The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 18 Part 1

Chapter 18 Part 1

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It’s over.

Li Fenglan’s heart sank heavily.

The moment Lin Chaochen stood up, Li Fenglan instinctively clenched the bead in his hand, and subconsciously closed his eyes.

There was a slight “squeak” sound from the wooden floor of the secret room.

Lin Chaochen’s steps seemed to be not on the floor, but on Li Fenglan’s heart.

He heard footsteps approaching his place little by little, and then finally stop on the other side of the screen.

At this moment, Li Fenglan finally closed his eyes.

After a pause for a few seconds, he heard the sound of the screen being slowly pushed away.

Although Qingzhu can hide the aura of all living beings, it doesn’t mean that Lin Chaochen can’t see himself.

Li Fenglan thought that this time, he might fall here.

His body trembled slightly, and the hand holding Qingzhu became stronger.

——Li Fenglan thought that if Lin Chaochen found him, then he would not be captured without a fight, and at worst, they would die together.

At this moment, the screen was finally pushed away.

However, when Li Fenglan gritted his teeth and was about to make a move, he suddenly heard Lin Chaochen stop and mutter softly to himself: “… What’s going on?”

What’s going on?

What Li Fenglan imagined did not seem to happen.

He slowly opened his eyes, and then saw Lin Chaochen appear behind the screen where he was standing.

Li Fenglan was only a little shorter than Lin Chaochen, logically speaking, he should see Lin Chaochen’s face right when he opened his eyes but now, what he was facing was the hem of the other party’s clothes.

This angle of view currently was obviously much shorter…

Standing behind the screen, Lin Chaochen, who was wearing a green shirt, frowned. His lips were tightly pursed, and his face was obviously not looking good.

Lin Chaochen clearly heard voices coming from behind the screen just now, but he didn’t see anything when he came here.

Could it be that falling into qi deviation, and being seriously injured made him hallucinate again?

The answer seemed to be only this.

Lin Chaochen’s complexion was very ugly, but at this moment, Li Fenglan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew where he was now.


Li Fenglan thought before that what Ling Buyan gave him was just an ordinary Qingzhu.

He didn’t expect that this Qingzhu was actually of immortal grade! Not only can it hide all the aura on his body, it can even pull himself into the Qingzhu at a critical moment.

If Li Fenglan’s guess was correct, he had entered that bead at this moment.

Where did Ling Buyan get so many good things? !

At this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly felt that his master’s cheat was bigger than the protagonist Lin Chaochen…

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan didn’t even have the heart to pay attention to what Lin Chaochen was doing now.

It was only when he came to his senses that Lin Chaochen sat not far away leaning against the screen at some point.

From where Li Fenglan was, he could only see the other party’s arm.

He had just glanced at it casually, but the next moment Li Fenglan couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

What was that…

The large azure sleeves were wrinkled upwards, and Li Fenglan saw that there were scars lined up on Lin Chaochen’s arms.

Those scars were of different shades, even layered on top of each other. Just looking at them can give people goosebumps.

Lin Chaochen had already reached the immortalization stage of cultivation, so ordinary people cannot hurt him.

The scars in front of him could only… be caused by him.

Lin Chaochen was harming himself.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help feeling cold all over.

At the same time when he saw the scar on Lin Chaochen’s arm clearly, the man sitting here leaning against the screen whispered to himself: “Senior Brother, I thought it was you who came to see me…”

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chaochen laughed at himself, smiled and said, “But how is it possible? If you came back, the person you don’t want to see the most is me, right?”

You’re right—Li Fenglan answered silently in his heart.

“Fuyue… Fuyue…” Lin Chaochen was still whispering his senior’s name softly, he didn’t know that at this moment, his senior only wanted to stay away from him.

Fortunately, Lin Chaochen didn’t stay here for too long. After a stick of incense, there was a sudden cry of a longsword outside Xianyun Palace Hall.

Hearing this sound, Lin Chaochen got up quickly, and he gently tucked the quilt for the man on the bed, and said in a low voice, “Fuyue, stay here, I’ll go out and have a look.” Then he lifted his sword and left.

It wasn’t until the door of the secret room closed again that Li Fenglan breathed a sigh of relief.

It was also at this moment that his sight changed again – Li Fenglan finally came out of the bead.

He turned around and saw that the bead was hanging on the carved screen. There were quite a few gemstones embedded in itself, so unless you examine carefully, the Qingzhu would definitely be overlooked.

Li Fenglan slowly squatted down and put the Qingzhu on his body again.

Although he escaped a catastrophe just now, looking back at the corpse on the bed, Li Fenglan didn’t feel a little relaxed in his heart.

Why did Lin Chaochen steal his own body? What is the purpose of stealing the corpse…

Li Fenglan didn’t know the answer, and the scene in front of him had too much impact on him, and he couldn’t think about it for a while.

