The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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Lin Chaochen’s memories began in the year when Li Fenglan fell into qi deviation.

At that time, the head of Tianmian Palace was not Jiang Yichang.

It was the second head of Tianmian Palace after its founding, and the world called him “Guan Ran Immortal Venerable”. He was one of the most prestigious cultivators in the cultivation world, but it was a pity that his foundation was seriously injured many years ago when he crossed his tribulation.

Guan Ran Immortal Venerable saw that he had no hope of ascending in this life, so he devoted more energy to Tianmian Palace and the entire cultivation world.

He was very optimistic about Li Fuyue at first, and always regarded Li Fuyue as the second Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor, and hoped that he would increase the splendor of the sect. Unexpectedly, Li Fuyue fell into qi deviation and embarked on a path opposite to that of Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor.

Guan Ran Immortal Venerable knew Li Fuyue too well. He knew that if Li Fuyue fell into qi deviation and couldn’t control himself completely, it would be a catastrophe for the cultivation world.

So before his death and dao disappeared, Guan Ran Immortal Venerable ordered that the next head, Jiang Yichang, and everyone in the sect, and if necessary, use all the power of the cultivation world to kill Li Fenglan, so as to avoid future troubles forever.

As the head of Tianmian Palace, he could not gamble with the entire cultivation world.

It was also after the death of Guan Ran Immortal Venerable that Lin Chaochen clearly realized that the matter was irreversible.

He struggled for a while, and finally pretended to separate with his senior brother and joined the side that represented the interests of the entire cultivation world, but he didn’t take any action for a long time.

One has to say that Lin Chaochen’s acting skills were good, and he knew how to grasp the scale. Everyone in the cultivation world knew that Lin Chaochen had a very good relationship with his senior brother. If he had shown too much enthusiasm for killing Li Fuyue from the beginning, no one would believe him.

During the years of Li Fuyue’s madness, Lin Chaochen didn’t make trouble, nor did he follow the people in the cultivation world to encircle and suppress his senior brother. He just killed the fierce wild beasts silently, and dealt with the mess left by Li Fuyue’s madness.

Therefore, in the past few years, not only did Lin Chaochen not receive suspicion like Meng Linzhou did, he even earned the title of a “gentleman”.

Until the “Fushen Array Plan” was proposed.

There was no doubt that the former Qiu Wanyou was definitely a good teacher.

Qiu Wanyou’s parents, one was a sword cultivator and the other was a law cultivator. Therefore, he was not only good at swordsmanship, but also knew pills and formations.

As a master, Qiu Wanyou carefully taught his two disciples what he knew before his ascension.

The Fushen Array was extremely complicated, and it cannot be set up by just one or two cultivators.

So at this moment, everyone in the cultivation world finally thought of Lin Chaochen.

After several evasions, Lin Chaochen finally participated in this plan for the righteousness of the cultivation world, and became one of the main participants of the formation.

—but this was only on the surface.

Lin Chaochen’s final plan was actually to play tricks in the Fushen Array.

Li Fenglan could only be seriously injured by the formation that he manipulated. The most important thing was that the power of the formation can also counteract all those who participated in the formation in the cultivation world.

Lin Chaochen was worthy of being Qiu Wanyou’s personal disciple, unexpectedly at this moment he had the same thoughts as his master.

Once there was a problem with the Fushen Array, the others would definitely suffer backlash, and there was no way to take care of Li Fuyue for the time being. He could take the opportunity to take his senior brother away and hide…in a place where there were only the two of them.

In fact, Lin Chaochen, the high aspiring protagonist in “Tianmian Daosheng”, had been living under a disguise since thousands of years ago… 

Lin Chaochen has long had an inappropriate desire for his senior brother. When Li Fuyue was hunted down by the cultivation world, those several years, when his identity suddenly fell from the clouds, his embarrassed appearance catalyzed Lin Chaochen’s evil desires.

He thought his plan was infallible.

But there was an accident that day. Li Fuyue suddenly broke free from the immortal chain, in order to win the trust of the cultivation world, Lin Chaochen finally followed the request of the others, raised his sword and entered snowy Meizhou, and shattered his brother’s heart and soul with his own hands.

Then the Fushen Array opened.

Lin Chaochen originally thought that he would apologize to Li Fuyue after he successfully rescued his senior brother after the Fushen Array opened.

