The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Seeing the bare Menxin Cliff in front of him, Li Fenglan was really disgusted.

Previously, the cultivation world had used an ancient artifact to lock him up. He didn’t expect it to be replaced by a dilapidated cliff after rebirth.

This situation can be described with a new phrase he learned from the comment section of “Tianmian Daosheng”: consumption downgrade.

But thinking about it carefully, Li Fenglan and Menxin Cliff were not totally unrelated.

At least a thousand years ago, Meng Linzhou, a rebel disciple who hadn’t become the “Law-Abiding Immortal” yet, was often sent here by his master to face the wall and reflect about his mistakes.

It once could be considered Meng Linzhou’s second home.

There was a light snowfall on Menxin Cliff, and Li Fenglan, who was sitting alone at the foot of the cliff being blown by the cold wind, took out a crane cloak from the qiankun bag left by the original master and put it on.

His health was extremely poor. Not only was he not similar to cultivators who weren’t afraid of cold and heat, but even if he got blown by the mountain wind casually, he could catch a cold and lie in bed for a few days.

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but make a note to Lin Chaochen in his heart.

But at this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly saw a black shadow appearing on the cliff not far away. If it weren’t for the strong barrier of Tianmian Palace, he would have thought this place was haunted.

“Is there someone else?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help muttering to himself.

It turns out that there are still unlucky people like him today who were sent to this ghost place by the people of the Law Hall?

Li Fenglan saw the person in front of the cliff, and of course that person also spotted him.

Unlike Li Fenglan who stayed where he was without any intention of communicating, the person in front of the cliff got up and walked towards him after a few seconds.

It was at this moment that Li Fenglan took advantage of the moonlight to see clearly the face of the visitor, and then his eyes widened involuntarily.

……How could it be him?

Just when Li Fenglan, who had been a salted fish for five years after his rebirth, thought that he was far from the turmoil of his previous life, in just two days, he unexpectedly met his second old friend.

It turned out that the person who was sitting with him at the foot of Menxin Cliff and getting blown by the cold wind was Meng Linzhou, the rebel disciple in his previous life.

It really is think whatever, come whatever.

Not having seen him for more than a thousand years, the rebel disciple has indeed matured a lot, his facial features seemed to have become more profound.

Seeing through the veiled hat, Li Fenglan noticed Meng Linzhou’s phoenix eyes seemed to be icy cold, his thin lips tightly pursed, and his whole body gave off an aura that warded off strangers. He was dressed in black, his long hair tied back into a high ponytail, and there was a…

Wait, what was that?

Li Fenglan saw a hairpin made of dead branch stuck in Meng Linzhou’s hair.

Others may not understand what the hairpin was, but Li Fenglan recognized it at a glance – it was a branch of Wumei.

Looking at the Three Realms, only the snow-covered Meizhou where Li Fenglan lived in his previous life had Wumei, and every plant was his heart’s blood.

But that was 1,200 years ago.

It was written in the novel – that year, after the “good disciple” in front of him had his master die, he then set fire to the Wumei. The snowy field that was once covered with Wumei blossoms was left with nothing but a scorched mass… It seemed that Meng Linzhou couldn’t wait a moment longer.

The rebel disciple Meng Linzhou in the book also said: “Wumei must be watered with spiritual power. It has been raised by Li Fuyue for thousands of years, who knows if it has been infected with evil qi? Only when it is burned can people be at ease.”

Thinking of this and taking another look at Meng Linzhou with the wooden hairpin in his hair, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but smile.

This rebel disciple could never deal with him in his previous life, and his highest goal in life seemed to be to defeat him. Unexpectedly, more than a thousand years later, Meng Linzhou still hasn’t forgotten those trivial things. Burning his own Wumei was not enough, he even took the dead branches and stuck them in his hair as spoils of war.

Childish, really childish.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t care about those extraneous things.

But then again, what is Meng Linzhou doing here?

