The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 41

Chapter 41

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Outside the barrier of Tianmian Palace, it was already full of cultivators.

Adding up the two lives together, Li Fenglan had never seen such a spectacular scene.

Seeing the ferocious beasts densely packed beneath his feet, as well as countless fellow disciples around him, Li Fenglan suddenly felt that everything in his previous life was very far away from him.

The former Li Fuyue always stood at the forefront of the crowd and was everyone’s support.

But now, reborn, he had moved to the crowd from the frontmost position.

At this time, except for the sect leader Jiang Yichang, all the immortals in Tianmian Palace were guarding the main peak, using their spiritual power to support the sect’s barrier to protect the mountain. Although there were not many old acquaintances here, with the face of “Li Fuyue”, there were still too many people in the cultivation world who would know him.

After leaving Miguang Mountain, Ling Buyan gave Li Fenglan a new veiled hat.

With the familiar veiled hat covering him, Li Fenglan felt much more at ease.

“Be careful, we don’t want to get separated later.” Ling Buyan said softly.

“Okay.” Li Fenglan slowly clenched the long sword in his hand.

Outside Tianmian Palace, countless ferocious beasts filled the open space. They raised their heads and roared towards where the cultivators were, with extremely hideous expressions. The loud noise resounded like thunder in everyone’s ears.

Li Fenglan saw——at this moment, the leading beast finally started to attack the barrier of Tianmian Palace! And the cultivators who had been preparing for a long time also rushed out from here with their swords.

Tianmian Palace was a sword cultivator sect. At this time, with so many cultivators using their spiritual power together, a monstrous sword intent appeared in the air in an instant.

Sword lights of various colors attacked the ferocious beast together, covering up the sky.

Li Fenglan planned to kill as many beasts as possible to prevent Mo Shenyu’s plan.

However, at the moment he left the enchantment, things suddenly became a bit wrong.

In the previous moment, most of the beasts were attacking the barrier of Tianmian Palace, while a small number of beasts were attacking the cultivators.

But just after Li Fenglan got out of the barrier, all the vicious beasts nearby raised their heads and stared at him. But after a few breaths, the fierce beasts at the front suddenly opened their mouths wide, and rushed towards Li Fenglan’s position.

He suddenly became the focus of the attacks of the nearby ferocious beasts.

Li Fenglan: Wait? What’s happening here?

Just when Li Fenglan was stunned, Ling Buyan who was standing beside him suddenly frowned and approached and said: “The aura on your body is too pure.”

What? The aura is too pure?

Li Fenglan thought this sentence was inexplicable at first, but after a while, he figured out the meaning of Ling Buyan.

The spiritual power in his body was not obtained through meditation and cultivation like other cultivators, but was directly “taken” back.

The spiritual power had been deposited in his Dao heart for thousands of years, so wouldn’t they be extremely pure? Coupled with the two Nine Nine Heavenly thunder tribulation not long ago… it was pure and cannot be purer.

Li Fenglan suddenly understood that his current self was simply a dessert in front of this group of beasts that fed on spiritual energy.

Dessert Li Fenglan backed away silently.

Sure enough, these ferocious beasts followed suit.

Li Fenglan had already regained his Dao Heart, so it was no problem to deal with these beasts. It’s just that if he really killed them, his own cultivation would definitely be exposed.

Just when he was thinking about whether he should fly off to lure these beasts away, a sudden change occurred on the edge of the barrier.

—— Li Fenglan heard from a distance, a long howl suddenly coming from Tianmian Palace.

The place where the sound came from was still some distance away from where they were but upon hearing this long howl, not only the cultivators in Tianmian Palace, but even the beasts outside stopped at the same time.

“Woo…” The fierce beast standing directly opposite Li Fenglan let out a hoarse roar from its throat.

It glanced back at its companion, and then backed away a little bit the next moment.

“Be careful.” At this time, Ling Buyan also came over and blocked Li Fenglan behind him, “Stay back.” Then the two faced the beast and slowly retreated towards the rear.

At this time, behind the crowd, there was another long howl just like before.

The sound was so loud that the long swords in everyone’s hands trembled slightly under the influence of it. In the mountains not far away, huge boulders were also cracked.

Just now, those ferocious beasts that were rushing to the front, ready to attack Li Fenglan, were shocked by that long howl, and they all fell heavily to the ground, looking as if they had suffered internal injuries.

