The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1

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Chapter 350, Killing Demons

“Li Fuyue just died like this?! The author is too kind”

“After the Senior Brother fell into qi deviation, the protagonist gradually matured. Only when he personally killed the brother he relied on the most, can Lin Chaochen officially embark on this lonely king’s road… In this chapter, I finally saw the growth of the protagonist.”

“So why did Li Fuyue fall into qi deviation? Author, it seems like you haven’t said it yet.”

“If he died, he died, who cares why he fell into qi deviation. If you have to ask, it’s because the plot needed it!”

“Please, the plot also needs to be logical. I still feel that the story hasn’t explained clearly…”

“Scatter flowers ~ Lin Chaochen has finally become the number one person in the cultivation world!”]

With a loud “dong”, The sawdust on the beams suddenly fell like rain, and the man lying on the bed woke up from his sleep.

Almost every night Li Fuyue… oh, no, now he should be called Li Fenglan, would dream about the things he saw after his death in his previous life.

——A novel called “Tianmian Daosheng”, the protagonist was his junior brother Lin Chaochen, and he was the villain in the novel.

Li Fenglan didn’t know why he saw these things. When he became conscious again, he had already returned to this world.

Five years have now passed.

Usually when he wakes up, he will feel a little bit of emotion. Fortunately, he was no longer a “villain” in this life, but a small cannon fodder with only a few thousand words, the most inconspicuous low-level disciple in the sect.

But today he just wanted to say: F*ck, what’s going on.

Was this house about to collapse?

After a pause for a few seconds, the mortal Li Fenglan quickly got up from his bed. He put on the veiled hat, put on the crane cloak, and quickly walked out of the room holding the lamp.

The location of Miguang Mountain where Li Fenglan lived was very remote, and after nightfall, he can’t hear anything except the occasional chirping of birds.

For the people in Tianmian Palace, living here was no different from being exiled. Li Fenglan thought maybe only he, a salted fish, would enjoy life here.

“Hiss, it’s so cold.” Li Fenglan stuck out the lamp, and walked out of the room after making sure that there was nothing unusual outside.

The house was a bit high, he looked up and began to think about how he could get to the roof.

But before Li Fenglan could figure out a way, following the soft cracking of the tiles, the thing that fell on the roof rolled, and then hit the ground heavily before he could react.

What is this? ? ?

Li Fenglan was stunned for a moment. If he hadn’t subconsciously stepped back half a step, the thing might have hit him and sent him back to the second dimension.

After pausing for a while, Li Fenglan finally squatted down slowly to study what it was that fell from the sky.

The moonlight was exposed from the gap between the distant mountains and spread gently on the ground.

Through the moonlight, Li Fenglan finally saw clearly that the person lying here turned out to be a man. He was wearing a white robe with gold trimmings, which was half stained red with blood. The man closed his eyes, his slender eyebrows were tightly knit together, and his expression looked a little painful.

Li Fenglan discovered that what fell from the sky was not something, but his junior brother Lin Chaochen who didn’t follow martial arts conduct.

With Lin Chaochen’s current appearance, he clearly developed a demon in his heart, and he was just about to follow in his own footsteps and fall into qi deviation.

…It turns out that Lin Chaochen, the protagonist of in “Tianmian Daosheng”, also has heart demons?

The second he saw Lin Chaochen, Li Fenglan subconsciously clenched the handle of the lamp in his hand, and the knuckles of his fingers turned white due to excessive force. He thought, if he stabbed the silver lamp handle down, would he be able to avenge his previous life?

But such thoughts only existed for a moment. Li Fenglan’s spiritual roots were completely destroyed, and he was not much different from an ordinary person. He knew that with such a stab, he could only be knocked down by Lin Chaochen’s protective barrier.

So Li Fenglan gave the man on the ground a cold look, then he was about to get up and go back to the house and close the door.

Bad luck, really bad luck.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Lin Chaochen who fell on the ground suddenly grabbed his sleeve, and began to mutter.

“Let go!” Li Fenglan tugged at his sleeves.

Seeing that Lin Chaochen didn’t intend to let go, Li Fenglan wanted to tear off his sleeves and leave, but when he thought of the meaning behind this action, he took his hand back.

It was at this moment that Li Fenglan heard clearly what Lin Chaochen was muttering.

