The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 90

Chapter 90

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Gong Wei blurted out, “Xu Bai――”

Bai Tai Shou unsheathed, lightning-fast, forcefully blocking the path of Mountain Ocean Order. At the same time, the twin pupils of Gong Wei turned crimson, piercing directly into the depths of Ying Kai’s eyes, but surprisingly, the illusionary technique didn’t work!

Unreasonable immense divine power erupted from the edge of Mountain Ocean Order’s sword. With one stroke, Gong Wei was flung out alive, crashing down the entire wall of the temple with a loud rumble!

“…Did Qu Xie give you his divine power?” Gong Wei propped himself up with a sword, panting as he stood up, looking incredulously at Ying Kai, who was approaching step by step. “Why?!”

After returning to his divine position, Ying Kai, in terms of combat experience and skills, was superior to Gong Wei. However, he couldn’t exert any suppression over the innate godhead of Gong Wei, which was why Gong Wei dared to face him alone.

However, at this moment, Ying Kai unexpectedly gathered the dual divine powers of Northern Wall and the Ghost Crown Prince. The raging flames emitting from him, even the golden pillars of the temple silently melted away as he passed by!

“He wants your godhead,” Ying Kai stopped his steps calmly, “He’s hiding in the depths of the Yellow Springs, waiting for me to bring your godhead to him personally.”

In an instant, Gong Wei understood the Ghost Crown Prince’s intention. “But godhead cannot be passed on to others, unless――”

“Yes.” Ying Kai interrupted him calmly. With a flick of his left sleeve, the blood-colored ghost knife, refined from divine bones, slipped into his palm. The blade emitted ripples of blood-colored cold light, reflecting in the shocked pupils of Gong Wei. “Unless it’s split alive with this knife.”

Gong Wei trembled and took a step back, gripping the hilt of Bai Tai Shou’s sword tightly in his hand. “Senior Brother…”

Ying Kai remained silent.

Almost pleadingly, Gong Wei’s trailing voice said, “Please don’t do this, you’re not like this…”

Ying Kai averted his gaze. The next moment, he gave his answer――Mountain Ocean Order erupted with cold light and instantly slashed down!

Gong Wei quickly retreated: “Xu Bai!!”

Thousands of miles away, on Mount Dai in the human realm.

Xu Shuangce wielded his sword, stirring up a sea of anger. Countless evil spirits were annihilated, and the sky, previously shrouded in darkness, finally revealed a glimmer of light. At the same time, he suddenly heard something and looked up.

In the raging wind, Yuchi Rui roared in his ears, “What’s wrong――!”

“……” Xu Shuangce murmured softly, “Something’s wrong.” 


Yuchi Rui hadn’t quite heard clearly yet, but he saw the No Way Out sword light rising from the ground. Xu Shuangce broke through the layers of obstruction formed by demons and ghosts, rushing towards the heavens without looking back!


The vast Northern Wall territory trembled incessantly. The sword light destroyed heaven and earth, and half of the temple exploded!

Bai Tai Shou, wrapped in flowing light, was thrown out and “stabbed!” deeply into a distant golden pillar.

A gust of wind swept away the smoke and dust. Gong Wei was on one knee, forced to tilt his head back. The blazing tip of Mountain Ocean Order’s sword pointed directly at his throat!

After thousands of moves of fierce clashes that almost destroyed this realm, Gong Wei, who was surrounded by scars all over his body, took heavy breaths. With a snap, the blade of the blood-colored divine bone knife lightly rang out as he raised it high in front of the young man.

Slender blood slid up and down Gong Wei’s neck, and he hoarsely pleaded, “Senior Brother, please don’t do this…”

Behind Ying Kai, in the distance, a sword energy could faintly be seen rushing towards the heavenly realm. It was Xu Shuangce!

However, Ying Kai didn’t look back, nor did he show any intention of defending himself. His voice was calm and slow, “I know you wouldn’t be willing, Ah Wei. But there really is no other choice now.”

“….Don’t do this, Senior Brother.” In Gong Wei’s dilated pupils, the approaching blade became clearer and clearer, but he still stubbornly gazed at Ying Kai, although his voice trembled slightly, “You’re not like this, why would you… Senior Brother!”

“I’m sorry.” Ying Kai’s words came out one by one through clenched teeth, “But I can’t give up this last chance.”

Gong Wei exclaimed, “Senior Brother!!” 


The sound of the blade cutting through flesh interrupted Gong Wei’s cry of alarm, and then his cheek felt a sudden heat, blood splattering into the air! 

After a few breaths. 

A meteor as red as blood streaked across the sky, dragging a magnificent tail of extreme combustion, flashing from east to west, disappearing into the vast void. 

Xu Shuangce, who was flying through the Heavenly Gate with his sword, suddenly looked up and recognized what it was―a godfall. 

This rare celestial phenomenon, as the name suggests, only represents one situation, which is that a god has fallen in the heavenly realm! 

“…Gong Wei?” Xu Shuangce murmured incredulously. 

Then he shouted in anger, transmitting his voice across thousands of miles, “Gong Wei―” 

But there was no response in his divine consciousness. No matter how he called, there was only complete silence! 

