The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18 Part 2

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F*ck! Cheng Huang picked up a person and came back.

“My God…” Li Fenglan’s drowsiness was completely frightened away in an instant.

It wouldn’t be another corpse, right?

What happened during the day obviously caused a huge psychological shadow on Li Fenglan, and his drowsiness disappeared completely. Regardless of the dead branches and mud, Li Fenglan hurriedly squatted down, stretched out his hand and pushed away the dead branches covering the pit.

Cheng Huang thought that his master was playing with him, and immediately became excited.

“Wuuuuu” Seeing its excited appearance, Li Fenglan just wanted to know… If the body below was really a corpse. Should he let the sect know, or pretend nothing happened, and then bury him back? ?

Li Fenglan’s movements were quick, and within two strokes he saw a handsome young man in white clothes lying in the middle of the pit. The boy’s face was pale, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth.

He laid motionless in the dirt pit, and his chest didn’t even rise and fall much.

It really looked like he was dead…

The white clothes on the young man were the most common disciple clothes in Tianmian Palace. Li Fenglan was sure that he didn’t know him before.

After glancing at him, Li Fenglan took a deep breath, and slowly put his fingers under the boy’s nose.

Seeing his master’s serious expression, Cheng Huang finally calmed down.

After an unknown amount of time, Li Fenglan finally breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, fortunately…” The person is not dead yet.

Although Li Fenglan regained his heart blood, his body still has a long way to go before recovering, and he was considered half a patient.

After struggling to pull the boy out of the pit, he couldn’t help coughing while supporting a tree on one side.

“Cough cough cough…” Li Fenglan’s chest hurt as if being pricked by a silver needle. Unexpectedly, this young man looked thin, but his weight was not light at all.

And just as he was thinking about how to drag the man out of the woods, and what to do with him after he is dragged out, a familiar voice suddenly came to Li Fenglan’s ear.

“Fenglan? What are you doing there?”

Li Fenglan: “…” 

It’s over.

I look a little bit like I’m getting rid of a dead body.

Li Fenglan turned around extremely slowly, and looked towards the speaker.

He saw his master Ling Buyan standing at the entrance of the forest, looking towards his position. The distance between the two was a little far, and it was difficult to see each other’s expressions and movements clearly through the dense branches of the forest.

“Master.” Li Fenglan called out with a guilty conscience.

“En.” Ling Buyan nodded and walked towards his disciple, then paused for a while, it was obvious that he had already seen the boy lying on the ground.

However, he didn’t ask him about the origin of this person on the ground as Li Fenglan thought.

Ling Buyan lightly placed his hands on Li Fenglan’s back and used his spiritual power to relieve the tingling pain in his chest at this moment. After putting down his hand, he looked at the person lying on the ground and asked: “Do you know the person on the ground?”

Li Fenglan quickly shook his head: “No, I don’t know him either.”

“Well”, Ling Buyan paused for a moment, then suddenly asked, “Do you want me to help you?”

“What?” Li Fenglan vaguely felt that his master’s reaction seemed a little strange…

He seemed too calm.

And normally, seeing one’s disciple dealing with a suspected corpse in the woods in the middle of the night, shouldn’t his master be shocked on the spot, or interrogate him directly?

Li Fenglan couldn’t understand what he meant by “help”.

“I’ll help you deal with him.” Ling Buyan said with a smile.

Help me deal with him.

Am I hearing it wrong, or is there something wrong with the world?

What Ling Buyan meant was to destroy his body and wipe out all his traces!

“No, no, no,” Li Fenglan quickly shook his head and said, “This person was brought by Cheng Huang, he may have fainted from fright…or suffered some trauma, I will take him to the room in a while, and when he wakes up, I’ll send him off.”

Cheng Huang seemed a little afraid of Ling Buyan. Seeing him coming, he shrank to the side to comb his hair, pretending that nothing happened.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help feeling a little sad.

“Did Cheng Huang do it?” Ling Buan took the time to look down at it, obviously he also remembered Cheng Huang’s habit of collecting junk.

Hearing Ling Buyan suddenly call his name, Cheng Huang looked up at the man timidly. However, just when it was about to slip away, Ling Buyan bent down and dragged the back of its neck.

“Woooooooo~” Master help!

“Oooooooooooooo!” ! !

Li Fenglan ignored the pleading in Cheng Huang’s eyes.

“So that’s the case.” Ling Buyan nodded and said.

He didn’t know if he heard it wrong, but Li Fenglan actually felt a bit of regret from his master’s tone.

