The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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In the former cultivation world, as long as “the proud son of heaven” was mentioned, people would think of Li Fuyue.

He was the cultivator with the best talent in the world after the Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor.

The life in snowy Meizhou and the teachings of Qiu Wanyou allowed Li Fuyue to cultivate the most stable Dao heart.

Even before he fell into qi deviation, Li Fuyue was already able to feel the existence of the Dao of Heaven while meditating.

But it was such a person that actually fell into qi deviation.

Li Fuyue will never forget that afternoon.

He sat in the mist and meditated with his eyes closed. There was flying snow falling from the sky, gently landing on his eyelashes, and he trembled slightly with the rhythm of his breathing. All of it seemed so ordinary.

The spiritual energy circulated in his body for another week, and just as Li Fuyue breathed in and was about to end his meditation, the spiritual energy in his body suddenly rushed towards the Lingtai* uncontrollably.

*heart; soul; also acupuncture point

In Li Fuyue’s ear, there was a faint chuckle.

Before he had time to think about it, the red mark on his forehead turned black at that moment.

He opened his eyes suddenly, and the natal spirit sword suddenly appeared, making a humming sword sound.

The next moment Li Fuyue’s eyes suddenly became dull, and his spirit was also abnormally lax.

But the situation didn’t last too long, Li Fuyue came back to his senses within a few breaths. At the same time, a killing intent that had never been seen before also welled up in his heart.

“Finished Karma-“

The next moment, the Heavenly Sword was in Li Fuyue’s hands, and he also stood up.

Although Li Fuyue stood still and did not move, the sword qi from Finished Karma had already set off a wind blade, destroying the surrounding foggy plums.

“No…not right.” Li Fuyue’s eyes finally became clear, and he realized that his current state was very wrong.

The man tried his best to fight against the bloodthirsty killing intent in his heart. He slowly stabbed Finished Karma to the ground, and continued to sit on the ground and meditate with difficulty.

Before the wind blade disappeared, a stream of dark red blood suddenly gushed from Li Fenglan’s lips, instantly staining his clothes and the snow red.

The four words “fell into qi deviation” also broke into Li Fuyue’s mind at this moment.

On the other side of the snow-covered Meizhou, Meng Linzhou, who was about to sneak out of the sect again, also saw a vision in the distance.

“Why is Li Fuyue so irritable today? I probably haven’t done anything lately…” he said softly.

Meng Linzhou thought about it carefully, and finally retreated silently with some guilt.

He stretched out his hand to touch the sword tassel beside him, and thought with a light sigh—it seems that his plan of sneaking out of the sect to find his cultivator friend will be delayed a little bit.

It’s just that Meng Linzhou didn’t know at that time that the peaceful time in the cultivation world was about to end.

His plan to leave Tianmian Palace to find his cultivator friend will be postponed for two hundred years due to various reasons.

After that day, Li Fuyue fell into qi deviation twice.

It stands to reason that after ordinary cultivators go mad, it was difficult to resist the instinct.

But Li Fuyue’s willpower was exceptionally strong, he actually forcibly suppressed those two insanity moments, even his disciple Meng Linzhou, who was with him day and night, didn’t notice anything abnormal.

Li Fuyue was finally exposed because of a wave of ferocious beasts.

Before this, there had never been such a large wave of ferocious beasts in the world.

In order to resist the tide of ferocious beasts, half of the cultivation world gathered in a valley called “Jiangsi” in the mortal world, and worked together to besiege the ferocious beasts.

At the beginning, everything was normal. Although the tide of beasts was dangerous, with the joint efforts of so many cultivators, hundreds of beasts were successfully trapped in the valley.

Just wait for the array to be deployed, and they can be wiped out in one go.

But at this moment, there was a howl of a ferocious beast in everyone’s ears.

This hissing was different from what they had heard before.

After that sound, the group of ferocious beasts who were trapped in the valley and gradually lost their fighting spirit suddenly seemed to go crazy.

Hearing this voice, Li Fuyue, who was standing at the front, subconsciously raised his eyes and looked the other way.

