The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Duan Qianli’s calculation was good.

He thought that Li Fuyue went to a boring and old place like Tianmian Palace when he was a teenager, and stayed there for thousands of years, and even almost became the head of the palace so he must be very affectionate to Tianmian Palace and the entire cultivation world.

If he went too early, Li Fuyue might dislike his meddling in their cultivation world’s business.

“Wait a little longer…” Duan Qianli threw another cherry into his mouth, “Don’t be in a hurry, don’t be in a hurry.”

His voice was so low that only he and the flower demon standing beside him could hear.

For some reason, Duan Qianli felt a little guilty when he said this.

Rather than saying that he was talking to the flower demon beside him, it was better to say that he was comforting himself.

“Yes, young master.” The flower demon didn’t dare to say more, and slowly backed away.

The room became quiet again, Duan Qianli gritted his teeth and peeled an orange.

What he loved most in his life was food. The land in the Demon World was barren and the climate was bad. The sun was barely seen several times throughout the year. These fruits in front of him were all obtained from the human world, and they needed to be exchanged for a lot of spirit stones in the Demon Clan.

Normally, as long as he started eating, Duan Qianli would forget all his troubles.

But this day, the sense of uneasiness continued to spread in his heart…

Duan Qianli must have made some preparations for daring to go to the Tianmian Palace to snatch someone.

For example, he arranged for a spy to go to Tianmian Palace to watch every move there.

——All descendants of the demon god Bi Fang had the ability to hide their demonic aura.

Cough cough.

Therefore, in Duan Qianli’s opinion, the most suitable person in this world to hide in Tianmian Palace as a spy was naturally his own sister Duan Wannian.

At this moment, Duan Qianli was eating and basking in the sun in the palace.

And his younger sister, Duan Wannian, was nestled in the snowy mountains beside Meizhou, where the cold wind was blowing. “Go to h*ll, Duan Qianli…” Duan Wannian, who was disguised as a little sword cultivator, cursed softly while staring at snowy Meizhou not far away, “Have a wife and forget your sister, you are not demonic!”

She had been here for several days.

Duan Wannian, who was fooled by Duan Qianli with the slogan “Break into Tianmian Palace and capture Li Fuyue alive”, laid in ambush in the snow with great enthusiasm at first, observing the movements not far away.

But now, she has learned through several exchanges with his clansmen that Duan Qianli was lying! His real purpose was actually the last few words that he didn’t say to himself: “Capture Li Fuyue alive, snatch him back the Demon Clan to be the young master’s wife!” 

Thinking of this, Duan Wannian scolded Duan Qianli again.

“Go to h*ll!”

Duan Wannian was cursing her brother, but the second after she finished speaking, everything changed.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the snow mountain where she was hiding.

In an instant, the entire snow-capped mountain shook, and stones continued to fall downwards.

Duan Wannian, who was supposed to be hiding here quietly, finally couldn’t help screaming. Fortunately, the loud noise in the valley at this time completely covered her voice.

After all, Duan Wannian was also a general of the Demon Clan. After that moment of panic, she quickly regained her composure and looked towards snowy Meizhou not far away.

Looking at it, Duan Wannian discovered something extraordinary…

She saw that Li Fuyue broke free from the two immortal chains and slowly stood up.

“Something’s wrong…” Duan Wannian gritted her teeth, and slowly stepped back.

According to the deduction of Duan Wannian and the rest of the Demon Clan – the cultivation world intends to use the immortal lock chain to shatter Li Fuyue’s mind, and then activate the Fushen Array.

And now, Li Fuyue broke free from the immortal lock chain because of a strange accident…

The plan will definitely change.

Duan Wannian became nervous instantly, she picked up a sound transmission talisman, and sent the news to the tribe and Duan Qianli as quickly as possible.

She didn’t realize that her hands were trembling uncontrollably the moment she took out the sound transmission talisman.

Duan Qianli was particularly restless on this day.

Even to the end, he stared blankly at the remaining fruit on the fruit plate.

Seeing him like this, the little flower demon who was in charge of Duan Qianli’s diet and daily life hesitated for a while, then finally came forward cautiously, and asked him in a low voice: “Young master, do you want to change the fruit plate?” 