Seeing that Li Fenglan didn’t have the strength to move the person away, Ling Buyan finally pulled up the unconscious boy who was lying on the ground.

At the same time, in the blink of an eye, Cheng Huang suddenly became bigger, and the boy just now was lying on its back safely.

Cheng Huang, who suddenly grew bigger, hadn’t had time to be happy, when Ling Buyan looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. He immediately coaxed him down, and Cheng Huang had to obediently send the person on his back to Li Fenglan’s house.

——Li Fenglan lived alone in Miguang Mountain, and the other rooms didn’t even have bedding. In the middle of the night, they could only send the person to him first.

When all the tossing was over, it was Chou Shi.

Cheng Huang, who became smaller again, laid on the ground listlessly, while Li Fenglan sighed, and looked at the boy who occupied his bed.

He had roughly seen it just now, the young man in front of him was seriously injured.

Although he didn’t know if he already had this injury, it still dragged down Cheng Huang’s luck. Now that the young man was brought here by his spirit beast, of course Li Fenglan had to take care of the wounded.

This bed was originally not big, and Li Fenglan didn’t like to be in contact with strangers. Thinking of the identity of the wounded party, he could only lie down beside the bed wearing a veiled hat, and spend the night with difficulty.

“Hey, wake up, wake up.”

“Ahem… get rid of it quickly!”

The next morning, Li Fenglan was woken up by the wounded man.

As soon as Li Fenglan opened his eyes, he saw that the wounded lying on the bed woke up at some point, and Cheng Huang stepped on him happily, looking very happy.

Obviously, in Cheng Huang’s eyes, there was not much difference between the wounded man lying on the bed and the rotten bottle and brush he picked up.

“Cheng Huang, come down quickly!” Seeing Cheng Huang’s movements, Li Fenglan immediately woke up.

“Woo~” Hearing his master’s order, although Cheng Huang was a little reluctant, he curled his lips and jumped off the bed.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t take good care of it.” Li Fenglan quickly apologized.

“Cough, cough, cough,” the young man coughed a few more times, and said in a hoarse voice very angrily, “Do you know what it is? What should you do if something happens if you let the beast run around like this!” 

The story of Cheng Huang has been spread throughout the Three Realms, apparently this young man had also heard of it and recognized it.

As the owner of Cheng Huang, Li Fenglan was also very embarrassed.

But Cheng Huang, who was standing on the ground, couldn’t help baring his teeth at him when he saw someone attacking his master, looking really fierce.

“Cheng Huang!” Li Fenglan turned around and yelled at it, and then hurriedly said to the young man that he had a elixir here, and he would definitely help him heal his injuries completely without leaving any consequences.

Hearing his promise, the eyes of the boy who was still angry just now suddenly lit up.

“That’s what you said!”

Why does Li Fenglan feel that this person’s face had changed a little too quickly…

“Yes, that’s right.” Li Fenglan said bravely.

Now he had no chance to regret it.

“Then I’ll stay with you until I recover from my injuries before leaving. I don’t think you want to let the people in the sect know that Cheng Huang is running around and dragging people to his pit right?” the boy continued.

Wait, according to what this young man said, he seemed to be staying in Miguang Mountain and not leaving?

Why was there something wrong with this?

“I can provide elixir to fellow Daoist, but Miguang Mountain…is too small, I’m afraid there is no room for one more person.” He reminded tactfully.

This sentence was not made up by Li Fenglan. Compared with other peaks in Tianmian Palace, Miguang Mountain waw indeed a bit small.

Hearing this, the young man “tsk” and said, “I don’t care, I was harmed by the beast you keep, you can figure it out.”

Li Fenglan fell silent.

The young man’s threat was indeed effective. If people knew that Cheng Huang was running around and hid cultivators in a pit, he would definitely bring himself into a lot of trouble. This time Li Fenglan might have to admit defeat.

But after calming down and thinking about it, Li Fenglan felt that something was very wrong.

Cheng Huang had a Dingyan spell on his body, so it was impossible to hurt people casually. But the injury on the boy’s body was extremely serious, obviously it wasn’t caused by simply being dragged into the pit by Cheng Huang.

Could it be that his injury had nothing to do with Cheng Huang at all, and he was just throwing the blame out?

The scene in front of him gradually overlapped with something that happened many years ago…

Li Fenglan gritted his teeth lightly, and pretended to ask relaxedly: “Okay, then you can recuperate here first… By the way, I don’t know your name?” 

