The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 27

Chapter 27

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Why did Li Fenglan know that the purple thunder was for himself and not the cultivator who kicked the dead branch just now?

The reason was actually very simple: when Li Fenglan came to the forbidden area in his last life, he kicked all the dead branches and stones, but there was no reaction at all.

But now, as soon as he said that Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu was narrow-minded, the purple thunder descended.

Li Fenglan couldn’t help but glance at the purple thunder not far away that hadn’t completely dissipated, and couldn’t help complaining silently in his heart: “If I say you are narrow-minded, you will really trigger the restrictions giving out a warning; then what are you if not narrow-minded?”

Speaking of which, Li Fenglan really deserved to be a person who had already died once. He was the one who was threatened by Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu, but apart from a slight pause in his footsteps, Li Fenglan didn’t seem to be affected by the purple thunder.

However, the ordinary disciple who was frightened by him just now was different. As soon as the tribulation thunder rang, his knees went limp.

In the next moment, the man was already kneeling on the ground and beginning to kowtow in the direction of the purple thunder.

The sound of kowtowing was quite loud, even Li Fenglan who had already walked away heard it.

Among the group of cultivators behind him, Zhuang Zhixia was the oldest and most experienced.

However, at this time, even Zhuang Zhixia’s face became very ugly.

——She had indeed been here several times before, but she had never encountered such a strange thing.

It had been about ten thousand years since Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu’s ascension, this time was too long even for a cultivator.

People who have lived that long that they lived in the same era as Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu, have either ascended like him, or have re-entered reincarnation.

In short, in the eyes of most people in the cultivation world, “Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu” has already become a figure that only exists in legends.

Seeing this purple thunder now, everyone felt a sense of magic in their hearts.

“It turns out that Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor really existed…” He didn’t know who it was, but he can’t help but say what everyone thought.

“Don’t be rude!” With the experience just now, Zhuang Zhixia immediately reminded him.

The man who had just spoken in the next second quickly shut his mouth.

Pausing for a while, seeing that there was no purple thunder descending, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The crowd became quiet all of a sudden, everyone shut their mouths and walked cautiously in the forbidden area.

However, although the mouth was quiet, at this moment, everyone recalled the past about “Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu” in their hearts.

Coincidentally, just after they passed through the square, a large relief mural appeared in front of them.

These murals were about the history of Tianmian Palace, and even the entire cultivation world.

In his previous life, Li Fenglan passed by here countless times, but he never looked at those murals carefully.

Li Fenglan finally noticed them after being intimidated by the purple thunder of Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu today.

The first mural here was painted in the chaotic period of ancient times.

At that time, the world was born, and many natural beasts were born.

They were born at the same time as the sky and the earth, and were said to have the power to swallow the sky and destroy the earth.

But at that time, the natural ferocious beasts didn’t have spiritual intelligence, they only knew how to kill and attack, and they fought for many years, gradually dying.

Hundreds of thousands of years later, only the last four natural-born fierce beasts remained in the Three Realms.

This was the era depicted in the second mural—the era when cultivators lived with the four fierce beasts.

The remaining four ferocious beasts were superior in strength, but they still did not change their nature.

They kept attacking each other until they were seriously injured and fell into a deep sleep, and every time they fell into a deep sleep, it would take thousands of years.

It was also during this time of deep sleep that the human race was able to breathe and develop, and some cultivators ascended, one after another.

Just when Li Fenglan finished watching the painting, he heard a very respectful voice from a fellow student: “This was Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu…” 

Hearing his voice, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but turn around and turn his gaze towards the direction the other party was pointing at.

The person painted on the third mural was Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu.

“Why is only the back drawn? I can’t see it clearly.” Seeing this, the speaker’s tone became a little disappointed.

Perhaps because he was afraid that they would trigger the restriction again, after hearing this sentence, Zhuang Zhixia hurriedly replied: “This mural was painted after the ascension of Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu, and the person who painted it probably didn’t know his appearance.” 

Unlike the group of people who paid attention to “what Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu looked like”, Li Fenglan’s attention was all on the mural itself.

——The Immortal Ancestor Ascension.

He was a peerless genius who had never been seen before.

In just two thousand years, Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu successfully ascended, achieved dao, and became a true legend in the cultivation world.

And in this short two thousand years, he, who beared the name of “Killing God”, killed the four ferocious beasts one after another, winning peace for the cultivation world.

The various skills and immortal artifacts left by him were even more numerous.

Even the three major sects in the cultivation world, including Tianmian Palace, founded their sects a few years before his ascension, and at the same time regarded Xuanchu as the “Immortal Ancestor”.

Although Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu did not join any sect, he stayed here in Tianmian Palace until his ascension.

This was why Tianmian Palace could become the number one sect in the cultivation world, and it stood for thousands of years without falling.

After finishing looking at this painting, Li Fenglan lost interest in continuing looking.

