The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 92

Chapter 92

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The Ghost Crown Prince’s fingers were pale, slender, yet exuded a terrifying sense of power, as if he could crush the soul in his hand with just a clench of his five fingers. Yuchi Rui blurted out, “Wait!”

“Ying Kai used to be a god; his soul won’t be so easily destroyed by you,” Gong Wei didn’t fall for it, standing firm and stopping in his tracks. “What exactly do you want?”

The two parties confronted each other in the sky above the white jade platform. The Ghost Crown Prince’s gaze passed over Gong Wei and Xu Shuangce, straight to the back where Yuchi Rui stood, fixing his gaze on the chest of his Yejinmen School uniform.

His once pale and handsome face finally lost its smile completely, his eyes cold and deep. “Give me Xuan Jinghe’s soul.”

The soul-storing bottle was indeed hidden in his clothes. Yuchi Rui instinctively took a step back.

Gong Wei didn’t hesitate. “Dream on!”

“Not giving it?” The Ghost Crown Prince raised his hand, holding Ying Kai’s soul in front of him. The ghostly light reflected off his narrow eyes. “You want to seal me in the Realm of Chaos. If I bring Ying Chenyuan’s soul in there too, what do you think will happen?”

Instantly, everyone’s expressions changed.

“You seal me for how long, Ying Chenyuan stays in the Realm of Chaos for how long. You seal me until the heavens collapse, Ying Chenyuan will never be able to reincarnate… tell me, how is this any different from annihilation?”

Yuchi Rui angrily drew his sword. “Qu Xie!”

Gong Wei stopped him with one hand, whispering angrily, “Don’t get provoked by him!”

“Ying Chenyuan and Xuan Jinghe may be of equal importance to you, but what about them?” The Ghost Crown Prince’s gaze swept back and forth between Xu Shuangce and Yuchi Rui, a cold curve forming at the corner of his mouth. “One is your companion of nine thousand years, the other is your mentor and brother. Can you bear to see Ying Chenyuan being permanently suppressed?”


Xu Shuangce’s eyes were cold, and the veins on Yuchi Rui’s hand holding the sword bulged.

“If you want to get Ying Chenyuan back, use Xuan Jinghe as a bargaining chip.” The Ghost Crown Prince lifted his chin indifferently. “I just want Master to return to my side.”

Xu Shuangce finally moved, turning his head slightly and asking in a low voice, “What about Xuan Jinghe?”

Yuchi Rui’s hand trembled slightly as he took out the soul-storing bottle from his collar. The bottle was less than three inches tall, tied with a leather cord and hanging around his neck.

Since the destruction of the Ghost Crown Prince’s divine body, no one had been supplying divine power to Xuan Jinghe’s body in the blood pool, so his soul had already weakened to a certain extent. His translucent figure had become very small, curled up with closed eyes against the wall of the bottle.

Xu Shuangce reached out his hand. “Give it to me.”

Gong Wei suddenly turned around. “Xu Bai?!”

Then he saw Xu Shuangce staring at him silently, not saying a word, just shaking his head ever so slightly.

In a flash of realization, Gong Wei understood what was happening, his heart filled with slight suspicion, and his hand holding the sword froze in mid-air.

Xu Shuangce reiterated with a heavier tone to Yuchi Rui, “Give it to me.”

“…,” Yuchi Rui looked at the two of them and finally tremblingly took the soul-storing bottle from around his neck, handing it over to Xu Shuangce.

“Do you really intend to return Ying Kai’s soul?” Xu Shuangce took the leather cord, calmly wrapping it around his wrist twice, then turned to the Ghost Crown Prince with a more serious tone.

The Ghost Crown Prince stared at the soul-storing bottle. “Indeed.”

“You won’t prevent Ying Kai from reincarnating?” 

The Ghost Crown Prince mocked, “Aren’t we right above the reincarnation platform? Why don’t you just drop him down directly?” Xu Shuangce said slowly, “Fine.” Then he lifted his foot and walked towards the Ghost Crown Prince.

