The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 32

Chapter 32

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“I don’t know. Get up quickly—” Li Fenglan frowned, subconsciously trying to lift the person kneeling on the ground up.

But for some reason, the strength of that rebel disciple was stronger than what Li Fenglan thought.

He tried his best to pull him up, but Meng Linzhou was still kneeling there motionless.

“I won’t get up.” Meng Linzhou stared at Li Fenglan with red eyes and said, “I want to find my master, and I will only get up if he asks me to get up.” 

Why is this rebel disciple still so stubborn…

“Then go find your Master,” Li Fenglan said coldly, turning his eyes to the other side, “don’t bother me.”

Meng Linzhou, a thousand years ago, would never kneel down to his master.

Who would have thought that when he was reborn, he would have this kind of experience.

Meng Linzhou shook his head, he still stared at Li Fenglan and said: “My master…he devoted himself to swordsmanship back then, and even created his own swordsmanship. That swordsmanship, except for him, no one knows it.” 

At that time, Li Fuyue also wanted to teach it to Meng Linzhou, but it was his rebellious period, and the young man who thought he was better than his master didn’t appreciate it.

Therefore, Li Fuyue was the only person in the world who knows this set of sword techniques.

Li Fenglan had always felt that the biggest advantage of his disciple was that his mind was fairly simple.

In other words, it can also be called low emotional intelligence.

But this time, Meng Linzhou due to some freak combination of matters made the right move – stalking.

Just as he was kneeling down, Cheng Huang, who had been carried away from the scene just now, jumped out from nowhere.


The moment Li Fenglan heard Cheng Huang’s cry, an alarm sounded in Li Fenglan’s heart.

The little guy Cheng Huang probably thought that Meng Linzhou was going to do something bad to him.

Sure enough, at the same time as the cry came, Cheng Huang fell from the sky. Although it was cursed with a silence spell and could not harm humans, in just a few breaths, Cheng Huang slapped Meng Linzhou several times with his huge tail.

…it looked a little refreshing.


Cheng Huang’s movements were very fast. He had just attacked Meng Linzhou with his tail, and the next moment he had already bit the opponent’s sleeve, trying to tear him away.

“Awwooo! Awwooo!” 

“Cheng Huang! Don’t bite!”

“You said you didn’t know my master, why is this beast so familiar with you?!”

For a moment, Miguang Mountain was completely chaotic.

And Cheng Huang was worthy of being an ancient beast. Although it failed to tear Meng Linzhou apart, its sharp teeth still tore the opponent’s sleeves in an instant.

“Huh?” By the time Cheng Huang realized it, it had already rolled to the side with half of its sleeve in its mouth.

Meng Linzhou’s black Xiezhi robe was missing half a sleeve. The disciples of Tianmian Palace, who thought that the Law-abiding Immortal Venerable was always solemn, showed a rare sorry state at this time.

“Immortal Meng,” Li Fenglan slowly bent down, looked at his rebellious disciple, gritted his teeth and said to him, “Your master, he died a long time ago.”

Li Fenglan knew that his disciple was a single-minded person. Meng Linzhou was not like Qiu Wanyou and Lin Chaochen, who will start from the soul and carefully check whether he was Li Fuyue.

He trusted only his observation and intuition.

And that sword technique was indeed just like what Meng Linzhou said, only he knew it in this world.

Since Meng Linzhou had determined that he was Li Fuyue, no matter what he said, the other party would not change his mind.

Li Fenglan said that “Li Fuyue” was dead, but in fact, he was estranging from the past on purpose in front of Meng Linzhou.


The rebel disciple seemed to have misunderstood his words.

After hearing what Li Fenglan said, Meng Linzhou suddenly gritted his teeth and stood up.

“I understand, Master.”

Li Fenglan:? ? ?

What do you understand?

Meng Linzhou had profound features and sharp eyebrows. He was usually expressionless and looked particularly deep.

And when this kind of him spoke to Li Fenglan in an extremely serious tone, the lethality of those words also multiplied accordingly.

“I also thought that those people in the cultivation world were not pleasing to my eyes. In this life, I will definitely avenge you.” Meng Linzhou said seriously.


Even he didn’t know who his real enemy was, how do you take revenge?

“That’s right! Master, didn’t you condense into a human body just because you harbored resentment?” Meng Linzhou looked at Li Fenglan very seriously, and then started talking nonsense.