In that moment, Xu Shuangce realized the worst-case scenario, his expression changing dramatically in an instant. Like lightning, he tore through the vast heavenly realm, propelled to unprecedented extremes. 

In the blink of an eye, the sea of clouds approached, the mist roaring apart, and the ruined temple of the Northern Wall appeared before Xu Shuangce. Then, in the distance, a majestic sword light cleaved through the void. It was Mountain Ocean Order directly cutting open a door from the heavenly realm, revealing a torrential river of the underworld behind it! 

Xu Shuangce angrily shouted, “Stop!” 

―No Way Out swung down furiously, but it was already too late. 

Ying Kai’s figure stepped into the doorway, and the void closed behind him with a swoosh, the No Way Out sword light dissipating into nothingness!

Xu Shuangce abruptly halted his movement, hovering over the devastated Northern Wall. 

He couldn’t control his hoarse breaths as he scanned through the smoke at his feet, yet no matter how he searched, he couldn’t sense even a trace of Gong Wei’s presence. After a moment, his gaze suddenly locked onto a spot where Ying Kai had disappeared, and deep within his pupils seemed to freeze. 

Blood still fresh and not yet dry was dripping down the broken steps. 

It was the golden blood of a god. 

In the depths of the underworld, in the gloomy void. 

At the same moment the crimson godfall streaked across the sky, Qu Xie opened his eyes, then rose from the confines of his obsidian throne. 

“…Is it really done?” he muttered to himself in surprise. 

Before his words had fully settled, a radiant projection shimmered above this dark and secluded palace—it was Ying Kai! 

Ying Kai stepped from the heavens into the Guiyuan, hovering above the surging river of the underworld, the silent void gate disappearing behind him. 

He appeared calm, his black robes neatly fastened around his throat. In his left hand, he tightly gripped Mountain Ocean Order, while in his right hand, he clenched the Divine Bone Dagger. The tip of the dagger sparkled with a brilliant and unique radiance, a light so mysterious and distinct that no immortal could mistake it――

“The godhead.” The Ghost Crown Prince stared intently at the brilliant light, murmuring in astonishment. 

His gaze shifted to Ying Kai’s pale face. “Is Gong Wei really dead?” 

Ying Kai replied calmly, “I don’t know. He disappeared.” 

After losing the godhead, one wouldn’t immediately die. Just like when Xuan Jinghe passed the godhead to Xu Shuangce, death took time. 

However, the body would immediately weaken after losing the godhead. Gong Wei, being so young as a celestial being, would undergo this process very rapidly. Even if he were to appear now, he wouldn’t pose a threat. 

Ying Kai looked down at the surging river of the underworld beneath his feet. “Are you down there?” he asked tentatively, about to descend. 

“Don’t move!” The Ghost Crown Prince immediately intervened, still staring unwaveringly at the godhead on the tip of the dagger. Desire flickered in his eyes, unable to conceal it. Stepping back, he raised his hand. “Come in.”

—-With these two words, a void gate suddenly cracked open above the Yellow Springs, and a faint cool breeze whistled out.

Ying Kai tentatively took a step forward, stepping into the gate, and his vision suddenly plunged into darkness. Soon, a dim light illuminated his surroundings again, and he found himself standing on the solid obsidian floor, indeed arriving at the deep and vast Ghost Crown Prince’s resting palace!

Not far away, Qu Xie stood by the blood pool of the altar, staring straight at the godhead in Ying Kai’s hand, extending his palm. “Hand it over to me.”

However, Ying Kai tightly gripped the dagger and didn’t move. “When will you remove the shackles from my soul?”

The Ghost Crown Prince paused for a moment, then chuckled. “I will keep my promise. First, give me the godhead.”

Ying Kai narrowed his eyes, as if weighing something cautiously.

The atmosphere was tense, on the verge of eruption. The Ghost Crown Prince remained silent, but his gaze never left the radiant and shifting godhead. After a while, Ying Kai finally gritted his teeth, took a step forward cautiously until he was three steps away from Qu Xie, and asked with a heavier tone, “Can you really remove what’s inside my soul?”

The Ghost Crown Prince seemed somewhat surprised. “You’ve already killed Gong Wei. Once you step outside of Northern Wall, you’ll face Xu Shuangce. Besides trusting me, do you have any other choice?”

Ying Kai was suddenly at a loss for words.

“Hand it over.” The Ghost Crown Prince held out his palm, still smiling, but there was an imperceptible impatience in his tone. “Bring me my divine bone and Gong Wei’s godhead.”

Time seemed to stretch indefinitely, yet it passed in the blink of an eye. Ying Kai finally stepped forward with his muscles tensed, slowly raised his right hand, and presented the godhead on the tip of the dagger to Qu Xie—

The radiance reflected in his eyes, even the Ghost Crown Prince’s expression changed involuntarily. He reached out towards the brilliant and dazzling light.

All the changes occurred in that moment.

The blade’s cold light surged, tearing the godhead into countless pieces. The Ghost Crown Prince’s pupils contracted as he flew backward, but Ying Kai’s action was faster. With one swift motion, he stabbed the dagger into the Ghost Crown Prince’s left chest!