All eyes were on Xu Shuangce, who had the soul-storing bottle tied around his left wrist, the No Way Out sword at his waist, his ivory-white robe fluttering in the wind with every step, his demeanor steady and composed as he stepped on the void towards the Ghost Crown Prince.

The Ghost Crown Prince stared at the approaching figure in the bottle, his gaze unblinking as he reached out his hand with his palm open. Divine power condensed into a thread from his five fingers, transmitting into the soul-storing bottle. Soon, Xuan Jinghe’s eyelashes trembled slightly, as if regaining a bit of strength, and he blinked his eyes dazedly.

Three steps away, Xu Shuangce stopped, also reaching out his hand. “Give Ying Kai back.”

The Ghost Crown Prince’s gaze flickered, and after a long time, he handed Ying Kai’s soul to Xu Shuangce, but still held it tightly with his five fingers. At the same time, he extended his other hand towards the soul-storing bottle.

“—Master,” his voice was very low, with a strangely soft tone, “we can be together forever now.”

Just then.

Xu Shuangce suddenly closed his eyes, losing consciousness without warning, his body plummeting straight down from high in the sky towards the reincarnation platform!

Yuchi Rui exclaimed, “Xu Shuangce?!”

The Ghost Crown Prince was stunned. Although he didn’t understand why, he immediately followed suit, desperately reaching for the soul-storing bottle tied to Xu Shuangce’s wrist—

But just as his fingertips were about to touch the bottle, a powerful and icy divine power suddenly approached from behind, someone sticking to his back.

It was Xu Shuangce’s soul!

He imitated the Ghost Crown Prince, forcibly separating his own soul from his divine body, then let his body fall from high in the air, while his soul unexpectedly appeared behind the Ghost Crown Prince, snatching Ying Kai away in one fell swoop!

The Ghost Crown Prince never expected someone to mimic his actions to ambush him. In that instant, Gong Wei arrived like the wind, protecting Xu Shuangce’s falling body like an arrow; at the same time, Xu Shuangce’s soul rushed towards the reincarnation platform, too preoccupied to care which fetus Ying Kai would enter, and directly threw him downwards!

Ying Kai’s soul, like a pure light with a golden tail, disappeared into the reincarnation portal in an instant!

The cooperation between the two was perfect, and everything changed in the blink of an eye.

The Ghost Crown Prince lost his chip, Ying Kai, and it was impossible for him to break through Gong Wei’s defense to take the soul-storing bottle. Enraged, he drew his blood sword and swung it towards the reincarnation platform with all his might!

If this sword were to strike, not only would Ying Kai, who had just entered, but the souls still waiting in line would be shattered into countless pieces; wven the entire reincarnation platform would be shattered into millions of fragments, with unimaginable consequences.

In that instant, Xu Shuangce had no choice but to abruptly stop in front of the reincarnation platform, his pupils reflecting the terrifying sword light descending upon him.

Gong Wei exclaimed, “—Xu Bai?!”

Amidst the deafening roar, Xu Shuangce, in his divine form, forcibly withstood the blow with his soul, returning to his divine body in an instant, then spewing out a mouthful of blood!

If he hadn’t restored himself to his god status, he might have already dispersed his soul.

Even so, this direct blow to his soul still caused Xu Shuangce extremely serious injuries. In the raging wind, he couldn’t even grasp the hand that Gong Wei reached out to him. The whole person fell straight down from mid-air, the soul-storing bottle tied to his wrist swinging in an arc.

The Ghost Crown Prince, disregarding everything, pursued closely behind. “Give it back to me—”

The blood sword once again swung towards Xu Shuangce with all its might, but was met head-on by Bai Tai Shou!


The clash of the two swords was like lightning tearing through the underworld. Gong Wei stood firmly in front of the Ghost Crown Prince, his hand gripping the sword, his tendons and bones bulging, his pupils turning into a deep blood-red, the chilling aura emanating from him seemed to condense into substance, rolling out from his body like a raging whirlwind.

