The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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Lin Chaochen, who was kneeling by the bed, slowly closed his eyes, his memory couldn’t help but go back to many years ago…

Lin Chaochen was a person with deep thoughts, he had been like this since he was a child.

Even his closest senior brother didn’t know that his Junior brother Lin Chaochen had already observed the relationship between the three in Meizhou, and became more and more sensitive because of it.

——Qiu Wanyou was born into a cultivation family, the son of an immortal and people like them always accepted a few descendants of family friends as disciples. Before the emergence of several major sects of cultivation headed by Tianmian Palace, the cultivation world basically had this style of family inheritance.

Before Li Fuyue, Qiu Wanyou had two such disciples.

However, although he did his best to teach, the talents of those two disciples were not very good. It was precisely because of this that Qiu Wanyou, who had extremely high demands on his disciples, had always counted them as just nominal disciples.

He never remembered to write the names of those two people in Snowy Meizhou disciple book, let alone let them stay in Snowy Meizhou, but only occasionally taught them.

One of the registered disciples was Lin Chaochen’s aunt Lin Fangyi.

She had devoted himself to cultivating in Tianmian Palace, until an accident happened one day.

——The tide of ferocious beasts broke out in the mortal world, and the Lin family went to solve the matter, but they didn’t expect that the whole family would be involved that time. This ancient cultivation family had declined because of this.

After hearing this, Lin Chaochen’s aunt immediately left Tianmian Palace to avenge her family.

However, Lin Fangyi was one step too late when she finally went back.

When Lin Fangyi rushed over, only her nephew Lin Chaochen was left in the Lin family.

Lin Fangyi was so shocked that she completely abandoned her rationality. She recklessly rushed into the unending tide of ferocious beasts, only thinking of revenge for her family.

In the end, Lin Fangyi was seriously injured and only had one breath left.

At this moment, she finally regained her remaining sanity.

For Lin Fangyi who valued ​​her family, the most important thing at this time was her nephew Lin Chaochen.

Therefore, after cultivating in Tianmian Palace for many years and never begging Qiu Wanyou anything, she finally returned to the sect with her last breath.

Covered in blood, Lin Fangyi knelt outside Snowy Meizhou with her last breath, holding a crying baby in her arms.

Qiu Wanyou’s family and the Lin family were old friends, and with Lin Fangyi’s request, Qiu Wanyou would take Lin Chaochen under him no matter what.

Therefore, unlike Li Fenglan, Qiu Wanyou’s acceptance of Lin Chaochen as a disciple was not his own will.

It can even be said to be out of helplessness.

Thousands of years ago, Snowy Meizhou.

Lin Chaochen, dressed in white, was dancing with his sword among the mist and plum blossoms, and his movements were very smooth. The young man didn’t know how long he had practiced the sword. Even though it was snowing all year round and the temperature was extremely low, beads of sweat still appeared on Lin Chaochen’s forehead.

“No.” At this time, the man sitting under the tree suddenly interrupted his movements.

Hearing this, Lin Chaochen immediately stopped.

He quickly put down the long sword in his hand, and greeted Qiu Wanyou, “Yes, Master.”

Qiu Wanyou stood up slowly. He used the Wumei branch as a sword, made two random gestures, and then turned to Lin Chaochen, saying: “Like this, do you understand?”

Seeing this, Lin Chaochen slowly bit his lips.

At that time Lin Chaochen was only in his teens, even though his talent was equally outstanding, such a move was still too difficult for him.

However, Lin Chaochen was silent for a while, then nodded to Qiu Wanyou and said, “I understand, Master.”

“Well, go back and meditate when you’re done.” Qiu Wanyou didn’t speak anymore, he sat down and continued to drink.

“Yes.” Lin Chaochen responded again, and then walked slowly towards Xianyun Palace.

When he got to a place where no one was around, his eyes turned red with a “swipe”.

After all, Lin Chaochen was only in his teens, and his mind was extremely sensitive. When he was in a place where no one was around, his grievances came out all at once.

——Ever since he could remember, Lin Chaochen felt that the relationship between Master and his Senior Brother was really good. And in Snowy Meizhou, he was basically like a different species, an inexplicable intruder.

…Perhaps in Qiu Wanyou’s heart, it was indeed so.

Lin Chaochen was not jealous of the relationship between his master and senior brother, after all, the two had known each other for hundreds of years. And at this time, he had the same love for his master and senior brother.

But at this moment, he finally shed tears because of the sword move just now.

If it were placed outside Snowy Meizhou, Lin Chaochen would definitely be a genius among geniuses.

