The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 22

Chapter 22

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Duan Qianli’s demonic nature was difficult to change, and he conjured up a pot of wine out of nowhere while speaking.

He sat side by side with Li Fenglan on the side of the boat, and slowly uttered the first shocking words: “Qiu Wanyou was disrespectful and would beat apart sweethearts with a stick.”

Li Fenglan: “…”

Why did he feel that something was wrong?

Seeing that Li Fenglan didn’t respond to him, Duan Qianli said again: “Being disrespectful to the old, and beating apart sweethearts with a stick was all because of his disciple Li Fuyue.” 

Hearing the three words “Li Fuyue”, Cheng Huang was curious. He crawled out of Li Fenglan’s sleeve, and the next moment Li Fenglan slowly pinched the small pads on its claws.

Li Fenglan smiled, and said: “You continue to talk.”

But what he thought in his heart was: You continue to make up your story.

Duan Qianli sighed and said: “Back then, Li Fuyue and the young master of the Demon Clan were in love with each other, and everyone in the Demon Clan called Li Fuyue ‘Madam’. It was a pity that Qiu Wanyou found out and caused trouble… “



Unconsciously, the strength in Li Fenglan’s hand was getting stronger and stronger, even Cheng Huang was hurt by him.

After wronging the little guy, Li Fenglan quickly let go of its claws, and gently scratched Cheng Huang’s chin.

Cheng Huang was innocent.

Duan Qianli was still going on: “Although Qiu Wanyou didn’t go out of snowy Meizhou, he often hindered the young master secretly. He even used the artifact ‘soul chasing arrow’ to seriously wound the young master of the demon clan.” 

It turned out that there was such a thing?

Li Fenglan remembered that Duan Qianli seemed to have been seriously injured once. At that time, he was still curious about who could make him suffer such a severe arrow wound…

“By the way, I have also inquired if anyone in Tianmian Palace was interested in Li Fuyue. Once Qiu Wanyou finds out, there will be no good ending. If let off easily, they would be imprisoned in the sect for eight hundred or a thousand years. Most of the people were sent to dangerous secret realms by him, or to deal with powerful beasts. There was no return…” After saying this, Duan Qianli finally drank the pot of wine in his hand.

This time, Li Fenglan’s words of retort had come to his lips, but he couldn’t say it anymore.

In that sentence just now, Duan Qianli didn’t talk nonsense, and didn’t even add extra fuel to it.

——Li Fuyue in the last life was the crush of countless cultivators in the cultivation world. Since he left snowy Meizhou at the age of three hundred, he had received countless confessions.

Now thinking about it carefully… Those who confessed to him did indeed disappear into the secret realm as Duan Qianli said, and never appeared again.

Once or twice may be a coincidence, but not every time.

Li Fenglan’s heart was in a mess, and the rhythm of his breathing was messed up.

“Then… how did you know that Qiu Wanyou was interested in his disciple?”

Duan Qianli sneered and said, “Because Qiu Wanyou has a bit of his spiritual consciousness on the soul-chasing arrow. The young master of the demon clan once talked to the arrow’s spiritual consciousness… Hehe, that pervert who disrespects the old and disregards normal relationships responded directly!” 

The more Duan Qianli spoke, the more angry he became.

Having been rivals for so many years, of course Li Fenglan can clearly distinguish which of Duan Qianli’s words was nonsense and which was true.

No matter how outrageous the front was, this sentence was not false.

…and he had already accepted that he was resurrected from the dead, he also accepted that the world he lived in was just a novel.

But knowing that his master actually…had such a thought, Li Fenglan still couldn’t accept it for a while.

Leaving aside the matter of Yaozheng Bell, Li Fenglan has always respected his master.

Qiu Wanyou’s parents were both cultivators. He had cultivated since he was a child, and he looked like an immortal who did not bother with the mundane world. Li Fenglan even found it difficult to connect his Master with those mundane desires for a while…

The most important thing is, wasn’t “Tianmian Daosheng” a serious book! Why was there such a strange hidden plot?