Now that he was the sects’ Law-Abiding Immortal, no one has been able to punish him for a long time. Appearing here in the middle of the night, he can’t be addicted to Menxin Cliff, right?

“Why were you punished to come here?” Meng Linzhou asked Li Fenglan before he could understand the question just now.

At this time, the night wind blew across the bottom of the cliff and stroked his veiled hat, revealing the lower half of Li Fenglan’s face and the dark purple scars hidden under the hat.

The contours of his chin and lips were extremely beautiful, but it caused the scar to be all the more hideous and sinister.

Seeing this, even Meng Linzhou couldn’t help being stunned. Surprised, he actually felt that the person in front of him was somewhat familiar.

From Li Fenglan’s point of view, Meng Linzhou’s tone was completely him interrogating himself.

Maybe it’s because he read too many comments on “Tianmian Daosheng”. After hearing the rebel disciples’s words, Li Fenglan subconsciously thought of a phrase: professional habits.

Although Li Fenglan was too lazy to talk to Meng Linzhou, the natural law on reincarnation is good. A thousand years have passed and Li Fenglan is no longer the master who can send him to Menxin Cliff to face the wall and reflect about his mistakes.

People under the eaves had to bow their heads.

“Accidentally touched the barrier of Yanyi Mountain.” Li Fenglan glanced at Meng Linzhou lazily, and replied very deceptively.

Unexpectedly, after hearing his answer, the rebel disciple who had become the Law-Abiding immortal did not ask questions, nor did he leave directly. He suddenly sneered with disdain and said, “Lin Chaochen? He’s the only one who has a lot to do.”

He’s the only one who has a lot to do?

Li Fenglan remembered that Meng Linzhou and Lin Chaochen were at odds back then, but he didn’t expect that after more than a thousand years and after becoming an immortal, it became even worse.

For this, Li Fenglan just wanted to say that he… cursed him well!

Meng Linzhou was dressed in ordinary black and concealed his cultivation, obviously because he didn’t want people to know that he was the Law-Abiding immortal. It was obviously a very scary thing for an “ordinary disciple” to say that about Lin Chaochen.

Although Li Fenglan agreed with this sentence in his heart, he coughed lightly on the surface to remind Meng Linzhou.

Meng Linzhou, as if he didn’t notice Li Fenglan’s hint, sat beside him and added, “He’s just a sanctimonious person.”

If Meng Linzhou was really an ordinary disciple, he would already be able to bear the burden of being charged with “disgraceful and unfilial” for saying these words, while Li Fenglan should inform the Law Hall of his actions.

It’s a pity that Meng Linzhou was not an ordinary disciple.

What’s even more regrettable is that neither was Li Fenglan.

Compared to this rebel disciple who was always against him, Li Fenglan hated Lin Chaochen even more now.

He couldn’t agree more with the evaluation of “sanctimonious”.

In this world, besides himself, there were still people who can see Lin Chaochen clearly!

Hearing the rebel disciple’s words, Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help agreeing: “Yes, I think so too.”

This time Meng Linzhou finally took a look at Li Fenglan.

“Meng Tingli.”

“Huh?” Li Fenglan didn’t understand what the rebel disciple meant.

Hearing this, Meng Linzhou repeated these three words again: “Meng Tingli, my name.”

Good, is this how you are going to deceive your master? With a fake name?

Li Fenglan nodded, pretending not to know, “My name is Li Fenglan, I am a disciple of Miguang Mountain.”

“Oh.” Meng Linzhou nodded perfunctorily.

Li Fenglan could guarantee that Immortal Meng in front of him had 10,000% chance of not knowing where “Miguang Mountain” was. Meng Linzhou was like this, he always pretended to be too lazy to put on a show, let alone be polite and say nice things to others.

At that time, he relied on this kind of ability to frequently come to Menxin Cliff to report.

Sure enough, Meng Linzhou’s next sentence was: “I haven’t heard of it.”