In the next tens of millions of years, he would stay with his senior brother. Senior Brother may not forgive himself in a day or two, but he would forgive him one day in the next ten or twenty years.

After all, at that time, his Senior brother’s world would only have him.

But the moment Lin Chaochen activated the Fushen Array, he realized that his hands and feet didn’t work, the formation was actually running smoothly!

The fire in snowy Meizhou burned the goose feathers and snowflakes in the air.

“Ah—” A man’s long cry of grief and anger came from the raging fire.

Lin Chaochen, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly drew his sword, smiled bitterly, and stabbed the sword into his heart without hesitation.

“It was this sword…it was this sword…” A few hours ago, it pierced Li Fuyue’s heart, and now it stabbed its owner mercilessly.

The blade was still so cold.

Realizing that he had hurt his master, the Natal Spirit Sword couldn’t help but wail, trying to break free from the wound. But Lin Chaochen still pressed the hilt of the long sword down, feeling the constant tremor of the blade in his heart.

At this moment, he seemed to fall in love with this feeling.

He slowly fell down on the snow, looked at the heavy snow, and kept repeating the two words “I’m sorry”.

Lin Chaochen could have prevented the plan of the Fushen Array, if he hadn’t joined, the Fushen Array would not be able to be successfully deployed in a short time.

But he was too confident in himself. Lin Chaochen chose to play tricks on the formation, however, Lin Chaochen, who was used to being favored by fate, unexpectedly failed this time.

In his thousand years of life, he didn’t experience many failures. But it was this rare miss that caused Lin Chaochen to lose his most important person forever.

Lin Chaochen felt that he was not strong enough, that’s why he ended up killing his own senior brother.

In his life, he had never failed in succession like today.

The man slowly pulled out the blood-stained longsword from his chest. In a trance, he seemed to see that familiar figure again in the foggy plum.

Thousands of years ago, when Li Fuyue’s soul was gone, Lin Chaochen had a heart demon because of his obsession.

——He wanted to have more power, and he also wanted to revive Li Fuyue.

On the same night, a huge black tower appeared in the forbidden area of ​​Tianmian Palace.

These were all stories that Li Fenglan didn’t know.

In the past few days, the cultivation world was barely calm.

Except for the shocking event of Immortal Meng Linzhou’s return to Snowy Meizhou, nothing major happened.

But such a peaceful life did not last long.

Because the people of Mingxin Sect finally couldn’t bear it and made trouble!

Mingxin Sect disciples always believed that Cheng Duan and their deputy chief had already died in Tianmian Palace. Therefore, they, who were dissatisfied with Tianmian Palace, hated this sect even more.

Such emotions cannot be suppressed.

A while ago, after learning that Qiu Wanyou had traveled to the lower realms, Mingxin Sect did not dare to provoke trouble easily. Now that they saw Qiu Wanyou in the lower realm, not seeming to care about the cultivation world, they finally made a move.

It is unclear if it was a coincidence, but the group who came to destroy the enchantment of Tianmian Palace, they just happened to choose the area behind Miguang Mountain.

At Zi Shi*, Li Fenglan was awakened by Cheng Huang.

* 11pm-1am

It had been nestled by Li Fenglan’s neck. Feeling the strangeness of the enchantment, those ice-blue eyes suddenly opened in the middle of the night.

After observing quietly for a while, Cheng Huang finally turned around, shook Li Fenglan’s sleeves, and reminded: “Aww!” 

“What’s the matter, Cheng Huang?”

Li Fenglan opened his eyes in a daze.

At this time, he was already in the Nascent Soul stage, and he no longer needed to rest according to the routine of mortals like before, but the habits formed in the past few years still could not be changed in a short period of time. Of course, the most important thing was that Li Fenglan’s injury had not healed yet.

After Li Fenglan opened his eyes, he saw that Cheng Huang seemed a little anxious.

“The enchantment…” The next moment he himself discovered the problem.

Someone was attacking the enchantment of Tianmian Palace!

And the location under attack should be near Miguang Mountain.

“What kind of luck is this?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help complaining, he hurriedly changed his clothes, and walked out of the house.

——Miguang Mountain was located on the edge of Tianmian Palace, and it was a very inconspicuous place.

Unexpectedly, in just a few short months, not only did Lin Chaochen fall from the sky and land right here, but someone even attacked Tianmian Palace and chose this location.