He impatiently waved his hand, and he walked to the window.

At some point, the Demon Region returned to its usual state.

The long-lost sunlight disappeared again, and there was a gray scene outside the window.

It was obviously the scene he was most used to, but Duan Qianli couldn’t help feeling irritable.

As if echoing the uneasiness in his heart, when Duan Qianli stood by the window, his sister’s familiar voice suddenly appeared in the sound transmission talisman placed on the desk.

Duan Wannian’s trembling voice said: “No, it’s not good… Li Fuyue broke free from the immortal lock chain, what… what is he going to do?” 

Along with Duan Wannian’s voice came the Landslide cracking and banging.

Duan Qianli stared blankly at the sound transmission talisman.

He knew that at this moment, his plan had failed.

It was not mentioned in “Tianmian Daosheng”, and what Duan Qianli did not tell anyone was that after hearing Duan Wannian’s sound transmission, he went to Tianmian Palace alone without bringing anyone.

When Duan Qianli arrived there, everything was over.

The rumored most beautiful blessed land in the cultivation world, the snowy Meizhou, was now a sea of ​​flames.

“Fuyue…Fuyue!” Duan Qianli fell from the sky and walked forward in a stumbling manner.

The light golden silk robe couldn’t block the wind and snow, and Duan Qianli’s sleeves were flying in the air. He looked down and saw——the land under his feet, which was covered with snow all year round, actually exposing the original brown-black soil at this time.

It turned out that the fire had already melted the snow here, but now the snow has stopped, and Duan Qianli’s white hair has become the only snow color in this land.

Wumei was not extraordinary items, so the flames ignited by Wumei branches were even more powerful.

But also because of the fire, the people who were supposed to go to snowy Meizhou to deal with Li Fuyue’s relics were also kept out, and there was a brief moment of tranquility here.

Speaking of which, other people may be afraid of this fire, but Duan Qianli was not. After all, his body was always burning with Samadhi True Fire.

Without any pause or hesitation, Duan Qianli ran straight into the sea of ​​flames…

He didn’t understand the formation of snowy Meizhou, so as soon as he entered the forest, he spun around in place.

After an unknown amount of time, Duan Qianli finally stopped.

He understood that he would never see Li Fuyue again.

“Fuyue…” The snow-haired demonic cultivator slowly knelt down on the ground, buried his face in his hands, and finally wept wantonly in this sea of ​​flames.

He hadn’t had time to tell Li Fuyue solemnly that when he said he liked him, he was never joking.

The fire in snowy Meizhou was still burning, and Duan Qianli, who was kneeling here, had never hoped that he was not from the Bi Fang clan like this moment.

… If he was afraid of fire like ordinary people, will he be able to burn with snowy Meizhou and accompany Li Fuyue forever?

After an unknown amount of time, Duan Qianli’s hand finally let go.

At this time, the sky in the east had faint signs of lightening up.

Li Fenglan reckoned that Duan Qianli was about to wake up too, and he slowly wrestled his wrist out of the other party’s hand.

Speaking of which, Li Fenglan wanted to leave directly, but after thinking for a while, he still didn’t leave immediately.

Li Fenglan wore Qingzhu and hid on a big tree in the forest.

Even if he was seriously injured, Duan Qianli was still a demonic cultivator at the immortalization stage.

Li Fenglan saw from a distance that not long after he left, Duan Qianli stood up with the support of the tree.

He paused for a moment, then took out a paper crane from the storage ring. The paper crane disappeared in the next second, and Duan Qianli finally couldn’t help coughing twice, and sat down again.

Li Fenglan guessed that after leaving Tianmian Palace, Duan Qianli should have been in contact with the Demon Clan.

The other party came with them this time, probably for the purpose of slipping away and returning to the Demon Realm at any time during the training.

Sure enough, not long after, several red lights fell directly in front of him.

Before Li Fenglan could see clearly who it was, a familiar voice came into his ear.

“Duan Qianli!” A girl in red came up and said fiercely, “You still know to come back? Don’t you feel ashamed to leave the mess to me and run away?”

Looking closely, it turned out that the person who spoke was Duan Qianli’s younger sister, Duan Wannian. In the previous life, Li Fenglan had seen her a few times.