Li Fenglan: “Oh.”

Thousands of years have passed, and the EQ of his rebel disciple still hasn’t increased at all.

Probably because he has never seen anyone as rude as himself, after hearing Li Fenglan’s “Oh”, Meng Linzhou couldn’t help but glance at Li Fenglan who was sitting on the side.

Seeing that Li Fenglan didn’t have any special reaction, Meng Linzhou suddenly shook his head and said softly: “Everyone says that Lin Chaochen is a good and righteous man, but they never knew that the person he killed back then was the senior brother who raised him with his own hands. Li Fuyue made a mistake, and everyone in the cultivation world had to punish him…”

The man sitting next to Li Fenglan paused, and finally said the second half of the sentence: “Only him and…Meng Linzhou couldn’t do it.” His voice was not big, just enough to be heard clearly.

This time, even Li Fenglan couldn’t help but glance at Meng Linzhou in shock.

Reborning, Li Fenglan himself no longer wanted to recall his notoriety.

So he never thought that someone in this world would say a fair word for him.

Li Fenglan never thought that this person would be Meng Linzhou – after all, he had always hated himself as his master.

After a long silence, Li Fenglan finally nodded slightly.

Seeing his reaction, Meng Linzhou, who had always had a stinky face, smiled.

“You are the first person I met who dared to nod to this sentence.”


After hearing Meng Linzhou’s words, Li Fenglan also had to admire him as a rebel disciple. So this is not the first time Meng Linzhou said such words?

As expected of him.

It’s kind of funny to think about it. Meng Linzhou was notoriously rebellious and disobedient in the sect back then. Who would have expected that in the end he would actually become the Law-Abiding Immortal Venerable of Tianmian Palace, and even after becoming an Immortal Venerable, he would still dare to speak like this.

The bright moon rose gradually, illuminating the cliffs of Menxin Cliff.

Meng Linzhou just closed his eyes and sat in meditation facing the stone wall, as if he was really reflecting on something.

After an unknown time, Li Fenglan suddenly heard Meng Linzhou say again: “I have a friend whom I haven’t seen for many years, if he is here, he will nod when he hears what I say.” 

Back then, I had a friend.


This time, Li Fenglan dared to assure that if that “friend” of Meng Linzhou was here, he would definitely nod his head when he heard what he said.

Because, he was Meng Linzhou’s “friend”.

Li Fenglan had always felt that Meng Linzhou deserved the word “rebel disciple”.

Obviously, like Lin Chaochen, he was raised by himself, but the two walked on two completely opposite paths.

Unlike Lin Chaochen who liked to cling to himself since he was a child, Meng Linzhou had been against himself in everything since he was a teenager.

When Meng Linzhou was accepted as a disciple, Li Fuyue was already the number one person in the cultivation world. And to be Li Fuyue’s only disciple, Meng Linzhou was naturally talented and had many expectations.

It was Li Fuyue’s first time as a master, and he didn’t want a good seedling to fail within his hands, so he had very strict requirements on Meng Linzhou. And Meng Linzhou did not fail to live up to the expectations of his master, his cultivation base improved extremely fast, he was fully worthy of the word “genius”.

But while Meng Linzhou’s cultivation was improving by leaps and bounds, Li Fuyue finally realized that there seemed to be something wrong with his disciple.

At that time, he didn’t know how to describe what was wrong with Meng Linzhou. It wasn’t until he read the novel and comments after his death that he realized the scientific name of Meng Linzhou’s problem: Secondary School Illness*.

* self-righteous thoughts, actions and values ​​unique to adolescents; mainly refers to those who have excessive self-awareness, arrogance, feels misunderstood, and feels unfortunate

Meng Linzhou’s rebellious period was huge.

He wanted to get out of the shadow of his master, to defeat him and make him face himself.

