The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 30

Chapter 30

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It was early summer in Xihou City, and the weather wasn’t that hot, but after sitting there for a long time, Li Fuyue still asked the servant beside him to find a folding fan for himself.

“My lord, aren’t you just meeting the great talent Master Ning? Why do you even need to specially get a folding fan…” The young man looked at Li Fuyue speechlessly, obviously he thought that Li Fuyue was getting a folding fan just to put on a show.

Unexpectedly, Li Fuyue shook his head and muttered: “No, I’m used to staying in cold places, and I can’t stand it when it gets a little hot.” 

As soon as Li Fuyue finished saying this, he saw a white horse crossing the long street, with a whoosh, then it suddenly stopped under the teahouse.

Immediately there was a young man in blue, with a high ponytail and a handsome figure, the eyes of the whole street fell on him alone.

“It’s Young Master Ning!” The young man beside Li Fuyue said excitedly.

And Li Fuyue, who was shaking his fan, frowned slightly…

“This was the first time Master Ning and I had met, but why do I feel that he looks familiar?”

In the meantime, there was a creaking sound from the wooden stairs, and Li Fuyue’s guest had already walked up to the second floor of the teahouse.

The man in blue smiled and glanced at Li Fuyue, bowed to him and said, “Young Master Li, I have heard of you for a long time.” 

“You don’t have to be so polite, just call me Fuyue.”

Li Fuyue also got up and greeted him, and told him to sit down quickly.

“Then you can just call me Qingmo.”

Li Fuyue hesitated for a moment, then said with a smile, “Okay, Qingmo.”

“I don’t know if Qingmo believes it or not,” Li Fuyue said while pouring him tea. “When I saw you just now, I felt you were familiar, as if…we had met before.”

This sentence, Li Fuyue mustered up the courage to say it seriously but Ning Qingmo seemed to take his words as a joke.

“Coincidentally,” Ning Qingmo took the teacup and said, “I also have the same feeling, maybe we were destined in a previous life.”

Hearing this, Li Fuyue bowed his head and smiled shyly.

He didn’t know that his smile made Ning Qingmo, who was sitting opposite him, shake.

When Li Fuyue was a teenager, he was a little less indifferent than the later him, but a little more cute and childish.

Especially that smile, like this, it really blended in with the warm summer breeze in Xihou City.

Being in an illusion was like living a new life.

Ning Qingmo was no longer that scheming music cultivator who wanted to win power and status, but had really become a young talent in the capital.

In the early summer, Ning Qingmo developed a vague liking for the boy in front of him, which even he himself didn’t realize.

Looking at the young man sitting across from him, Ning Qingmo’s ears turned red.

Li Fuyue and Ning Qingmo drank tea and played the qin every day, wrote poems and painted paintings, and completely forgot all their troubles.

They didn’t know how long these days had passed.

How many months? Or how many years?

Another summer, Li Fuyue and Ning Qingmo went boating on the lake in the Li Mansion.

At this time Ning Qingmo was sitting on the bow of the boat playing the qin, while Li Fuyue was opposite him, writing something on the paper.

The young man sitting by the qin couldn’t help but glance at Li Fuyue, and then even looked at the newly folded water lily beside him with some embarrassment.

He thought, when the next song was finished, he would give the water lily to Li Fuyue.

Ning Qingmo was a well-known talent in the capital, and the jade pendants and hairpins on his body were all priceless.

But now, he felt that those vulgar things were not worthy of the young man in front of him.

Only this lotus lying on the water can be regarded as a perfect match for him.

At the end of the song, there was a breeze blowing, and the surface of the water also wrinkled and rippled.

Not far away, there was a small courtyard hidden behind the bamboo forest, revealing a turret wall.

Looking at the surrounding scenery, Ning Qingmo couldn’t help saying: “The garden of Fuyue’s house looks extremely elegant.” 

Hearing his friend’s compliment, Li Fuyue couldn’t help but smile and say: “My mansion was designed by my Grandpa himself, and the garden is the same.”