But in Snowy Meizhou, with Li Fuyue as the “perfect disciple” as a backdrop, everything he did seemed so clumsy. At this moment, Lin Chaochen, who was only in his teens, only felt aggrieved.

He leaned on a stalk of misty plum and sat down slowly.

Lin Chaochen didn’t want to cry, but as a young man, he was not very good at controlling his emotions. Although he tried his best to calm down, the tears still fell, drop by drop.

“It’s useless…” he said softly.

——The Lin Chaochen at this time did not bear the slightest resemblance to the sword-wielding Immortal Venerable of the future Tianmian Palace.

However, just when he was secretly annoyed, there was a sound of footsteps in Lin Chaochen’s ear.

Before he could wipe away the tears on his cheeks with his sleeves, Lin Chaochen saw a familiar white figure sitting casually on the edge of the snow just like himself.

“What’s the matter, Ah Chen?” Just as he was speaking, the visitor wiped away the teardrops on the young man’s face with his sleeve without any distaste.

“Senior brother…” Lin Chaochen was stunned for a moment, and buried his face in his knees, “It’s nothing.” He said sullenly.

Li Fuyue didn’t speak, he smiled, then stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his junior brother’s head.

But Lin Chaochen dodged subconsciously, and muttered in his mouth: “I am already sixteen years old, why is senior brother still like this…”

“Sixteen years old?” Li Fuyue smiled, rubbing his junior brother’s head more and more wantonly, “Your senior brother is hundreds of years old. No matter how old you are, you are still a child in front of me.”

“What child…” Lin Chaochen said dissatisfied again.

In fact, what Li Fuyue said was not wrong.

After Lin Chaochen came to Snowy Meizhou, his aunt Lin Fangyi died of injuries. As for Qiu Wanyou, who didn’t stick to common customs, naturally he didn’t know how to take care of a baby. Therefore, in the following years, Li Fuyue played almost all the roles of Lin Chaochen’s “family”.

At the same time, for Li Fuyue, since his family was ruined and his family died, he also entrusted part of his family affection to Lin Chaochen.

Logically speaking, there was no problem for Li Fuyue to say this.

But now hearing what the other party said, Lin Chaochen inexplicably wanted to refute.

Li Fuyue seemed to have heard the conversation between Lin Chaochen and Qiu Wanyou just now. Sitting next to the young man, he sighed and said, “Did you not understand what Master said just now? It doesn’t matter, just ask him again. He looks very serious, but he will never be angry if you ask him.”

As Qiu Wanyou’s first disciple, Li Fenglan shared his experience very sincerely.

But for some reason, his junior brother actually became more and more aggrieved the more he listened.

Seeing Lin Chaochen’s eyes suddenly turn red again, Li Fuyue couldn’t help but sigh softly, and finally… stretched out his hand, and pinched Lin Chaochen’s cheek.

It feels so good! ! !

Lin Chaochen, who was only sixteen years old, was still childish, with a little baby fat on his face.

Li Fuyue liked to pinch his junior brother’s face since he was young, but after Lin Chaochen grew up, he hadn’t done it for a long time.

This time, seeing Lin Chaochen sitting here angry with himself, Li Fuyue finally couldn’t help but attack him…

“Senior brother?” Sensing Li Fuyue’s movements, Lin Chaochen raised his head to look at him suspiciously.

Li Fuyue cleared his throat, pretending to be serious and said, “Senior brother saw something on your face and took it off for you.”

“I see, that’s it.” Lin Chaochen nodded undoubtedly.

“En.” Speaking of this, Li Fenglan suddenly got up, and then pulled Lin Chaochen up, “Go, I will take you to find master.” 

Before Lin Chaochen refused, Li Fuyue had already held his junior brother’s hand, and walked towards the foggy plum forest.

It was strange to say, but Li Fuyue was obviously a swordsman, and was also a powerful swordsman famous in the cultivation world, but his hands were extremely soft except for one or two small calluses.

At this moment, being held by such a cool but soft hand, Lin Chaochen felt as if he had been struck by a tiny electric current.

——Li Fuyue walked away in a hurry, he didn’t see that his junior brother’s face had turned slightly red.

The location where Li Fuyue and Lin Chaochen were just now was not far from the place where Qiu Wanyou drank.

So the two hadn’t walked a few steps before they saw Qiu Wanyou sitting under the misty plum.

Seeing that it was Li Fuyue who came, Qiu Wanyou smiled slightly at him, and called out “Fuyue.”

Li Fuyue greeted his master, then sat opposite Qiu Wanyou, and chatted with him. He spoke to him about the recent training of his junior brother.

Unlike when facing Lin Chaochen, as soon as he talked about cultivation with Li Fuyue, Qiu Wanyou talked more.