He saw – the huge beast in the front, its eyes extremely chaotic, as if it had lost its soul. It looked at himself, motionless.

“What… what happened to this beast? The cultivator standing next to Li Fuyue suddenly asked in horror.

Obviously, he also noticed the strangeness of the beast in front of him. However, Li Fuyue now had no way to answer his question. There was a problem.

The moment Li Fuyue looked into the eyes of the beast, Li Fuyue once again had a killing intent in his heart.

His rationality and instinct were torn apart, and his qi became chaotic little by little, even visible to the naked eye. It was pitch black.

“Immortal Lord Li?

“Immortal Lord Li, Li, what’s wrong with you? ” 

“Your sword, Immortal—”

Li Fuyue vaguely heard someone calling himself, and the four words “fell into qi deviation” appeared in his ears again and again. He almost lost his ability to respond to other things.


Li Fuyue only had this word in his heart.

He slowly raised the long sword, and the white and jade-like sword body was already wrapped in black mist. 

In Li Fuyue’s eyes, the current Li Fuyue was the Ashura alive.

The algae-like black hair fluttered in the air, and the red mark on Li Fuyue’s forehead turned black again. He slowly raised the ink-stained Finished Karma, and slashed towards the mountain wall of Jiangsi Valley.


“Immortal Lord Li is crazy—”

“He fell into qi deviation, he fell!!”

The surrounding cultivators yelled loudly as they walked away with their swords. Only a few seconds later, the cliff of Jiangsi Valley was flattened by Li Fuyue’s sword.

The hundreds of feet high cliffs shattered in front of their eyes, and collapsed in an instant.

The loud noise barely brought back a bit of Li Fuyue’s rationality, and seeing the shattered mountain wall in front of him, he finally realized——that he had gone mad in front of the entire cultivation world!

“Li Fuyue, are you crazy!” At this moment, a person suddenly appeared behind Li Fuyue—it was Jiang Yichang who was with Li Fenglan to deal with the tide of beasts.

He crushed the falling stones around with one sword, and Li Fuyue was not hit by the broken stones.

Presumably, it won’t be long before the mountain wall will collapse completely, and the beasts trapped in the valley will rush out of it.

Li Fuyue, dressed in white, stretched out his hand to press his temple with some difficulty, he gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t know… you go, go!” 

“No,” Jiang Yichang gritted his teeth and said, “You are the future master of Tianmian Palace. How can I leave you here alone?”

The relationship between Jiang Yichang and Li Fuyue was a bit awkward, they both cultivated in Tianmian Palace, yet they have not spoken a few words these years.

Li Fuyue did not expect that Jiang Yichang, who was half-acquainted with him, would actually say such a thing.

Rubbles kept falling around the two of them, and there were roars of ferocious beasts in their ears, but Li Fuyue could still hear the other’s words clearly.

The future master of Tianmian Palace…

This time Li Fuyue’s madness was more serious than any other time before. After hearing the man’s words, he almost used all his energy to resist his instinct.

He didn’t even realize that there was blood running down the corner of his mouth.

But Jiang Yichang’s eyes widened in an instant, he saw Li Fuyue smile at him.

Everyone in the cultivation world knew that Li Fuyue was incomparable in both cultivation and looks.

And Jiang Yichang, who was used to the serious and calm appearance of the person in front of him, saw Li Fuyue smile so brightly for the first time.

He was like a dark red misty plum blooming in the snow-covered Meizhou—alienated, indifferent but rich in color.

“Cough… I’ve fell into qi deviation and I’m not qualified for the position of master of Tianmian Palace. You can go.” Li Fuyue said these words with great difficulty, and his voice became a little hoarse.

After saying this, Li Fuyue closed his eyes in pain, and when he opened them again, Finished Karma’s qi had been completely polluted.

Jiang Yichang was shaken away by the sword energy of Finished Karma.

But Li Fuyue finally completely lost control. He drew his sword again, directly flattened Jiangsi valley, and released 340 beasts plus.

At this moment, another chuckle came from Li Fuyue’s ears – the voice was exactly the same as the one he heard when he fell into qi deviation for the first time.