“As expected of the late Emperor’s Grand Tutor,” Ning Qingmo couldn’t help admiring, “It’s a pity that I didn’t get to see him in Xihou City this time.”

When Li Fuyue’s grandfather was young, he was a well-known talented scholar and a great painter with a long-standing reputation.

“You can see him in a few days. My grandfather was in the capital, and he will be back in autumn—” Li Fuyue suddenly stopped at this point.

“What’s the matter, Fuyue?” Seeing that he suddenly didn’t speak, the piece that Ning Qingmo was about to play also stopped here.

He saw Li Fuyue shaking his head slowly.

“No…not right…”

“What’s wrong?”

The boy at the tea table stood up abruptly, and the whole boat shook accordingly.

“Where are my parents? Where are they…” Li Fuyue suddenly became flustered, repeating the names of his family over and over again.

Seeing Li Fuyue’s flustered look, Ning Qingmo directly put down the qin and stood up. He put his hands on Li Fuyue’s shoulders and said, “Fuyue calm down, think slowly, don’t worry.” 

“Mmm… ” Li Fuyue nodded slowly, and sat back in the seat just now.

He drank a cup of cold tea and began to recall carefully.

“My grandparents went to the capital together, and they said they would come back this autumn. And my father and mother, why are they not at home? Did they go to the capital… But why did I forget, why did they go to the capital?”

Having known each other for so long, Ning Qingmo had never seen Li Fuyue panic like this.

He patted the young man’s shoulder lightly, and Ning Qingmo could clearly feel Li Fuyue’s body trembling with tension.

At this moment, Ning Qingmo also became nervous.

He suddenly felt that something very, very important was leaving him.

Here Li Fuyue was still remembering.

“…Yeah, it’s been several summers, why haven’t they come back?” Li Fuyue turned around suddenly, looked into Ning Qingmo’s eyes and asked, “Qingmo, tell me, we’ve known each other for a few years right?”

At this moment, Li Fuyue’s expression was unprecedentedly flustered.

“How many years?” Ning Qingmo was also stunned, because at this moment he realized that he didn’t seem to remember how long he and Li Fuyue had known each other.

Such that… Ning Qingmo felt that his life started from the moment he rode a white horse and stopped at the teahouse, went upstairs and met Li Fuyue.

“Yeah…” Ning Qingmo said blankly, “How long have we known each other?” 

At this moment, Li Fuyue calmed down instead.

He looked into Ning Qingmo’s eyes and said a very scary thing: “Qingmo, I discovered that from the day we met, this world only had summer.” 

“What do you mean?” Ning Qingmo said. There was no trace of a smile on his face now.

He heard Li Fuyue say word by word: “I mean, we are trapped here.”

Trapped in this early summer, trapped in Xihou City.

The moment Li Fuyue finished speaking, the water lilies in the lake suddenly withered.

And the weeping willows on the bank gradually left only thin branches.

“What’s going on…” Ning Qingmo muttered to himself.

Unlike Li Fuyue, Ning Qingmo loved this summer very deeply, he only wanted time to stay here forever.

It would be great if only Li Fuyue and himself were left in the world.

But now, this early summer was ending at an unstoppable speed.

Thin ice formed on the lake, the bamboo forests withered and turned yellow, and the singing of the birds disappeared.

“I remember,” Li Fuyue said in an inaudible voice, “I remember it all.” 

“When I was fourteen, my grandfather was involved in a big case in the capital, and the Li family was in turmoil overnight. That’s why…my parents left Xihou City. Now I am sixteen years old…because summer is over…”

Ning Qingmo turned to look at Li Fuyue, he saw the white-clothed boy in front of him at some time already burst into tears.

This was the first time Ning Qingmo saw Li Fuyue cry.

Those drops of tears didn’t seem to fall on the cabin, but on Ning Qingmo’s heart.

He found that his heart throbbed with Li Fuyue’s tears.

“Fuyue…” Ning Qingmo stretched out his hand and gently wiped away the tears on the boy’s face.