… Li Fenglan was sure that he had never heard such a voice before.

Not far from Li Fenglan’s location, a cultivator couldn’t help but show an extremely terrified expression. He glanced at the people around him and asked softly: “…This, how does this sound sound even more scary than those ferocious beasts outside?”

Although Li Fenglan didn’t say anything, he also had the same feeling.

At the same time as the loud noise came from behind, Li Fenglan’s heart throbbed unexpectedly.

Judging by the reactions of the people around him, he should not be a special case.

Li Fenglan saw that the fierce beast in front actually retreated little by little. Although the retreat was not large, because of the huge number, looking down from his position, it was simply spectacular to the extreme.

Standing at the front, Jiang Yichang waved the cultivators back, but before everyone returned to the barrier, a huge shadow suddenly cast over their heads.


There was a scream in Li Fenglan’s ear.

At the same time, he saw that at least one-third of the fierce beasts in front of him, all of which showed fearful expressions in their eyes. There were even some weaker beasts on the edge that actually started to go against the tide of the beasts and head towards the opposite direction of Tianmian Palace.

This situation was too abnormal.

As an experienced cultivator, Li Fenglan was sure that only when something more terrifying appeared, could a group of ferocious beasts show such expressions.

From the corner of his eye, Li Fenglan saw that someone beside him was already pale, so nervous that he couldn’t even hold his sword tightly.

Hiding was not an option.

Li Fenglan counted silently in his heart, then took a deep breath, and finally mustered up the courage to look up towards the sky.

The next moment, what appeared in front of his eyes was a creature as huge as a mountain. Because it was too close, Li Fenglan couldn’t even see what it looked like.

He could only see clumps of white hair, and… two long horns faintly protruding from behind.

Wait? Long horns behind.

“…Cheng Huang?” Li Fenglan tentatively called in a low voice.

“Woo~” The next moment, the huge white creature suddenly lowered its head and glanced at Li Fenglan.

Its eyes alone were as big as the small lake at the back of Miguang Mountain.

…It really was him!

D*mn, when did Cheng Huang become so big! If Cheng Huang had been this big back then, it would be absolutely impossible for him to defeat it and take it as a spirit beast.

Although Cheng Huang had been around for a long time, only a few other people had seen him in the entire Tianmian Palace.

In the eyes of most people, what appeared in front of their eyes at this time was just a huge beast that they had never seen before. This ferocious beast’s one front paw and a little force was enough to smash this mountain into pieces.

At this time, the hearts of those who saw Cheng Huang were full of fear and curiosity. But those who stood beside this huge beast didn’t dare to discuss it out loud, and they didn’t even dare to move.

“It’s Cheng Huang.” Only Ling Buyan, who was standing beside Li Fenglan, looked up at it, and then said softly, “It’s grown up.”

Cheng Huang had grown up!

When Li Fenglan heard this sentence, he felt as if he had returned to the time when he was going through the Nine Nine Heavenly thunder tribulation a few days ago.

——Simply put, he felt like he was being struck by lightning.

Although Cheng Huang was more than a thousand years old, he can only be regarded as a child in the ancient beast world.

According to the age calculation method of ordinary human beings, Cheng Huang was about ten years old. As its owner, Li Fenglan had always treated Cheng Huang as a child.

But now, someone suddenly told him that the pet he raised as a child had suddenly grown up!

Li Fenglan felt that the world had become bad.

The huge beast soared into the sky, and it was at this moment that Li Fenglan saw that the two long horns behind Cheng Huang also ignited a faint blue flame at this moment. With a long howl, it flew over the heads of those ferocious beasts in front.

——When Li Fenglan adopted Cheng Huang as a spirit beast, he put a curse on it to prevent it from attacking and harming humans.

But those low-level species in front of them were not within the protection range of the spell.

The huge snow-colored ferocious beast stood in the void, and just looking at it was enough to make people tremble. Its ice-blue eyes slowly turned, scanning the ferocious beasts on the ground.

Cheng Huang’s eyes were extremely sharp, not at all like the little spirit beast that only acted coquettishly and cute in the past… 

Li Fenglan felt a little sad for a while.