But having said that, Duan Qianli had not been answered yet. Why did he say “half the cultivation world knows it”?

Before Li Fenglan could ask, Duan Qianli couldn’t hold back when he saw that he hadn’t spoken for a long time.

He thought that Li Fenglan didn’t believe him, so he added: “These words are all spoken by the leader of the demon clan. Not only me, but the entire demon cultivation world knows about this.” 

The whole demon cultivation world?

In the previous life, whenever Li Fenglan saw Duan Qianli, he would fight him.

But in this life, he originally thought that he and Duan Qianli were already facing the sky, and would go in opposite directions.

Unexpectedly, after hearing these words, Li Fenglan still had an urge to beat someone up.

Calm down, calm down, don’t hit the person.

“So what do you mean by ‘half the cultivation world’?” Li Fenglan felt that he might have misunderstood him so he should confirm with Duan Qianli.

“Oh,” Duan Qianli took out a candied fruit from nowhere, and spoke after throwing it into his mouth, “The young master of the demon clan said it himself. Everyone in the demon cultivation world knows it. Isn’t that half of the cultivation world?” 

Li Fenglan: “… …”

It turns out that you are the one who keeps spreading rumors?

Ha ha.

He hid Cheng Huang in the sleeve of his left hand, and the next moment he struck Duan Qianli’s candied fruit in the air.

The light pink candied fruit drew a beautiful parabola in the air, and fell from the air with a “click”.

Before Duan Qianli could react, Li Fenglan turned around and left.

Behind him, there was only a burst of wailing:

“Ahhhhh! Are you sick!”

Demon Cultivators, you really can’t believe what they say.

The destination of this trip was Xihou City. Burying the contents of the box can only be regarded as a “hidden mission”. People from Tianmian Palace still have business to do when they come here.

When the spirit boat was about to reach Xihou City, Zhuang Zhixia summoned everyone to the front of the boat.

She glanced at the town under the sea of ​​clouds, and said to his sect mates on the boat: “There are fierce beasts appearing near Xihou City. The purpose of our trip is to kill the beasts. Please be careful.” 

“Yes, senior sister!” The surrounding cultivators responded one after another.

The cultivators traveling with Li Fenglan were generally relatively young. After hearing the mission, everyone immediately became nervous. But having said that, they had a large number of people, and there was Zhuang Zhixia, their senior sister, so it was definitely not a problem to deal with a few fierce beasts.

So tension was tension and the atmosphere in the team was still relaxed.

On the other hand, Duan Qianli yawned in a lack of interest. He obviously didn’t have much interest in this kind of activity.

The spirit boat lowered slowly. Looking at the unfamiliar city below, Li Fenglan couldn’t help touching Cheng Huang hidden in his sleeve.

And the little guy also lightly rubbed Li Fenglan’s finger as a response.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but think: This trip this time should be regarded as going home, right?

Thousands of years have passed, he no longer recognized the city under the spirit boat, but this city hid his childhood years after all… 

“Okay, everyone, get ready, don’t be too nervous. Today we will go inside the city first to rest, and then go out of the city to see it during the day.” The spirit boat fell to the ground. Not long after, Zhuang Zhixia made simple arrangements and asked everyone to go to the city with her.

The crowd moved forward slowly, but Li Fenglan couldn’t help but stop and look up at the tower.

He had not been back here for thousands of years, and the city in front of him had nothing to do with the one in Li Fenglan’s memory.

Even though the thousand years in the cultivation world had already washed away the memory of those seventeen years, Li Fenglan still felt like it was a dream when he saw this city.

After a while, Li Fenglan slowly retracted his gaze.

At this time, he discovered that besides himself, there was another person looking up at the three large characters on the city gate.

Why was Duan Qianli interested in mortal cities?

Noticing that Li Fenglan was looking at him, Duan Qianli, who was angry and ignored him just now, suddenly sighed softly and said, “When I saw this place, I suddenly remembered an old acquaintance.” 