Li Fuyue looked at him with red eyes, and said word by word: “After this summer, I will be seventeen. It was when I was seventeen that my whole family was executed.”

The illusion of the Xuanqing Sect had never been broken for thousands of years.

But it happened that Li Fuyue, a person who had no will to resist, broke the formation unintentionally.

In the blink of an eye, this elegant garden had turned into a ghost garden.

The servants and maids who were with them before became old one by one, and finally turned into dry bones.

The originally frozen four seasons rotated several times in an instant.

Li Fuyue stood up for the last time, he was silent for a while, looked down at Ning Qingmo and said: “It’s time to wake up. Xuanqing Sect… Immortal Ning Qingmo.” 

The illusion finally collapsed.

Li Fuyue and Ning Qingmo lived in the illusion for an unknown number of years, but everything outside the illusion was only for a moment.

“Woo~” The moment when Cheng Huang gently rubbed against his neck, Li Fuyue was finally sure that he had returned to reality.

Ning Qingmo, who was standing opposite him, couldn’t help but also walk forward.

But the next moment, he was stopped by a thin white long sword.

“Finished Karma!”

Li Fuyue hugged Cheng Huang in one hand and had a sword in the other. At this time he was not insane, but the madness all over his body seemed to be insane.

The white figure danced in the wind with his black hair, like a butterfly caught in a strong wind.

But such a fragile figure erupted with incomparably powerful strength.

With only three moves, all the musical instruments in the hands of the music cultivators of Xuanqing Sect who came to besiege Li Fuyue were destroyed by him.

Li Fuyue took another deep look at Ning Qingmo at the end, he didn’t say a word, and walked away with Cheng Huang in his arms.

Looking at the back of the other party going away, Ning Qingmo, who had just come out of the illusion and hadn’t fully awakened, finally shouted: “Fuyue!” 

——For him, the time in the illusion was also a real period. A true memory.

In Ning Qingmo’s memory, the last moment he was boating with Li Fuyue on the lake, playing the qin and composing poems.

But the next moment…

He returned to the moment when he betrayed Li Fuyue.

Fate played Ning Qingmo like this.

Before entering the illusion, Li Fuyue was just one of his dispensable friends.

But after leaving the secret realm, the other party became… the first person who gave his always restless soul the idea that “it’s not bad to end this way”.

In fact, Li Fuyue didn’t change in any way whether in the illusion or outside of the illusion.

Ning Qingmo was the only one who became human.

In the illusion, Ning Qingmo forgot to take advantage of the opponent, and also forgot his own identity.

… Ning Qingmo was kind to everyone on the surface, and had confidantes all over the world, but in fact he looked down on people in the cultivation world—especially sword cultivators. He had been secretly referring to sword cultivators as “impertinent men”.

And in a rare and peaceful environment, Ning Qingmo finally found that Li Fuyue was different from the people he knew before.

Before Li Fuyue went to Tianmian Palace, he spent seventeen years in the human world.

In those seventeen years, Li Fuyue had read poetry and books, and also studied music.

These were all things Ning Qingmo, who was only interested in using and calculating on others, had not discovered before.

The funny thing is, by the time he realized it, it was all over.

For Li Fuyue, the moment Ning Qingmo betrayed him, the two were completely strangers.

However, for Ning Qingmo, the real entanglement had just begun.

“Immortal Lord Ning…” After hesitating for a long time, a cultivator finally stepped forward and asked, “Li Fuyue has run away, what should we do next?”

Ning Qingmo’s hand that was hanging by his side slowly clenched into a fist. He stared at the direction where Li Fuyue disappeared, and after a while he said: “Keep chasing, we can’t… let him continue to cause trouble for the world.”

Ning Qingmo was a smart man.

He knew that after this incident, Li Fuyue would never forgive himself.

The only way to be with Li Fuyue was to continue what he did before.

Completely break Li Fuyue’s wings.