Li Fenglan: “…Condensed into a human body with resentment in my heart? Where did you learn this?”

If it was really possible to condense into a human body because of resentment, isn’t it a joke that the cultivation world tried so hard to use the Fushen Array to wipe himself out?

“When I went to the human world to look for you, I heard… from people.” Meng Linzhou said confidently.

To find me in the human world…

Apparently, the “you” Meng Linzhou mentioned was his friend who was a loose cultivator.

But that’s not the point.

Meng Linzhou probably went to the teahouse, and heard something!

“You are a crossing tribulation immortal, yet you actually took the strange news you heard from the teahouse on mortal lands seriously?” Li Fenglan had always thought that although this rebel disciple was a bit annoying, he was still very talented as a cultivator.

Unexpectedly, the other party ignored what he taught him, turning a deaf ear, and was still wandering around in the human world, believing in those legends?

But speaking of it, Meng Linzhou was dismissive of things other than swordsmanship back then. Even if his master wanted to teach him, Meng Linzhou didn’t bother to listen.

It’s not surprising that Meng Linzhou like this would be deceived by strange rumors in the mortal world…

“Otherwise, how did Master come back to life?” Unexpectedly, Meng Linzhou didn’t have any intention of reflecting, and even asked him back.

Meng Linzhou had completely interpreted the words “righteous and confident” to the extreme.

Calm down, be calm.

Li Fenglan stood up straight, smiled at Meng Linzhou and said: “Yes, you are right. But do you know? The body formed by resentment is not stable. If I am in a bad mood, I may be wiped out again.”

—— Li Fenglan thought he might as well follow the rebel disciple’s thoughts, and first scare him off.

Sure enough, Meng Linzhou became serious all of a sudden.

“I know.”

“What do you know?”

This time Meng Linzhou finally let go of Li Fenglan slowly, and he said, “I’ll help you steal Finished Karma.” Then you will feel better.

Is this how the law-abiding immortal of Tianmian Palace “abides the laws”?

But after finishing what he said just now, Meng Linzhou turned around and was about to leave. But this time, it was finally Li Fenglan who grabbed him.

They were still master and disciple. Although he hated Meng Linzhou, this rebel disciple was not guilty of death.

Thinking about it, if Meng Linzhou used this appearance to enter Xieguang Pavilion and stole Finished Karma, he would most likely be the next person to enter the fushen array.

“Meng Linzhou, Li Fuyue is your master, but I’m not, do you understand? Finished Karma…deserves a better master.” Li Fenglan felt that he should have made it quite clear this time.

But he didn’t expect… Meng Linzhou’s thinking seemed to go in another direction.

More than a thousand years have passed, and there were still big problems in the communication between master and disciple.

“Okay, I know.” Meng Linzhou put on that stern face again, and said something that Li Fenglan couldn’t understand.

Before Li Fenglan asked him what he knew, Meng Linzhou turned around gracefully again.

This time Li Fenglan didn’t even have time to stop him.

Meng Linzhou left with his sword, leaving only one sentence: “I want to return snowy Meizhou to its original form.”

What does this mean?

In the following days, Li Fenglan continued to recover from his injuries on Miguang Mountain.

Besides Mo Shenyu whose nerves had gone wrong somehow, causing him to spar with him every now and then, from time to time, Li Fenglan would receive “gifts” from Qiu Wanyou, and without exception, they were all prepared for Dongshan Yinhun Banner.

On the surface, Li Fenglan was happy, but in fact, he cleaned up everything.

Generally speaking, Li Fenglan’s life was quite peaceful.

After being reborn for more than five years, his identity was still found out. But fortunately, the person who saw through his identity was Meng Linzhou, who had never played his cards according to routine.

Meng Linzhou would not ask Li Fenglan “why”, he would only use his own brain circuit to understand things in a strange direction. Most importantly, Meng Linzhou won’t be annoying all the time.

…Because he has now found a very important thing to do.

As usual, Ling Buyan sent elixir that had been prepared to the room.

When Cheng Huang saw him coming, he immediately became alert. It jumped to one side of the window sill, baring its teeth at Ling Buyan, showing a very vicious look.

Cheng Huang’s appearance certainly didn’t frighten Ling Buyan.

The man came over and touched Cheng Huang lightly, and said with a smile: “You were raised by Miguang Mountain, why are you still being so rude to me?”