Lin Chaochen, who was already the sword-wielding immortal of the sect, fell to the ground alone on this moonlit night, muttering softly like a child who was worried about being abandoned: “Senior Brother…Senior Brother…”

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but pause, Senior Brother? Besides himself, what senior brother does Lin Chaochen have?

The next moment, Li Fenglan, who was about to pull out his sleeves and leave, suddenly leaned down and whispered into Lin Chaochen’s ear, “Your senior brother died long ago.”

But in an instant, Lin Chaochen who fell on the ground opened his eyes. A red light flashed in his eyes. The next moment the man stood up suddenly, grabbed Li Fenglan’s shoulders and said, “Take me to the house.” 

In the southwest sky, several sword lights slowly became clear. Li Fenglan immediately understood what happened, his good junior brother must have caused some trouble after giving birth to a heart demon and was avoiding pursuit.

Li Fenglan himself was very familiar with this script.

Before Li Fenglan could move, Lin Chaochen, who was still lying on the ground dying, dragged him directly into the room.

Lin Chaochen stood behind Li Fenglan, imprisoning him in his arms with only one arm, unable to move.

Before Li Fenglan could stand still, a flute sound suddenly appeared in his ears. The sound was so small that it was easily overlooked.

Ordinary disciples of Tianmian Palace would not understand what the music meant, but Li Fenglan’s eyes widened the moment he heard it: Something was stolen from the forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace!

Sword light, the flute sound representing theft, and Lin Chaochen behind him who was clearly out of place, the answer was already on the table – after Lin Chaochen gave birth to a heart demon, he stole something from the forbidden area.

Boy, how thrilling!

Although Li Fenglan was only a salted fish, he also knew that his “good junior” had become the sword-wielding immortal of Tianmian Palace.

Therefore, Li Fenglan really couldn’t figure out what Lin Chaochen, who was so senior, would take such a risk for?

The crucial point is, there is absolutely no mention of this plot in the novel.

In order to avoid those people, Lin Chaochen immediately used spiritual power to set up a smokescreen after entering the room. The man who was temporarily troubled by the heart demon obviously didn’t notice that the spirit root of the man in white in his arms was crippled and couldn’t stand any tossing.

Lin Chaochen’s spiritual power was too domineering. While he was setting up a smokescreen, Li Fenglan in his arms suddenly coughed due to the fluctuation of spiritual power.

The next moment, before Li Fenglan could figure out the question just now, he completely lost consciousness and fainted in the arms of the man.

Unlucky, extremely unlucky.

Li Fenglan saw that at the moment he fell down, a gleam of clarity suddenly flashed in the man’s eyes.

Li Fenglan was awakened by the faint scent of bamboo. The moment he opened his eyes and saw the sapphire carvings on the bed, he realized where this place was.

Tianmian Palace, Yanyi Mountain.

Beside him was a screen painted with Xiangfei bamboo, outside the window was lingering smoke, and there was a tall building made of black wood.

Li Fenglan thought that he was going to die at the hands of Lin Chaochen last night, but he never expected that Lin Chaochen not only did not kill himself, but even brought himself back to his residence.

It seems that the readers of “Tianmian Daosheng” complained well: Lin Chaochen’s character is too generous and kind, even treating his enemies as gentle as a spring breeze.

Except for his senior brother – Li Fenglan added silently in his heart.

Ordinary cultivators couldn’t tell that Lin Chaochen had a heart demon, let alone what the flute sound last night represented.

It’s understandable that he didn’t kill the person, but…why did he bring him here?

Lin Chaochen moved here after he formed his nascent soul and Li Fenglan often came to Yanyi Mountain to visit his junior brother, and even stayed here a few times.

After his rebirth, he never thought that one day he would return to this familiar place. But fortunately, this was just a side hall that Li Fenglan had never been to before, and it didn’t bring up too many unpleasant memories for him.

It can be regarded as revisiting an old place, but there was no nostalgia in Li Fenglan’s eyes.

He roughly scanned the room, then put on the veiled hat that had fallen by the pillow, and slowly stood up. Li Fenglan felt ashamed when he thought that he was knocked out by Lin Chaochen’s aura last night.

There was a faint bitter taste in Li Fenglan’s mouth, and he looked back to see that the quilt on the bed hadn’t been pulled back all night. Li Fenglan thought, last night Lin Chaochen probably stuffed him with a pill, threw him on the bed and hurried away.

The night was dark and the wind was high, he should not have seen his own face clearly.