“Old acquaintance?” Li Fenglan walked into the city side by side with him As he walked, he couldn’t help repeating these words.

Duan Qianli used the words “old acquaintance” to describe himself, which really surprised him.

Even if he was seriously injured by himself back then, Duan Qianli liked to call himself “defeated general”, which can be said to be extremely stubborn.

Why was it that a thousand years have passed, and he used “old acquaintance” instead?

“Yeah, he already died tragically for many years.” Duan Qianli commented objectively.

Tragic death, Li Fenglan: “…”

There was nothing wrong with that actually.

He didn’t know if it’s because he stayed away from the Tianmian Palace team a little bit, or because he understood Duan Qianli’s words, but Cheng Huang, who was sleeping inside Li Fenglan’s arms, suddenly opened his eyes, “Wooo!” Then he jumped out of his master’s sleeve and bit Duan Qianli’s wrist fiercely.

Cheng Huang’s movements were extremely fast, and in the next second Li Fenglan heard Duan Qianli’s soft exclamation.

“You little thing, are you crazy too?!”

Regardless of why Cheng Huang bit the person, Li Fenglan was very relieved to see his salted fish spirit beast suddenly rise up and attack the demon lord.

The cultivators of Tianmian Palace lived in a small inn in the city. The environment here was average, but it was closer to the East Mountains where there were fierce beasts.

After settling in, the other cultivators went out to observe the surrounding situation, or inquire about news about the beasts. Only Duan Qianli stayed in the inn for a big meal, and he also kept Li Fenglan, in the pretentious name of wanting him to recharge his energy.

There was no curfew in Xihou City originally, but a few years ago, fierce beasts appeared suddenly in the suburbs outside the city at night, and the city lord finally had no choice but to set a curfew.

When everyone had to go back indoors at night, several city gates would be closed accordingly.

After Tianmian Palace’s disciple gradually came back one after another, the curfew time of Xihou City also came.

As the night gradually darkened, the cultivators gradually became nervous. Most of them stayed in their own rooms, planning to leave the city with their swords in hand if there was a slight change.

Li Fenglan looked a little relaxed.

He took Cheng Huang alone and sat on the roof of the inn.

It was early spring of the mortal world, and taking advantage of the moonlight, one can still see the unmelted white snow on the mountains not far away.

“Woo~” The dark Cheng Huang got out of his master’s sleeve. It wanted to play with Li Fenglan, but as an ancient beast, it instantly felt the loneliness in Li Fenglan’s eyes.

Li Fenglan stretched out his hand to touch Cheng Huang’s head, hugged it into his arms and said, “When I left home, I never thought that when I came back, it would be two or three thousand years later…” 

“Woo~” Cheng Huang couldn’t speak, but he hummed, as if responding to Li Fenglan.

“Thousands of years are still too long for mortals, and there is no trace of the past in the city. Only the mountains in the distance, and a little shadow of my childhood.” He said softly, with a gentle nostalgic tone.

Li Fenglan knew that Cheng Huang couldn’t understand what he said, and even if he understood, he wouldn’t respond.

But after returning to this place, he couldn’t help but think of a little bit of the past.

Cheng Huang, who was an ancient beast, was not yet an adult, and it was time to grow his body; thus while Li Fenglan was talking, Cheng Huang was silent. Looking down, it turned out that he was lying on his lap sleeping.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help stretching out his hand to poke the tip of Cheng Huang’s nose. Although its hair was dyed black by Duan Qianli, the tip of its nose was still pink and looked very cute.

“Ah-choo—” Li Fenglan’s movements were so soft that Cheng Huang sneezed directly.

The little guy opened his eyes in a daze, and after seeing that it was his master who touched him, he rubbed his head against the back of Li Fenglan’s hand again.

“Go to sleep.”

Cheng Huang obediently closed his eyes again, and this time he snored a little.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help laughing.

At this moment, Duan Qianli, who was bored in his room, also came out.