As if it was mocking him.

Now, Li Fuyue finally had no turning back in his life… 

The only person who witnessed all this with his own eyes was Jiang Yichang.

The amazing thing was that, for him who always put the interests of the sect first, the first thing he thought of was not whether Li Fuyue’s actions would affect the status of Tianmian Palace in the cultivation world.

At this moment, he only felt regret in his heart.

Although Jiang Yichang never said it, he has always regarded Li Fuyue as his opponent.

At the same time, Li Fuyue was also the only person he was willing to admit was stronger than himself.

For thousands of years, Jiang Yichang kept competing secretly with Li Fuyue, imagining countless ways to win over him.

But among the thousands of ideas, this one was never included.

How could Li Fuyue lose like this?

On that day, Li Fuyue released the ferocious beasts, but under his madness, he finally obeyed his instinct and killed those ferocious beasts with one sword.

That night, the corpses of Jiangsi Valley’s ferocious beasts piled up like a mountain, and the stinky blood pooled into a river, and he was no longer the little cultivator who couldn’t bear to kill.

The angry howl of the ferocious beast called Li Fenglan’s attention back.

Similar, it’s too similar.

The eyes of this ferocious beast were indeed exactly the same as the one back then.

Li Fenglan’s hands instantly became cold, and at this moment his nerves were tense, for fear that the weird chuckle he heard back then would come from his ears again.

Fortunately, there was no laughter this time.

After a long time of confrontation, the beast finally got impatient.

And Li Fenglan also clenched the long sword in his hand, and directly stabbed at the fierce beast in front.

“…Li Fenglan! Do you want to die?” Seeing Li Fenglan’s movements, Duan Qianli, who was leaning against a tree just now with a relaxed expression, suddenly stood up straight and shouted loudly.

He knew that the group of cultivators in Tianmian Palace took the mission of eliminating demons and defending the dao, but he didn’t expect Li Fenglan to work so hard.

Especially the energy with which he charged forward. Those who knew would know he was just a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage, but those who didn’t would think he was some kind of immortal!

Cough cough.

In fact… Li Fenglan, who just fell into the memories of his previous life, did forget his own cultivation level and the sword in his hand.

The leather armor of the fierce beast in front of him was rough, and stabbing it with a long sword was no different from stabbing a stone.

The fierce beast felt a tingling pain in its front legs, and only moved a little, then kicked Li Fenglan aside, and he, who was dressed in white, fell heavily to the ground.

“Cough…” Li Fenglan’s spiritual root was connected just now, and his body was still not in good condition, so his heart pulse also started to vibrate.

Li Fenglan, who was used to being the number one person in the immortal world, didn’t feel scared at this moment, he just couldn’t help being a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, the tide of ferocious beasts was really strong and everyone was in a panic, except for Duan Qianli, so no one cared about Li Fenglan’s current state.

Coincidentally, the place where Li Fenglan fell was right in front of Duan Qianli. Therefore, Duan Qianli, who wanted to find an opportunity to slip away and not participate in the ridiculous event of Tianmian Palace, struggled for a while, then dragged Li Fenglan up.

However, at this moment, several more ferocious beasts attacked them.

“Da*mn… dare to provoke me?” Duan Qianli gritted his teeth.

Just when Duan Qianli was about to unleash his thirteen-section whip and strike at the beast, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of them.

Before he could see clearly who was coming, the huge beast in front of him fell heavily to the ground with a “boom”.

In an instant, the dust flew up, and the moonlight was also blocked by the smoke and dust.

Li Fenglan’s eyes were pitch black, and he couldn’t see anything.

It was at this moment that he fell into a strange embrace.

“Who is it?!”

Li Fenglan instinctively wanted to push that person away, but before he could do it, he heard a familiar voice coming from his ear.

“Has Fenglan forgotten how he was injured last time? How dare you get so close to the beast now?”

The man’s tone was very calm, even relaxed, and he didn’t fit in with the environment full of beasts in front of him.

The visitor turned out to be Ling Buyan!

After a few breaths, Li Fenglan was finally let down by him.