Ling Buyan stretched out his hand and pinched Cheng Huang’s claw: “Not bad, you’ve gained a lot of weight.” He said softly.

Although he said this with a smile, after hearing Ling Buyan’s words, Cheng Huang suddenly took a few steps back and almost fell from the window.

“Woooo~” Cheng Huang whined a few times, very skillfully pretending to be pitiful in front of his master.

“…Master?” Hearing this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help calling Ling Buyan.

Why does he feel that Ling Buyan’s tone was a bit like commenting on ingredients?

“Huh?” Ling Buyan turned around and looked at Li Fenglan, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Li Fenglan swallowed back the words in his mind.

However, Ling Buyan didn’t let Cheng Huang go. He looked at the little guy who was pretending to be pitiful, and said with a smile: “I just thought, it’s so fat, maybe it’s time to lose weight. Send it to Snowy Meizhou. It seems good for him to accompany Meng Linzhou to dig the soil.”

Li Fenglan touched Cheng Huang who jumped on the bed just now. Before he agreed with Ling Buyan’s sentence about Cheng Huang’s fatness, he heard the next sentence from the other party.


Li Fenglan felt that it was necessary for him to figure out this matter.

“What is Meng Linzhou doing?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but he suddenly returned to snowy Meizhou a few days ago.” Ling Buyan said.

“What is he going to Snowy Meizhou for?” At this moment, Li Fenglan had some bad thoughts vaguely in his heart.

Sure enough, Ling Buyan shook his head lightly and said, “I don’t understand either. I heard that he seems to have been… hoeing?”

Li Fenglan: “…”

How can I have such an embarrassing disciple?

It seems that Meng Linzhou’s brain was really only useful when he was cultivating.

——It turned out that after meeting Li Fenglan that day, Meng Linzhou went to snowy Meizhou. He wanted to grow those Wumei that had been burned to death by himself.

He was afraid that half of the cultivation world knew about this now.

The most amazing thing was that Meng Linzhou was usually very serious, with a stern appearance. So until now, everyone thought that he had something important to do in snowy Meizhou.

No one thought that Meng Linzhou was really just planting trees.

Maybe after planting the tree for a few days, Meng Linzhou felt that it was hopeless to save the Wumei.

On this night, Li Fenglan suddenly received a stack of thick letters.

The letter was sent by the spirit crane of the sect. After putting down the letter, it flew away directly.

“Awwoo!” Seeing this thing, Cheng Huang jumped up curiously.

“Cheng Huang, don’t move, I’ll take a look first.” Li Fenglan held up the letter, waited until Cheng Huang stopped snatching it, and then slowly opened the letter by candlelight.

After removing the first layer of the envelope, there was another layer inside.

Li Fenglan saw that on this layer of the envelope, there were four large characters written: “Master Qinqi*”.

* It means that everyone except the recipient should not open the letter to read, and the recipient should not make public the contents of the letter

Seeing these words, Li Fenglan’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch slightly…why does he have a bad premonition?

“Forget it, let’s take a look.”

Meng Linzhou had always disliked communicating with people, and now that he sent himself such a thick letter, it seemed particularly abnormal.

In case there was any secret news about the cultivation world, or important information related to himself, he can’t skip over it.

After thinking about it, Li Fenglan took off the last layer of the envelope.

It’s a pity… the content of the letter seems to be different from what Li Fenglan imagined.

“What is this?”

When Li Fenglan saw the line of words, Li Fenglan felt like his head could explode.

Li Fenglan was different from ordinary cultivators. Before entering Tianmian Palace, he had studied the Six Arts of a Gentleman for seventeen years in the human world, and he was trained completely according to the standards of being an official in the court.

Therefore, Li Fenglan’s requirements for the quality of letters were extremely high.

But Meng Linzhou, who has always been against his master, was different.

He started cultivating since he was a child, and he hated Li Fenglan for asking him to learn things that “had nothing to do with cultivating”.

Before Li Fenglan saw that Meng Linzhou was unwilling, so he didn’t bother to force him, but now when he opened this letter… he was the one who suffered.

In all fairness, Meng Linzhou’s handwriting wasn’t too ugly, it was barely delicate.

But the first sentence of this letter gave Li Fenglan a headache.

“Master, I really did something wrong.”