He originally wanted to find something to eat in the inn, but he didn’t expect that when he looked up, he would see Li Fenglan and Cheng Huang sitting on the roof.

“…Cheng Huang?” Seeing this, Duan Qianli couldn’t help frowning.

When he was on Miguang Mountain, Li Fenglan had been repairing the spiritual veins in the main hall, and did not often appear in front of Duan Qianli, so his feelings were not very obvious.

At this moment, he finally realized that the relationship between Li Fenglan and Cheng Huang seemed a bit too good…

Although Cheng Huang looked silly, he was actually a real ancient beast.

Its intuition was very sensitive, and it stands to reason that it would never be so close and undefended to people other than its master.

Of course Duan Qianli remembered who the real owner of Cheng Huang was…

At this moment, Duan Qianli, who was standing on the ground, forgot what he had to do when he went out.

His eyes fell on Li Fenglan’s body, and Li Fenglan’s figure gradually overlapped with another person…

Li Fenglan’s soul was strong, after Duan Qianli went out, he felt the presence of a visitor.

The next moment Li Fenglan hid Cheng Huang under his sleeves and looked in the direction of Duan Qianli.

Duan Qianli couldn’t see Li Fenglan’s expression clearly through the curtain.

He only heard the man pause for a moment, then ask with some doubts: “Why did you come out?” 


Before Duan Qianli could answer, a howl suddenly reached the ears of the two of them.

“It’s a beast!” Li Fenglan frowned, he immediately jumped off the roof, quickly put Cheng Huang inside the house, and ignored Duan Qianli who hadn’t finished speaking.

When he came out again, all the disciples of Tianmian Palace already stood in the small courtyard of the inn. Even Duan Qianli, who made excuses not to go, was forcibly arrested by Zhuang Zhixia.

Zhuang Zhixia quickly glanced at the crowd to confirm that everyone was there, and then led towards the outskirts of the city.

In just a few breaths, the group arrived outside Xihou City.

As soon as they arrived in the forest, they saw a huge beast, roaring standing in the open space far away.

Several cultivators looked at each other, and when they were about to raise their swords to kill the beast, Zhuang Zhixia who was standing at the front suddenly waved her hand and said, “Wait! Back up—” 

Everyone stopped, and retreated to the entrance of the woods.

The dense forest at night was extremely quiet, and the cultivators had keen senses. After they stopped, they heard an extremely chaotic sound of hooves not far away, rapidly approaching their position.

After a while, Zhuang Zhixia gritted her teeth and said, “There are many more beasts over there than we know.”

Everyone fell silent.

At this moment, Li Fenglan, who had been silent for a long time and had almost zero sense of presence, suddenly spoke, and he concluded softly, “It’s a tide of fierce beasts.” 

He was very familiar with the words “tide of fierce beasts”.

These cultivators in front of him had never seen a wave of fierce beasts, but he himself was different.

In addition to rescuing the rebel disciple from the tide of fierce beasts, he was exposed to qi deviation in his last life because of a tide of fierce beasts…

“Fie, fierce beast tide!” Hearing these words, someone raised a sword unsteadily.

Seeing the frightened look of the cultivator, Duan Qianli suddenly became interested. He leaned on the tree and said, “What? Have you thought about your last words? Find a stone and carve it down, or you won’t find it later.” 

The golden core cultivator seemed as if he had only cultivated a few times.

After hearing Duan Qianli’s words, with a clear sound, his natal spirit sword fell to the ground.

As cultivators, everyone here understood what a tide of ferocious beasts means.

That Golden Core cultivator, knowing that he came to Xihou City only to deal with a few little beasts, was still grateful when he had Zhuang Zhixia with him.

Now he finally understood that he had no luck.

“Pick up your sword.” Zhuang Zhixia’s cold voice suddenly came from next to his ear.

The cultivator still stood there motionless.

“I said,” Zhuang Zhixia turned around slowly, looked at him and said each word, “pick up the sword.” 