Standing on the ground, he said dizzily, “Master? Why are you here?”

The smoke and dust gradually dispersed, and Li Fenglan saw the person in front of him clearly. At the same time, he also saw that after the beast fell to the ground just now, the other beasts also turned around and returned to the forest.

But Duan Qianli seemed to be avoiding Ling Buyan, and when he saw that it was him, he slipped into the crowd in an instant.

What’s going on… Li Fenglan couldn’t help frowning.

He had fought fierce beasts for thousands of years in his previous life, and he had never seen such a situation.

At this moment, Li Fenglan remembered a word often used by readers in the comment section of “Tianmian Daosheng”: cheating.

Although he still hasn’t fully figured out what a “cheat” is, Li Fenglan felt that the man in front of him was cheating.

Ling Buyan said calmly, “I figured out that the beasts had moved here, so I rushed over.” 

“How did you figure it out?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help but ask curiously.

In his impression, the tide of ferocious beasts has always been irregular.

Even the great powers in the cultivation world back then gathered in Jiangsi Valley after the outbreak of the beast tide.

Ling Buyan narrowed his eyes lightly, looked at the cultivator who had just got up from the ground, smiled and said after a while: “Of course there is a way, if you are interested, I can teach you after returning to Tianmian Palace.” 

Just as they were talking, Zhuang Zhixia and the others also adjusted themselves, and when they arrived, they saluted their savior Ling tirelessly.

And Li Fenglan took advantage of this time to go to the back and began to adjust his breath with the support of the tree.

After interacting for a period of time, Li Fenglan found that the mysteries surrounding Ling Buyan not only did not decrease, but actually increased.

“Hey…” Li Fenglan sighed while inspecting the wound on his wrist and thought: In his last life, he was the number one person in the cultivation world, and besides swordsmanship, other types of arts were also involved.

Unexpectedly, after meeting Ling Buyan, he looked like an illiterate in the cultivation world.

When Li Fenglan was adjusting his breath, he vaguely heard Ling Buyan say to Zhuang Zhixia and the others: Fierce beasts like to come and go alone and have a strong sense of territory. Only during fierce beast tides will they gather together .

That ferocious beast just now was the leader of the tide of ferocious beasts. As long as it can be killed quickly, the other ferocious beasts will temporarily lose their core, returning to their instinct to repel the same kind.

That’s why they scattered so quickly.

Li Fenglan didn’t want to interrupt their conversation at first, but after hearing this, he went to Ling Buyan and asked, “Then, may I ask Master, what gave birth to the beast tide? It even changed their solitary nature…” “

“Yes, Ah, Immortal Lord Ling. According to what I know, the beast tides only have occurred in the last few thousand years.” Another cultivator asked.

Although the others did not speak, they could tell from their eyes that, like Li Fenglan, everyone was curious about the answer to this question.

Even Duan Qianli, who had been standing outside just now, couldn’t help but take a few steps forward.

——In addition to the human world, there were also waves of fierce beasts appearing in the demon world.

He saw Ling Buyan shake his head first, and then glance at the dark night sky.

His voice suddenly dropped, as if he was talking in his sleep: “It’s the way of heaven, and the way of heaven is unstable.”

This answer was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Just when everyone was in a daze, Ling Buyan walked up to Li Fenglan, conjured a cloak out of nowhere and put it on him lightly.

“It’s cold at night, you haven’t recovered yet, be careful not to catch a cold,” he said before looking at the group of cultivators, and asked with a half-smile, “Are you planning to stay outside the city tonight?” 

Zhuang Zhixia looked at the people around her. She hastily saluted Ling Buyan and said, “With Immortal Ling’s reminding, we’ll go back right away.” “

“En.” Ling Buyan nodded lightly and stopped talking.

During this period, Li Fenglan had been silently observing Ling Buyan.

He found that his master, although always smiling and seemed easy to get along with, as long as you get along with him for a while, you will feel a majestic and introverted temperament in him.

The most amazing thing was, he didn’t know if it’s because everyone had heard the rumor that Ling Buyan was “erudite and informed”, or because of other reasons, but he had never seen anyone refute him, and everyone has an almost instinctive trust in Ling Buyan.

