The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 29

Chapter 29

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The news that Li Fenglan survived the Nine-Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation twice in a row and became a Nascent Soul cultivator by leapfrogging shocked the entire cultivation world.

And because of this, he almost lost his life.

After being brought back to Miguang Mountain by Ling Buyan, Li Fenglan fell into a coma for more than half a month.

Tianmian Palace wanted to send people to check on Li Fenglan’s situation several times, but they were blocked outside Miguang Mountain without exception.

Speaking of which, most of the people in Tianmian Palace were cultivators, and most of them didn’t need to rest. People with Li Fenglan’s living habits was rare in Tianmian Palace, they were completely a minority among the minority.

In his own residence before, there was only an ordinary wooden bed.

But this time, when Li Fenglan woke up, he found himself lying under a soft blanket. The bedding was all made of freshly stretched cotton, as soft as a mortal bed.

Even the tattered clothes on his body due to crossing the tribulation were replaced by a soft middle coat at some point.

Li Fenglan slowly opened his eyes and looked towards the head of the bed.

“…Cheng Huang?”

The little white furry guy nestled around his neck at some point, and even snored while he was sleeping soundly.

“Woo~” Cheng Huang slept really soundly this time, and he didn’t open his eyes when he heard Li Fenglan’s voice, but just rubbed against Li Fenglan’s body in a daze. Then he turned over and snatched half of Li Fenglan’s pillow.

… so heartless.

Seeing that Cheng Huang ignored him, Li Fenglan reached out and pressed his temple, and slowly sat up from the bed.

“Where is this?” He whispered to himself.

Before Li Fenglan studied the room, he saw a figure walking around the silk screen in front of the room.

The visitor was wearing a black silk robe, and his long hair was tied loosely behind his head with only a ribbon, looking extraordinarily casual.

Seeing that Li Fenglan woke up, he didn’t seem surprised, but just smiled at the half-sitting person on the bed.

But Li Fenglan was obviously taken aback.


Wait, am I in Ling Buyan’s room? !

“Lie down first, and be careful of the wound.” Ling Buyan gently put down the medicine bowl in his hand, and walked to the bedside.

After hearing what the other party said, Li Fenglan also subconsciously did what he said, and slowly laid back on the bed.

“Master, this is… your room?” Li Fenglan hesitated for a long time, then finally asked.

After he opened his mouth, he realized that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, and his voice was already so hoarse.

“En,” Ling Buyan nodded and said, “This is the apse of Miguang Mountain. You have been in a coma for more than 20 days.”

Generally speaking, “the apse” refers to the living place of the peak masters of each peak.

However, most cultivators do not need to sleep, and many beds in the apse were just decorations. Even like Li Fenglan’s former master Qiu Wanyou, when he was in snowy Meizhou, he only threw a few futons in the apse of Xianyun Palace.

… So, now he was in Ling Buyan’s bedroom, even lying on his bed?

It turns out that Ling Buyan also had a bedroom, and it was so comfortably furnished? ? ?

In the past five years, Li Fenglan had gotten used to the feeling of being covered by a hood.

Even though he was not wearing a veiled hat now, he still habitually showed what he thought in his heart on his face without concealing it.

He didn’t know that his expression at this time was really interesting.

“What are you thinking?” Ling Buyan asked curiously.

Li Fenglan didn’t realize that he had instinctively trusted Ling Buyan.

In addition, Li Fenglan woke up from a coma just now, and his mind was not sober yet so when asked by Ling Buyan, he actually said what he had thought: “I was thinking, so you sleep too. …”

Li Fenglan half-spoke, then finally came to his senses.

He quickly swallowed the rest of the sentence.

Ahhh, what on earth was he talking about? So embarrassing!

But hearing Li Fenglan’s words, Ling Buyan laughed.

“It seems that you, Fenglan, have misunderstood me a lot.” He half-jokingly sat down on the empty chair beside the bed, “You don’t think I meditate all day, do you?” 

Maybe it’s because the quilt was too warm and comfortable now , or maybe because Li Fenglan’s head was still dizzy, he actually nodded.

“Cultivate hard all day, just like Immortal Chi Jie?” Ling Buyan lightly put his finger on Li Fenglan’s wrist, checked the recovery of his spiritual vein like a mortal pulse, and said so casually.

——Chi Jie was the oldest immortal in the sect, and he was about the same age as Tianmian Palace.

