The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Because of the existence of the original plot, Li Fenglan had subconsciously been wary of Mo Shenyu since his rebirth. But no matter what psychological preparations he had made before, Li Fenglan still couldn’t help holding his breath when he saw this scene.

He saw more and more fierce beasts gathered around Mo Shenyu, but none of them had the intention of attacking the man.

The weird scene in front of him made Li Fenglan think of something belatedly.

——Although the original owner was only at the foundation-establishment stage, and even had old wounds on his spiritual veins, his master was Ling Buyan after all.

Since the injury, the original owner had been carrying the storage bag given by his master.

Even if he was besieged here by fierce beasts, he could temporarily hide his figure and aura with the Qingzhu at the worst, so as to avoid being killed by the fierce beasts.

In short, although the original owner couldn’t beat the beasts, he was able to hide from it.

From this point of view, it was possible that Li Fenglan in “Tianmian Daosheng” did not die because of a fierce beast.

Maybe he was killed by Mo Shenyu because… he saw something he shouldn’t have seen?

The more Li Fenglan thought about it, the more he felt that this conjecture was possible. Didn’t Mo Shenyu deliberately lure himself away to another valley just now?

There were more and more fierce beasts in the valley outside Lugu City. From a distance, you can only see black dots. The denseness made one’s scalp numb.

Li Fenglan had never seen so many ferocious beasts before. Standing on the ground, while carefully controlling his soul, he subconsciously clenched the long sword in his hand.

After an unknown amount of time, Mo Shenyu, who was sitting on the boulder meditating, finally opened his eyes slowly after the beasts blocked the entire valley.

At this moment, the wind in Li Fenglan’s ears seemed to have stopped, and he couldn’t help exclaiming in a low voice: “Eyes…”

That’s right, eyes.

The whole eyeballs of the man sitting on the boulder turned golden yellow, and a Dao seal that Li Fenglan had never seen before appeared on his forehead in an instant.

That seal covered half of Mo Shenyu’s forehead, it was complicated and gorgeous, and had an indescribably weird feeling.

The most important thing was that apart from these things on his body, Mo Shenyu’s expression was completely different from usual. Li Fenglan couldn’t see any joy or sorrow from him.

“One thousand four hundred and twenty heads…” Mo Shenyu said softly.

One thousand four hundred and twenty heads? Li Fenglan paused for a moment before realizing that what Mo Shenyu was talking about should be the number of ferocious beasts…

If this number was correct, then the tide of ferocious beasts in front of him was truly unprecedented!

After counting, Mo Shenyu’s whole body suddenly glowed with a faint golden light.

The golden light became brighter and brighter, and it didn’t take long before it was enough to compare with the brilliance of the waning moon in the sky.

The valley in Lugu City was extremely quiet. There were thousands of beasts here, but none of them made a sound. They stood here neatly one by one, as if turned into sculptures.

Li Fenglan’s scalp also felt numb.

Immediately afterwards, he saw that the bodies of those ferocious beasts on the ground also began to glow with golden light. And those dots of light gathered without exception and merged into Mo Shenyu’s body…

Seeing this, Li Fenglan already understood what happened before his eyes.

——Mo Shenyu that person did have a problem!

On the surface, he was a cultivator who didn’t like to cultivate, more eager for secular life. Yet unexpectedly, he was able to directly absorb the spiritual energy in these ferocious beasts and use it for himself… Most importantly, his body was able to withstand the spiritual energy!

——Different from ancient natural ferocious beasts like Cheng Huang, the auras in the bodies of these ferocious beasts in front of them were very mixed. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Li Fenglan would not have believed that someone could directly absorb the aura from the body of an ordinary beast.

Then thinking of Mo Shenyu’s attachment to the world for many years, and never working hard to cultivate, but his cultivation base was still not weak, Li Fenglan thought to himself, it must not be a day or two for Mo Shenyu doing this.

It was even possible that from the very beginning, Mo Shenyu had been relying on fierce beasts to accumulate cultivation.

The scene in the valley of Lugu City was like a festival.

And that Mo Shenyu, with the pair of golden pupils, had a completely different demeanor from the person in Li Fenglan’s impression.

Although Li Fenglan was curious about how the ceremony would end, he still didn’t stay here any longer after realizing that there was something wrong with Mo Shenyu.

He hesitated for a moment, then turned and headed towards another valley.

The original owner was probably unlucky at this time, because he ran into the secret of his Shi Shu, and was silenced by Mo Shenyu. He had read “Tianmian Daosheng” anyway, so he must not follow in his footsteps.

Right now, he had already determined that there was something wrong with Mo Shenyu, so he didn’t want to stay here any longer.

And not long after Li Fenglan left, Mo Shenyu suddenly turned around and glanced at the direction where the valleys met.

After a while, he slowly retracted his gaze.