The boy yawned, laid on the bed and said slowly, “My name is He Yinyuan.”

Li Fenglan: “…” It was a really familiar name.

“What’s the matter?”

Li Fenglan forced a smile with difficulty, resisting the urge to beat someone and said, “It’s nothing, I’ll find medicine for you.” 

A few seconds later, the moment he closed the door, Li Fenglan’s smile immediately disappeared, and then he couldn’t help but make a pinching motion towards the air.

He Yinyuan?

Why are you still bluffing and deceiving after so many years, and you also want to deceive me?

The incident happened when Li Fuyue went out for training for the second time after his nascent soul was formed.

When passing through Duozhi Mountain that separated the human world from the demon world, he suddenly received a message from the sect.

——Demon clan invaded the human world, and even occupied a city not far away.

After receiving this news, all the Tianmian Palace disciples near Duozhi Mountain rushed over, including Li Fuyue.

At that time, the whole city was controlled by the demon clan, and there was a barrier outside, so no one knew what happened inside, let alone the cultivation level of the demon clan in the city.

When all the cultivators hesitated, Li Fuyue, who had rushed here, was the first to charge up with his sword.

It was at that battle that he became famous and started his legendary reputation.

Although Li Fuyue had only recently conceived his nascent soul at that time, relying on the pure spiritual power of his heavenly spiritual root and unparalleled swordsmanship, he split the barrier with just one sword.

Before the other cultivators could react, Li Fuyue had already appeared in the city lord’s mansion that was occupied by the demon clan, and repelled the power of the demon clan at demi-god stage with his own power.

Logically speaking, Li Fuyue should have killed the demon clan in the city, especially the demon cultivator at the demi-god stage.

But here lies the problem!

Although he had conceived a nascent soul, he was different from other cultivators in Tianmian Palace who wandered outside after the foundation was established, this was only the second time Li Fuyue left the sect to go out to practice.

In his previous three hundred years of his life, Li Fuyue had never killed a single chicken… 

At that moment, Li Fuyue’s sword tip had already touched the chest of the almight demon clan’s demi-god cultivator, but when he was supposed to be thrust out his sword, his wrist actually softened a bit.

At the same moment, the seriously injured Demon Clan cultivator immediately found the right opportunity and escaped from his hands.

Not long after the demon cultivator escaped from the city lord’s mansion, Li Fuyue found a jade plate with the words “Qianli” written on it.

It was also at this time that he realized that the person he had accidentally let go just now was actually Duan Qianli, the young master of the Demon Clan…

Speaking of which, even though Li Fuyue failed to kill Duan Qianli, the deed seriously injuring the other party at the Nascent Soul stage was already legendary enough.

Duan Qianli was severely injured by Li Fuyue, logically speaking he couldn’t escape very far. So in the following days, Li Fuyue and the other disciples of Tianmian Palace stayed in this city, and searched for Duan Qianli with this place as the center.

At the same time, the cultivators were also looking for ordinary people in the city who had been injured by the demon clan, and brought them back to the city lord’s mansion for treatment.

In the afternoon of that day, a little girl who looked about fourteen or fifteen years old was brought back by Li Fuyue’s same sect member.

The person who brought him back said that the injured person’s name was “He Yinyuan”.

… For Li Fuyue, this was really a bad and embarrassing memory.

The west wing of the City Lord’s Mansion was filled with mortals who had been seriously injured by the demon clan.

After all, they were injured by the demon clan, and it was difficult for ordinary medical cultivators to deal with these wounds, so the disciples of Tianmian Palace took turns to look after them.

Although Li Fuyue made great contributions, and was also a disciple of Qiu Wanyou, the sword-wielding immortal in Tianmian Palace at that time, he still completed this work well like his other fellow disciples.

The wounded here all knew that Li Fuyue was the one who saved them, so their attitude towards him couldn’t be better.

Only one person was different.

She was He Yinyuan.

“Hey, hey, that cultivator, bring me the grapes on the table.” In the west wing of the city lord’s mansion, a little girl was lying on the bed with her legs crossed.

In the past few days of living in the City Lord’s Mansion, He Yinyuan had to eat four or five meals a day, and the meals were not the same. In addition, she also needed pastries, snacks and the like from time to time.

If it wasn’t for her ugly face, she wouldn’t look like a wounded person at all.

Li Fuyue was a cultivator after all, so he really hadn’t done much in serving tea and water.

But in the past few days, Li Fuyue was already afraid of He Yinyuan crying, making trouble and such.