Immortal Master Chi Jie already had an immortalization stage cultivation level for six or seven thousand years. Since Li Fenglan entered Tianmian Palace in his last life, he had been cultivating behind closed doors, trying to break through.

Although he hadn’t seen any signs of breakthrough for many years, and it seemed that he was hopeless for ascension, Immortal Venerable Chi Jie was still considered one of the most famous figures in the cultivation world. From top to bottom in Tianmian Palace, even Jiang Yichang, the head of the palace, respected him very much.

However, Ling Buyan actually made a joke about the other party.

“Pfft…” He told himself rationally, I can’t laugh, I can’t laugh.

But seeing Ling Buyan’s calm look, Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

In fact, Ling Buyan just mentioned it in passing, and the sentence itself was not very interesting.

But it has been a long, long time since Li Fenglan laughed so wantonly.

——At least after rebirth, he had never felt so relaxed like this moment.

Five years ago, he thought that he would always stay alone in Miguang Mountain, living a lonely and boring life. He didn’t expect that someone would be able to tell jokes about the sect immortals with him five years later.

And at some point, Ling Buyan also slowly lowered his fingers.

He looked at Li Fenglan with an extremely gentle gaze.

“Hey…I can’t laugh anymore, it’s against the sect’s rules.”

“Rules were made by people, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Ling Buyan said.

Li Fenglan finally calmed down slowly. He laid on the hospital bed and shook his head gently.

“That’s right…the rules are all made by men.”

Until he fell into qi deviation in his last life, the cultivation world praised Li Fuyue as a person with a stable heart. But after being reborn and thinking about his previous life, Li Fenglan just realized that maybe it wasn’t a solid Dao heart.

From the time he entered Tianmian Palace at the age of seventeen, Li Fuyue did not leave snowy Meizhou for three hundred years.

At that time, his world only had Qiu Wanyou and cultivation.

In the following days, Li Fenglan’s life also had no disturbances. His talent was too high, his journey of cultivation was too smooth, and even his temperament had been wiped away by the three hundred years of snowy Meizhou snow.

Li Fenglan only knew that he had to take care of the overall situation of the cultivation world, and then attain the Dao and ascend.

Beside him, some people lived for the world, some lived for the sect, and some lived for themselves.

But only Li Fenglan never thought about this problem.

What exactly did he want?

Until now, it seemed that he had never taken the initiative to do anything, but passively waited for the arrangement of others and fate.

Even rebirth was the same.

It was precisely because of this that for the past five years after his rebirth, Li Fenglan had been living a life of isolation in Miguang Mountain.

Because he really didn’t know the meaning and purpose of his rebirth.

“What’s wrong?” Ling Buyan brought the medicine bowl over and asked softly.

Li Fenglan pursed his lips, sat up again, and took the medicine bowl into his hand.

He shook his head first, then took a deep breath, and asked as if he had made up his mind: “I’m just suddenly curious about what I want to do in this life…”


Not to mention that he really fell into qi deviation in his last life, he didn’t know how to figure out that muddled account for a while.

Most importantly, with his current cultivation base, revenge was simply a dream. And even if he really took revenge, how would he live the days after that?

After much deliberation, Li Fenglan found that the best ending would be to go back to the old path, work hard to cultivate and wait for the day when the sun will soar.

It’s okay, but it’s really boring.

——It was hard for him to live a new life, could it be that he just wanted to follow the old path? In this case, he would be sorry for the strange immortal bone on my body.

Without waiting for Ling Buyan to answer, Li Fenglan asked again: “Master, what do you want to do in this life?”

Li Fenglan didn’t realize that it was the first time that he talked about such a profound question with someone in his two lifetimes combined.

When he was just reborn, Li Fenglan looked at everyone and felt that they were going to use and betray him.

But after getting along for a period of time, Li Fenglan has already trusted Ling Buyan very much.

“Me?” Ling Buyan really thought about it.

Just when Li Fenglan thought that Ling Buyan would just play it off, he actually heard the other party answer seriously: “When I was young, I wanted to do something spectacular, and I thought that would not be a waste of my life.”

“What about now?” Li Fenglan asked after drinking the medicine.

