The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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However, Ling Buyan’s answer was different from what Li Fenglan thought.

“The power of the remnant soul is really too weak,” Ling Buyan said lightly, taking a sip of tea, “If he was still alive, they wouldn’t be able to feel this little bit of soul dissipating, let along talk about repairing it.”

Ling Buyan’s words were correct, Li Fenglan’s soul was intact.

The speaker may not have the intention, but the listener definitely had the intention.

Ning Qingmo’s trimmed round nails have sunk deeply into the flesh.

Hands were very important to music cultivators, but at this moment he had forgotten them.

For this remnant soul, Ning Qingmo abandoned years of painstaking efforts, gave up the position of the head of the Xuanqing sect, and even switched to the ruthless dao, but in the end it came to nothing.

While stroking Cheng Huang’s hair, Li Fenglan listened to Ning Qingmo’s words expressionlessly.

“Really?” He asked again unwillingly.

Ling Buyan also said very patiently: “No matter who it is, if there is really only this remnant soul left, the person must have died thoroughly.”

His tone was extremely sincere, so the lethality was also extremely powerful.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Ning Qingmo coughed continuously, and a fishy sweetness welled up in his throat.

His hands trembled, and his heart throbbed.

Unlike when he heard the rebel disciple speak, the words “thoroughly dead” did not irritate Li Fenglan, and he even couldn’t help laughing.

He actually wanted to see what Ning Qingmo’s expression would be after hearing these words.

But the man who could see Ning Qingmo’s expression just smiled and poured himself a cup of tea.

Who would have thought that Immortal Ning, who was well-known in the cultivation world and revered by thousands of people, would secretly resurrect a notorious person who almost disturbed the Three Realms at all costs?

What a thrill.

Ning Qingmo stood up slowly, nodded towards Ling Buyan and said, “For today’s matter, I would like to ask Immortal Ling—”

“Of course, please don’t worry.” Ling Buyan agreed.

Seeing that the two of them stopped chatting, Li Fenglan quickly took back his consciousness.

Not long after, Ning Qingmo also left Miguang Mountain and headed outside Tianmian Palace.

Unlike other cultivators, he did not return to his own sect, but went to a small city in the mortal world.

There was a lake in that small town.

On the Moon Worship Festival thousands of years ago, he met that little Daoist there…

Besides Ning Qingmo, there was another great person in the cultivation world in the human world at this moment.

The human world and the demon world were bounded by a mountain range that stretched for 18,000 miles, and that mountain was called “Duozhi”.

Although the boundaries were clear, due to the harsh environment on the side of the demon race, some demons would cross the border and invade the human race every once in a while.

A while ago, a big demon took over a town in the human world, and Lin Chaochen left Tianmian Palace for this reason.

The deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect blew up that Yuan Dan made too much trouble, and he couldn’t hide it at all. Therefore, on this night, Lin Chaochen, who was far away in the human world, knew what happened in Tianmian Palace.

Standing in the valley of Duozhi Mountain, Lin Chaochen slowly clenched the jade token in his hand, and the long silver sword hanging from his waist suddenly began to hum uncontrollably.

…Senior Brother’s Dao heart was stolen?

When he opened his eyes again, Lin Chaochen’s eyes had turned red.

When they reunited, Li Fenglan could see that his Junior Brother had a heart demon in their heart.

But now Lin Chaochen had still failed to suppress the inner demon, and was even influenced by it, completely losing his mind.

Lin Chaochen, who had always had a bad face towards the demon clan, suddenly smiled at the demon clan general who had just rushed forward.

However, the demon army standing on the other side of the valley did not relax, but slowly retreated.

Lin Chaochen’s eyes were full of killing intent.

The stellar energy on his sword gradually became chaotic, which was the most obvious sign of a sword cultivator falling into qi deviation.

“Not good!” One of the demon generals suddenly raised his voice and said, “Hurry up and leave! Lin Chaochen is about to fall into qi deviation!”

At this moment, the abnormal feeling on the man could no longer be concealed.

In other words, he was no longer willing to cover up.

Hearing what the demon general said, Lin Chaochen suddenly raised his sword, and killed those little demons fleeing to the other side of Duozhi Mountain with one move.

He saw him caressing the blade of the sword and said: “Since you have already seen that I fell into qi deviation, then naturally I cannot let you go.”

Although the two demon generals in front were very nervous, one of them said provocatively: “Lin Chaochen, do you also want to follow the old path of your Senior Brother and be killed by your own people in two years and dissipate? You might as well join us!”

After speaking, the group of little demons laughed.

“That’s right, I heard that cultivators who fall into qi deviation will be imprisoned in the Soul Refining Valley, is Immortal Lin really willing?” Another person also echoed.

With the example of his Senior Brother Li Fuyue, if news of Lin Chaochen’s birth of a heart demon spread, the entire cultivation world would be in chaos.

And he himself will indeed be imprisoned in the Soul Refining Valley as the demon race said, until he returns to normal.

—— These were the new rules set by Tianmian Palace after Li Fuyue’s death.

As of today, none of the cultivators who were locked up have been able to come out.

These demon races didn’t know that Lin Chaochen didn’t hear what they said.