At that time, Li Fuyue didn’t know what Meng Linzhou was thinking—compared with Lin Chaochen, his “Shi Shu*”, Meng Linzhou always felt that Li Fuyue was too strict with him, and his relationship with him was not close enough, so much that… his Master often did not smile at him.

* Sect Uncle

But young Meng Linzhou never knew that Li Fuyue was just an ordinary disciple when he took care of Lin Chaochen.

But when he was accepted as a disciple, Li Fuyue was already the number one person in the cultivation world, the future head of Tianmian Palace, so the burden on him was heavier than before.

Meng Linzhou became more and more rebellious, it was also at this time that he began to come to Menxin Cliff to report frequently.

A small Menxin Cliff could not trap Meng Linzhou, and he left a note to his master, “What qualifications do you have to teach me?”. Young Meng Linzhou left directly after to wander the world.

But this was only what Meng Linzhou thought.

Not long after leaving Tianmian Palace, Meng Linzhou encountered a horde of ferocious beasts and almost died.

If it weren’t for a passing loose cultivator who saved him, there would be no Law-abiding Immortal today.

Ahem… As for the loose cultivator, of course it was Meng Linzhou’s master, Li Fuyue, in disguise.

Meng Linzhou thought that his cultivation was high enough to avoid the barrier of Tianmian Palace, so he slipped out without anyone noticing. Little did he know that Li Fuyue noticed all the little tricks he played.

Seeing Meng Linzhou slipping down the mountain, Li Fuyue followed him with a touch of his spiritual consciousness.

Li Fuyue originally wanted Meng Linzhou to have a long memory, but when the tide of beasts broke out, he finally made a move—this rebel’s mouth is a bit poisonous, but the crime is not deadly.

The backstory was very simple.

Meng Linzhou went down the mountain for the first time, and everything he saw was new. His mouth said that he was wandering around the world, but in fact he was just traveling.

As for Li Fuyue, who was disguised as a loose cultivator, without the burden of the sect on his body, he no longer put on the airs of a master and he was quite relaxed.

During those few months, Li Fuyue and Meng Linzhou traveled all over the world’s famous mountains and great rivers, ate all kinds of delicacies, completely looking like they were not thinking about leaving.

Anyone who saw that loose cultivator who only thought about eating, drinking and having fun every day would not connect him with Li Fuyue, the Immortal Venerable high above in Tianmian Palace.

Oh, right.

During that time, apart from playing around, the most important thing was that Meng Linzhou did not speak ill of Li Fuyue to his “loose cultivator best friend”.

Not only did Li Fuyue not expose him or be displeased, but he listened with great interest and echoed it from time to time.

One must know that at that time Li Fuyue was the common idol of the cultivators of the Three Realms. It was the first time to see someone who, like himself, did not regard Li Fuyue as a god. After complaining, Meng Linzhou directly considered that loose cultivator as his confidant.

But to be honest, for Li Fuyue, the days when he pretended to be a loose cultivator, wandering in the mortal world with his rebel disciple were really interesting.

This can be regarded as one of the few easy times in his previous life.

A few months later, Meng Linzhou felt guilty when he saw that his master didn’t come for him.

He finally decided to bid farewell to his loose cultivator friend and go back to the sect to have a look.

In late autumn, the maple forest outside Tianmian Palace looked red like a ball of fire from a distance.

The boy in black asked for the last time: “You really don’t want to go back to Tianmian Palace with me? With your cultivation, you will be able to accomplish a lot.”

The man in white who was sitting on the ground stood up slowly, and he smiled. He patted Meng Linzhou’s shoulder and said, “I won’t go. I’m used to being free. I can’t stand the rules and regulations of your Tianmian Palace.” 

When he was about to leave, he saw the young man raise his sword.

“You are my only friend.” The next moment Meng Linzhou took off the sword tassel and handed it to Li Fuyue with great solemnity, “So this is for you.”

Li Fuyue never expected that Meng Linzhou would say such a thing to him in the end.

