’e. Ying Kai only called him Ah Wei when he was very young. Later, Xu Shuangce adopted “Zhengyu” as his courtesy name, and Ying Kai obediently addressed him by that name, never calling him by this nickname again.

With a hint of pleading in his eyes, Ying Kai said, “Come here, let me take a look at you.”


In the gaze that was familiar beyond measure, Gong Wei’s tense shoulders finally relaxed slightly, and he stepped onto the steps in front of the temple. 

The ninety-nine levels of white jade steps had long been destroyed by Xu Shuangce’s sword. Gong Wei’s figure was light and agile, stepping on the scattered debris all the way to the top, until he stopped in front of Ying Kai. Without any reservation, he called out “Senior Brother” once more before asking, “Did you just extinguish the fire?”

Gong Wei’s eyes were very beautiful because there was a hidden clear light in them, which was actually the manifestation of his extremely exquisite godhead. Ying Kai looked deeply into his eyes, as if he could see the fiery little fox from nine thousand years ago through those eyes, always sleeping on the windowsill during the morning classes at Cangyang Sect, occasionally stretching its tail and yawning lazily, looking interestedly at every young disciple in the classroom, wagging its tail contentedly when touched by anyone.

Ying Kai’s expression softened slightly, and he reached out as if to touch Gong Wei’s head, but then hesitated, withdrawing his hand and instead slowly grasping the hilt of the Mountain Ocean Order Sword.

“…..Ah Wei,” he said softly, “I’m sorry.”

Only to see the Mountain Ocean Order Sword in Ying Kai’s hand burst with vigorous sword energy, flashing with cold light, and then it was drawn from its sheath!

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