Li Fenglan, who was leaving, didn’t realize that his heart was beating extremely fast at this time, and even his breathing became messy.

Perhaps because of nervousness, Li Fenglan’s speed subconsciously increased. It didn’t take long before he saw Duan Qianli and his group—they were supposed to be heading towards Duozhi Mountain along the canyon, but they stopped at some point.

Looking forward, there were about fifty or sixty fierce beasts standing there confronting Duan Qianli and the others.

“It’s an immortal-level ferocious beast…” Li Fenglan recognized it at a glance.

Before Cheng Huang was born, this immortal beast was the most powerful kind in the world. Li Fenglan had only seen more than a dozen of them moving together before, and this was the first time he had seen such a large-scale swarm of immortal-level beasts.

Even if Duan Qianli was a demonic cultivator at the immortalization stage, he was not the opponent of so many fierce beasts.

From when Li Fenglan saw Duan Qianli and his party, to when he rushed there with his sword, it only took a few breaths.

However, in such a short period of time, a ferocious beast at the front screamed, stretched out its sharp claws and tore at Duan Qianli’s followers. In the blink of an eye, a demonic cultivator at the demi-god stage was torn in half by the beast.

Duan Qianli and the others seemed to have been affected by something, and their movements gradually slowed down.

As soon as Li Fenglan approached, he felt something was wrong here. There was a stabbing pain in his forehead, and then he felt drowsy.

Fortunately, Cheng Huang had bitten Li Fenglan before and the wound hadn’t healed yet, so at this moment, it started to hurt a little, and unexpectedly kept him awake by mistake.

A fierce battle broke out in an instant.

Dozens of ferocious beasts headed towards Duan Qianli and the others.

The ferocious beast took out several demonic cultivators with just a few strikes. Even Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian were injured.

…Now, there were two choices before Li Fenglan’s eyes.

One was to pretend not to see it and leave here directly.

The other was to rescue the two demonic cultivators from here at the risk of revealing his identity.

There was not much time left for Li Fenglan to struggle. He had just jumped off the flying sword when he heard Duan Wannian shout “Older Brother!” The next moment, the two demonic cultivators were silent.


Seeing this, Li Fenglan finally followed his instinct and went forward to fish the two of them out of the tide of beasts with the fastest speed.

Those ferocious beasts jumped into the air, but their movements were not as fast as Li Fenglan’s.

Just before the sharp claws reached the long sword, the flying sword turned into a bright light and disappeared from here.

While taking Duan Qianli and the two away, Li Fenglan couldn’t help explaining to himself in his heart – this wave of ferocious beasts was too strange, leaving two witnesses behind, he should wait for them to wake up and ask what happened just now.

In a blink of an eye, Li Fenglan took the two unconscious demons with his sword and headed towards Lugu City.

Then he quickly found a long-abandoned house, and landed.

Until this time, Li Fenglan’s heart that had been suspended on his body slowly fell back.

He poked Duan Qianli, and called softly: “Wake up! Wake up—”

However, the demonic cultivator lying on the ground remained motionless.

Seeing that the two demonic cultivators were completely unconscious, even after screaming for a long time, there was no movement from them.

Li Fenglan thought, if Duan Qianli was the only one here today, he might just throw him in the yard and let him fend for himself.

But now Duan Wannian was also lying here with him…

Although he knew in his heart that Duan Wannian was also a big monster who had lived for thousands of years but looking at the appearance of the human, sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl, Li Fenglan hesitated for a while, and decided to be a good person to the end.

He dragged the two of them back to the house with great effort.

“Why is it so heavy…” After entering the door, Li Fenglan let out a long sigh of relief and sat down at the table to rest.

He saw that Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian still had their eyes closed tightly, showing no signs of getting up.

“Why is it so bright in the room?” At this moment, Li Fenglan finally realized something was wrong.

He was staying in an abandoned house that had not been lived in for many years. The doors and windows here were closed, and logically speaking, there should be no light at all.

But now, the house was not dark at all.

Li Fenglan’s gaze moved from the corners of the room little by little, and finally… fell on the two people lying on the ground.

He discovered that it was Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian who were shining!

Obviously he just discovered Mo Shenyu’s big secret just now, but seeing the scene in front of him, Li Fenglan still couldn’t help laughing.

Also at this moment, there was another burst of golden light, and the two brothers and sisters lying on the ground suddenly turned into their original form.

This small house was instantly filled with two giant golden birds.

If Li Fenglan hadn’t raised his hand in time to block the golden light with his sleeve, his eyes might not feel good in the next few days.

“F*ck…” In the dead of night, Li Fenglan finally couldn’t help saying this word that often appeared in the comment section of “Tianmian Daosheng”, “What should I do?” 