When adopting Cheng Huang as a spirit beast, Li Fenglan, who had seen some of its inherited memories, knew that—in fact, like cultivators, fierce beasts also have something similar to “pressure”.

The “pressure” of Cheng Huang, an ancient natural ferocious beast, was naturally incomparable to other ferocious beasts.

As cultivators, they couldn’t feel it, but those fierce beasts had obviously been affected by the pressure.

At this time, there was silence outside Tianmian Palace barrier, and everyone held their breath, wanting to see what the huge white beast was going to do.

“Senior brother… that white beast, won’t it join them?” 

“I don’t know… I hope not.”

“I can’t say, it’s better to beware of the fierce beast.”

Not far away resounded such a whispered conversation – obviously, even after more than a thousand years, people still thought that Cheng Huang was a dangerous creature.

It was born as a ferocious beast, even its existence was wrong.

If it was thousands of years ago, Li Fenglan might have been angry when he heard these words, but now he had no interest in paying attention to what other people thought.

As the owner of Cheng Huang, Li Fenglan was perhaps the most nervous person here.

Cheng Huang won’t get hurt, right?

Can it defeat those fierce beasts?

Looking at Cheng Huang’s huge back, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but clench his hands tightly.

However, at the next moment, something unexpected happened to Li Fenglan… 

Cheng Huang stood on the clouds, then let out a threatening growl from its throat, at the same time, a faint blue flame sprouted from its claws.

Cheng Huang’s blue eyes slowly swept across the beast that tried to attack Li Fenglan just now. In the next moment, it slashed down with one paw, smashing those ferocious beasts to pieces.

Seeing its same kind turn into ashes, many ferocious beasts on the ground hesitated for a moment, then turned around and left slowly.

Ling Buyan said to Li Fenglan: “This is blood suppression, they are afraid of ancient natural beasts like Cheng Huang.”

That was the instinct engraved in the blood of fierce beasts.

Under the astonished eyes of everyone, half of the fierce beasts that had gathered here had dispersed within a short period of time.

Then Cheng Huang, who was standing in mid-air, suddenly fell down, the one facing it should be the most powerful one in the horde of beasts in front of him.

Although the beast was much smaller than Cheng Huang, it looked like it had experienced many battles. Its brown-black skin was covered with scars, and its pair of red pupils showed its mastered bloodthirsty instinct to the fullest.

However, just when the beast opened its mouth, intending to roar and threaten Cheng Huang, the white fierce beast in front of him stretched out its sharp claws and swung towards it.

What followed was a completely unilateral massacre.

Although Cheng Huang used to only be cute, calling “woo woo” to his master, but its warlike instinct as an ancient fierce beast had not been lost.

“My God…” Seeing Cheng Huang’s actions, Li Fenglan, as the master, couldn’t help sighing, “Is Cheng Huang so fierce?”

Usually, he really didn’t see it at all.

At this time, Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan were slowly retreating towards the interior of Tianmian Palace like most cultivators.

Hearing Li Fenglan’s words, Ling Buyan suddenly shook his head and said, “Actually, ferocious beasts are particularly unfriendly to their own kind.”

“What do you mean?” Li Fenglan didn’t understand Ling Buyan’s words.

Ling Buyan explained softly: “Ferocious beasts are very territorial and instinctively repel the same kind. Back then, most of the ancient ferocious beasts died because of killing each other. So for Cheng Huang, attacking the same kind is its instinct. The ethereal blue flame can only cause ordinary damage to cultivators, but they can easily burn the souls of their same kind.”

Just as Ling Buyan said, Cheng Huang instinctively fought in the open space outside the barrier of Tianmian Palace and the flames on it’s long horns were getting stronger and stronger…

Under the flames, it was full of mournful cries of other ferocious beasts reaching their dead end.

Every cultivator had heard of ancient fierce beasts. However, facing its power head-on at this time, everyone was only surprised and fearful in their hearts.

In just half a moment, the wave of ferocious beasts that would have brought a catastrophe to Tianmian Palace ended like this.

——The most powerful beasts were all killed by Cheng Huang, while the rest followed their instincts to escape from here.

Seeing the enemy disappear, Cheng Huang, who had just killed happily, finally turned around and came towards Tianmian Palace.

Its sharp claws were still stained with blood.

Seeing Cheng Huang turn around, all the cultivators took up their weapons and looked alert.