“Sigh…” Li Fenglan sighed softly.

“Junior Brother Li, did you find anything?” Seeing this, Zhuang Zhixia stepped forward curiously and asked.

“It’s nothing,” Li Fenglan smiled, and he said truthfully, “I just suddenly remembered that there was a cultivator thousands of years ago, whose talent was said to be almost the same as that of the Immortal Ancestor…” 

The person Li Fenglan was talking about was himself.

Which immortal cultivator did not yearn for the Dao?

Although it had been decided that this life would not follow his old path of the previous life and would just live in peace.

But after seeing this painting and remembering those words lamenting his talent, Li Fenglan still couldn’t help recalling his previous life.

He even couldn’t help but think of the last paragraph about himself in “Tianmian Daosheng”: “Li Fuyue spent half his life blazing in a fire, flowers blooming in brocade; who would have thought that he would end up like this in the end ?”


How did he end up like this?

Although Li Fenglan didn’t mention his name, everyone here knew that the person he was talking about was Li Fuyue.

Having said that, although “Li Fuyue” had a bad reputation in the cultivation world, the disciples of Tianmian Palace would not say anything about him in public—after all, Li Fuyue almost became the head of Tianmian Palace, and even now, in the sect, there were two immortals among them, who were considered to be of the same class as him.

But Li Fenglan was different, he had no scruples in this regard.

Seeing that everyone stopped talking, Li Fenglan paused for a while and said with a smile: “Forget it, I shouldn’t mention him. Li Fuyue is a disgrace to Tianmian Palace, and he is not worthy to be compared with Immortal Ancestor that old man.” 

The shame of Tianmian Palace—— Other cultivators in the cultivation world said this about him. But before Li Fenglan, no one dared to say that in Tianmian Palace.

Everyone was stunned by his words and stood there motionless.

…How dare he say that in Tianmian Palace?

But Li Fenglan didn’t care, after he finished speaking, he turned around and walked forward.

However, at this moment, the sky that had calmed down once again gave out a loud noise.

It was really cursed.

Li Fenglan: “…”

He saw another purple thunder strike.

Why come again!

Did I say something wrong just now? Could it be the “Immortal Ancestor that old man”?

Otherwise, could it be that Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu was warning himself not to speak ill of Li Fuyue? What a joke.

Li Fenglan thought over and over again, but could only think of this one point.

When the Immortal Ancestor ascended, he should be about two thousand years old.

Compared with the cultivator who struggled for tens of thousands of years to ascend to ascension, he was really young and couldn’t be younger.

He said that he was an “old man”, so he must have offended Immortal Ancestor and this old man-ah no, Master Immortal Anccestor was not happy.

“Junior Brother Li!” This time Zhuang Zhixia’s tone was extremely serious, “Don’t talk nonsense in the forbidden area anymore!”

Hearing this, Li Fenglan bit his lips and said, “Yes, Senior Sister.”

“Okay,” Zhuang Zhixia looked back at everyone, “Let’s go, let’s not stay here anymore.”

Everyone nodded quickly, not daring to look at the remaining murals again.

And just when he was about to leave, Li Fenglan still couldn’t help complaining in his heart: Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu was really narrow-minded.

After waiting for a long time without the purple thunder warning, after confirming that Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu could not hear what was in his heart, Li Fenglan was a little relieved.

The forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace was extremely large.

Li Fenglan and his group walked for an unknown amount of time, but they still hadn’t arrived at the place where Mu Hantao kept the beasts.

At the beginning, everyone was very excited. After all, the forbidden area of ​​the sect was not a place where you can come casually, and it may only be their one chance in this lifetime.

However, after being struck by two purple thunders from the old man, Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu, no one dared to be excited anymore.

The state of this group of people at this time can only be described by the words “trembling”.

If one talks about other people, there may still be that little freshness to support them, so now Li Fenglan was really eager to leave the forbidden area as soon as possible.

Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu was a narrow-minded person, he can’t afford to offend him but can afford to hide from him.

Just as Li Fenglan was walking forward while emptying his mind, someone finally spoke out in the team that had been quiet for a long time.

“What is that…” Although he only asked the people around him softly, the line was too quiet, and everyone couldn’t help but look forward.

At the end of their line of sight, directly in front, a huge shrine tower appeared.

This shrine tower was hundreds of feet high, and the whole body was pitch black.

Li Fenglan had visited the forbidden area many times in his previous life, but he had never seen such a huge tower.

Even though the tower stood at the end of the sky, the people standing here still felt the heavy oppression from the tower.

“… Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred?” Behind Li Fenglan, someone walked forward and counted the giant tower softly.

After counting until there, he suddenly stopped.

“Why is it a hundred floors?” The man said suspiciously, “I’ve never heard of a shrine tower with a hundred floors.” 