Duan Qianli, who turned back to his original form, was overflowing with evil spirit. It won’t be long before all the cultivators and Demon Clans around here will be attracted. It would be fine if the two golden birds in front of him were ordinary monsters, but they were the monster master and the monster princess!

Once recognized by others, the cultivation world, which was not very peaceful in the first place, might become noisy again.

The most important thing for the disciples of Tianmian Palace to go out was not to disturb the human world.

In the previous life, Li Fuyue obeyed this rule very well, but in the second life, Li Fenglan felt that… he seemed to have accidentally messed up some things.

“What should I do…” Li Fenglan bit his lip in confusion.

This time, he really picked up two big troubles.

Li Fenglan stepped forward to pat Duan Qianli.

Duan Qianli remained motionless.

Li Fenglan sighed softly, stretched out his hand and plucked a golden feather from Duan Qianli’s wing.

He remained motionless.

“It’s over now.” Li Fenglan said in despair.

Seeing the passage of time, yet the two demonic cultivators remained motionless, Li Fenglan simply didn’t do anything, and took out the Qiankun bag that he had been wearing all the time.

I’m afraid I’m going to wrong you two this time, please stay in the Qiankun bag first.

After putting the two monsters into the Qiankun bag, Li Fenglan directly left Lugu City with the sword.

He didn’t have the energy and interest to care about what Mo Shenyu was doing now.

Li Fenglan intended to rush back to Tianmian Palace as soon as possible to report to the Sect, while staying as far away from Mo Shenyu as possible.

The most important thing was… Li Fenglan took another look at the Qiankun Bag.

He thought that the two big troubles in front of him might, perhaps, probably… still have to be handed over to his master.

At dawn, Li Fenglan finally returned to Tianmian Palace.

He saw that there were many flying swords coming from all directions at this time, and these should be cultivators who had already dealt with the tide of ferocious beasts.

The number of beasts outside the sect was normal, Li Fenglan glanced at it and thought——Ling Buyan should still be in Miguang Mountain.

Although he was a little curious about whether they had encountered strange things like himself along the way, Li Fenglan still didn’t make any pauses and returned directly to Miguang Mountain.

Who told him that in his Qiankun bag, there was another… Ah, no. Two big troubles awaiting.

Not long after, with a silver light, Li Fenglan stood on the cliff of Miguang Mountain.

He walked quickly towards the main hall of Miguang Mountain.

But at the first moment when Li Fenglan pushed the door and was about to enter, the main hall door opened by itself.

“Fenglan, has the matter been resolved?” Seeing Li Fenglan’s panic-stricken look, Ling Buyan seemed a little surprised.

After all, Li Fenglan felt a little uneasy as he was carrying the Lord of the Demon Clan with him along the way. It wasn’t until he saw Ling Buyan that he breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s a little complicated…” Li Fenglan looked into the hall with some hesitation, “Why don’t we go in and talk?”

Ling Buyan paused slightly, nodded and said, “Okay.”

The cultivator in black turned and closed the door. At the main entrance of the main hall, “What’s wrong Fenglan? Did something happen?” Ling Buyan asked with a frown.

Although it was less than a day since he left the sect, too many things really happened in this short day. Ling Buyan suddenly asked a question, but Li Fenglan didn’t know where to start.

But the most important thing was that he had to bring himself back two troublesome things and confess to his master.

“It’s like this master. I met an acquaintance by accident…” Li Fenglan didn’t notice that although he had already revealed his identity, he still said the word “Master” very naturally. 

The two sat down at the tea table while talking.

“Who was it?” Ling Buyan shook his head and asked curiously.

Li Fenglan sighed with some confusion, and said slowly: “Master, do you still remember ‘He Yinyuan’?”

Ling Buyan nodded: “Yes.”

“Do you know who his real identity is?” Li Fenglan asked again.

This time, Ling Buyan frowned slightly. It seemed that he really didn’t know who “He Yinyuan” was, and he didn’t care too much about it…

Speaking of Duan Qianli, as a descendant of a demon god, he did nothing to disguise his identity. Even Li Fenglan, who was in the heyday of his previous life, couldn’t find any monster aura in him.

It’s perfectly normal for Ling Buyan to not know who Duan Qianli is.

However, it was such a perfectly normal thing that actually made Li Fenglan feel a little bit of joy in his heart.

“Actually, he is Duan Qianli.”

After speaking, Li Fenglan saw Ling Buyan raise his eyebrows in surprise and said, “Duan Qianli, the leader of the demon clan?” 

“That’s right,”

Li Fenglan nodded quickly, “It’s him!”

Hearing this, Ling Buyan laughed, he thought for a while and said, “I remember that his relationship with you seems to be not very good.” 

“Uh…” Li Fenglan said a little embarrassed, “In the last life, it was like that.”