After Li Fenglan went out, he saw that Miguang Mountain was still as dark as usual, and the inside and outside of the enchantment on the top of Miguang Mountain were already full of cultivators.

Even though he woke up just now, Li Fenglan recognized at a glance that those people outside the barrier were all cultivators of Mingxin Sect.

…Why did Mingxin Sect send so many people, or were many of them puppets?

When Li Fenglan was puzzled, he saw that the enchantment above his head was suddenly glowing red.

The light was extremely dazzling, he subconsciously stretched out his hand and covered it with his sleeve.

And when Li Fenglan put his hand down, he saw a black shadow penetrate the barrier and appear in front of him.

Li Fenglan: “…”

Wait, could it be that the people from Mingxin Sect came to arrest me instead of avenging their shame?

As a sword cultivator, when faced with danger, Li Fenglan instinctively called out his spirit sword.

And this time, he learned the lesson of being found out by Meng Linzhou, and used the swordsmanship that was common in Tianmian Palace throughout the whole process.

However, just after two moves, Li Fenglan immediately backed away.

He found that his opponent was Cheng Duan himself!

Although the man faked it, the spiritual power used by Cheng Duan was stolen from Li Fenglan.

Did he recognize wrong…

From this point of view, there should be something wrong with the sword at Xihou City not long ago.

Cheng Duan’s true energy was seriously reversed, and now he finally couldn’t help himself and wanted to do the job himself and exchange blood with him.

“Who are you?” Li Fenglan asked without recognizing him while fighting with him.

At the same moment, under the reflection of the moonlight, Li Fenglan’s face became clear.

Although he was mentally prepared, Cheng Duan, who was fighting him, paused the moment he saw this face.

“Watch the sword!” Taking advantage of this blow, Li Fenglan immediately drew out his sword and stabbed fiercely into Cheng Duan’s shoulder.

——He knew that his current self couldn’t beat Cheng Duan who had stolen a whole Dao Heart, but this didn’t mean that Li Fenglan would give up the good opportunity to take revenge on him.

Hearing the sound of the long sword piercing flesh, Li Fenglan’s mood also improved a little.

Since it was Cheng Duan who came to arrest him personally, he should not be able to escape.

But this was not a bad thing.

Li Fenglan thought that it was time for him to get back his Dao Heart.

As soon as he thought of this, Cheng Duan patted the heart of the person opposite him with his palm. Li Fenglan’s eyes darkened, and he passed out completely.

In the shadow hall of Mingxin Sect, on the black marble floor, a bed was unexpectedly placed at some point.

And Cheng Duan, who was dressed in red, didn’t arrest the person to exchange blood with him directly as he originally thought, to completely calm down his Dao heart.

At this moment, he knelt down on the ground, stretched out his hand and stroked the face of the person on the bed over and over again.

“Fuyue… Fuyue…”

Li Fenglan heard these words as soon as he woke up.

At the next moment, he also felt that someone was touching his cheek.

When he saw Cheng Duan that night, Li Fenglan was already mentally prepared, but he still couldn’t help but get goosebumps when he felt the weird itching on his face.

This feeling reminded Li Fenglan of Lin Chaochen he saw in the secret room in snowy Meizhou not long ago.

Now in a different place, the person lying on the bed was still him, and the picture was still so familiar.


Li Fenglan didn’t open his eyes, but he could feel someone gently picking up a strand of his long hair.

The man seemed to be… sniffing his hair.


Why was Cheng Duan even more p*rverted than Lin Chaochen?

Li Fenglan, who originally planned to take this opportunity to find a way to get his Dao Heart back, felt a little regretful after realizing Cheng Duan’s abnormality.

Shouldn’t Cheng Duan be backlashed by his Dao heart?

Why did he have such a ghostly interest and smell his own hair!

Just as Li Fenglan thought of this, the man kneeling beside him slowly let go of the strand of hair in his hand.

The room suddenly became silent, but the tension in Li Fenglan’s heart gradually expanded.

Just when his nerves were most tense, Cheng Duan’s chuckle came from Li Fenglan’s ear.

“Stop pretending, I know you’re awake.”

Li Fenglan: “…”

He silently encouraged himself in his heart, then finally opened his eyes. After living for two lifetimes, after seeing Cheng Duan, Li Fenglan immediately pretended to be surprised and said, “You are… Cheng Duan from Mingxin Sect?”