Speaking of which, Li Fenglan really agreed with Duan Wannian’s point of view: Duan Qianli left the Demon Clan and ran away, really irresponsible!

“Cough cough cough… brother was testing you.” Duan Qianli stood up with the support of several demon servants.

After hearing his words, Duan Wannian came forward and patted her brother on the shoulder heavily and said, “Test me? Hehe, do you still remember ‘capture Li Fuyue alive and bring him back—'” 

“Stop! “

Duan Wannian was interrupted in the middle of her words. Obviously, this was something the other party didn’t want to hear.

Li Fenglan, who was forced to hear the conversation between the two brothers and sisters, was full of question marks at this moment.

Those two demonic cultivators just now, who did they say they wanted to capture alive… Li Fuyue?

If he heard correctly, that person was himself, right?

Because of last night’s rescue, Li Fenglan’s goodwill towards Duan Qianli has been raised with great difficulty, but now it has dropped back.

Duan Qianli’s current state was not very good, but just like this, the feeling of arrogance and domineering in him has finally weakened.

After Duan Wannian said a few words to him, he left with his people.

After watching them disappear, Li Fenglan finally jumped down from the tree.

He stood on the spot and recalled his memory for a while, then walked towards Xihou City according to his memory.

Li Fenglan left for a little time when he saw the people from Tianmian Palace who came to look for him.

Before he could see the figure in front of him clearly, he heard Zhuang Zhixia shouting loudly: “Li Fenglan! I finally found you!” After finishing speaking, she ran to his side.

And the group of people following Zhuang Zhixia hardly expressed anything after seeing Li Fenglan.

Obviously they didn’t come here voluntarily to find Li Fenglan.

But this was also understandable.

The forest in front of them was often haunted by ferocious beasts. There was a wave of beasts just a few days ago, and they almost died in the wave of beasts. People who have seen how dangerous the forest is, of course, will not be willing to come to the forest to find someone.

Li Fenglan could see their emotions, but he didn’t care.

With the experience of the previous life, he was no longer willing to believe in “good intentions”.

Rather than being betrayed in the end, it would be better to write the word “unfamiliar” on your face from the beginning, so that you can feel at ease.

“By the way, where is that junior brother who is always with you?” After meeting Li Fenglan, Zhuang Zhixia couldn’t help but look back, as if she was looking for Duan Qianli.

Li Fenglan hesitated for a moment, pretended to be disappointed and said: “I don’t know, I actually didn’t stay with him last night…” 

He has to say this but compared with the previous life, Li Fenglan who was reborn finally has a little bit of acting skills.

After hearing Li Fenglan’s disappointed tone, Zhuang Zhixia immediately understood what happened.

Although Tianmian Palace was the number one sect in the cultivation world, all of its disciples were top-notch.

But the path of cultivation itself was against the heavens, no one can say where they can go, and no one knows what they will encounter.

Just like Li Fenglan in the past, didn’t the scar on his face also come from training?

“I see.” Zhuang Zhixia frowned and didn’t speak any more.

Although the cultivators behind her did not participate in the conversation between Li Fenglan and Zhuang Zhixia, they listened to everything they said.

“Senior Sister, since Li Fenglan didn’t find that He Yinyuan last night, then we certainly can’t find him either.” 

“Yes, senior sister, we shouldn’t stay here any longer, it’s too dangerous.” 

“… the Sect also told us to go back.”

Seeing that Zhuang Zhixia didn’t speak, they hurried forward to persuade the senior sister to leave.

And Li Fenglan also heard from the words of these people that the sect already knew about their encounter with the tide of fierce beasts and the disciples of the Mingxin Sect, and told them to go back as soon as possible.

After leaving Tianmian Palace, Li Fenglan stayed with Duan Qianli all the time, and the other cultivators thought that the two had a good relationship.

So when they were talking, they sneaked a glance at Li Fenglan from time to time.

Fortunately, Li Fenglan did not raise any objections.

At this moment, he was just a little curious, what was Tianmian Palace asking them to go back so early for.

If Li Fenglan’s memory was correct, generally speaking, an experience of Tianmian Palace will last for two or three months, and it was rare to end in such a hurry.