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

According to his experience, at this time Lin Chaochen should be meditating to suppress his heart demon, or busy dealing with the things he stole last night. If he doesn’t want to deal with Lin Chaochen anymore, he’d better take advantage of this time to leave Yanyi Mountain.

Just as he was thinking, Li Fenglan had already pushed open the door of the room.

In this life, his spiritual root had been crippled, and he couldn’t hide the spiritual energy in his body, he could hardly control the sword. If he wanted to leave Yanyi Mountain, Li Fenglan could only go to Duxian Terrace not far away and call a spirit crane.

Thousands of years ago, Li Fenglan was worried about his junior brother in his own sect. He did not know how many times he had been to Yanyi Mountain. Now he can find the way to Duxian terrace with his eyes closed.

But… when he was about to reach Duxian terrace, Li Fenglan stopped in his footsteps.

Unlike the snowy region of Meizhou, Yanyi Mountain was like spring all year round, with pavilions, towers, mountains and rivers, fully worthy of the word “fairyland”.

Li Fenglan saw that a piece of yellowed talisman was pasted on the small pavilion hidden in the bamboo forest not far away.

This was given to Lin Chaochen by him many, many years ago.

At that time, Lin Chaochen was already a unique sword immortal in the eyes of everyone in the cultivation world. But after moving to Yanyi Mountain, he still acted like a baby to his senior brother, saying that he was not used to living here alone.

Hearing his junior brother’s words, Li Fenglan gave him a lot of sound transmission talismans and pasted them on the corners of Yanyi Mountain.

As long as Lin Chaochen wanted to, walking anywhere in Yanyi Mountain, he could talk to Li Fenglan through the sound transmission talisman at any time, just like if his senior brother was by his side.

Thousands of years ago, even if there was spiritual power attached to protect it, this piece of paper still turned yellow and curled up. It seems that as long as you stretch out your hand and touch it lightly, the talisman paper will be broken into small pieces and fall from the pavilion pillar.

Li Fenglan walked over involuntarily.

The sound transmission talisman had already expired, Li Fenglan didn’t know why Lin Chaochen didn’t tear it off.

Has it been so long that you have forgotten its original purpose? Or is it because the pavilion was too far away, it was forgotten by the owner.

But before Li Fenglan approached, a barrier suddenly blocked him.

The moment Li Fenglan felt the fluctuation of the spiritual power on the barrier, four words in red and bold flashed in Li Fenglan’s heart: this is not good!

Lin Chaochen didn’t like being disturbed by others, so he set up a barrier on Yanyi Mountain back then. Li Fuyue, who was still his senior brother at that time, was able to get through here unimpeded, but this does not mean that Li Fenglan can also.

Sure enough, the wind chimes on the pavilion shook lightly twice. A few seconds later, several young disciples wearing black robes embroidered with Xiezhi patterns appeared before Li Fenglan’s eyes.

In Tianmian Palace, there was no one who didn’t know them—the disciples of the Law Hall and the law enforcers in the sect.

“Who are you! How dare you trespass on Yanyi Mountain?” Before Li Fenglan took half a step back, a long sword was already on his neck.

Li Fenglan coughed lightly, he handed over his disciple plate, pretending to be relaxed and said: “My name is Li Fenglan, I am… Immortal Lin’s friend, he invited me to come here to look for him yesterday.”

Hearing this, several disciples around looked at each other with a glance, “Friend?” Their tone was full of suspicion.

“That’s right.” This time Li Fenglan answered affirmatively, he thought that as long as Lin Chaochen still wanted to hide what happened last night, he would definitely help him out with this lie.

These disciples could feel that Li Fenglan didn’t have much spiritual power, and they couldn’t believe from the bottom of their hearts that the person in front of them could be Lin Chaochen’s friend.

But the Immortal Lord’s actions were not something ordinary disciples can guess, and Li Fenglan’s answer was so certain…

After a moment of silence, the sword on Li Fenglan’s neck was finally taken back.

“Okay, but the Immortal Lord is temporarily in retreat today, you go to Menxin Cliff with us first. When the Immortal Lord leaves his retreat, we will tell him about this as soon as possible, and we will let you go out when the time is right.” The disciple in black said.

It had to be said that these disciples of the Law Hall do enforce the law impartially.

…But for Li Fenglan, the point was not this.

The Law Hall and Menxin Cliff were all owned by the same person.

——Meng Linzhou, the Law-abiding Immortal, is exactly Li Fenglan’s rebel disciple in his previous life!

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