He and Li Fuyue were both powerful men with profound cultivation, and they talked about topics that Lin Chaochen, who was only sixteen years old, could not understand.

“…Master, Ah Chen’s talent is good, but he is only sixteen years old after all. I think you can teach him a little more basically.” Li Fuyue seriously suggested.

What he said was obviously correct, but hearing what Li Fuyue said, Lin Chaochen was inexplicably unhappy.

At this time, the legend about Li Fuyue had spread throughout the cultivation world so Lin Chaochen knew early on how powerful his senior brother was. Thinking about it, if it was Li Fuyue today, he would definitely not fail to understand Master’s teachings.

“That,” Qiu Wanyou took a sip of wine and said to himself, “I was negligent. You were too talented back then, so I’m used to teaching my disciples like that.”


Hearing the words of his master, Li Fuyue turned around subconsciously, wanting to see if Lin Chaochen felt sad because of Qiu Wanyou’s words.

He saw——his Junior Brother really pursed his lips, and lowered his head slightly.

Li Fuyue couldn’t bear it, walked over, and lightly patted his junior brother on the shoulder.

“It’s okay, senior brother,” Lin Chaochen said in a low voice, he paused, “I’ll learn the sword well.”

Lin Chaochen was indeed a little sad at the moment, but the reason for his sadness was different from what Li Fenglan thought.

Lin Chaochen was not afraid of being scolded by his master, nor was he afraid of being said to be inferior to his senior brother, he was just a little afraid that he was not worthy to stand with Li Fuyue.

——Before that, Lin Chaochen, who was only sixteen years old, didn’t have much of an obsession with cultivation and becoming stronger. But after that, he finally began to pursue a more powerful strength.

After talking with Qiu Wanyou about his junior brother’s cultivation, the two of them talked with each other about their recent insights. Qiu Wanyou, who was usually reticent, gradually talked more.

Lin Chaochen was standing behind Li Fuyue, but Qiu Wanyou didn’t seem to see his little disciple.

At this time, Lin Chaochen only felt that there was a tacit understanding between his master and senior brother that he had never had, cultivated from hundreds of years.

Obviously, every time he faced his senior brother or master alone, they got along harmoniously, at worst they could be called normal.

But whenever the three of them stayed together, he always had a feeling of being excluded…

At this moment, Lin Chaochen only felt that this was a tacit understanding formed by getting along with each other for a long time. However, after a few years, he would find out that this so-called “tacit understanding” was intentionally done by Qiu Wanyou.

As a person who can be alone with Li Fuyue to stay in Snowy Meizhou for three hundred years and not letting his disciple go out for a day, if it weren’t for Lin Fangyi’s great trust before her death and the relationship between the entire Lin family and him, how could Qiu Wanyou let Lin Chaochen intrude into his and Li Fuyue’s lives.

But now, even though Lin Chaochen had already arrived in Snowy Meizhou, he still intentionally or unintentionally made the other party realize that he was an unexpected intruder.

Lin Chaochen didn’t like this feeling.

Perhaps before realizing this, Lin Chaochen was just sensitive and dependent on his senior brother.

But after realizing this, Lin Chaochen had the idea of ​​monopolizing his senior brother.

Since Qiu Wanyou can stay with senior brother for three hundred years, why can’t I?

When Li Fuyue didn’t realize it, Snowy Meizhou became a place where the upper beam was not right and the lower beam was crooked.

Qiu Wanyou once said that Li Fuyue was his most proud disciple, while Lin Chaochen was the one who resembled him the most.

There was nothing wrong with this, and it will be verified countless times in the future.

Lin Chaochen just pressed his senior brother’s hand to his cheek, and after an unknown amount of time, he finally let go of Li Fenglan’s hand.

“Brother’s hands are dirty…” Lin Chaochen said with a frown.

Li Fenglan: Are you talking nonsense!

After saying that, Lin Chaochen didn’t use the cleaning spell to clean up the blood on Li Fenglan’s hands, but got a small basin of water from somewhere.

He wet the silk handkerchief, and gently wiped Li Fenglan’s hands like a mortal.

“Senior brother’s hands are still the same as before, you don’t look like a sword cultivator at all. I knew that before coming to Tianmian Palace, senior brother was a noble son in the mortal world. Growing up learning the qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, different from people like us ……..” Lin Chaochen muttered softly.

His voice was soft and gentle, no different from back then.

In a trance, Li Fenglan even had the illusion that he was back in the past. Thousands of years ago, his Junior Brother liked being by his side very much, babbling about what happened recently.

However, this delusion did not last long. The next moment Li Fenglan remembered that he was now a corpse…

Lin Chaochen’s behavior of talking to the corpse can only be called abnormal!