Besides… Li Fuyue was already insane, he was a very dangerous person. The things he did, besides satisfying a little selfish desire, was also for the good of the entire cultivation world.

—— Ning Qingmo comforted himself in the bottom of his heart.

At this moment, the vortex around the Soul Condensation Tower was still spinning rapidly.

Even if Ning Qingmo had an immortalization stage cultivation base, it was still difficult for him to fight against the power of this giant tower.

“Ah—” Finally, all the strings on the pipa in Ning Qingmo’s arms were broken, and the man’s hands were dripping with blood instantly.

Even with all his strength and his lifelong cultivation to resist, the pipa was slowly split in two.

Li Fuyue’s remnant soul escaped from the qin body.

“Fuyue! Li Fuyue!” While calling Li Fuyue’s name, Ning Qingmo threw himself forward, his hands sticking to the body of the Tanyi Pagoda.

The spiritual energy of a music cultivator in the immortalization stage was transmitted into the Tanyi Pagoda through the palm of his hand. But after half a day, it was still like a mud cow entering the sea, without any reaction.

He wanted to snatch back the remnant soul that had escaped from the pipa, but Ning Qingmo failed.

The remnant soul that had been raised for thousands of years just broke through the body of the pipa and merged into the huge Soul Condensation tower without any regrets.

Because of the backlash of spiritual power, Ning Qingmo’s hands that were originally on the qin were also shaken away by that force, and his sleeves were also stained red with blood.

He fell to the ground in a sorry state, and just opened his eyes like this, watching the Soul Condensation Pagoda slowly calm down.

In just a few breaths, the spiritual power vortex surrounding the Soul Condensation Tower just now disappeared.

The forbidden area once again returned to calm.

Even on the surface, it seemed like nothing happened.

Ning Qingmo stood up slowly. The music cultivator, who was originally suave had no time to take care of his hair, which was all messed up.

He walked to the Soul Condensation tower again, and after pausing for a while, he put his bloody hand on it again.

“Fuyue… Li Fuyue…” At this moment, Ning Qingmo gritted his teeth and laughed.

More than a thousand years have passed, and most people now only remembered Ning Qingmo as a cultivator of the Ruthless Dao in the immortalization stage, and have forgotten his iconic smile in the past.

At this time, Ning Qingmo looked as if he had returned to a thousand years ago.

Such gentle eyes, coupled with his distressed appearance, was really frightening…

Ning Qingmo put his hands on the Tanyi Pagoda, closed his eyes like a lover whispering: “Fuyue, since someone wants to resurrect you, then we will meet each other sooner or later.”

After saying this, Ning Qingmo slowly opened his eyes after stroking the Soul Condensation Pagoda a few times.

At this time, Ning Qingmo’s eyes were slightly dull.

He turned around and looked at the sky not far away, and muttered to himself: “Your spirit is here, then… you still lack a good body. Fuyue, don’t be afraid, I will find a good body for you.” 

After speaking, Ning Qingmo didn’t even bother with the cracked pipa.

He stepped into the void and left the Soul Condensation tower in an instant.

In Miguang Mountain, Li Fenglan, who was recovering from his injuries, suddenly opened his eyes.

His hands were on his chest, and his hands and feet were extremely cold.

Sensing that something was wrong with his master, Cheng Huang, who had just been lying on the side, hurriedly stood up and rubbed Li Fenglan with his head.

“It’s okay…” Li Fenglan gently touched Cheng Huang’s head, “I just had a nightmare.”

He never thought that he would actually dream of Ning Qingmo.

“It’s disgusting.” Li Fenglan whispered while stroking Cheng Huang’s head.

He used to regard Ning Qingmo as a friend, but in the end, Ning Qingmo not only arranged for someone to arrest him, but also took the lead in encircling and suppressing him.

It was precisely because of his positive performance at that time that Ning Qingmo became the leader of the younger generation in the cultivation world in one fell swoop.

… If he really came to kill himself, a mad cultivator, for the righteousness of the cultivation world, perhaps Li Fenglan could understand, and admit that Ning Qingmo was a good cultivator.

