The Sword Named No Way Out Chapter 91

Chapter 91

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The Ghost Crown Prince’s gaze fixated on the rapidly decaying flesh in front of Ying Kai’s chest, freezing for a moment.

“As expected of someone who once possessed the heart of utmost goodness. I really underestimated you…” He finally chuckled amidst violent coughing, shaking his head. “But is it truly worth it? Dying for the insatiable people of the world?”

A large amount of blood continuously sprayed from Ying Kai’s abdomen. He had lost even the strength to stand, leaning against the partially collapsed stone pillar, his lips curling slightly. “No, I’m just dying for myself.”

The Ghost Crown Prince didn’t anticipate this response, visibly stunned for a moment. The dying, lifeless Xuan Jinghe lying on the altar blood pool in the distance reflected in the corner of his eye.

“Dying for yourself?” A hidden anger rose from the depths of the Ghost Crown Prince’s eyes. Even the intermittent coughing stopped, his voice raising, “Ridiculous! Once reincarnated, you’re no longer the same person! Without a godhead, you can never regain your position as Northern Wall. You can only become an ordinary person, forever unable to rid yourself of the inherent ugliness of humanity! You—”

At that moment, with a splattering sound, flesh and blood sprayed into the air as Gong Wei exerted force to pull out the divine bone dagger behind him. The blade pressed against the Ghost Crown Prince’s throat, and he coldly said, “Do you know that even as a god, you have no right to judge the goodness or wickedness of humanity?”

Before he finished speaking, without mercy, he fiercely slashed!

Divine blood splattered like a waterfall three feet high. The Ghost Crown Prince’s throat bone completely shattered, and his thoroughly destroyed divine body swayed, crashing to the ground with a loud thud!

The air seemed to freeze. Only the silver divine blood slowly spread on the ground, reflecting in the still-open eyes of the Ghost Crown Prince.

“… Did he really die?” Ying Kai stared intently.

However, Gong Wei stepped in front of Ying Kai, trembling as he said, “It’s not that easy. His divine soul will never perish; it must be sealed in the chaos realm.”

For innate gods like Qu Xie, destroying only the divine body was insufficient. The divine soul would never dissipate. The only way to deal with it was through sealing. Indeed, wisps of silver smoke gradually rose from the destroyed divine body, swiftly condensing in mid-air into the likeness of the Ghost Crown Prince. His handsome, snow-white youth face had never looked so stiff and cold.

Ying Kai exclaimed, “Be careful!”

The Ghost Crown Prince’s divine soul reached out, and the blood sword not far away turned into a stream of light, snapping tightly in his palm. He swung it towards Ying Kai, but Gong Wei swiftly intercepted with a lightning-like “clang!”

The two sword blades firmly clashed, emitting sharp frictional noises. The Ghost Crown Prince paused and asked, each word enunciated, “Do you think you can seal me again for nine thousand years?”

“No,” Gong Wei stared closely at the face resembling his own, speaking through gritted teeth, “This time, I’ll seal you until the heavens collapse and the earth shatters!”


The two swords clashed rapidly, emitting dazzling electric lights. The violent qi generated during the fierce battle caused the hall to tremble violently. Countless arcs of sword light shot in all directions, pillars, floors, and walls crumbling into debris. Fragments of rubble fell like rain, and the high Ink Jade throne collapsed in the impact!

After losing his divine body, the Ghost Crown Prince began to weaken rapidly. His soul power was depleting rapidly, and he was no longer Gong Wei’s match. Amidst the intense shaking, Gong Wei sent the Ghost Crown Prince flying with a single sword, his furious divine power causing the Ghost Crown Prince to crash into a huge jade pillar, and in the next moment, Gong Wei appeared in mid-air. Countless crimson lights converged in his palm, forming chains, as he pressed his palm towards the Ghost Crown Prince’s forehead!

As long as this palm landed, the Ghost Crown Prince’s divine soul would immediately be bound by the chains, never to escape again.

But no sooner said than done, the Ghost Crown Prince swiftly wielded his sword to block Gong Wei’s oncoming attack. With a swift motion, he slid out, using the ground for leverage, and in the blink of an eye, he flew dozens of yards away. Then, he flipped and leaped into the air, thrusting his sword towards Ying Kai! 