“…extreme evil aspect,” the Ghost Crown Prince gasped, his voice low and filled with hatred and mockery. “What, did you think you could trap me in the chaos realm like this? You—”

Before he could finish speaking, he was forcefully thrown out by Gong Wei. While still in mid-air, Gong Wei disappeared from the spot and reappeared in the air, then with a resounding strike, he sent the Ghost Crown Prince flying hundreds of zhang away!

Yuchi Rui hurriedly followed, catching Xu Shuangce. Before he could say anything, Xu Shuangce clamped his hand tightly over his mouth, coughing up golden blood in large mouthfuls, overflowing between his fingers and splattering onto his clothes and robe.

“…” Yuchi Rui’s expression blank, suddenly despairing as he choked out, “You’re not going to die, are you?!”

Xu Shuangce barely stopped the coughing of blood, breathing heavily as he gave Yuchi Rui a cold glance, completely ignoring his question. He removed the soul-storing bottle from his wrist and said, “Take him to the reincarnation platform.”

Yuchi Rui: “Huh?”

“As long as Xuan Jinghe is here, the Ghost Crown Prince won’t stop, and Gong Wei’s extreme evil aspect won’t hold up for long,” Xu Shuangce drew out the No Way Out Sword, shielding Yuchi Rui at his side, and ordered, “—-Quickly!”

Xuan Jinghe’s soul had already deteriorated to such an extent that it was obviously impossible to return him to his body at this point. At this moment, there was no other way but to reincarnate. Yuchi Rui gritted his teeth and looked towards the flashing distant white jade platform, ready to take off under Xu Shuangce’s protection, when suddenly several thick lightning bolts struck from the sky, causing the ground around the reincarnation platform to erupt!

The shockwave forced Yuchi Rui back several steps, and Xu Shuangce suddenly sensed something, looking up into the sky with clear astonishment, murmuring:

“…Gong Wei?”

Following his gaze upward, it was seen that with every swing of Bai Tai Shou’s sword, tens of thousands of sword lights were raised, like countless densely packed lightning bolts, illuminating the entire Guiyuan as bright as day.

The divine power surged endlessly like a tsunami, this was not the normal extreme evil aspect of the natural order, this was—clang!

The Ghost Crown Prince barely resisted Bai Tai Shou’s sword, instantly pressed to his face by the blade, and a blood-red eye reflected on the bright sword blade: “I’ll trap you in the chaos realm? No, I won’t need to. I’m going to let the chaos realm swallow you.”

His voice had changed, the clear tone of youth completely gone, replaced by a calm and sinister tone.

The Ghost Crown Prince suddenly realized something, looked at Gong Wei in shock, and finally noticed that in the hurricane, Gong Wei’s figure had grown taller, his face changed, his tied-up long hair fluttered in the wind; his features became even more distinct and cold, the lines tightened and the corners sharpened, as if in the blink of an eye, he had shed the contours of youth and grown into a tall young man.

The dramatically increased divine power even revealed his adult form!

The light condensed into shoulder guards, arm armor, and waist seals around him; Bai Tai Shou’s slender sword widened and thickened, extending into a sharp protective handguard with complex magical inscriptions. The unprecedented pressure rose from Gong Wei’s feet, swirling around his body, and then rushed towards the Ghost Crown Prince like a volcanic eruption!

“—You said you were the Master of the Guiyuan?”

Gong Wei paused, looking down at him: “No, I am.”

The Ghost Crown Prince immediately withdrew his sword and retreated, but he was already in the eye of the storm, and it was too late.

The power of an adult celestial being was not just a mere hundredfold increase; it completely suppressed the Ghost Crown Prince, stripping away all control from the realm of death. With a single hand, Gong Wei gestured a spell, and his palm pressed down forcefully: “Summon the Underworld――” 

The ground of the Guiyuan trembled violently. 

The momentum was even greater than when the Ghost Crown Prince had just manipulated space. Suddenly, the underworld overturned, space twisted, and torrents of the underworld roared from afar. They twisted into a colossal water dragon that covered the sky, its end unseen, slowly opening its deep abyssal mouth, stirring up distant echoes. 