They had seen how powerful Cheng Huang was just now, so they could only grit their teeth and deal with it.

However, what was surprising was that Cheng Huang slowly approached the crowd in Tianmian Palace. It glanced at everyone coldly, then slowly lowered its body.

Seeing the huge head and the sharp teeth on its lips, everyone had a feeling that death was imminent.

But what they feared did not happen.

They saw Cheng Huang slowly lower his head under the crowd, and then gently rub against Li Fenglan with his huge head.

“Woo?” Its whine was full of caution and joy.

At this time, Cheng Huang was completely begging for praise!

Li Fenglan silently turned his head away, he wanted to pretend that he didn’t know Cheng Huang, or that he had found the wrong person.

… The scene in front of them was really familiar.

However, the adult beast in front of him still didn’t seem to understand what its master meant.

Seeing that Li Fenglan ignored him, Cheng Huang suddenly tilted his head and said “Huh?”, and then planned to stick out his tongue to lick his master.

This was not allowed!

Realizing what Cheng Huang wanted to do, Li Fenglan immediately coughed lightly, and then whispered “Cheng Huang”.

When he heard Li Fenglan’s voice, Cheng Huang not only did not keep a low profile, on the contrary he became even more excited. While screaming excitedly, it stretched out its huge claws, habitually wanting to shake hands with Li Fenglan.

But this time, before Li Fenglan could do anything, there was actually a cultivator not far away who, after seeing Cheng Huang’s defenseless appearance, picked up his long sword and stabbed at it.

A sword light flashed across the sky in an instant.


“Be careful!”

Before Cheng Huang could react, Li Fenglan, who was standing opposite him, immediately turned around and blocked it with his sword.

The two long swords collided, and the sword qi vibrated in all directions. The Tianmian Palace cultivators, who had been watching the place, could not help but cry out in surprise.

Only Cheng Huang didn’t seem to understand what happened at that moment just now, the paw he raised just now had not had time to fall down.

“You…you are actually siding with that fierce beast!” The cultivator standing opposite Li Fenglan was shaking with his sword hand.

His eyes were red, obviously stimulated to the extreme.

——Li Fenglan recognized that this was an immortal from Tianmian Palace. That person had chased and killed him in the previous life.

With Li Fenglan’s strength, he could directly use his sword energy to knock the person opposite him away.

However, Li Fenglan didn’t do that, he gritted his teeth and said, “It drove back the tide of beasts just now!”

Standing aside, Ling Buyan couldn’t help frowning, it seemed that he had never seen Li Fenglan so angry.

Like the person opposite, Li Fenglan’s eyes also turned red…

“It is also a fierce beast! If one day, it becomes the same as those fierce beasts, are you going to finish it?” At this time, the person opposite Li Fenglan was no longer nervous, his face was full of righteousness, and he obviously felt that what he did was right.

Li Fenglan’s mood seemed to return to many years ago.

At that time, the person standing in Cheng Huang’s position was himself, and the one who drew their sword against him was the entire cultivation world…

More than a thousand years have passed, and their reasoning had not changed.

At this moment, black light flashed, and the one who had just drawn his sword against Li Fenglan, in the ascension stage, instantly spurted out a stream of blood from his mouth, and he fell backwards violently.

“Immortal Lord Ling! What are you doing!” the cultivator’s disciple shouted loudly.

Before Li Fenglan could react, Ling Buyan had already stood by his side, slowly holding his hand, and retracting the sword.

After a while, he smiled lightly and said in a deep voice: “I didn’t do anything, I just broke his spiritual veins.”

Those things just happened in the blink of an eye, and Cheng Huang was too big, he didn’t see anyone wanting to attack him at all.

It was only now that Cheng Huang realized that something was wrong with his master.

“You! You are bullying others!” the disciple of the immortal said loudly.

Ling Buyan ignored him, only to look at the cultivator in black clothes, raise his hand and touch Cheng Huang: “You overestimate yourself. You think you alone can hurt the ancient beast?”

After finishing speaking, Ling Buyan glanced at Jiang Yichang, who was in the distance, then gently grabbed Li Fenglan’s hand, and said in a low voice, “Let’s go back to Miguang Mountain.”

Two sword lights flashed across the sky, and the next moment Cheng Huang followed them and headed towards Miguang Mountain.

