The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Duozhi Mountain was located on the edge of the Human Realm, and it would take nearly a day to reach Tianmian Palace with the fastest sword control.

The next morning, Tianmian Palace was still in a calm state before the storm.

At dawn, there was a knock on the door outside Li Fenglan’s residence. The person standing outside the door was hos master, who had just left his retreat not long ago, Ling Buyan.

With the gradual fusion of heart and soul, Li Fenglan’s originally abolished spiritual roots were slowly recovering.

He knew he couldn’t hide the changes in himself to Ling Buyan, so he acted preemptively before his master found out.

Li Fenglan pretended to be pleasantly surprised and said that in the past few years when Master retreated, he never gave up cultivation for a day. The originally broken spiritual vein now showed a little sign of healing.

Ling Buyan paused for a moment, then said that he will definitely try his best to help Li Fenglan recover.

At that time, Li Fenglan thought that Ling Buyan was just saying it as a formality, after all, in the memory of the original owner, Ling Buyan had always let him do his own thing.

But the reality is…

At the very beginning of this day, Ling Buyan cooked an elixir and stood at Li Fenglan’s door.

Seeing the bowl of dark brown liquid in his master’s hand, Li Fenglan’s heart instantly became half cold.

Master, are you serious?

In his previous life, Li Fuyue hadn’t even gotten one sip of the medicine so when he opened the door and smelled the bitter taste rushing straight to his forehead, he instinctively took a big step back.

“Master…this is?”

“Good medicine tastes bitter and is good for the disease.” After saying this, Ling Buyan put the medicine bowl on the table and looked at his disciple with a smile.

Li Fenglan inexplicably felt that his master’s smile had a murderous intent.

Smelling the smell of medicine, Cheng Huang, who was lying on the ground sleeping, wrinkled his nose, and then rolled towards the window.

“Why? Do you mind it being bitter?” Seeing Li Fenglan not moving for a long time, Ling Buyan suddenly asked, “Shall I get you some candied fruit?”

Candied fruit?

No, no, those things are eaten by children. In his last life, he was at least a great immortal in the cultivation world, so how could he be frightened by a bowl of medicine!

“Of course not.” Li Fenglan took a deep breath and picked up the medicine bowl.

Before Ling Buyan could react, he closed his eyes and stuffed the bowl of elixir into his stomach.

Li Fenglan’s movements were so fast and unrestrained that even his master was stunned.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Li Fenglan drank too eagerly. After he swallowed the medicine, the bitter taste in his throat was still hard to ignore.

At this moment, Ling Buyan suddenly stood up, patted him on the back, and conjured an oiled paper bag out of nowhere.

“Okay, I won’t tease you. This medicine is really bitter, eat a candied fruit.” After saying this, Ling Buyan walked away with an empty bowl as if he was worried that if he stayed here, Li Fenglan would be ashamed to eat the candied fruit.

The empty bowl disappeared in his hand the moment he went out.

Hearing the sound of his Master closing the door, Li Fenglan hesitated for a moment, then finally threw the candied fruit into his mouth.

He had to say, the taste was really good…

Watching Ling Buyan close the door and leave, Li Fenglan slowly sat back at the table.

He lifted the lid of the porcelain teapot on the table, only to see half a cup of medicine in the cold white porcelain pot.

——Li Fenglan only drank half of the bowl of medicine just now. He secretly moved the remaining half into the teapot using the little tricks he learned in his previous life.

Although he liked to let his disciples run free, Ling Buyan can be regarded as a good master no matter how he felt after getting along with him or in the memory of the original owner.

Even when the original owner was seriously injured and almost died, he managed to save him.

But the better he treated himself, the more uneasy Li Fenglan becames.

After all, Li Fuyue in the previous life only knew at the moment of his death that his Junior Brother who had been clinging to him all day would really stab that sword…

Li Fenglan glanced at the “fierce beast” who was lying on the ground sprawled with his mouth on the ground. He thought, the only thing I can trust now, I am afraid it is only this one.

Li Fenglan won a round, but in the competition on the white jade lotus platform

 stage, the final winner was Mingxin Sect.

But after that, there was the incident of Cheng Duan and the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect blowing up his Yuandan. Now even if Tianmian Palace was willing to give it, no one can take away the green leaf bracelet on behalf of Mingxin Sect.

Just after drinking the medicine this morning, Li Fenglan was brought over by the people from the main peak of the sect.

Only after he arrived did he know that Tianmian Palace planned to put the green leaf bracelet back in the Treasure Pavilion.

As the only person who won the competition on the white jade lotus platform at that time, Li Fenglan not only got the reward of high-grade spirit stones, but even took advantage of this opportunity to go in and have a look.

This was an extremely rare opportunity for ordinary cultivators.

According to legend, the Treasure Pavilion, which hid countless rare treasures, was located in the valley of the main peak. In fact, “Treasure Pavilion” was not its real name, but just an abbreviation used by the disciples of Tianmian Palace.

Its real name was “Xieguang Tower”. It was thirty-three feet high and looked spectacular from a distance.

At this time, the disciples who were in charge of guarding the Xieguang Tower stood in front of the door in two rows in white brocade robe uniforms, and Li Fenglan stood in the last row of the team.

Speaking of which, although Li Fenglan got the chance to enter the building, an ordinary disciple like him could only follow behind the man in white and look casually on the first floor, and not go up.

Unlike the other people who looked nervous, Li Fenglan seemed to be lacking in interest. Fortunately, there was a hood to cover him, otherwise his appearance would definitely arouse the suspicion of others.