His only friend?

For the first time, Li Fuyue felt that what he did as a master was somewhat unsuccessful.

By the time he realized it, Li Fuyue had already taken off his sword tassel and given it to Meng Linzhou.

“Go back and listen to your master carefully. If you have anything to say, just say it. Don’t run away casually. If you didn’t meet me, you would have died in the tide of fierce beasts.”

This was the last sentence the loose cultivator said to Meng Linzhou. But the rebel disciple just tied the sword tassel proudly and said, “I’ll think about it.” 

The sword light passed across the maple forest, and Meng Linzhou and the loose cultivator separated.

After going through this incident, Li Fuyue originally wanted to relax the relationship with Meng Linzhou.

But fate didn’t give Li Fuyue time. Not long after returning to Tianmian Palace, he fell into qi deviation.

This may be one of the most regrettable things in Li Fuyue’s last life, he did not have enough time to be a qualified master.

Just a few months was really too short for a cultivator.

Li Fenglan did not expect that Meng Linzhou still remembered himself.

After saying that sentence just now, Meng Linzhou who was still meditating a moment ago suddenly stood up.

Not only did he stand up, Li Fenglan even found that he was also pulled up with spiritual power.

“What’s the point of staying here? I’ll take you out. This time is when the sect is bustling with liveliness.”

Sure enough, Meng Linzhou was able to sneak out from Menxin Cliff and roam the world, so he can do it now.

“No need.” Li Fenglan took two steps back, pretending to hesitate and said, “I’m worried that the disciples of the Law Hall will come to investigate.”

Hearing this, Meng Linzhou smiled disdainfully and said, “No, they never care about Menxin Cliff.” 

The Law-abiding Immortal personally took him out of here. If this conduct isn’t misappropriation, what else could it be?

Li Fenglan knew it! It was definitely the most unreliable thing in the world for Meng Linzhou to be the Law-Abiding immortal.

He rejected discipline, and hated confinement the most. Coupled with the fact that Li Fenglan was imprisoned here because of Lin Chaochen, Meng Linzhou’s rebellious heart was immediately aroused.

If he didn’t rebel now, when will he wait until?

“What are you afraid of? If the sky falls, I will support it.” Just after hearing Meng Linzhou’s words, the scenery in front of Li Fenglan’s eyes changed from the stone wall of Menxin Cliff to the flowing clouds that kept passing backwards.

Meng Linzhou saw that the person in front of him was of low cultivation, so he forced him to leave here with his flying sword.

This was simply a crime of knowing the law and breaking the law!

Not seeing each other for thousands of years, Meng Linzhou was already at the peak of the ascension stage. The two of them almost instantly left Menxin Cliff and arrived at the main peak of Tianmian Palace.

Before he knew it, the sun had risen.

Different from the bare Menxin Cliff, the bustle here on the main peak was like another different world.

Li Fenglan saw a huge white jade lotus platform floating in the open space in front of the main peak.

The white jade platform turned slowly, and golden light continued to emit. The competition on the stage was in full swing, while the audience was full of cultivators from various sects.

Since his rebirth, Li Fenglan had been staying on Miguang Mountain. He was used to being lonely, but he felt a little uncomfortable seeing the scene in front of him.

It was also after seeing this incomparably lively scene that Li Fenglan did some calculations and found out that it turned out to be the day when the Sect Conference was held recently.

According to the novel “Tianmian Daosheng”, this Sect Conference lasted for many days, and all the leaders of the cultivation world were present.

It was only 1,205 years since Li Fuyue’s soul disappeared, and those bigwigs in the cultivation world were naturally all his old acquaintances.

…Meng Linzhou, that rebel disciple, his birthdate characters really don’t align with mine!

Fortunately, he felt that this rebel disciple had matured a lot just now, but he didn’t expect that this bad habit of joining in the fun had not been corrected even until today.