Seeing this scene, no one dared to stop him.

And obviously he was the head of Tianmian Palace, but Jiang Yichang inexplicably felt a lot of pressure when Ling Buyan casually glanced at him.

He, who was standing in the distance, finally came over and presided over the overall situation again.

After returning to Miguang Mountain, Cheng Huang seemed to finally understand what happened just now.

It had grown up, and it had also felt the malice of people towards itself, which was completely different from its ignorant look back then.

However, unlike Li Fenglan, Cheng Huang didn’t have much affection for the human race, it would only feel sad because its master was in a bad mood.

Cheng Huang, who had grown bigger, regretted that he could no longer be the same as before, being carried back by his master.

Therefore, on the way back to Miguang Mountain, looking at the backs of Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan not far away from him, the overly handsome Cheng Huang just now, felt that it was not very good to be bigger…

At this time Li Fenglan was walking side by side with Ling Buyan. Seeing Li Fenglan depressed, Ling Buyan wanted to speak up several times, but for the first time, he didn’t know where to start.

He silently accompanied Li Fenglan until they returned to a familiar place.

But after returning to Miguang Mountain, Li Fenglan seemed to have come out of his emotion just now.

The two flying swords fell to the ground one after another, and Cheng Huang also squeezed into the open space of Miguang Mountain.

And at this time, before Li Fenglan had time to figure out how Cheng Huang suddenly became an adult, he encountered a problem that needed to be solved as soon as possible…

“Master, how can Cheng Huang become smaller?”

Li Fenglan looked at this huge ferocious beast in front of him, and asked in a very tangled manner.

Seeing that Li Fenglan’s tone was normal, Ling Buyan also silently breathed a sigh of relief.

Miguang Mountain itself was not big, and the square located halfway up the mountain was completely incomparable with the open space on the main peak of the Sect. At this time, Cheng Huang was squatting here carefully, yet it seemed that he would fall off the cliff if he didn’t pay attention.

When Li Fenglan adopted Cheng Huang as a spirit beast, he saw in its inheritance memory that the Dingyan spell was true. But as his master, he can only see a small part of Cheng Huang’s memory. Something such as how to shrink the adult beast, it is only something Cheng Huang himself can remember.

The most important thing is… Miguang Mountain Square had been completely occupied by Cheng Huang. And the Dingyan spell that could turn into a golden net to trap it and make it smaller seems to no longer work.

After hearing Li Fenglan’s question, Ling Buyan suddenly looked up at Cheng Huang and said, “It stands to reason that there should be a method in its inheritance memory.”

“That’s right…” Li Fenglan nodded.

Before he could say anything, Ling Buyan raised his head again and asked Cheng Huang: “Can you make yourself smaller?”

Li Fenglan: ? ? ?

Why did Ling Buyan ask Cheng Huang directly? Was it possible to ask it to solve this question by itself?

Ling Buyan didn’t seem like someone who would make such silly jokes.

Sure enough, just as Li Fenglan thought, after hearing Ling Buyan’s question, Cheng Huang lowered his head that was countless times bigger, and said to him aggrievedly: “Woooo~”.

Speaking of which, Cheng Huang suddenly turned into an adult beast and its size also became countless times larger, however, except for when it just appeared just now, and when it was threatening other beasts, its voice didn’t seem to change compared to before.

That soft and sticky sound didn’t sound like the gigantic beast in front of him at all… Especially the blue flame on the long horn behind Cheng Huang, which hadn’t extinguished yet.

Cheng Huang: “Whoooooo” 

Li Fenglan: “…”

Ling Buyan: “…” 

Cheng Huang was really a bit stupid now.

Ling Buyan sighed, and he stepped forward and said to Cheng Huang: “It stands to reason that Cheng Huang is now an adult, and an adult born fierce beast can speak human words.”

Hearing this, Li Fenglan also nodded.

Although when he was born in the previous life, the ancient ferocious beasts had already disappeared, but in those books that Li Fenglan read, this point was clearly written. An adult ferocious beast can really understand human speech and speak.

This was something that Li Fenglan only remembered after the conversation between Ling Buyan and Cheng Huang.

After all, apart from Cheng Huang, the ancient beasts had been extinct for many years. This feature had long been one of the unimportant “cold knowledge” in the cultivation world.