After falling into qi deviations, Lin Chaochen had hallucinations.

He saw Li Fuyue suddenly appearing in front of him, repeating the words of the demon clan just now with a smile like before: “Do you also want to follow the old path of your Senior Brother and be killed by your own people in two years and dissipate?”

“Senior Brother…” Lin Chaochen murmured.

Lin Chaochen stretched out his hand to touch the white shadow in front of him, but the next moment he withdrew his hand.

No, this is not Senior Brother, he is just my hallucination… 

The white shadow didn’t care about Lin Chaochen’s movements, he walked slowly to the man’s side and suddenly asked: “…Chaochen, Senior Brother let you go, but why did you lie to me?” 

“Brother, I didn’t lie to you…No, I really didn’t…” Lin Chaochen’s breathing suddenly became disordered, he wanted to explain to the person in front of him, but his words felt stuck in his throat and he didn’t know where to start.

The tone of “Li Fuyue” in front of him gradually dropped, and after a while of silence, he suddenly leaned into Lin Chaochen’s ear and said, “Kill them all, none of them should be left behind. If you are imprisoned in Soul Refining Valley, how can you revive your Senior Brother?” 

“Revive Senior Brother…” Lin Chaochen’s eyes suddenly lit up, and when he opened them again, he had completely regained his clarity.

Yes, he can’t die, let alone be hung within Soul Refining Valley.

If he is confined, what will his Senior Brother do?

“Li Fuyue” patted Lin Chaochen’s shoulder lightly, and slowly stepped back and disappeared into the night.

The group of demons originally wanted to take advantage of Lin Chaochen’s pause to escape, but at this moment, Lin Chaochen suddenly raised the long sword in his hand, and mercilessly struck at the people in front of him.

With just one strike, even the peak of Duozhi Mountain was leveled.

This was a complete massacre. Lin Chaochen, who had fallen into qi deviation and had hallucinations, had completely lost his mind.

In just half a cup of tea time, the valley in front of him was full of corpses.

After killing the group of demons, Lin Chaochen finally came out of his obsession temporarily.

He had never killed so much before.

However, facing the corpses on the ground, Lin Chaochen didn’t feel any disturbance in his heart.

Although Tianmian Palace took care of maintaining the peace of the Three Realms as its own responsibility, it also strictly prohibited the wanton massacre of its disciples.

Lin Chaochen’s behavior was undoubtedly very inconsistent with the sect’s rules.

But the man just glanced coldly at the valley of Duozhi Mountain, turned and walked towards Tianmian Palace without even dealing with the corpses on the ground.

Half an hour later, the nearby demon clan found these corpses, and immediately went back to inform the demon clan master.

This Demon Region was different from the human world, it did not have a strict day and night, and the center of Demon Region was full of music.

Although it was Chou Shi (1-3am), the palace in the center of the demon realm was still very lively.

In the very center of the hall sat a man with white hair that reached his ankles with only a golden ribbon wrapped around it gently.

The man didn’t pay attention to the graceful dance of the flower demon on the dance floor. He laid on the table, drinking glass after glass of wine and eating pastries, while tapping his fingers lightly on the table following the rhythm of the drums.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” At this moment, a black figure suddenly appeared in the hall, he fell to his knees with a plop, and the dancer also exclaimed and scattered off.

The man lying on the table pressed his eyebrows hard, and asked impatiently: “What’s wrong?” At the same time, the music in the hall also stopped.

This white-haired man was Duan Qianli, the current leader of the Demon Clan.

The people in the center of the hall first kowtowed several times to Duan Qianli, then finally raised their heads and gritted their teeth and said, “That Lin Chaochen from Tianmian Palace killed several of our generals in the valley of Duozhi Mountain today! Now……Now, the corpses there can be piled up into mountains!”

“What did you say?!” The man in the light gold silk robe stood up, and the wine glass on the table was knocked to the ground.

“Lin Chaochen…it’s Lin Chaochen again!” Duan Qianli laughed back angrily, “He used to be very dignified and said that he would not disturb the demon race, so why can’t he resist his killing spree today?”

Duan Qianli was obviously impatient, he even kicked the table in front of him.

At this moment, everyone in the hall knelt down.

Everyone in the demon clan knew that their demon master Duan Qianli had a sworn feud with the sword-wielding immortal Lin Chaochen of Tianmian Palace.

Today, Lin Chaochen killed three more demon generals, so Duan Qianli would definitely take revenge.

“Where is he now?” Duan Qianli gritted his teeth and asked.

“I, I don’t know.” The reporter stammered back.

Duan Qianli sneered and said: “It doesn’t matter, I will go to Tianmian Palace and wait for him in person.”

If this anger is not vented, won’t it tell the whole world that their demon race can be bullied by others?

This time, things really went wrong.

Although the Demon Clan had been at odds with the cultivation world for many years, because of their equal strength, the two worlds have maintained a relatively peaceful and stable state.

But if the leader of the demon clan broke into Tianmian Palace, everything would be different…

Duan Qianli shook his hand in the void, and a golden thirteen-section whip appeared in his hand the next moment.

This trip to Tianmian Palace, he is definitely going today.

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