――This strike was clearly meant to scatter Ying Kai’s soul after death. 

Gong Wei’s expression changed drastically, and without hesitation, he threw his sword. The Bai Tai Shou shot through the air swiftly. 

However, the Ghost Crown Prince was waiting for this moment. He instantly halted his movement, and with a swift motion, the Bai Tai Shou’s sword light brushed against the top of his head and “clanged” into the ground. Without hesitation, the Ghost Crown Prince turned around and dashed towards the outside of the hall, causing the twelve giant doors of the hall to burst open with a resounding crash.

He was trying to escape!

This diversion was too fast. Gong Wei recalled the Bai Tai Shou Sword, swept his sleeves, and flew out to pursue, but the Ghost Crown Prince’s divine soul dashed out of the hall like lightning. Suddenly, the scene outside the hall turned into a vast expanse of yellow springs.

As the master of the Guiyuan, he occupied all geographical advantages and could change the terrain at will. Once he escaped, it would be impossible to catch up!

Anger surged in Gong Wei’s heart. With all his strength, he swung his sword at the Ghost Crown Prince’s back, shouting, “Stop—”

However, the Ghost Crown Prince moved even faster. Dodging the huge sword light, he dashed out of the hall, seemingly about to plunge into the surging Yellow Springs!

At this moment, when it seemed impossible to catch up, a golden-red sword light from afar pierced through everything, cutting off countless fierce ghosts along the way, and a resounding roar came from afar:

“Follow the law with the sword—”

The Sword Soul of the Rakshasa Tower burst into golden flames, fiercely colliding head-on with the Blood Sword, unexpectedly, it was Yuchi Rui descending!

The Ghost Crown Prince absolutely didn’t expect reinforcements to arrive. He was forced to retreat several steps on the spot. The impact spread in all directions at the moment of the collision, even blocking the rushing Yellow Springs waterfall.

“The Southern Emperor’s Qilin?” The Ghost Crown Prince squinted.

Gong Wei was chasing out of the hall, “Changsheng, stop him!”

However, in an instant, the Blood Sword burst out countless layers of cold light. The Ghost Crown Prince flipped his wrist and coldly said, “Mortals will eventually die.”

The moment the Four-Word Sword Art was uttered, the Blood Sword’s divine power increased more than a hundredfold, instantly throwing Yuchi Rui out several zhang!

Yuchi Rui hadn’t ascended yet, and the Rakshasa Tower was no match for the Heavenly Dao Divine Sword. From the engagement to the escape, it was only a short moment. The Ghost Crown Prince had already passed by, without any intention to stay and fight, seemingly about to plunge into the Yellow Springs.

—The terrain below the Yellow Springs was extremely complicated. Once he entered, he would be untraceable. Gong Wei, enraged, followed closely behind, “Stop!”

Yuchi Rui, who had been thrown out, halted his flight with a sword, lifting his head with a cold smile, “Thinking of running?”

The Ghost Crown Prince immediately felt a sense of unease. But before he could turn around, the devastating sword light had chopped straight towards the top of his head. Behind the blade, there unexpectedly appeared a familiar figure, dressed in ivory-white robes, sleeves fluttering—Xu Shuangce!


No Way Out firmly blocked the Ghost Crown Prince, and at the same time, he pointed his slender fingers forward, causing a golden imprint to appear on the Ghost Crown Prince’s chest—a character representing “East Heaven.”

From heaven to earth, nowhere to hide; this was an extremely powerful tracking charm!

“Thinking of running?” Xu Shuangce’s eyes were icy. “Dream on.”

Since Gong Wei was forcibly stuffed into the Mustard Seed Jar by Ying Kai, he had been holding back his tears. Now, upon seeing Xu Shuangce suddenly appear, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Bursting with anger, he exclaimed, “He killed Ying Kai! He forced Ying Kai to vivisect his godhead! He… he…”

“I know.” Xu Shuangce’s voice was slightly hoarse, as if he could still see the pool of divine blood on the ground in the heavenly realm. “I can feel that it’s not your blood.”

Then he swallowed all his emotions, and the cold and bright Xu Shuangce firmly held back the Ghost Crown Prince, saying to Gong Wei, “You go, I’ll handle this place.”