The man stretched out his extremely cold hands again, and touched Li Fenglan’s cheek, “…As expected of his fellow clansman, even your eyes are very similar to his.” 

“What are you going to do?” Li Fenglan looked at the other party and asked, pretending to be calm.

“I don’t want to do anything.” Cheng Duan smiled and shook his head.

Taking advantage of this moment, Li Fenglan finally saw clearly where he was.

This place was very empty, it should be a large hall. The most strange thing was that there was not a single window in the hall.

Coming to this hall, it should be the place where Cheng Duan had been hiding all these years.

A person who had problems in the first place, staying in a room without light for more than a thousand years… he could only become more p*rverted.

Cheng Duan spoke again: “To be honest, I brought you here to kill you. But—” 

“But what?” Li Fenglan asked through gritted teeth.

“But I’ve changed my mind now.”

Cheng Duan stood up and waved his sleeves with his back to Li Fenglan.

The next moment a small book case appeared in front of Li Fenglan.

“What are you going to do…” Li Fenglan realized that he really couldn’t figure out what Cheng Duan was thinking.

“You will know soon.” Cheng Duan smiled, and picked up a very thin pen from the desk.

The reborn Li Fenglan had a much better mentality. Even when he saw Cheng Duan picking up a pen, he couldn’t help but joke to himself in his heart – could it be that Cheng Duan wanted to stab me to death with a pen?

There would be some difficulties.

Yet he only saw the man slowly sitting in front of the desk, dipping the tip of his pen into the small dish of cinnabar on the desk.

He didn’t speak, just got up with a pen and walked to the bed.

Cheng Duan sat down on his knees again, and laid half of his body beside the bed.

Li Fenglan could even feel the other party’s breath.

Although his body was not very mobile now, Li Fenglan still expended all his strength to try to stay away from Cheng Duan.

The man in red looked at Li Fenglan with very gentle eyes, but this kind of gentleness was also somewhat penetrating.

“Don’t move.” Seeing that Li Fenglan wanted to move inward, Cheng Duan immediately put away his smile.

He stretched out his left hand and pinched Li Fenglan’s chin fiercely.

Cheng Duan’s hand was very strong, it seemed that with just one move, a piece of Li Fenglan’s chin was already bruised.

“Cheng Duan, what exactly are you going to do?” Li Fenglan asked through gritted teeth.

The man in red didn’t speak, he pinched Li Fenglan’s chin tightly, and looked at Li Fenglan left and right for a while.

After a while, Cheng Duan’s writing hand also slowly lifted up.

Looking at the pen dipped in cinnabar, Li Fenglan subconsciously closed his eyes.

But the pain he imagined did not come.

A cool feeling suddenly came from Li Fenglan’s forehead.

He froze for a moment, and after a short pause, opened his eyes again.

This glance coincided with Cheng Duan’s gaze.

He saw the man in red, holding the pen, tracing something on his forehead very seriously.

… This position was exactly where the Dao seal on his forehead was located in his last life.

Dao Seal was something that only those who have practiced the Ruthless Dao since childhood have.

It was intended to remind cultivators that no matter where they were or what kind of problems they encountered, they must stabilize their dao.

Although Li Fenglan was not a cultivator of the Ruthless dao, in the year when he first went to Tianmian Palace, he was always thinking about the affairs of the human world, and he was unable to practice well.

So Qiu Wanyou made a move, and left this Dao seal on Li Fenglan’s forehead as a reminder.

Cheng Duan’s movements were very gentle, he traced on Li Fenglan’s forehead bit by bit. After a long time, he finally reluctantly put down the pen in his hand.

“Okay,” Cheng Duan turned around and dropped the pen on the case, “It’s about 70% or 80% similar.” He looked at Li Fenglan and said softly.

The Shadow Hall was very empty, and Cheng Duan’s words echoed in the hall.

Before being reborn, Li Fenglan learned a lot of new knowledge and words in the comment section of “Tianmian Daosheng”.

After seeing Cheng Duan’s current state, two words popped out from the depths of his mind in an instant.


Blah blah blah…I was thinking of some gibberish.

Just when Li Fenglan was repeatedly reminding himself not to think wildly, a sandalwood hanger appeared in the originally empty hall.

On the hanger, there was a robe that Li Fenglan was familiar with.