Li Fenglan didn’t sleep all night, so after boarding the spirit boat, he sat alone in the boat and fell asleep. When he woke up, he had already returned to Tianmian Palace.

Just like when leaving, the spirit boat stopped directly at the main peak square of Tianmian Palace.

But what was a little different was that the person waiting for them here this time was not Meng Linzhou, but…a person that even Li Fenglan felt unexpected.

It was a tall and slender woman, she was wearing a toffee-colored embroidered long dress, her hair was coiled behind her head like a cloud of ink, and it was covered with gorgeous gold and jade ornaments.

At the same time that the spirit boat came to a complete stop, the woman’s beautiful red phoenix eyes had already looked over here.

Although she looked only to be in her early thirties, her demeanor was exceptionally cold.

Seeing her appearing here, the originally noisy spirit boat suddenly became quiet, and all the people on the boat turned their eyes to her.

Most of the disciples only thought she looked familiar, but among these young disciples, only Zhuang Zhixia recognized her.

The next moment she saw the woman, Zhuang Zhixia quickly got off the spirit boat.

She bowed to the visitor and said, “Disciple Zhuang Zhixia greets Master Immortal Lord Mu.” 

“En.” The woman called “Immortal Lord Mu” nodded slightly.

It wasn’t until this time that the other cultivators realized that the person standing in front of them was the Chi Zhen Immortal Venerable Mu Hantao who had been in retreat all year round!

Besides Li Fenglan’s rebel disciple Meng Linzhou, and his unlucky Junior Brother Lin Chaochen, there are two immortals lord in Tianmian Palace.

However, the cultivation of those two immortals had stopped at the immortalization stage for thousands of years. They have not seen any signs of breakthrough for many years, and they spend most of their time in retreat.

In fact, for cultivators, this was the norm.

Even if they break through many difficulties and obstacles, the cultivators who can successfully ascend from the immortalization stage were only one in a thousand.

When something happened to the sect’s enchantment last time, Mu Hantao also showed up, but the situation was urgent, and few people saw her at that time.

“Greetings to Immortal Lord Mu!”

After Zhuang Zhixia explained the identity of the visitor, the others also hurriedly got off the spirit boat, wanting to greet the woman.

But before they left, Mu Hantao waved her hand and said: “There’s no need to do those empty gestures, I’m here to find you, I have something to do.”

Hearing Mu Hantao’s words, everyone was a little surprised.

But Li Fenglan was used to the women’s behavior.

——Mu Hantao had always been a loner, she hadn’t even accepted a single disciple.

Speaking of Li Fenglan and Mu Hantao, there was still some relationship.

More than three thousand years ago, when Mu Hantao went down to the realm, Li Fenglan was brought back to Tianmian Palace.

Although the two of them hadn’t met each other very much since then, Li Fenglan had always had a good impression of her because of this matter.

When Li Fenglan was reminiscing about the past, he suddenly heard Mu Hantao say: “I heard that you encountered a wave of ferocious beasts in Xihou City.”

Zhuang Zhixia nodded quickly.

“There were also abnormalities in the beasts in the forbidden region of the sect. Come and take a look with me.” Mu Hantao never kept secrets when she spoke, and she directly stated the purpose of her trip.

And Li Fenglan finally understood that the group of them should be called back by Mu Hantao.

Thousands of years ago, when the concept of “fierce beast tide” came into being, Mu Hantao had raised many vicious beasts in the forbidden area, trying to find out the reason why the vicious beasts appeared abnormally.

“Yes, Immortal Lord.” Zhuang Zhixia nodded immediately.

Mu Hantao stopped talking. The woman waved her hand lightly, and then a huge folding fan appeared at the feet of everyone.

Before they could react, the folding fan had followed its owner, carrying the people towards the forbidden area.

Seeing that Mu Hantao went to the forbidden area alone, the people on the fan finally whispered.

“…This is the first time I’ve seen Immortal Lord Mu.”

“I saw her last time in the main peak square,” a cultivator said, “At that time, Chi Jie Immortal was also there, and they all came to strengthen the barrier. 

There were countless cultivators in Tianmian Palace, but there were only a few “immortals”.