In this life, Li Fenglan was used to expressing his feelings on his face. And his current expression was clearly telling the story of himself and Duan Qianli, which was not as simple as the rumors.

For some reason, seeing Li Fenglan’s expression like this, Ling Buyan actually felt… a little sour.

But Immortal Ling always had a smiling face, and no one could see what he was thinking.

Li Fenglan paused for a moment, and said briefly: “Actually, what I wanted to say had nothing to do with ‘He Yinyuan’. After I left the sect just now, I met Duan Qianli and his sister Duan Wannian in the beast tide.”

“Huh?” Ling Buyan raised his eyebrows slightly, he obviously didn’t say anything, but Li Fenglan felt guilty.

Li Fenglan subconsciously stretched out his hand, tapped on the table, and said after a while: “Then…the horde of beasts just now looked very abnormal. The two of them were eyewitnesses, so I just picked them up.”

Hearing this, Ling Buyan finally understood—his disciple picked the Demon Clan Lord and the princess of the Demon Clan?

“Where are they now?” Ling Buyan asked.

Li Fenglan smiled awkwardly, and finally gave this great gift to his master.

In the blink of an eye, two golden figures suddenly appeared in this hall that was not dark in itself.

Ling Buyan squinted his eyes, and then saw two golden Bifangs who were sleeping unconscious, lying in the center of the Miguang Mountain Hall…

Li Fenglan smiled and glanced at his master.

Ling Buyan: “…” Why did he feel that he seems to be tricked by his disciple?

“Forget it, I have a place where they can stay for a while.” Ling Buyan waved his hand slightly, and the two monsters lying on the ground disappeared.

“Eh?” Li Fenglan couldn’t help asking curiously, “Where did they go?”

Ling Buyan turned around and replied with a smile, “To be with Cheng Huang.”

… Forget it, I hope they will be blessed.

After talking about Duan Qianli, Li Fenglan’s mood gradually became serious.

He sat back at the table with Ling Buyan, and Li Fenglan took a sip of cold tea before saying, “Master, I have one very important thing to tell you this time. Regarding this wave of beasts, there is also Shi Shu, Mo Shenyu.”

“Mo Shenyu…” Ling Buyan repeated these three words.

Li Fenglan felt that when hearing these three words, Ling Buyan’s expression also became serious.

Although Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan were now teammates, both of them can feel that the other party still had a lot of important information to hide from the other.

At this time, Li Fenglan’s tone was somewhat tentative.

“Master, do you know that Mo Shenyu had a problem?”

Li Fenglan saw that the hand holding the teacup was visibly trembling slightly.

This time Ling Buyan didn’t speak, he just stood up.

Ling Buyan nodded first, then shook his head gently after a moment of silence.

“He hasn’t had any problems these years… Did something happen this time?” Ling Buyan suddenly asked with a frown.

Ling Buyan only spoke half of it, but Li Fenglan inexplicably understood the meaning of the other party’s words.

——There was probably something wrong with Mo Shenyu, but before that, he didn’t have any problems because of this “problem”.

“Then I’ll just say it straight,” Li Fenglan said in a deep voice, “I just saw that Mo Shenyu was absorbing the spiritual power of the beasts.” 

This time, Li Fenglan finally read the word “shock” on Ling Buyan’s face. 


He quickly told Ling Buyan what he saw just now. After the voice fell, the hall in Miguang Mountain suddenly became very quiet.

“This is the first time I found out about what you said.” After a while, Ling Buyan suddenly looked out of the window, and he said softly, “In this case, I think today’s tide of ferocious beasts should be inseparable from Mo Shenyu.”

Tianmian Palace was the number one sect in the cultivation world, and the aura here was extremely abundant.

So many ferocious beasts gathered in Tianmian Palace, probably for the purpose of absorbing the spiritual power here.

And Mo Shenyu’s identity was probably more complicated than he imagined.

Information related to Mo Shenyu quickly flashed through Li Fenglan’s mind. Then he suddenly came up with a conjecture—it might not be a coincidence that Ling Buyan and Mo Shenyu became brothers.

Although most of the people in Tianmian Palace went to surround the beasts, it didn’t have much effect.

Outside Tianmian Palace, more and more fierce beasts gathered. In Li Fenglan’s ears, the roar of a ferocious beast could even be heard.

At this time, a bell rang on the main peak of the sect, and immediately Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan walked towards the outside of the barrier.

At this moment, Li Fenglan subconsciously looked towards the main peak. He thought of the plot in “Tianmian Daosheng” – before betraying the sect, the last thing Mo Shenyu did was to seize Finished Karma.

Although Li Fenglan didn’t understand why he did this, he wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with Ling Buyan’s ending.

But it was time to take back this sword that belonged to him.

Thinking of this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but silently recite in his heart the formula that drives Finished Karma. And in the far distance of the Lighting Building, the white long sword also whined softly…

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