Just as he was talking, Immortal Meng had used his spiritual power to cover up his appearance, and he stood beside him, looking towards the stage with great interest.

Li Fenglan felt that sneaking away from Yanyi Mountain yesterday was really the worst decision he had made since his rebirth.

But in the final analysis, Lin Chaochen, the unlucky junior, was to be blamed!

Just when he was secretly annoyed, celestial music suddenly sounded in Li Fenglan’s ears, and he saw an immortal maidservant appearing in the sky accompanied by a black wooden boat from a distance.

Those immortal maidservants were all puppets made of paper talismans.

Before Li Fenglan could see clearly who the people on the boat were, a sense of pressure came over, making all the people standing on the ground bow their heads.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Li Fenglan’s spiritual roots were all crippled, and he couldn’t withstand such a powerful pressure. There was a sudden burning pain in his chest, but the pain didn’t last long. The next moment, a hand was lightly placed on Li Fenglan’s back, sending a little spiritual power to him.

“Cough…thank you.”

Meng Linzhou said “Mm” very reassuringly.

The ebony boat came down slowly, and this time Li Fenglan finally saw clearly the people on board.

He was dressed in red, and his facial features were exquisite and picturesque, but there was always a sense of restlessness between his eyebrows and eyes.

Sure enough, when you come to the Sect Conference, you will meet acquaintances.

It’s just that Li Fenglan never thought that he would be the first person he met at the conference.

——Cheng Duan, the youngest son of the sect master of Mingxin Sect, the third biggest sect in the cultivation world.

Li Fenglan also saved Cheng Duan’s life back then, before he fell into qi deviation and Mingxin Sect used this incident to make friends.

Of course, only before that accident. After Li Fenglan fell into qi deviation, Mingxin Sect ran faster than anyone else.

More than 1,200 years ago, the great powers of the cultivation world joined forces to lay down the Fushen Array to kill Li Fuyue. If he was serious about holding grudges, most of the people who came to the Sect Conference would be considered his enemies.

But only when he saw the man in red, Li Fenglan couldn’t help cursing him in his heart.

Cheng Duan, are you happy being a thief?

Li Fenglan tried his best to suppress his anger, closed his eyes gently and recalled the plot.

Li Fuyue’s body fell into the glacier after his death in the previous life. The river was too fast and could swallow spiritual energy, so it was difficult to find him for a while. The Mingxin Sect where Cheng Duan belonged to happens to have an immortal artifact, which can prevent spiritual power from being swallowed by the glacier.

So even though he was not from Tianmian Palace, nor was he a great power in the cultivation world, he still took that fairy artifact and joined the team to look for Li Fuyue’s body.

In the end, it was indeed Cheng Duan who found Li Fuyue.

However, not only did he not want to give Li Fuyue his last respect for saving him, he even had evil thoughts.

Taking advantage of everyone’s unpreparedness, Cheng Duan dug away Li Fuyue’s Dao Heart from Li Fuyue’s corpse. Immediately afterwards, his cultivation base skyrocketed, and the dandy young master who had never been taken seriously became a great power of the Mingxin Sect.

But who would have thought that after stealing the Dao Heart, Cheng Duan had Li Fuyue’s aura on him, so he didn’t dare to leave his sect at will.

In order to facilitate activities, Cheng Duan created a clone puppet to walk around the world, and that puppet had a drop of Li Fuyue’s heart in it.

So, the man in red in front of him was actually Cheng Duan’s clone.

Li Fenglan would not let his Dao heart remain in the hands of others.

The old wounds of this body were hard to heal, and the spiritual root was completely abolished. If he could get his Dao heart back, he would be able to completely mend his spiritual roots.

If he didn’t take it, it would be a waste, let alone this Dao heart was originally his.

Although Li Fenglan had long ago decided to cut off the turmoil of his past life to be a salted fish, this did not mean that he, who was once the number one person in the cultivation world, was willing to be a useless person for the rest of his life.

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