Ling Buyan took back the empty bowl, he paused for a while and said, “Now I think, why do people have to do something in their entire lives? You were lying in bed at the moment, and you were fighting for the pillow with Cheng Huang, isn’t that meaningful? “

Li Fenglan suddenly felt that Ling Buyan was a little unconventional…

After drinking the soup, he sat on the bed with his knees hugged, and suddenly said to Ling Buyan: “Master, I think you are a bit mysterious.”

And the next moment, Li Fenglan actually got a very unexpected answer.

Ling Buyan actually nodded his head and said: “Yes, I am very mysterious.”


Li Fenglan sat by the bed, not knowing how to continue talking for a while.

Seeing Li Fenglan’s bewildered face, Ling Buyan seemed very satisfied.

He stood up with the medicine bowl in his hand, and he didn’t forget to rub Li Fenglan’s head before leaving.

“Recover well, good disciple.” Ling Buyan said with a smile.

Not long after Li Fenglan woke up, the forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace, which few people knew before, welcomed another rare visitor.

The identity of the visitor was a bit special. Immortal Chi Zhen, Mu Hantao, who had not retreated for the time being, went to meet him outside the forbidden area in person.

“I haven’t seen Immortal Lord Ning for a long time,” Mu Hantao nodded towards the man in blue who was standing outside the forbidden area, and then asked with some doubts, “I don’t know why you came to our Tianmian Palace?” 

Holding the pipa in his arms, the man greeted Mu Hantao.

He knew that Mu Hantao was a person who didn’t like to be kept on hold, so he paused and said directly: “To be honest, I’m here for the Soul Condensation Pagoda.”

Hearing these three words, Mu Hantao immediately frowned, and tightly clenched the hem of her clothes with her fingers hidden under her sleeves.

After a moment of silence, she asked: “What is the Soul Condensation Pagoda? I have never heard of it.”

She was deliberately pretending not to know.

Ning Qingmo saw what Mu Hantao was thinking, his fingertips slid across the strings, and then said five words that shocked Mu Hantao: “What about ‘Tanyi Pagoda’?'”

“This…” Mu Hantao’s expression became visibly flustered, “Where did you hear about it?” the woman asked coldly.

The soul-condensation tower stood in the center of the forbidden area, and few people had seen it with their own eyes.

And even if they had seen it, they would not recognize what it was… let alone know that its name was ‘Tanyi Pagoda’.

After all, before this, the soul-condensing tower only existed in legends and ancient books, and there had never been a real soul-condensation tower in this world.

Mu Hantao didn’t know, the man standing opposite silently breathed a sigh of relief when he finished saying this.

In fact, just before saying that sentence, Ning Qingmo was not sure whether there was a Soul Condensation Tower here.

The reason why Ning Qingmo came to the forbidden area was because the remnant soul hidden in his pipa suddenly became active recently… and brought him all the way to the forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace.

This abnormal reaction reminded Ning Qingmo of the “Soul Condensation Tower”.

Back then, in order to resurrect Li Fuyue, he searched all over the world for secret realms, and he once saw a record about “Tanyi Pagoda”. Just now Ning Qingmo just wanted to test Mu Hantao, but he did not expect to discover the truth.

Ning Qingmo clenched the neck of the pipa in his hand, looked into Mu Hantao’s eyes and said, “Sorry, I can’t tell you about this.” 

After a pause, Ning Qingmo continued: “But please rest assured, Master Mu, I want to go to the forbidden area just to see it from a distance. Otherwise, if I can’t see it, I can’t help but be curious to ask about it outside, I’m afraid it’s not good for Immortal Lord.”

Standing opposite him, Mu Hantao’s face was a bit ugly: “Are you threatening me?”

Mu Hantao has known Ning Qingmo for many years.

Back then, she didn’t like Ning Qingmo, a young man who looked like a leisurely man but was actually full of scheme.

She didn’t expect Ning Qingmo to look a lot more serious now, but there was still no change in this overt and covert threat.

Ning Qingmo looked at Mu Hantao, he just smiled and didn’t speak.

After being silent for a while, Mu Hantao finally nodded slowly. She gritted her teeth and said, “I hope Ning Qingmo will keep his word.” 


Mu Hantao reluctantly brought Ning Qingmo to under Tanyi Pagoda.

Unlike the previous group of disciples who were suppressed by Tanyi Pagoda, Mu Hantao and Ning Qingmo didn’t seem too uncomfortable.

However, Mu Hantao still seemed a little afraid of the tower, she stopped walking when she reached the open space, and just stood there, staring at Ning Qingmo silently.