Li Fenglan: “…”

Is Meng Linzhou really writing a letter?

He suppressed his disgust and read the letter again.

In just two pages, Li Fenglan understood that this thing should be called “review” rather than “letter”.

Meng Linzhou used dozens of sheets of paper, condemning the behavior of the cultivation circle as “killing the donkey when the grinding is done*”. Along the way, he analyzed his rebellious thoughts and expressed his remorse.

* get rid of someone once they cease to be useful

——Meng Linzhou used to think that his Master did something bad and deserved to be punished.

But now he had realized that he was essentially a person who helped his family, not caring about reason. Master pretended to be a casual cultivator back then, and was his only friend, and even saved his life.

In this way, it would be too outrageous for him to stand on the opposite side of his master.

If his master still wanted to fall into qi deviation in this life, he will be a capable subordinate.

“He really didn’t expect that the rebel disciple was usually taciturn, but when he wrote this…why did he talk so much nonsense?” Li Fenglan said softly to Cheng Huang while looking at the self-criticism and stroking Cheng Huang’s back.

The most important thing was that Meng Linzhou’s three views were really getting weirder.

Do you want to harm the world with himself? How could he say that?

It seems that this master has really failed…

Although he didn’t understand what his master said, Cheng Huang still pretended to understand, and nodded along with Li Fenglan.

After a while, Li Fenglan finally finished reading the thick stack of letters.

There was no special expression on his face, Li Fenglan just gently held Cheng Huang in his arms and looked out the window.

In fact, he did miss those Wumei a little bit.

According to legend, Wumei grew in the former underworld and had been extinct since ancient times.

But thousands of years ago, a cultivator found a handful of Wumei seeds from a secret place and gave it to Qiu Wanyou.

After getting the Wumei seeds, Qiu Wanyou casually scattered them on snowy Meizhou, and in the end, only a few plum blossoms survived from the large handful of seeds.

Unexpectedly, Wumei aroused Li Fuyue’s interest.

After leaving snowy Meizhou, Li Fuyue visited secret realms and collected many Wumei seeds.

He worked hard to raise all the flower seeds. It can even be said that most of the Wumei in snowy Meizhou survived entirely by watering them with Li Fuyue’s spiritual power.

After a long time, Li Fuyue’s qi was naturally tainted on the Wumei.

After Li Fuyue died, Meng Linzhou, who had been imprisoned before, was finally released.

When he left that cell, the first thing he did was to return to snowy Meizhou.

But Meng Linzhou was still late. When he arrived at snowy Meizhou, Li Fenglan’s body had already been taken away, and there was only an empty snow field left here, and Wumei, who had lost its owner.

“Li Fuyue…” Meng Linzhou still couldn’t believe that a person like Li Fuyue would die.

He stared blankly into the Wumei forest, and at this moment a strange sound came from his ears.

There were two cultivators who were talking about his master Li Fuyue.

——Meng Linzhou didn’t recognize the two cultivators who spoke. They should be from other sects in the cultivation world, and they came here just to work together to deploy the divine formation.

“…Although Li Fuyue has lost his soul, the place where he died is too close to snowy Meizhou. I am worried that there will be fragments of the soul, which will be attracted and gathered by the Wumei, lingering, would then finally have the resentment condense and turn into an evil spirit. ’” said one of the cultivators.

Then another person added: “That’s right, didn’t Li Fuyue have a delusional idea to cut off the underworld river before? Who knew if what he did had something to do with the Wumei who originally lived in the underworld.”

“That makes sense!”

“Evil spirits?” Hearing these words, Meng Linzhou, who had been silent all this time, walked slowly towards the cultivator who was speaking.

Although the other party didn’t know Meng Linzhou, he was obviously a little scared when he saw his cold appearance.

The two who were chatting immediately fell silent.

However, Meng Linzhou didn’t care about the reactions of those two people. He asked again: “What do you mean by ‘evil souls and evil spirits’?”

The two looked at each other, and after a while, finally one person answered his question.

“Evil souls and evil spirits… are the kind of evil things that have no thoughts and only eat the souls of people and cultivators.”

In fact, the cultivator in front of him had a decent cultivation level, but  outside that, he was just a tactless person.

The situation that the cultivator said was true, but it will not happen to Li Fuyue.

After all, Li Fuyue was killed by the Fushen Array, even his soul was scattered more completely than others.