Deep within that enormous mouth lay a vast expanse of dim yellow, connecting to an infinite space—a terrifying prison that had sealed the Ghost Crown Prince for nine thousand years, the realm of chaos! 

“Gong Wei――” The Ghost Crown Prince roared inaudibly amidst the deafening noise. 

Without any hesitation, he flew downwards with his sword, but Gong Wei’s single palm reversed, almost like a river bursting its banks, pouring out a massive amount of divine power, forcefully compelling the underworld dragon to pursue. 

The realm of chaos within the dragon’s mouth was like an extradimensional space, constantly encroaching and devouring everything around it. Its vast diameter and wide range made the Ghost Crown Prince’s figure seem as tiny as an ant, leaving him with nowhere to escape! 

At this moment, escape was no longer possible.

The Ghost Crown Prince turned to look at the approaching chaos, a hint of madness and cruelty flickering in the depths of his pupils.

Then, he suddenly halted, taking a daring turn and completely disregarding the dragon’s mouth looming overhead. Instead, he fixed his gaze on the soul-storing bottle in Yuchi Rui’s hand far away and rushed towards it with all his might!

Xu Shuangce made a decisive move, pushing Yuchi Rui away with a sweep of his sleeve. “―― Go!”

Three scenes unfolded simultaneously, rushing towards the same battlefield:

Yuchi Rui tightly held the soul-storing bottle, facing countless intersecting lightning bolts, flying towards the reincarnation platform thousands of feet away;

The Ghost Crown Prince’s blood sword emitted a crimson glow as he plunged towards Yuchi Rui from another direction;

Gong Wei’s palm flipped once again, and the Yellow Springs Dragon descended rapidly, the chaos on the verge of bursting forth from its throat, almost reaching the Ghost Crown Prince’s robes!

Time seemed to freeze.

In that frozen moment, Yuchi Rui threw the soul-storing bottle, tracing an arc in the air, lightly tapping the edge of the reincarnation portal, and it shattered with a loud bang.

A wisp of green smoke rose into the air, transforming into the translucent figure of Xuan Jinghe.

At the same moment, the Ghost Crown Prince rushed over, desperately reaching out towards the figure!

The sharp sound of wind beside him, the intense vibration beneath his feet, the massive water dragon behind him… Everything faded into silence. The two were only inches apart, and the Ghost Crown Prince even saw his pale reflection in Xuan Jinghe’s pupils.

Then, Xuan Jinghe fell into the reincarnation jade well, and the Ghost Crown Prince’s fingertips brushed against his hair as it rose!

In that instant, the Ghost Crown Prince almost forgot to evade the Yellow Springs Dragon behind him. He just stared blankly at the increasingly distant Xuan Jinghe, who also calmly gazed back at him. His robes fluttered in the wind, his beautiful face devoid of any expression, as he silently uttered four words:

“Never see you again.”

Darkness swallowed Xuan Jinghe, and his soul disappeared into the depths of the reincarnation jade well.

“―― Changsheng!” Gong Wei’s roar pierced the sky. “Run!!”

The dragon’s mouth had already enveloped the Ghost Crown Prince, and the chaos descended from above!

Yuchi Rui had already retreated at high speed, faster than he had ever done before, his footsteps almost leaving behind a trail of light and shadow.

But the chaos spewed out from the dragon’s throat was too vast, and its expansion speed was too fast. The yellow space rapidly engulfed everything around it. In the midst of the roaring winds, the Ghost Crown Prince gradually turned his head inch by inch, his eyes filled with clear and deep-seated hatred. Suddenly, he faced the powerful pressure in front of him and rushed towards Yuchi Rui.

He was mad with the desire for revenge, risking his last breath to drag Yuchi Rui into the chaos!

Gong Wei’s unleashed divine power was impossible to retract now, and the heavy body of the Yellow Springs Dragon couldn’t stop in mid-air. In an instant, the Ghost Crown Prince, leading the dragon behind him, forced himself in front of Yuchi Rui.