Everyone shook their heads, too scared to speak. They were already too scared from the Immortal Ancestor’s purple thunder to dare say anything.

Of course, they also really didn’t understand why.

In fact, when the people were counting, Li Fenglan was silently counting the tower in front of him.

Sure enough, it was a full hundred floors.

Li Fenglan frowned, and suddenly muttered to himself: “Nine is the extreme.”

But this shrine tower broke through that “extreme”.

…He thought, he seemed to have guessed the purpose of this shrine tower.

The existence of this shrine tower was the last chance of life in the battle with the heavens. Or to put it another way…it wants to break the dao of heaven and break through the extreme value of everything.

This discovery made Li Fenglan excited for no reason, and his heart beat faster because of it.

“What a lunatic…” he said softly with a smile.

The cultivators in this world followed the dao of heaven all their lives, for fear of offending it if they were not careful.

Especially the people from Tianmian Palace who were the most loyal believers in the Dao of Heaven.

Li Fenglan really wanted to know who this person would be. Who tried to break the law of heaven, and why did he do it?

The group of people continued to move forward, and they were getting closer and closer to the huge shrine tower.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or some psychological reason.

The closer he was to the shrine tower, Li Fenglan felt that the spiritual power in his body became more active…

In the cultivation world, only those with pure and powerful spiritual power can feel this way.

If the spiritual root was not clean and the spiritual power in the body was exhausted, it would only feel that the spiritual power was stagnant and difficult to move.

The oppressive feeling of the black shrine tower was too great.

Li Fenglan didn’t notice that when he came here, everyone except himself had a very ugly expression on their faces.

——Even Zhuang Zhixia was no exception.

There was only Li Fenglan, who was different from the others.

“Cough cough… cough, senior sister… Senior sister Zhuang Zhixia…” A painful voice came from the back of the team.

It turned out that there was a cultivator who finally couldn’t withstand the coercion of the shrine tower, and dark red blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

“What’s going on with you?” Zhuang Zhixia was also taken aback by him. She thought for a while and said, “Let’s rest here first, the shrine tower in front cannot be bypassed.” 

Zhuang Zhixia had never been to the depths of the forbidden area, let alone seen this giant tower.

In fact, she was also very nervous now, but if she was worried it would just cause everyone to panic, so she didn’t show it.

It wasn’t until this time that Li Fenglan noticed that everyone except himself was in a very bad state.

Zhuang Zhixia seemed to be getting better, but her face had also turned pale.

“Senior sister—” the cultivator who couldn’t hold on couldn’t help but say, “I really held on…ahem, I can’t hold on any longer,”

Zhuang Zhixia gritted her teeth and said, “Then rest first, we will wait for you here for a while.”

Perhaps it was too uncomfortable, the cultivator said again: “Why did Immortal Mu Hantao let us all come here? If it was just to identify whether there was any abnormality in the beast, can’t senior sister do it alone?”

After his voice fell, no one responded here.

Although they didn’t say it, the other people thought the same in their hearts – they all saw the tide of beasts at that time, and they also saw the appearance of the beasts in the tide of beasts.

Any one of them could be allowed to come to the forbidden area to identify and observe the beasts.

“I don’t believe that Immortal Venerable Mu Hantao doesn’t know the weirdness of this shrine tower…” The man may have felt extremely uncomfortable, but he couldn’t help complaining about Mu Hantao, “Or, did Immortal Mu Hantao specially have us come to see this shrine tower?”

The next moment, Zhuang Zhixia’s sharp eyes frightened him back.

The man was ridiculing on purpose, but his words suddenly reminded Li Fenglan.

——Could it be that Mu Hantao intentionally let them and his group come here to see this shrine tower?

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan’s hands and feet suddenly became cold.

After all, it was obvious that among this group of people, only his own reaction was different from others.

If it was said that Mu Hantao really specially lured one of them to visit the shrine tower in the forbidden area of ​​the sect, then this person was probably himself… 

But why did Mu Hantao do this? ?

Seeing that the group of people had sat down, Li Fenglan paused for a moment, and said to Zhuang Zhixia: “Senior sister, this tower seems a little weird, you guys rest here first… I’ll go and have a look.” 

Without waiting for Zhuang Zhixia to stop him, Li Fenglan had already walked forward.

The closer he was to the shrine tower, the more he felt that his condition was getting better.

Now Li Fenglan was only at the Foundation Establishment Stage. Although he was considered a cultivator, compared with his previous life, he always felt that his perception of the surrounding environment was no different from that of an ordinary person.

But the closer he was to the shrine tower, the more Li Fenglan felt that he was slowly approaching the state of his previous life.

At this time, Li Fenglan only had the shrine tower in his sight.

He didn’t know that shortly after he left the crowd, a cultivator looked in his direction, widened his eyes and said, “Hey! Look at what that is!” 