After hearing her words, Li Fuyue sighed helplessly. He handed the grapes on the table to the girl, and then turned around to leave.

“Hey, wait, wait, don’t go,” He Yinyuan grabbed Li Fuyue’s sleeve and said, “When I finish eating, help me throw away the grape skins.”

Hearing this, Li Fuyue finally couldn’t bear it and said coldly “I still have something to do, you can handle it yourself.”


Sure enough, before Li Fuyue went out, He Yinyuan said loudly again: “You cultivators did not guard the mortal city and let it be occupied by demon cultivators. .Then they were domineering in the city, and my whole family was killed by those demons… I never thought that you would still treat me like this…”

Li Fuyue was raised by his master in snowy region Meizhou and had never seen such a rude person, let alone experience dealing with such a person.

Hearing He Yinyuan’s accusation, he stood there angrily for a long time, but he didn’t know how to refute it.

In fact, Li Fuyue felt a little guilty after hearing his words. After all, he had the ability to kill Duan Qianli, but he let Duan Qianli go because of a mistake, to continue to do harm to the world…

Seeing that He Yinyuan was about to cry, Li Fuyue finally sighed and sat on the edge of his bed patiently waiting for him to finish eating the grapes.

“Hey, in fact, although you are clumsy, you have a good attitude.” He Yinyuan glanced at Li Fuyue and said while chewing grapes, “In the future, if you can’t get along with Tianmian Palace, you can also come to my house, being a little servant would be good.”


After saying this, He Yinyuan sat up slowly, not enjoying herself completely.

She stretched out her hand to poke Li Fuyue who was sitting by the bed, then “tsk” and said: “You are indeed the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Why don’t you marry… ah no, marry into my house. “

Hearing this, Li Fuyue finally couldn’t bear to hold back a sentence: “When I can’t get along with them, I am afraid that you would have died already, maybe even reincarnated for several rounds.”

After speaking, Li Fuyue took the grapes beside the bed, he looked like he was really unhappy.

Hearing what he said, He Yinyuan on the bed burst out laughing immediately.

“Hahahaha, let’s see who lives longer.” he raised his eyebrows and said.

At that time, Li Fuyue didn’t take this sentence seriously, after all, he was a cultivator, even if his cultivation stagnated, it would not be a problem to live another two or three thousand years.

The little girl in front of him was just an ordinary person, no matter how many years she can live, she cannot compare with himself.

But he never expected…he really lost the competition in the end.

After being tortured by He Yinyuan for a full month, the other party finally recovered from her injuries and left.

And just after she left, Li Fuyue found a piece of paper on the empty bed in the west wing room, with the words “marriages of thousands of miles lead by a thread*” written on it.

* Qianli Yinyuan led by a thread

Those few words were written crookedly, as if he couldn’t even hold the pen steadily, and at the same time, there was a strong evil spirit on the note…

Thousands of miles, marriage*.

*Qianli Yinyuan

The answer was already in front of Li Fuyue’s eyes – “He Yinyuan” she was not an ordinary wounded person at all! It was a fake identity disguised by Duan Qianli!

Duan Qianli’s ancestor, Bi Fang, was a demon god. As long as he wanted to, he could pretend to be a human being without being discovered by any cultivators.

At that time, Qianli was seriously injured and was “wanted” everywhere, so he couldn’t run back to the Demon Realm.

As long as he can pretend to be a human being, he was not afraid of the search by the cultivators of Tianmian Palace, but it was not easy to recuperate after being outside.

So he firmly believed that “the most dangerous place is the safest place”, so he directly disguised himself as a little girl from the human race and came to the cultivators’ residence in Tianmian Palace, asking them to heal himself…

This operation was something ordinary people dare not even think about.

Duan Qianli had a bad temper and liked to order people around. In addition, he was injured by Li Fuyue, so these days he had been calling on Li Fuyue and making various unreasonable demands.

“Duan Qianli…” Li Fuyue gritted his teeth and said the name again.

Looking at the words on the note, Li Fuyue really regretted that he had let him go.

Besides being angry, Li Fuyue did not forget to burn the note in his hand to ashes.

This incident was really embarrassing, he would not tell anyone who He Yingyuan is.

That incident thousands of years ago had already been deeply buried in Li Fenglan’s heart.

However, he did not expect that “He Yinyuan” would appear in front of his eyes again today.

What a coincidence.

Standing by the door to calm down, Li Fenglan walked towards the cliff of Miguang Mountain.