It was a white brocade gown with a little gold pattern embroidered on it.

…the familiar folded brocade gown, paired with the Dao seal on the forehead.

How did he think too much just now, Cheng Duan was clearly dressing himself up like Li Fuyue!

Li Fenglan saw this, and Cheng Duan didn’t hide his intentions.

“Put it on, and pair it with a white jade sword…you are the most similar person I have ever seen in this world.” The man said with a smile.

The man in red stood up from the bed, walked slowly to the hanger, pulled the dress off, and finally embraced it in his arms full of nostalgia.

“If you want to live a few more days, change into this dress,” Cheng Duan threw the clothes on Li Fenglan’s body, and then said softly.

Cheng Duan was such a p*rvert, he really wanted him to pretend to be Li Fuyue himself.

In all fairness, Cheng Duan looked good, his facial features were bright and gorgeous, if he was normal, he would definitely be considered romantic and suave.

But seeing his face now, Li Fenglan felt disgusted.

In his previous life, he met many white-eyed wolves, but Cheng Duan was still the most “outstanding” one among this bunch of white-eyed wolves.

Although people had to bow their heads under the eaves (adapt to the circumstance), so much that he even planned to temporarily cooperate with Cheng Duan, and then find a way to get back his Dao Heart when the other party relaxed his vigilance.

But Li Fenglan still couldn’t swallow this breath.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “You want me to pretend to be Li Fuyue?”

Cheng Duan didn’t seem surprised that Li Fenglan guessed his purpose.

He smiled and said, “Yes. You don’t have a choice.” 

“If what I learned was correct, Cheng Duan Immortal of the Mingxin Sect should have been one of the people who hunted down and killed Li Fuyue back then, right?”

Cheng Duan laughed.

His laughter was very exaggerated, and it looked extraordinarily weird in the empty hall.

After a long time, Cheng Duan finally calmed down.

He walked over and patted Li Fenglan’s face lightly with the back of his hand and said: “That’s right, speaking of it, I would also like to thank his qi deviation. If it wasn’t for his qi deviation, he should be in the upper realm by now…but now…”

There was a bit of madness in Cheng Duan’s eyes.

Under Li Fenglan’s gaze, he slowly put his hand on his heart.

After a while, Cheng Duan looked into Li Fenglan’s eyes and said, “But now, he is a part of me.” 

“…” P*rverted! ! !

Li Fenglan, who was lying on the bed and couldn’t move, was very calm on the surface, but his heart was completely filled with the word “pervert”.

“How much do you hate him—”

Before Li Fenglan finished speaking, Cheng Duan stretched out his hand to cover his mouth.

“No, I love him.” The man said softly.

“What…” Did he get it wrong?

Or was there something wrong with his understanding of the word “love”? ? ?

“Li Fuyue saved my life in the secret realm back then. He was the first person in the world to treat me as a friend. How could I hate him?” Cheng Duan laid on the bedside, he looked at Li Fenglan with this face, and spoke softly, full of nostalgia.

Cheng Duan’s expression softened at this moment, as if he had suddenly fallen in love.

Li Fenglan felt that he really didn’t understand his abnormal brain circuit at all. He took a deep breath and asked Cheng Duan: “But you led the Mingxin Sect members and chased him all the time.” 

“Hahahaha yes.” Cheng Duan stood up with a smile, his face against the backdrop of the red dress on his body actually showed a bit of ferocity.

Cheng Duan was not a talkative person, but in the past thousand years, he had not chatted with anyone for a long, long time.

In addition, Li Fenglan, who was lying here at this time, was seven or eight points similar to Li Fuyue in the previous life, and Cheng Duan’s words suddenly increased.

“I love him, so naturally I can’t let him ascend by himself… How could he leave me and ascend to the upper world by himself?” Cheng Duan said this in a breathless voice. Rather than saying that he was telling Li Fenglan, it was better to say that he was telling it to himself.

He glanced at Li Fenglan again and said: “Li Fuyue can only belong to me alone, even if he dies, he is still mine. If he goes to the upper realm, I will never see him again…so compared to him dying, what’s the difference?”

Li Fenglan understood Cheng Duan’s logic.

——He seemed to think that Li Fuyue would either die or ascend. Anyways, no matter which one it was, he would never see the other again in his whole life.

So since he can’t get him, why not destroy him.

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