It was unsure if he really understood Ling Buyan’s words, but Cheng Huang shifted his eyes to the other side with a guilty conscience.

“Cheng Huang, can you understand what I’m saying?” This time, it was Li Fenglan who asked the question.

——He saw that as soon as his own words fell, Cheng Huang’s huge ears also trembled.

Although its range of motion was not large, the unnatural shaking of his two ears that can be seen by everyone… 

Okay, Cheng Huang can indeed fully understand what he was saying.

This time, without waiting for Cheng Huang to continue trying, Ling Buyan suddenly said: “Cheng Huang feeds on spiritual energy, but he can also eat high-grade immortal grass and elixir…”

Ling Buyan slowed down his speech a little.

Li Fenglan saw that when he heard the words “immortal grass, elixir”, Cheng Huang’s ears visibly twitched again.

“So Cheng Huang suddenly became an adult because he ate a lot of those things.” Li Fenglan felt that he seemed to understand something.

There was a saying in the world called “spoil things through excessive enthusiasm”. Now it seems that Cheng Huang had succeeded in “spoiling things through excessive enthusiasm”?

“Yes,” Ling Buyan took a look at Cheng Huang and said, “But the amount we fed it before was not enough to produce such an effect. Cheng Huang being able to suddenly grow bigger, nine out of ten it was because he stole food.”

So that’s how it is!

Cheng Huang: ! ! !

Li Fenglan immediately looked at his spirit beast, while Cheng Huang shrank his paws, looking extremely guilty.

It moved back a little, and almost fell off Miguang Mountain.

And at this moment, an extremely immature child’s voice suddenly came into Li Fenglan’s ear.

“…I, I didn’t!”

The voice…was so strange.

At the same time when they heard it, Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan looked up together.

It seemed that he had realized what happened just now. After noticing that Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan were looking at him, Cheng Huang suddenly stretched out his two front paws, and covered his face shyly.

“Cheng Huang had spoken!” At this moment, Li Fenglan was happier than the moment he was reborn.

On the face of Ling Buyan, there was also an expression of interest, “En, it had spoken.”

Elsewhere in Tianmian Palace, everyone was nervous about the beast tide that occurred as well as the appearance of Cheng Huang.

Only Miguang Mountain was different.

Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan brought Cheng Huang to the back of Miguang Mountain. This was a dense forest, but seeing that it would be difficult for Cheng Huang to become smaller in a short time, Ling Buyan directly bulldozed the forest to make Cheng Huang, who was too big, a spot to crouch in.

At this time, the fierce beast and the two people looked at each other.

“Cheng Huang, try to find your inherited memory in your sea of ​​consciousness,” Ling Buyan pressed the center of his brows and said, “There should be a way to make yourself smaller.”

Li Fenglan was still worried. What will they do if Cheng Huang really doesn’t remember what to do to get smaller? But the next moment seeing Ling Buyan having a headache, his mood unexpectedly improved for no reason.

“It turns out that there are things in this world that Master also finds difficult!” Li Fenglan said sincerely.

Hearing his words, Ling Buyan also smiled and said, “What are you thinking about all day long?”

Li Fenglan glanced at Cheng Huang and said, “I really thought you knew everything.”

Ling Buyan shook his head and said, “Not knowing is what’s normal….” Then he suddenly changed the topic, “Like how I can feel that you have been hiding something from me.”

Why did the topic turn to himself again?

Of course Li Fenglan had secrets that he didn’t tell Ling Buyan, among which was the existence and content of the book “Tianmian Daosheng” was the biggest secret.

Speaking of the previous life, Li Fuyue’s life was a wonderful one. Leaving aside his seventeen years of mortal life, Li Fenglan’s first half of his life was full of vigor and vitality, which was unmatched by anyone in the cultivation world.

And the second half of his life was also very desolate, so desolate that there was no one before, and no one to come after.

But not mentioning the ending, Li Fenglan’s life was full of laughter and tears.

And after he died, he suddenly realized that the world he lived in was just a novel. At the beginning, Li Fenglan really couldn’t accept it.

The reason why Li Fenglan got used to this reality later was because the second half of his life as “Li Fuyue” was too inexplicable and too aggrieved. After a few years of being hunted down, Li Fenglan’s mentality was no longer the pride of the heaven’s son that he was back then.