At this moment, a thunderous force descended from the sky, and Xu Shuangce’s resolute shout echoed in everyone’s ears:

“―― Ghost God No Way Out!”

No Way Out Sword spirit awakened.

That unparalleled sword spirit traversed the Guiyuan, breaking through the wind and waves, and collided head-on with the Ghost Crown Prince’s blood sword. Waves of explosions erupted from the point of collision between the two swords, and then the blood sword cracked and shattered into countless pieces.

The majestic Heavenly Divine Sword shattered into millions of pieces in front of everyone’s eyes.

The Ghost Crown Prince’s shock froze in his eyes as his whole person was sent flying, thrown far into the throat of the dragon!

The Yellow Springs Dragon’s mouth closed with a thunderous boom.

Just like nine thousand years ago, layer upon layer of the chaotic realm locked down, completely engulfing this supremely evil deity of the world, swallowing him whole and entirely!

The magnificent and grandeur moment, the scene of world destruction, was nothing more than this.

The water dragon fulfilled its mission, turning into a downpour of rain, then converging beneath everyone’s feet into a rushing river of the underworld; the immense chaos realm sank into the depths of the yellow springs, plummeting deeper and deeper until it was completely buried in the darkest depths.

There was no sound, no light, only the timeless desolation and silence.

The soul of the Ghost Crown Prince would be forever imprisoned within, until the end of the destruction of heaven and earth.

Gasping for breath, Gong Wei stood in the pouring rain, exhausted, soaked to the bone. The last vestige of his divine power barely maintained his adult form, when the voice of Qu Xie resounded from the depths of the yellow springs, echoing in his ears with icy hatred:

“The evil of human hearts is endless, and I will never disappear. One day, I will return to this world.”

Gong Wei calmly sheathed his sword, stating, “The goodness of human hearts is unyielding, and neither will I vanish. I will always exist in the hearts of people.”

Closing his eyes, he collapsed backward!

In the distance, Yuchi Rui was climbing up the riverbank, drenched. Upon seeing the situation, he exclaimed, “Gong Wei!” 

A figure with billowing sleeves soared through the air, swiftly grabbing Gong Wei around the waist, and carried him to the other side of the river of the underworld. The cool scent of sandalwood filled the air—it was Xu Shuangce. 


Gong Wei opened his eyes in Xu Shuangce’s embrace, the blood color fading from his pupils. His appearance as an adult was even more striking than in his youth, exuding a deeper and more serene aura. Yet, when he smiled, there was still a hint of mischief in the corners of his eyes. Hoarsely, he said, “I did it on purpose.” 

Xu Shuangce gazed at him, a faint smile appearing in his eyes. “Hmm. I know.” 

Both of them had just experienced a fierce battle, with their bodies covered in soot and disheveled, but in each other’s eyes, they reflected the best version of themselves. 

Bending down, Xu Shuangce gently cupped the back of Gong Wei’s head and planted a deep, lingering kiss. 

At that moment, a thud! 

Xu Shuangce raised his head in surprise, only to see Gong Wei’s divine power exhausted, reverting to his teenage form. Then, unable to maintain even that form, he transformed with another thud into a little fox! 

The fiery-red fox belly-up in Xu Shuangce’s arms. 

Both the man and the fox stared at each other, their expressions completely blank. 

“Huh?” Not far away, Yuchi Rui, who had his back turned to them, turned around, bewildered. “Is your dual cultivation over already?” 

Gong Wei: “…” 

Xu Shuangce: “…” 

A strange silence enveloped the riverside of the underworld. Yuchi Rui, puzzled, turned to Xu Shuangce with approval. “Didn’t expect you to finish your dual cultivation so quickly.” 

The air seemed to freeze at that moment. 

A moment later. 

The Eastern Heavenly God, holding his little fox in one hand and Yuchi Rui’s foot in the other, hung Yuchi Rui, who was wrapped up like a dumpling, upside down on a dead tree by the riverbank. Then, with an icy demeanor, he turned and left.

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