But when Li Fenglan was trapped in snowy Meizhou by the immortal chain, Ning Qingmo once said something to him by borrowing the sound transmission talisman.

Only Li Fenglan and Ning Qingmo knew about this matter.

In the sound transmission talisman, Ning Qingmo said in his usual ambiguous tone: “Fuyue, it’s better to disperse your cultivation base, smash your dao heart, and stay by my side and be a mortal.” 

Disperse your cultivation base, smash.. Your dao Heart?

Be a mortal?

Even though he already knew what kind of person Ning Qingmo was, when he heard the other party say such words to himself in such a frivolous tone, Li Fenglan almost became mad again at that time.

Winner and loser, locked up in snowy Meizhou, Li Fenglan had nothing against it.

But insulting people like this was Ning Qingmo’s problem!

Tianmian Palace, Yanyi Mountain.

When they met not long ago, the two master and disciple who were still facing each other with their swords drawn, actually faced each other this time and sat together calmly.

Qiu Wanyou was still the same as before, addicted to alcohol.

Although he had just been backlashed by Yaozheng Bell and his injuries hadn’t healed yet, this didn’t affect Qiu Wanyou’s hobby.

“Master…” Lin Chaochen gently put down his wine glass, looked into Qiu Wanyou’s eyes and said, “Did you really think about what I said?”

Qiu Wanyou’s fingers paused.

“You fell into qi deviation.” He said coldly.

“I’m very awake now, Master, you know that qi deviation is not always like that.” At this time, Lin Chaochen was full of gentlemanly demeanor, and it seemed that he had nothing to do with “qi deviation”.

But the moment when he put down his wine glass, Qiu Wanyou still saw the dense scars on his disciple’s arm.

Qiu Wanyou didn’t speak.

Lin Chaochen smiled again and said: “Master, this is the seventh time I have invited you to Yanyi Mountain. In the previous six times, you always refused directly. But this time, you came. You have always known clearly, what exactly is it that I asked you to come here for—”

“Have you said enough?” Qiu Wanyou suddenly interrupted Lin Chaochen’s words.

“Master, cooperate with me.” After a moment of silence, the smile on Lin Chaochen’s face slowly disappeared, and he said to Qiu Wanyou, “Dongshan Yinhun Banner is almost ready. If you are willing to take action… sacrifice for Li Fenglan, Senior brother’s soul will return to his place, it will happen in a blink of an eye.”

Having said this, Lin Chaochen slowly stood up.

He walked up to Qiu Wanyou and said in a low voice, “Besides, it’s not like I couldn’t figure out what you wanted to do with the Yaozheng Bell.” 

“Lin Chaochen, are you threatening me?” Qiu Wanyou put down the wine glass in his hand and coldly asked.

“Master, don’t think too much. I know that you didn’t want to accept me as a disciple from the very beginning. But even so, when you taught me, you also did your best to fulfill your duties as a master. So I have always respected you very much—”

Before Li Fenglan, Qiu Wanyou had two nominal disciples under his sect.

One of them was Lin Chaochen’s aunt, who entrusted Lin Chaochen to Qiu Wanyou before she died. Otherwise, how could Qiu Wanyou, who had stayed with Li Fuyue in snowy Meizhou for three hundred years, be willing to accept another disciple?

“Don’t remind me about the past.” Qiu Wanyou interrupted him.

“Okay,” Lin Chaochen smiled, took a deep breath and said, “Anyway, don’t worry, I just want to bring him back to life. At that time, I will tell the world that I have fallen into qi deviation, and then I will walk into the Soul Refining Valley by myself. And you can bring senior brother back to the upper realm.”

Qiu Wanyou didn’t speak, but Lin Chaochen, who had known him for thousands of years, understood what it meant—his master was shaken.

It was like how he didn’t want to use the Yaozheng Bell at first as the core of the fushen array, but finally agreed.

Qiu Wanyou’s selfish side can always overthrow reason and gain the upper hand at the last moment.

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