He seemed to have gotten used to it and adjusted to it, the fact that fate was playing with himself.

But Ling Buyan was different…

“What are you thinking about? You really can’t be thinking about your secrets, are you?” Seeing that Li Fenglan hadn’t spoken for a long time, Ling Buyan asked suddenly.

After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked to the edge of the forest, and sat down on a huge bluestone under the tree.

“Sit here and rest for a while.” Ling Buyan said to Li Fenglan.


Seeing that his master and Ling Buyan finally stopped forcing himself to recall his memories, Cheng Huang couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. It slowly got down on the ground, and shrunk into a small ball with aggrievedness—a small ball for itself. 

After sitting down, Li Fenglan said: “I was thinking about my secret… and I suddenly felt that Master and I are a bit similar.”

“Where is the resemblance?” It looks like compared to Li Fenglan’s secret, Ling Buyan seemed to be more interested in this matter.

“To be precise, I think my previous life’s self was more similar to Li Fuyue and Master.”

Hearing Li Fenglan say this, Ling Buyan’s smile slowly disappeared. This time, he was really curious and asked: “Why do you say that?”

“Before the accident in my last life, although I wouldn’t show it, I always knew that I was a very confident person… I was used to everything around me being under the control of my divine sense, and I am also used to having…a powerful power that no one can compare to.”

Ling Buyan nodded slowly.

All geniuses were arrogant.

Although Li Fuyue did not show it clearly in the past, Ling Buyan knew that the more someone was like that, the stronger the arrogance in his heart.

Perhaps it was because of his arrogance that Li Fuyue resisted for five years after falling into qi deviation.

“Indeed.” Ling Buyan suddenly responded.

Li Fenglan looked at Ling Buyan and said, “I think you are such a person too.”

Ling Buyan smiled and nodded, “You’re half right, but I might not be as low-key as you.”

“That’s right!” Li Fenglan suddenly sat up straight and said, “Master has already written the word ‘mysterious’ on his face.”

Hearing this, Ling Buyan laughed.

Ling Buyan was very similar to Li Fuyue in the previous life, they were both confident because of their own strength.

Even though Ling Buyan did not tire of staying in Miguang Mountain, his reputation in the cultivation world was far from being comparable to that of himself in the previous life. But Li Fenglan inexplicably felt that the aura of “Heaven’s Proud Son” on the other party was heavier than that of himself in the previous life.

He had a sense of superiority over everything in this world.

——It was precisely because of this that Li Fenglan was unwilling to let Ling Buyan know that the world they live in was just a novel called “Tianmian Daosheng”.

This was too cruel for a proud son of heaven.

Just when Li Fenglan was thinking wildly, Ling Buyan suddenly said softly: “Actually, when I was young, I was even more high-profile and arrogant than now. If you knew me at that time, I’m afraid you wouldn’t want to deal with me.”

“Huh?” Li Fenglan paused for a moment and laughed, “I can’t imagine it.”

In Li Fenglan’s heart at this time, Ling Buyan was the best candidate to be a friend in the world.

But… Another important point in Ling Buyan’s sentence just now aroused Li Fenglan’s curiosity.

“Wait! Master, how old are you this year!” Li Fenglan suddenly turned to ask Ling Buyan with a little excitement.

And hearing his master’s sharply raised tone, even Cheng Huang, who was lying there, almost falling asleep, suddenly regained his energy.

It was still dozing just now when it suddenly opened its ice blue eyes, and looked towards Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan.

“Ahem…” This was obviously not an important question, but Ling Buyan actually showed an expression that he didn’t want to answer.

Under the gaze of Li Fenglan’s shining eyes, Ling Buyan was silent for a while and said: “… Three or four thousand years old?”


“Yeah.” Ling Buyan nodded seriously.

It’s over! It’s over!

Li Fenglan suddenly felt that his Master seemed a little cute like this…

No, no, no, Ling Buyan was clearly answering perfunctorily, where did this strange idea come from?

Li Fenglan thought about it carefully, and said reluctantly: “Master, tell the truth, are you really only three or four thousand years old? If it was three or four thousand years old, then we should be the same age. Why have I never heard of you?”

Unless you are older than three or four thousand years old and when I dominated the cultivation world, you happened to be in retreat – this was the second half of the sentence that Li Fenglan did not say.

Ling Buyan: “…”

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