The reason why many powerful cultivators in the cultivation world spent a lot of time laying down the Fushen Array to kill Li Fuyue was to avoid any future troubles.

“Is that so…” Meng Linzhou frowned tightly. Although he hated his Master, it didn’t mean that he was willing to see Li Fuyue become an “evil soul and evil spirit” as they called it.

… When Li Fuyue was alive, his noble and benevolent character was famous all over the world. He made a mistake and had received the punishment he deserved.

Such a person must never become the kind of person who was neither human nor ghost.

“Then what do you think should be done?” Meng Linzhou asked suddenly.

“What should be done?” The first person hadn’t realized what Meng Linzhou meant.

But at the next moment, another person replied: “You are asking, how can we avoid future troubles forever? That’s easy to say, setting fire to this snowy Meizhou, wouldn’t that be enough?” 

“Burn it?” Meng Linzhou frowned. He pursed his lips and didn’t say a word for a long time, he suddenly became a little out of his mind.

Seeing him like this, the two of them looked at each other and hurriedly left Snowy Meizhou.

When Meng Linzhou was the only one left, he walked slowly to the center of Wumei according to the formation in silence.

There was a Wumei tree growing here, and the trunk of the plum tree was full of sword marks.

Meng Linzhou didn’t speak, he just stretched out his hand silently, brushing the scar on the trunk of the Wumei tree.

“…Li Fuyue, are you really dead?” Meng Linzhou muttered softly.

Although reason told him that Li Fuyue had already died under the Fushen Array, he was still instinctively unwilling to admit that Li Fuyue would die.

The scars on the trunk were all left by Li Fuyue when he taught him how to practice the sword.

After so many years, it has become a part of the Wumei.

After standing here for a long time, Meng Linzhou slowly hugged his knees and sat down against the Wumei.

At this time, in the snow-covered Meizhou, one can hear the sound of a needle falling quietly.

Meng Linzhou buried his face in his knees, and repeated the words over and over again in a low voice: “Li Fuyue, where are you? Li Fuyue, are you really dead…” 

Snowy Meizhou was quiet, there was no one to answer Meng Linzhou’s question.

Unlike Li Fuyue who only came out of Tianmian Palace at the age of three hundred, Meng Linzhou had slipped out countless times since he was a child.

And there were countless beasts and demons who died under his hands.

But such a cultivator whose hands were already stained with blood, it was the first time in his life that he faced the subject of “death” squarely. It was today.

“Li Fuyue…are you really not coming back?” Meng Linzhou was still calling the other party’s name over and over again.

At this time, he had not fully realized that he will never see his Master again.

Death was not a moment, but a long process.

At this moment, Meng Linzhou was in it.

After a long, long time, snowy Meizhou gradually became dark, and he finally stood up while supporting the tree trunk.

Meng Linzhou took a last look at the clumps of Wumei behind him, finally closed his eyes slowly, and summoned a flame to ignite it.

At the moment when the flames were blazing, Lin Chaochen came.

“…You set this fire?” Lin Chaochen’s white clothes were already stained with blood. He was in a trance, as if he had lost his soul.


Meng Linzhou knew that the blood on Lin Chaochen’s body… all came from that person.

“Why did you?” Lin Chaochen gritted his teeth, he stepped forward and grabbed Meng Linzhou’s throat, “Why did you do this?” 

The man’s hands slowly tightened, and the air available for Meng Linzhou to breathe became less and less.

He clearly was about to be strangled to death, but Meng Linzhou laughed.

“Then what about you? Why did you kill Li Fuyue?”

Lin Chaochen didn’t speak, his hand suddenly loosened.

Meng Linzhou coughed twice, and he planned to tell the reason. But when the words came to his lips, he somehow didn’t want to put the three words “Li Fuyue” together with the disgusting “evil soul and evil spirit”.

So he said: “Wumei must be watered with spiritual power. It has been raised by Li Fuyue for thousands of years. Who knows if it has been infected with evil aura? Only by burning it can people feel at ease.” 

After finishing speaking, Meng Linzhou walked away directly.

Lin Chaochen was left alone, stumbling towards the depths of the Wumei.

He cast a spell to summon water vapor in an attempt to extinguish the fire, but it was still a step too late.

Lin Chaochen could only look at the fire that could not be extinguished, and repeatedly recalled what happened before…

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