“Senior Sister!” The cultivator fell to his knees on the ground with a plop, he said, “When the hordes of beasts come, we will definitely die. How about… we don’t try to be brave here and leave first.” 

“Leave first?” Li Fenglan suddenly repeated these two words.

How did the cultivators in Tianmian Palace become so useless after his death for only a thousand years?

Li Fenglan walked over and picked up the sword from the ground, and directly tapped the point of the sword onto the cultivator’s chest.

“If we leave, the beasts will come to slaughter the city. Do you think the lives of the people in Xihou City are worthless?” Li Fenglan’s tone was colder than Zhuang Zhixia’s.

It was obvious that he was only at the foundation-establishment stage, but the cultivator felt extremely nervous.

There was a night wind blowing from not far away, gently blowing Li Fenglan’s veiled hat.

Through the moonlight, he saw that Li Fenglan’s face didn’t have a dark purple scar as in the rumour…

His chin was white and perfect like a jade carving. How could it be hideous and terrifying like in the rumors?

“Still not coming up?” Li Fenglan asked again.

The sword had already pierced the tunic, obviously he wasn’t joking.

Seeing this, the cultivator hurriedly struggled to stand up, and waited until he stood still. He took the long sword tremblingly from Li Fenglan’s hand.

The beast’s footsteps were getting closer and closer, and everyone was ready to fight.

Duan Qianli was the only one, he didn’t even draw his sword, he was still leaning against the tree with his arms folded.

At that moment just now, Duan Qianli actually saw the shadow of Li Fuyue on Li Fenglan’s body…

Even when Li Fenglan taught the little cultivator a lesson, Duan Qianli couldn’t help but be moved.

……Hey! Wait, what am I thinking!

Duan Qianli quickly shook his head, and threw out the messy things in his mind.

Although they were somewhat similar, they were not the same person.

His heart for Fuyue is reflected in the heavens! How could he be influenced by a little cultivator?

On this side Duan Qianli was still struggling with his relationship issues, while on the other side, Li Fenglan had already frowned.

“Here they come…” He slowly clenched the long sword in his hand and looked into the forest.

At the next moment, with an angry howl, a huge and ferocious beast jumped out of the forest and stood opposite the crowd.

Although they had already made good mental preparations, the cultivators still couldn’t help becoming nervous when they saw this huge and ugly beast.

The fierce beast at the front was covered with scales, it howled at Li Fenglan who was standing in the crowd, but it didn’t move for a long time.

“It…what’s wrong with it?” A cultivator asked.

Li Fenglan didn’t answer, but he already had the answer in his heart – he had the aura of Cheng Huang on his body. Cheng Huang, an ancient beast, had blood to suppress them, so the beasts would not approach them for a while.

Now Li Fenglan held the sword and looked at the beast.

And at this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly noticed that there was something wrong with this beast… 

The eyes of this beast in front of him were very chaotic, and it looked at him without moving its eyes, like… a marionette or as if someone sucked away it’s soul.

Li Fenglan had seen such a scene once before.

Thinking of that, he involuntarily clenched the long sword in his hand.

Coincidentally, the last time Li Fenglan saw a ferocious beast like this was when he fell into qi deviation in front of the whole cultivation world in his last life.

That was the past that Li Fenglan was most unwilling to recall except for his death.

He had been avoiding thinking about it before, but today, when he was looking at this beast, Li Fenglan’s memory finally recalled that day uncontrollably.

At the same time, Ling Buyan, who had disappeared for many days, suddenly pushed open the main entrance of the Miguang Mountain Hall and walked in.

The moment he entered the door, a huge picture scroll slowly unfolded in front of him.

——This was the map of the twelve prefectures in the world.

He rarely frowned seriously, then looked at the picture scroll, looking a little anxious.

Ling Buyan’s tireless gaze passed through mountains and rivers, and finally landed on a small town.

“…Xihou City?” He opened his mouth slowly, and whispered the name of the city.

But the next moment, he turned and left the hall.

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