——It turned out that right above Li Fenglan’s head, a group of red clouds was approaching, gathering slowly.

The speaker couldn’t help swallowing, and said with a look of disbelief, “It can’t be the one I’m… thinking of, right?”

“Calamity Clouds.” Zhuang Zhixia spoke suddenly, confirming his thoughts.

“This… is this okay?” The person who asked the question just now couldn’t help it, and looked up at the sky and said.

Li Fenglan gradually approached the shrine tower, and he finally noticed the calamity clouds in the sky.

When seeing it, Li Fenglan stopped in his tracks.

“Calamity clouds?”

He remembered that he seemed to only be a mid-to-late stage of foundation establishment stage…

Li Fenglan was an immortalization stage cultivator at any rate, and he still had this knowledge.

But now, the calamity clouds in the sky told him clearly that he was going to have to cross through a tribulation?

How could it be so fast!

“It’s the shrine tower.” Li Fenglan frowned and looked at the huge black tower.

He was 100% sure that the closer he was to the shrine tower, the faster his cultivation would recover.

Mu Hantao really lured himself here on purpose!

It felt good to gradually fill up the spiritual power in his body, but it was obviously not a good time to cross a tribulation.

After feeling the weirdness of this shrine tower, Li Fenglan stood where he was and stopped moving forward.

But it seemed to be a bit late at this time.

Li Fenglan raised his head and saw that tiny lightning bolts had faintly appeared in the calamity clouds in the sky.

“No way…”

Is he really going to break through in the sect’s forbidden area?

At the same time, at the core of the forbidden area.

The woman in a toffee-colored dress was quietly gazing at the garden where the beasts were held.

These ferocious beasts had a bad temper, let alone having been imprisoned for more than a hundred years.

After Mu Hantao came over, all the sleeping beasts stood up and roared at her.

But the woman didn’t show the slightest bit of fear.

As an immortal who has studied fierce beasts for thousands of years, she was already used to these things.

But at this moment, Mu Hantao’s expression suddenly became very serious.

The woman turned around abruptly and looked behind the beast garden.

“Calamity clouds?” Apparently, even Immortal Lord Mu had never seen anyone crossing the tribulation in the forbidden area.

Mu Hantao had always been a loner, but besides her, there was another immortal in charge of guarding this forbidden area.

Not long after the calamity clouds appeared, a man in black came to the beast garden.

He bowed to Mu Hantao, and said: “Immortal Lord Mu, over at the tower, it seems that a disciple is about to cross a tribulation.” 

After finishing speaking, seeing that Mu Hantao did not speak, the immortal raised his head in embarrassment and said: “If the tribulation thunder accidentally hits the Tanyi Pagoda, I’m afraid there will be some accidents, so I think it’s better—”

Before he finished speaking, Mu Hantao shook her head and said: “Don’t interrupt him, just pretend you don’t even know.”

“…Yes, Immortal Lord.”

The immortal who was in charge of guarding the forbidden area in front of her understood how dangerous Tanyi pagoda was.

But seeing that Mu Hantao had already said that, he naturally wouldn’t say much.

“Go. Let me handle everything about the Tanyi Pagoda.” Mu Hantao disappeared in front of the beast garden after saying this.

As for the immortal, he couldn’t help raising his head, and look at the calamity clouds in a somewhat complicated manner.

He had guarded the forbidden place for thousands of years.

Thousands of years ago, Mu Hantao stayed in the forbidden area all the time. But she would come out to take a look when something strange happened in the beast garden. The woman spend most of her time in retreat.

Even though he and Mu Hantao were in the same forbidden area, in the past two thousand years, he had only seen her no less than three times.

Until a thousand years ago…

A huge pagoda suddenly appeared in the forbidden area of ​​the sect, and Mu Hantao, who had been in seclusion for a long time, began to leave the seclusion frequently.

In just a thousand years, he met Mu Hantao met dozens of times.

Thinking about it, Mu Hantao’s frequent exits must be related to that tower. She seemed to be guarding the giant tower regularly for someone…

So now the Immortal Lord had to deal with the tower by herself, of course he will not intervene.

At this moment, in front of the giant black tower.

Seeing that the calamity clouds in the sky were getting thicker and thicker, Li Fenglan could only sit on the spot and adjust his breath quickly.

“Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation…” With his rich experience in crossing the tribulations, Li Fenglan recognized at a glance that what he was about to experience this time was exactly the Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

But now he obviously only had the cultivation level of the Foundation Establishment Stage! Is it really going to be so grand?

Li Fenglan let out a long sigh, slowly closed his eyes, and resigned himself to waiting to deal with the tribulation thunder.

He thought: This time, I’m afraid I’m going to cause a big event in Tianmian Palace.

“Forget it.” Li Fenglan sighed softly, and said in a self-defeating manner, “The sky is falling, and this Master will hold it up.”

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