The bronze bell not far away rang lightly, and with the sound of the bell, the white jade gate of Xieguang Tower slowly opened, and the leading disciple walked in slowly holding the green leaf bracelet.

At this moment, the spiritual swords hanging in mid-air in the hall suddenly emitted a soft golden light.

These swords were all celestial grade, and if one released any of them, one can exchange for ten cities in the mortal world. But in Tianmian Palace, they can only stay on the first floor of the Xieguan Tower and was responsible for guarding the gate.

Li Fenglan glanced at it lightly, then turned his gaze back.

As of now, everything seemed fine.

However, an accident happened at this time.

The moment Li Fenglan stepped into Xieguang Tower, the tall building in front of him trembled unexpectedly. The jade bells hanging on the eaves of each floor shook wildly, making an extremely ear-piercing sound.

“What’s going on!”

“There’s a problem up there…”

“It’s the eighth floor!”

Li Fenglan heard the frantic chatter of the cultivators in front of him, and behind him, the gate of Xieguang Tower “boomed” at this moment. ” 

“The eighth floor?” Hearing these words, Li Fenglan suddenly remembered something——Li Fuyue’s relics were all placed on the eighth floor of the Xieguang Tower!

Among them was his natal spirit sword.

……No way?

He was really afraid that something would happen. Just when Li Fenglan was about to step back and leave the Xieguang Tower, the building shook even more violently, and the humming of long swords drifted into everyone’s ears.

The next moment, he saw a beam of white light falling from the patio of the Xieguang Tower at an extremely fast speed, and was trapped in the center of the building by the formation of the building, roughly on the fourth or fifth floor.

After the dazzling white light disappeared, everyone finally saw the sword clearly and took a deep breath.

It was a long sword nearly two feet long, the blade was as thin as paper and white as jade, as if it could be broken with a light touch.

There were plum branches wrapped around the hilt of the long sword, and the plum branches were carved so lifelike, it was as if they were really broken from a tree just now.

People in Xieguang Tower had never seen such a beautiful sword.

The only discordant thing was that there was a half-rotted tassel hanging on the back of the long sword, which looked very strange from a distance.

But no one here paid attention to the sword tassel, the moment they saw the long sword, they only had one feeling in their hearts – fear.

“That…that’s Finished Karma!” Someone finally said these words.

Snow fetus and plum bones, Finished Karma.

The owner of this sword was Li Fuyue who died more than 1,200 years ago!

It was also because of its former owner, there were many exaggerated and terrifying legends on this long sword that was as white as jade.

Now seeing Finished Karma breaking through the barriers on each floor of the Xieguang Tower and appearing here for some reason, everyone had a feeling that their death was imminent.

What happened to Finished Karma?

Before today, this sword had been lying quietly for more than a thousand years. This sudden strangeness made people extremely frightened.

Only Li Fenglan took two steps back silently.

After breaking through the barrier suddenly, he naturally sensed the aura of his master…

His identity will not be seen through, right? Li Fenglan was a little nervous.

“Quick! Hurry up and maintain the formation!” After a few seconds of silence, the leading disciple finally shouted out this sentence.

Finished Karma had already penetrated the barrier on the upper four floors, but fortunately, the guard formation of Xieguang Tower responded in time and temporarily trapped it here.

After the words fell, everyone except Li Fenglan stood in place, chanting the incantation to strengthen the formation.

At the same time, the gate of Xieguang Tower suddenly slammed, and then it was opened from the outside.

A familiar black shadow appeared beside Li Fenglan.

It was Meng Linzhou.

Apparently, Meng Linzhou didn’t expect that he would meet Li Fenglan here. After seeing the man in white standing by the door, the man subconsciously frowned.

He wanted to ask: why are you here?

However, the situation was urgent, so Meng Linzhou didn’t say a word. He stood in front of Xieguang Tower, and like those disciples, he poured his spiritual power into the formation protecting the tower.

In an instant, the golden light in the building flourished.

The formation was running slowly, and Finished Karma also slowly quieted down.

Half a quarter of an hour later, the white-clothed disciple in front finally stopped his movements, turned around and saluted Meng Linzhou adoringly: “Thank you, Master Immortal!”

Meng Linzhou also took back his spiritual power, and he just shook his head and said, “I didn’t do anything. Fortunately, there was a large guard tower here.”

Li Fenglan knew that Meng Linzhou was not being modest—although the rebel disciple had a cultivation level of the ascension stage, his little spiritual power was nothing in the face of Finished Karma.

The reason why Finished Karma can be controlled depended on the large guard formation of Xieguang Tower and the people who laid it down in the first place are the real powerful ones.

“Why are you here?” Seeing that Finished Karma had temporarily stabilized, Meng Linzhou asked this question instead of sending it back to the eighth floor in a hurry.

Li Fenglan also hurriedly said his prepared answer: “I won the competition on the white jade lotus platform, and I was allowed to come in and have a look…” Although what he said was the truth, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but feel guilty after seeing Finished Karma.

“I see.” Meng Linzhou nodded, and he turned around to look at Finished Karma again, as if he was planning to send it back to the eighth floor.

But when he turned around, the problem suddenly came.

He finally noticed that there was a long rotten tassel hanging on Finished Karma’s sword.

“What is this?” Meng Linzhou said while subconsciously walking forward.

And following Meng Linzhou’s line of sight to look at the sword tassel again, Li Fenglan suddenly felt bad.

If he was not mistaken, this sword tassel was given to him by Meng Linzhou’s “loose cultivator friend” back then…

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