After a night of tossing, after Li Fenglan returned to the inn, he fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. When he woke up again, it was already the next morning.

To Li Fenglan’s surprise, Ling Buyan did not leave in a hurry after resolving what happened last night.

Li Fenglan pushed open the door of the inn room, and saw Ling Buyan’s familiar figure.

“Master?” He called Ling Buyan blankly.

Then Ling Buyan walked slowly to the door, and he told Li Fenglan that he stayed today to deal with the “box” with him.

Li Fenglan who just woke up was still a little confused. When he fully woke up, he and Ling Buyan were already walking on the streets of Xihou City.

“Master, where are we going now? Do we find a random place and bury these things?” After hesitating for a long time, Li Fenglan finally asked this question.

In fact, he really wanted to deal with this thing seriously, so as to make his mortal life of more than ten years complete.

But more than three thousand years have passed, and the mortal world has already changed greatly.

More importantly, the Li family was ransacked and beheaded, where should he bury this box?

“How can that be okay?” To Li Fenglan’s surprise, Ling Buyan’s tone was very solemn, “Naturally, the relic must be handled properly, and it should be returned to its original place.”

“The original place?”

No way, Ling Buyan knows this?

Seeing Li Fenglan’s expression, Ling Buyan guessed what he was thinking.

The man smiled and said, “Don’t think about it, I’ll take you to check the county annals to see if there are any clues.”

Li Fenglan finally breathed a sigh of relief after hearing what Ling Buyan said.

It’s okay, okay… If he even knew this, Li Fenglan would wonder whether Ling Buyan had some mysterious experience that no one knew about, just like himself.

Xihou City was no longer as prosperous as it used to be. Because of the infestation of ferocious beasts, there were a lot fewer people in the city, and the guards everywhere were not strict.

Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan easily arrived at the place where the county annals were stored.

Although Xihou City was in the mortal world, small pieces of spirit stones were attached to the slips used to record history.

Therefore, thousands of years have passed, and this volume of county chronicles was still no different from a new one.

Walking to the room full of letters, Li Fenglan couldn’t help slowing down his pace.

Although there had been no visitors here for a long time, the dust was not thick, and it was obvious that someone cleans it regularly.

After being quiet for a while, Li Fenglan looked at the letters around him, and couldn’t help recalling: “Xihou City has a long history, and it has never changed its name. It was called this three thousand years ago.” 

The man standing beside him slowly nodded, and then chatted with him about the history of Xihou City.

While talking, the two walked slowly into the room full of books.

After a while, Li Fenglan suddenly stood still, and he was a little surprised and said: “This is the place, “Xihou Clan” refers to my— our Li family.

Wait! Not our! Not our!

It was Li Fuyue’s family!

Seeing Li Fenglan standing still, Ling Buyan also stood there and looked towards him.

At the same time… he heard the half-swallowed “my”.

The atmosphere became a little awkward for a while.

Li Fenglan repeatedly told himself to stay calm, took a deep breath, turned a corner and said, “This is the Li family we were looking for.”.

Just when Li Fenglan thought that this test had passed, the man smiled and said, “I thought you were going to say, ‘our Li family’.” 

Li Fenglan: “…” That’s right.

In order to cover up his panic, Li Fenglan picked up a letter and flipped through it.

Coincidentally, as soon as he opened the letter, he saw two familiar terms.

“Tianmian Palace” and

“Li Clan”

At that time, he was taken away by the cultivators of Tianmian Palace, there should be no records in the county annals.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan’s heart jumped up, and he quickly flipped forward, and then saw the time… and the word “interview”.

In the second year of Chengyuan, cultivators from Tianmian Palace visited the Li house?

…I was fourteen years old that year!

According to the records in this county annals, when I was fourteen years old, a cultivator from Tianmian Palace actually visited the Li residence? !

Li Fenglan always thought that it was just an accident that he was taken away by the people from Tianmian Palace, but now the things written in the book tell him that things don’t seem to be like this…

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