She saw that the man in blue, with his pipa in his arms, walked to a place only ten feet away from the Soul Condensation tower.

After a while, Ning Qingmo fell to his knees slowly…

“What is he doing?” Mu Hantao whispered to herself.

Standing in the distance, Mu Hantao couldn’t understand how excited Ning Qingmo was at this moment.

“Fuyue…is that you?” The man knelt down on the ground as if he had lost his strength. He held the pipa in his arms tightly, and asked over and over again.

But no one could answer his question.

Just as Ning Qingmo knelt down on the ground, the remnant soul hidden in the pipa collided once again in the body of the pipa.

At this moment, a huge dark vortex suddenly rolled up around the huge black Soul Condensation tower, enveloping the entire open space.

“Why was the Call Soul Array activated…” Mu Hantao, who was standing not far away, suddenly stepped back.

She was supposed to be standing here, watching Ning Qingmo’s every move. After seeing the black vortex, she only said those few words, and then suddenly turned around and left the forbidden area.

As for Ning Qingmo, who was in the vortex, he felt that the huge black tower in front of him was trying to absorb the remnant soul in his pipa.

“Is it Qiu Wanyou, or Lin Chaochen?” He smiled and stood up slowly.

Ning Qingmo suddenly reached out and fiddled with the pipa, trying to resist the power of the Soul Condensation Tower.

“So you also want to revive Fuyue?”

No one in the forbidden area answered Ning Qingmo, only the howling wind was in his ears.

Even though Ning Qingmo had an immortalization stage cultivation, he still felt it hard to beat the Soul Condensation Pagoda.

It didn’t take long for blood to flow from his fingers, winding into his sleeve.

But Ning Qingmo still didn’t care.

“Hahahaha, so besides me, there is others in this world who wants to revive Fuyue?” When Ning Qingmo said this, his eyes were already a little crazy.

Bearing the huge pressure of the Soul Condensation Tower, the man walked towards the Soul Condensation Tower with difficulty while guarding the remnant soul in the pipa.

His hand finally stuck to the wall of the tower: “Fuyue…Fuyue, is that you?” 

The huge Soul Condensation tower was still silent.

As the distance became closer, the remnant soul in the pipa wanted to break through the body of the pipa and merge into the tower.

But Ning Qingmo was not worried at all.

On the contrary, the smile on his face got deeper and deeper.

——This was the first time in his thousand years that he had felt so clearly that Li Fuyue was still alive, still living in a certain place in this world.

Condensing the soul was against the heavens.

Since this tower can stand against the heavens, the power in it was naturally not something that Ning Qingmo could resist.

Staying by the tower for long, Ning Qingmo’s spirit also became a little confused.

And while he was instinctively fighting against the Soul Condensation Pagoda, a memory that had been buried in Ning Qingmo’s heart for many years became clear again.

Many years ago, Ning Qingmo thought that the relationship between himself and Li Fuyue was mediocre.

As a music cultivator with confidantes all over the world, losing Li Fuyue as a friend was no big deal.

Furthermore, Ning Qingmo never denied that from the moment he met Li Fuyue, he had the intention of taking advantage of him.

But fate plays people. At the moment when he betrayed Li Fuyue, he would not have thought that the real story of the two of them had just come to a beginning.

Li Fuyue was seriously injured after conquering Cheng Huang, and ran to Ning Qingmo.

He stayed in Ning Qingmo’s residence for half a month, he recovered from his injury, left a note and left the city.

Li Fuyue didn’t know that from the moment he left Ning Qingmo’s house, someone was following him.

——If it was normally, Li Fenglan would definitely notice these people who had been following him. But at that time, he was seriously injured and hadn’t recovered from beginning to end.

After only a few miles out of the city, the cultivator of Xuanqing Sect finally appeared out of nowhere.

At that time Li Fenglan was in a canyon between two mountains, facing him were dozens of cultivators.

Seeing Li Fenglan appear, everyone was ready to fight.

“Woooo…” After all, Cheng Huang was still young. After seeing the group of people in front and feeling their killing intent, it jumped into Li Fenglan’s arms in panic.

“It’s okay.” Li Fenglan patted Cheng Huang lightly, and supported its body with his left hand, “Don’t be afraid.”