Unable to endure any longer, Yuchi Rui rushed into the deep palace suspended in the void. Gong Wei followed closely behind. Inside the hall had already turned into ruins during the fierce battle. Ying Kai should have barely chased a few steps, but he couldn’t hold on to his last breath. He collapsed halfway behind a half-collapsed giant jade pillar near the door, blood constantly flowing from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes had begun to lose focus.

Yuchi Rui’s footsteps suddenly stopped abruptly, seeming completely unable to accept this scene, his whole body trembling slightly.

Gong Wei knelt halfway on the ground, holding a ball of divine light in his palm against Ying Kai’s chest, trying his best to suppress the rate at which his muscles decayed after his godhead was vivisected, but to no avail.

“Don’t cry…” Ying Kai murmured, trying to comfort Gong Wei, lifting the corners of his mouth with difficulty. “It’s okay, don’t… don’t cry.”

Yuchi Rui clenched his fists, trembling violently, and after a long while, he slowly approached, half kneeling on the ground. Ying Kai weakly patted his back on the back of his hand, “You’ll be the Alliance Leader from now on.”

Hot tears suddenly welled up in Yuchi Rui’s eyes, but he tried to speak several times without making a sound, his chest rapidly heaving.

“Sorry, senior brother,” Gong Wei said with a trembling voice, filled with sorrow. “If I hadn’t chosen you nine thousand years ago, none of this would have… none of this would have happened…”

Guilt repeatedly stabbed at Gong Wei’s heart, but Ying Kai already knew what he wanted to say. He lifted his cold hand with all his strength and touched Gong Wei’s head, gently stopping him. “It wasn’t your choice to pick me.”

After a pause, he emphasized with concern, “It has nothing to do with Ah Wei.”

Gong Wei buried his head deeply, his ten fingers spasming as they pressed deeply into the cracked floor tiles.

Ying Kai’s face was covered in bloodstains, but his young and handsome features, as well as his clear and profound contours, were still discernible. The perpetual sense of exhaustion in his eyes had finally vanished, replaced by a hint of nostalgia. He hoarsely requested, “Can you transform into a little fox again?” 

Gong Wei closed his eyes, tears the size of beans rolling down his cheeks. In the next moment, a soft and fluffy little fox appeared in place, its entire body fiery red in color, with a smooth and fluffy tail. Whimpering, it leaned against Ying Kai’s side. 

Ying Kai’s blood-stained fingers gently stroked the tip of the fox’s ears. In a trance, he saw his younger self, murmuring contentedly, “…This feels so nice.” 

The little fox opened its eyes and gazed at him, its eyes filled with sorrow, its pupils suddenly turning blood-red.――The illusion was silently activated at this moment.

As if the nine thousand years had flowed backwards, the afternoon breeze swept over his face, and Ying Kai couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

He saw the brilliant sunlight streaming through the trees, his younger self standing rigidly in his Cangyang Sect disciple robe on the corridor, exuding a restrained and tense aura all over. Not far away, his master stepped out of the threshold, walked through the corridor, and stopped in front of him, speaking sternly:

“Other sect masters personally came to lodge complaints. Why did you let Xu Bai resort to violence without stopping him?”

Ying Kai remembered.

It was something that happened when he was fourteen years old.

That year, he and Xu Shuangce represented the Cangyang Sect for the first time to attend the Immortal Alliance Conference. They won second place among the hundred schools of Xuanmen. When they left, some idle onlookers mocked them, saying that the Cangyang Sect disciples were useless, unable to even take the top spot, yet they boasted of being the number one sect in the world. Xu Shuangce counted silently to one hundred, then suddenly drew his sword and fought against twenty-nine opponents alone, defeating them and making them flee in disarray.

Afterwards, the sect master of the opposing sect personally came to lodge a complaint, directly ignoring the well-known unruly Xu Shuangce and instead targeting Ying Kai, who had just been established as the successor of the Cangyang Sect. Because of this incident, both young men were punished at the disciplinary hall, and Ying Kai was forced to apologize to each of the twenty-nine beaten cultivators—until now, he still remembered the reprimand from his master at the time: “You are the successor of the Cangyang Sect, how can you not establish a good reputation? How can you attract even the slightest criticism?”