Ordinary cultivators naturally yearned for the word “immortal lord”.

On the way to the forbidden area, Li Fenglan heard them talking about Mu Hantao. However, Mu Hantao had been in seclusion for many years, and there were not many rumors about her in the sect.

Li Fenglan was not interested in listening to them, he sat quietly on the edge of the huge folding fan and looked down.

At this moment, the huge color folding fan finally entered the forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace.

To ordinary disciples, this place was naturally very mysterious.

But Li Fuyue in his previous life almost became the head of Tianmian Palace. He used to be able to freely enter and exit the forbidden area, but he has long since lost interest in it.

Just when Li Fenglan was looking at the edge of the forbidden area, thinking wildly.

The huge folding fan suddenly and slowly fell down.

“Huh…why won’t it fly forward?” A cultivator asked Zhuang Zhixia curiously, and then heard her reply: “We have already entered the forbidden area, we have to walk the rest of the way by ourselves.”

Ordinary cultivators can only walk to the core area of ​​the forbidden area. If Zhuang Zhixia hadn’t said it, Li Fenglan would have almost forgotten about it.

The forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace was not a barren hill as people thought.

Where the folding fan landed was a square paved with huge white stones.

He didn’t know what material that stone was made of, but after stepping on it, there was a chill directly from the soles of his feet.

“This square is really big…” Li Fenglan couldn’t help but sigh when he heard the cultivator standing beside him.

After saying this, he subconsciously kicked away a dead branch under his feet.

“Don’t move!” Zhuang Zhixia suddenly stepped forward, slapped the cultivator on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be rude in the forbidden area.” 


The man froze for a moment, and muttered softly, “I just kicked a dead branch, how can it be considered rude?”

Unexpectedly, the person who answered his question at the next moment was not Zhuang Zhixia, but Li Fenglan.

He who hadn’t spoken all this time smiled, turned around and asked, “Do you know what place this was before?”

Covered by the veil, the cultivator couldn’t see Li Fenglan’s expression. But listening to Li Fenglan’s tone, he still felt extremely dangerous.

“What, what place?”

“This was the main hall of the sect when Tianmian Palace was established.” Li Fenglan replied.

“Ah?” The man obviously didn’t expect that the answer would be like this. He subconsciously glanced at Zhuang Zhixia, but saw that she had no intention of refuting Li Fenglan at all.

It seems that this place was indeed the same as what Li Fenglan said, it used to be the main hall of the sect.

“But…why is it flat now?” The cultivator held back for a long time, and finally couldn’t help asking Li Fenglan.

Li Fenglan walked forward and said: “The owner here hid the original main hall in a secret realm before ascension.”

Li Fenglan suddenly stopped and turned around again: “Do you know who its owner was?”

“Ah?” The cultivator shook his head blankly.

“It’s Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor.” 

Li Fenglan added, “I heard that the old man was a little narrow-minded, and he left a lot of restrictions in the forbidden area before he ascended. It was because of this that this place had become a forbidden area. So… If your kick just now offended Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor, what will be the consequences? Naturally I don’t need to say more?”

As soon as Li Fenglan’s voice fell, the person who kicked the dead branch just now stopped in place and remained motionless.

If you observe carefully, you can still see that he was standing there trembling.

Li Fenglan’s words finally activated a bit of his memory.

According to legend, the secret realms left behind by Xuanchu immortal ancestor after his ascension were full of various restrictions.

Now that this square was also his territory, the possibility of setting up the same restriction was really high.

Seeing the cultivator’s appearance, Li Fenglan couldn’t help laughing, then walked forward pretending nothing happened.

What he said just now was half-truth and half-false—the Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu did impose a lot of restrictions in the secret realm, but he didn’t know whether there were any here.

But now it seems that there should be no more.

After all, if there was a reaction to the restriction set by Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor, a thunderstorm would be sent down on the spot as a reminder for him.

However, the moment Li Fenglan turned around, a purple thunder suddenly fell from the sky not far away… 

It was exactly the same as the restriction left by the immortal ancestor Xuanchu as recorded in the book.

Li Fenglan: “…”

Immortal Ancestor Xuanchu wouldn’t detest him for saying he was narrow-minded, right?

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