Even though Li Fenglan hadn’t done anything yet, he was notorious. Seeing his action of patting Cheng Huang, those cultivators thought he was going to let a fierce beast out to hurt people.

Without giving Li Fenglan any chance to explain, the formation that had been arranged earlier started to operate like this.

The Xuanqing Sect, where Ning Qingmo used to be, had a lot of sound cultivators.

The formation in front of him was a music formation.

The moment the music formation was running, Li Fenglan saw a person in the crowd.

The raging wind in the valley lifted the man’s light blue gauze outfit, and he appeared in front of Li Fuyue with his pipa in his arms.

“Ning Qingmo.” The moment Li Fenglan saw the man, he even forgot to use his spiritual power to fight against the formation.

Ning Qingmo was playing the qin with his eyes closed. He heard Li Fuyue’s voice, but he still didn’t open his eyes.

“Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Cheng Huang had sensed something wrong with this formation.

And Li Fuyue stretched out his hand, and patted Cheng Huang’s back lightly like comforting a child.

The music array had already started, but Li Fuyue still had no intention of resisting it.

——At this moment, he suddenly felt that everything about this incident was extremely boring.

He stared at the front, and called the man’s name again: “Ning Qingmo, you were on that side from the beginning, right?” 

Ning Qingmo did not respond, so the cultivators from Xuanqing sect did so for him.

“Li Fuyue, you are insane. You released 340 ferocious beasts in Jiangsi Valley back then! Now you are still mixed with an ancient ferocious beast!”

Hearing someone calling his name, Cheng Huang suddenly turned around and bared his teeth.

It was also at this time that Ning Qingmo also spoke: “Fuyue, if you stop now, there is still room for redemption.”

“Room for redemption?” Li Fuyue was silent for a while, then suddenly laughed.

Maybe he would believe what Ning Qingmo said to him a day ago.

But now, looking at the man standing opposite, he couldn’t believe a word.

“Recover, how to recover?” Li Fuyue asked softly.

At this moment, the music was booming, and the originally invisible voice also turned into a blade, slashing towards Li Fuyue.

The jade crown that bound his hair fell to the ground, and Li Fuyue’s black hair also just fell down.

The most powerful point of the music array was to create illusions and disturb people’s minds.

Li Fuyue had a history of falling into qi deviation, so this formation was tailor-made for him.

He knew that this formation was to trap himself to death, leaving no room for escape.

Li Fuyue’s words just now were not loud, but at this time Ning Qingmo, who was supposed to stick to his dao heart and stabilize the formation, subconsciously opened his eyes.

He saw Li Fuyue’s three thousand black silk hair and white outfit, dancing in the wind at the same time.

His face was pale, and the red mark on his forehead was the only bright color on his whole body.

Li Fuyue looked across the crowd, facing Ning Qingmo.

But Ning Qingmo’s Dao heart was in a mess, and he even forgot to run the spell of shielding the music array.

Just in the next moment, the two fell into the illusion created by the music array together.

The illusion of Xuanqing Sect can make the entrants temporarily lose part of their memories in real life, and even forget their own identities, fall into a dream, and finally sleep in the dream forever.

When Li Fuyue opened his eyes again, he went back to the year when he was sixteen years old.

Of course, he was only sixteen years old in his imagination.

At this time, he was wearing brocade clothes and sitting by the window of a tea house.

“My lord, my lord, don’t be in a daze.”

“Huh?” Li Fuyue was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at the young man beside him.

That young man, that was, the servant next to Li Fuyue smiled and asked: “What were you thinking of just now? I thought you were asleep.”

Li Fuyue smiled, yawned and said, “It’s nothing, it’s just a feeling. It seems that I had a dream, and it was a bad dream…”

The young man didn’t pay attention, he poured a cup of tea for Li Fuyue and said: “The young master should drink the tea and wake up. After a while, Master Ning will come.”

“Master Ning?” Li Fuyue was taken aback, he always felt that the name was a little strange.

“That’s right, young master, you forgot, it’s the great talent in the capital! It’s hard for him to come to our Xihou City.” The young man reminded.

“Oh…” Li Fuyue thought for a while, “I remember now.”

Master Ning, who was in the middle of the capital, seemed to want to meet him when he came to the teahouse this time.

——As a person accidentally drawn into the illusion, Li Fuyue subconsciously arranged a new identity for Ning Qingmo.

And this day was the first time the two met.

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