In the afternoon, the long wind blew through the corridor, and the fourteen-year-old Ying Kai looked up at his master, his heart filled with confusion. He knew he was about to receive a severe reprimand, but to his surprise, the following development was different from what he remembered. He saw his master raise his hand and pat his head:

“Don’t worry, since you did nothing wrong, there’s no need to apologize.”

Ying Kai was incredulous.

“The praise and criticism of the world are not very important, and you don’t need to force yourself to please everyone in the world,” his master said gently. “Chenyuan, cultivators should follow their own hearts. From now on, live only for yourself.”

Every word was a luxury request that he dared not even dream of when he was young, but now it echoed in his ears vividly. Ying Kai stood still, at a loss for what to do.

His master took a step back and looked at him deeply, “Chenyuan, you are free now.”

As if a heavy shackle had suddenly been lifted, his soul became extremely light, and joy surged up in his heart like a torrent. Ying Kai couldn’t help but smile, like a traveler who had finally reached the end of a thousand-year journey, closing his eyes with satisfaction, letting go of his burdens, his consciousness rapidly plunging into the dark abyss.

In a trance, he heard cries in the distance, from Changsheng and Gong Wei.

Don’t cry, he thought.

I will always remember this moment of freedom and redemption.

—In the huge temple, the battered Ying Kai laid on the ruins, his breath stopped.

At the same time, above the Yellow Springs, Xu Shuangce’s mind suddenly shook.

“Ah,” the Ghost Crown Prince also sensed the same breath and whispered, “He’s dead.”

The Blood Sword moved with a crack, immediately blocked by Xu Shuangce’s No Way Out sword edge. His voice was unusually fierce, “Stop!”

Divine power erupted from his body, instantly enveloping the area for several miles, blocking off the entire region. The Ghost Crown Prince was forced to stop his attempt to break through forcibly, and his gaze quickly swept up and down. He said lightly, “Did you forget that I am the Master of the Guiyuan? Even if you can lock down the Yellow Springs, there’s still one place you can’t lock.”

A flicker passed through Xu Shuangce’s brow.

The Ghost Crown Prince held his sword with his right hand against Xu Shuangce, while his left hand rose with a flick of his sleeve, instantly changing several extremely complex spells. He pressed down fiercely with his empty hand, “Netherworld Shift!”

In an instant, the Yellow Springs overturned, space reversed, and Xu Shuangce’s eyesight was quick, reaching out to grab it, but the spell took effect faster than lightning. Everything around shattered, flipped, and reassembled. When the scene returned to normal, the Ghost Crown Prince had disappeared without a trace!

Xu Shuangce formed a seal with one hand, his face as cold as frost, “Chase!”

—The tracking charm was activated.

At the same time, thousands of miles away, the Ghost Crown Prince was rushing towards a flashing white jade platform deep in the Underworld. The golden imprint of the characters “East Heaven” on his chest shone brightly!

In an instant, Xu Shuangce sensed his specific location from the charm, and his expression changed slightly when he opened his eyes.

In the hall, Gong Wei suddenly turned around and looked out the door, “Not good.”

Yuchi Rui, with tears still wet on his face, asked, “What’s wrong?”

Without hesitation, Gong Wei flew outwards, “Qu Xie went to the Reincarnation Platform!”

As the last syllable roared out, he had already rushed out of the hall, caught by Xu Shuangce’s left hand and pulled into his arms. Yuchi Rui hurriedly followed, and Xu Shuangce wielded his sword with all his might in his right hand, the shocking sword light illuminating the Yellow Springs, splitting the Guiyuan void apart!

A huge spatial rift sucked all three of them in at the same time, instantly transporting them thousands of miles away, and then the surroundings lit up again.

In the distance, there was an incomparably huge white jade platform, emitting a faint, pure light from top to bottom. Countless mortal souls were queuing up here, preparing to reincarnate. The queue was so long that one couldn’t see the end.

A clear golden light was floating towards the queue. At a glance, Gong Wei recognized it—it was Ying Kai’s soul!

Xu Shuangce shouted, “Be careful!”

Before Gong Wei could rush forward, the Ghost Crown Prince’s figure had already descended from the sky. With a flick of his fingertips, the clear light shot out, and he grabbed it in his hand. “Don’t move,” the Ghost Crown Prince said coldly, pointing his sword at Gong Wei with narrowed eyes.

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