Lin Chaochen was very mysterious, Li Fenglan didn’t know what he was doing in Xianyun Palace, and he didn’t know where the sword cry that drew him out came from.

However, the identity of that person was not difficult to guess, after all, there were only a handful of people in the entire Tianmian Palace who could come to Snowy Meizhou.

To be on the safe side, after Lin Chaochen left, Li Fenglan hid in the secret passageway, and only after a long time, after he was sure that the other party would not come back did he go out.

When Li Fenglan returned to Miguang Mountain, it was already very late.


You are finally back!

Before Li Fenglan calmed down to think about what had happened in the past few days, he saw Cheng Huang rushing out from nowhere, and then flew towards him while wagging his tail.

…Wait, why is this ancient ferocious beast a bit like a dog?

Fortunately, Li Fenglan was well prepared, the moment Cheng Huang rushed to him, he dodged to the side.

Cheng Huang, who failed to jump into his owner’s embrace, stopped and was stunned for a moment, then turned around in a daze, and rubbed against Li Fenglan’s legs.

“Go and play by yourself first, I still have things to do.” Li Fenglan touched Cheng Huang perfunctorily, and then walked into the room.

Right now, the blood in his heart has not been fully integrated, so Li Fenglan had to spare a little time every day to meditate.

But Cheng Huang obviously didn’t understand Li Fenglan’s words.

When Li Fenglan was meditating, he would lie obediently on the side in a daze at first, but after a while, Cheng Huang dragged out a rotten bottle that he didn’t know where he picked up from and started playing with it by himself.

At the end of Li Fenglan’s meditation, the bottle finally rolled down to his lap.

“What is this?” He slowly opened his eyes, and picked it up from the ground with a puzzled look on his face.

Seeing that Li Fenglan finally moved, Cheng Huang, who had become a little languid after playing for a long time, immediately regained his spirits.


Cheng Huang, who was lying on the ground, immediately raised his head to look at Li Fenglan, but when he looked up, he froze —Cheng Huang saw that the owner was not wearing a veiled hat, and the dark purple scar on his face, which was originally hideous and terrifying, had changed slightly, it faded a little.

Seeing Cheng Huang’s ice-blue eyes staring at him unmoving, Li Fenglan smiled and put on the veiled hat again.

The reason why the scar on Li Fenglan’s face had been bad all the time was because the claw of the beast that scratched the original owner was poisonous.

Now, with the gradual integration of his heart blood, the remaining toxins in Li Fenglan’s body were also slowly discharged, and the scars on his face became lighter and lighter.

But this was not entirely a good thing for Li Fenglan… With his current face, he was destined to become more and more like Li Fuyue.

If there were scars, at least it can cover up him. If the scars disappear, the risk of being recognized will increase exponentially.

Seeing that Li Fenglan’s face was covered again, Cheng Huang seemed a little disappointed, but within a few seconds he regained his energy. Cheng Huang opened his mouth and bit Li Fenglan’s clothes, and excitedly pulled him out of the room.

Seeing the bright moon outside the window, Li Fenglan remembered that Cheng Huang seemed to have a hobby of collecting things. If he remembered correctly… it would also bury all the collected things in soil.

The aesthetics of Cheng Huang, a natural born fierce beast, seems to be different from that of ordinary people. Most of the things it liked were of little value. Li Fenglan preferred to call the behavior of his spirit beast: picking up and collecting rags.

Sure enough, just as Li Fenglan thought, Cheng Huang took him to the woods behind the main hall, and cleaned up the fallen leaves and dead branches on the ground like offering treasures.

The little white fluffy beast groaned and dug up the dirt on the ground, and its big fur tail also shook accordingly. The whole beast looked really happy.

Li Fenglan saw through the moonlight, a huge earth pit appearing in front of him.

Obviously this was the place where Cheng Huang hid it’s treasure.

“What are you hiding here? How did you create such a big pit?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help being curious.

“Wooooooooow!” Cheng Huang looked very excited. He hadn’t cleaned up the dead branches on the pit, so it buried its head in and took out a bald wool brush from inside.

While blinking, it looked at Li Fenglan: This is Cheng Huang’s treasure~

Li Fenglan: “…” It really was picking up trash.

Are you sure that you are really a natural born beast with a reputation all over the world?

Cheng Huang didn’t know that his owner was silently complaining about himself in his heart. After digging out the brush, it stuffed its head into the hole again.

Li Fenglan in this life was not much different from ordinary people. It was already late at night, so he couldn’t help but yawn lightly, wanting to go back to the room to rest.

Along the way, he will also take Cheng Huang back.

But just as he was bending over… through the moonlight, Li Fenglan finally saw that under the dead branches, apart from these messy things, there was… a pale human hand?

No, there was a person!

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