Silver divine blood spurted out.

The dagger, forged from the Ghost Crown Prince’s divine bone, effortlessly pierced through his otherwise impervious divine body, and the blade tip protruded from his back!

“…” Locked in eye contact at close range, Qu Xie grabbed Ying Kai’s wrist tightly with one hand. Each word he spoke caused a gush of blood to spurt from his mouth, “…Why?!”

For some reason, Ying Kai was panting harder than the Ghost Crown Prince, seemingly unable to conceal his immense pain any longer, but a mocking curve formed at the corner of his mouth. “Do you remember my ideal of eradicating all evil in this world?”

He paused, his voice light yet ruthless. “Don’t forget, the most evil person in this world is you.” Veins bulged on the back of the Ghost Crown Prince’s hand in an instant.

In the next moment, Ying Kai exerted force, attempting to withdraw the dagger from the Ghost Crown Prince’s chest to strike again. But unexpectedly, the Ghost Crown Prince acted faster. Like lightning, his blood-drenched hand grabbed the blade in midair, preventing Ying Kai from stabbing even an inch further!

“I underestimated you.” The Ghost Crown Prince’s hand was like a pair of iron pincers, unyielding. Despite being pierced through the left chest, blood flow from his wound had stopped. He said coldly, “But unfortunately, you forgot one thing—I am the opposite side of the mirror, my heart is on the right.”

Ying Kai’s expression changed, but it was too late to retract.

He disregarded everything and swiftly retreated, Mountain Ocean Order Sword unsheathed. Simultaneously, the Ghost Crown Prince’s blood sword also came flying towards him. Boom!

The two divine swords collided heavily, shattering the surrounding pillars!

In the blink of an eye, the two engaged in a fierce battle, exchanging over a hundred moves. Wherever they went, qi surged, and all objects shattered and splintered. Sword lights crisscrossed the obsidian floor, leaving countless deep marks. Relying solely on the divine power previously given by the Ghost Crown Prince, Ying Kai finally showed signs of decline, and was eventually blasted back with a palm strike to the chest by Qu Xie. His back crashed through the entire wall, followed by the blood sword flying in, mercilessly pinning him through the abdomen!

The Ghost Crown Prince arrived in an instant, grabbed the hilt of the sword, and with a forceful push downwards, Ying Kai, struggling on the verge of death, was firmly nailed to the ground!

Blood gushed out from under Ying Kai, quickly forming a pool of blood. He seemed to be trying to get up with all his might, but apart from continuous convulsions, it was simply impossible.

The Ghost Crown Prince, overlooking him, gave a three-word evaluation, “Overestimating your abilities.”

Not far from the main hall, the godhead that had been shattered by Ying Kai’s sudden attack had completely vanished. The last strand of clear light disappeared into the abyss, evidently beyond salvation.

“Since Gong Wei’s godhead is gone, using yours as a replacement is the same…” The Ghost Crown Prince said coldly through his teeth, “Even if it’s just your last bit of usefulness before you die, Northern Wall.”

He leaned down, his sharp fingertips about to touch Ying Kai’s throat, but at this moment, a hint of a smile appeared on Ying Kai’s bloodstained lips, clear and unabashed:

“Too bad you also forgot one thing, Qu Xie. Remember my treasure?”

The Ghost Crown Prince’s movement abruptly stopped.

Snap! Only to see Ying Kai’s blood-drenched hand snap his fingers.

In an instant, the Ghost Crown Prince remembered something— the Mustard Seed Jar!

But by then, he didn’t even have time to turn around.

Silently, a spatial crack tore open behind him, and Gong Wei emerged, his eyes bloodshot, gripping tightly the divine bone dagger that had just been knocked away. He ruthlessly stabbed it through the Ghost Crown Prince’s right chest!

The blade pierced through the heart, bursting out of the body, and in the instant of blood splattering, time seemed to elongate infinitely.

The stunned expression of the Ghost Crown Prince still lingered in his eyes as his divine body staggered several times, then he knelt down on the ground in despair.


The blood sword fell to the ground beside him. The Ghost Crown Prince supported himself with one hand, spewing out a large amount of blood, which quickly turned into intermittent coughs of near-death.

“No… impossible…” His hand clenched into a fist against his knee, countless thoughts exploding in his mind, but every possibility was immediately dismissed, “The godhead was obviously real…”

A godhead could never be forged, let alone deceive Qu Xie’s eyes. Why didn’t Gong Wei die? Where did the problem occur? Could it be—

Suddenly, the Ghost Crown Prince thought of a possibility, forgetting to cough, an unprecedented suspicion rose in his heart, and he looked up at Ying Kai, instantly freezing in place.

Ying Kai’s black robe was disheveled, finally revealing the skin that had been concealed all along. Beneath the clavicle, golden blood permeated, and a deep pit was cut open in his chest by the dagger, the edges of flesh and skin rapidly beginning to decay.

“You thought that was Gong Wei’s godhead?” Ying Kai chuckled in his disbelieving gaze, tired yet full of mockery, “Dream on, that was mine.”

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