As he walked, he thought: This time Duan Qianli was repeating the old trick.

After being injured by Qiu Wanyou, Duan Qianli did not escape very far.

Coupled with the fact that the disciples of Tianmian Palace had already launched a net search outside, Duan Qianli chose “seeking wealth within danger” again after weighing several times.

He pretended to be an ordinary cultivator and slipped into Tianmian Palace. He didn’t expect to be smelled by Cheng Huang, a fierce beast, who noticed the difference and dragged to Miguang Mountain as a toy…

After all, Li Fuyue gave Cheng Huang the Dingyan spell back then and just told him not to harm humans, not that it could not harm demon races.

In a blink of an eye, Li Fenglan came to the edge of the cliff, and he summoned a spirit crane to head towards the sect’s medical hall.

When they got there, Li Fenglan went to the back hall of the medical hall first, and stayed for a while before going to the pharmacy.

After preparing a few doses of healing medicines according to his memory, Li Fenglan suddenly turned around and walked towards a few medicine cabinets not far away that few people cared about.

His slender and pale fingers slowly slid across the wooden sign on the medicine cabinet, and finally stopped in an inconspicuous corner.

“Pu Shi San…that’s it.”

After seeing those three words, Li Fenglan smiled and put the spirit stone in front of the medicine cabinet. After a few seconds, the spirit stone disappeared, and the cabinet containing Pu Shi San slowly opened.

He stretched out his hand to take out the contents.

Pu Shi San was colorless and odorless, and it was useless except for the burning sensation in people’s wounds.

Since Duan Qianli, an old friend, came to visit him, of course Li Fenglan had to give him a gift in return.

Now Li Fenglan has finished taking the medicine, but before returning to Miguang Mountain, he still had something to do.

Although Tianmian Palace was a sword cultivator sect, there were still a few medical cultivators in the sect’s medical hall.

The person Li Fenglan was looking for was here.

The man in the short white veiled hat walked to the back hall of the medical hall and knocked lightly on the door a few times. After pausing for a few seconds, the carved mahogany door in front of him opened by itself.

There was a female cultivator in white clothes standing in front of the desk in the room. After seeing Li Fenglan, the other party smiled at him and said, “This fellow Daoist, the medicine you sent earlier is not a problem, it is full of warm and nourishing ingredients for the spiritual root.”

It turned out that when Li Fenglan first arrived at the medicine hall, he first brought over the half medicine he secretly left behind last time, and asked the medical practitioner here to help look at the ingredients inside.

Now that he came back after taking medicine, the other party had neatly listed the names of the medicines on the paper.

“Look, there are a few herbs here that are very rare. As far as I know, they can only be collected in certain secret realms.” The medicine cultivator said patiently.

Following what the other party pointed out, Li Fenglan saw that there were indeed some very rare herbs here, and he had only seen it once or twice in his previous life.

From this point of view, Ling Buyan really wanted to help him…

“Okay, thanks for your hard work, Fellow Daoist.” Li Fenglan took the paper back and left a few spirit stones for the medical cultivator before leaving the medical hall.

On the back of the spirit crane on the return journey, Li Fenglan looked at the words on the paper over and over again.

Knowing that someone wanted to help him, he should feel happy.

However, the events of his previous life were too deep-rooted, and now Li Fenglan was no longer willing to believe in the so-called help and kindness.

The spirit crane landed on Miguang Mountain. Li Fenglan sighed softly, put away the paper and walked down.

He glanced at the small building not far away, smiled and weighed the elixir in his hand.

Ling Buyan’s matter will not be cleared up in a short time. What he had to do now was to “take care” of the wounded on Miguang Mountain.

Duan Qianli repeated his old trick this time and continued to dominate Miguang Mountain.

It’s a pity that Li Fenglan was no longer the little cultivator who just came out to Jiang Hu back then.

After returning to Miguang Mountain, he patiently helped Duan Qianli cook the medicine and brought it into the room. He watched Duan Qianli drink it with a very good attitude.

He even prepared a jar of wine according to Duan Qianli’s request.

Just a few hours later, the effect of “Pu Shi San” finally took effect.

Li Fenglan, who was meditating outside, heard a painful moan coming from the bedroom.

The moment the sound came, he had already opened his eyes, but Li Fenglan pretended not to hear the sound and continued to sit where he was.

He only waited for the sound of the furniture falling to the ground in the room, then he got up slowly, pretending to be in a hurry and walked in quickly.

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