As Lin Chaochen was talking, somehow he finally reached the Dongshan Yinhun Banner.

And Li Fenglan, who was still trying to let go of himself just now to make himself feel more relaxed, listened carefully.

“In order to gather souls for senior brother, Qiu Wanyou deliberately went to take out the Wuliang Stone in the Underworld River…” Lin Chaochen said in a flat tone, as if the so-called “Wuliang Stone” was really just the most common stone in the Underworld River.

Wuliang Stone!

But the appearance of these three words shocked Li Fenglan’s heart.

How dare Qiu Wanyou…

The so-called “Wuliang Stone” was one of the natural artifacts in the Three Realms. It guarded the bottom of the river and was responsible for stabilizing the river that separated the two realms. But now, the Wuliang Stone was taken back by Qiu Wanyou.

It won’t be long before the demented souls and resentful ghosts in the mortal world will increase.

Li Fenglan was wondering why there was no news about Qiu Wanyou recently, he didn’t expect…he actually ran to the Underworld River! He even disregarded the safety of the entire mortal world and took out the Wuliang Stone.

This was too absurd.

At the same time, he also wanted to understand why he was called here.

Dongshan Yinhun Banner itself was extremely powerful, plus the existence of Wuliang Stone, wouldn’t he come back…

After saying these words, Lin Chaochen finally wiped Li Fenglan’s hands dry.

But before the person lying on the bed could breathe a sigh of relief, the obscure junior brother went to straighten his hair again.

“…Senior Brother, why is his hair a little messy today?” Lin Chaochen suddenly said this after an unknown period of time passed.

But upon hearing what his junior brother said, Li Fenglan’s mind immediately sounded an alarm.

Messy hair!

This wasn’t Lin Chaochen’s illusion. After returning to Li Fuyue’s body just now, the first thing he did was to turn around to see where he was.

And his long hair was definitely messed up by the action just now.

But fortunately, Li Fenglan returned to his body not long ago, and his movements were not large so his black hair was only slightly messed up.

Just now Lin Chaochen took his senior brother’s hand and stabbed himself, which would definitely make Li Fuyue who was lying on the bed move a little bit.

Therefore, seeing Li Fuyue’s long hair slightly messed up, Lin Chaochen only mentioned it a little, without thinking much about it.

But the speaker pays no attention but the listener does.

After being reborn, Li Fenglan was very afraid of Lin Chaochen, a lunatic, and just now he was forced to stab his obscure junior brother, Li Fenglan’s spirit was extremely nervous.

So when he heard “why was his hair a little messy”, Li Fenglan’s spirit faltered for a moment.

It was here that something went wrong!

With Lin Chaochen’s ability, it was indeed impossible to detect the changes in Li Fenglan’s spirit.

But at this time, in this room, there was still hanging the banner of Dongshan Yinhun.

This thing itself was to attract souls for him. Li Fenglan’s soul moved a little, and that thing actually reacted!

This secret room was originally illuminated by luminous pearls, and the positions of those luminous pearls were all arranged by Li Fenglan in the previous life. Therefore, the light in the room was always bright but not dazzling.

But at this moment, following Li Fenglan’s thoughts, the Dongshan Yinhun Banner, which was originally fine, suddenly emitted a burst of golden light.

This light was not bright, but it was also difficult to ignore.

“Senior Brother!”

Just as the golden light came on, Lin Chaochen, who had been kneeling by the bed, stood up abruptly.

Because of the excessive range of movement, the wound formed on his chest was torn open again, and blood gushed out in large streams.

In an instant, Lin Chaochen’s chest turned red again.

But he didn’t care.

At this moment, Lin Chaochen’s steps were unsteady, and he stumbled to the front of Dongshan Yinhun banner.

——He knew that the Wuliang Stone was useful, but Lin Chaochen also knew that his Senior Brother had lost his soul.

Before today, Lin Chaochen was already mentally prepared to wait thousands of years. He didn’t expect that Dongshan Yinhun Banner would work so quickly.

Delighted, frantic.

Lin Chaochen knelt on the ground and called out to Li Fenglan loudly.

Even though his Dao heart was stable, Li Fenglan, who realized that Dongshan Yinhun banner had reacted and heard Lin Chaochen’s voice, was still wrapped in fear.

He tried his best to control himself, but the more he was like this, the brighter the Dongshan Yinhun banner became.

Seeing the bright light on Dongshan Yinhun banner not fading for a long time, Lin Chaochen finally remembered something and walked to the bedside on his knees.

He held Li Fenglan’s right hand tightly, and his upper and lower teeth kept bumping due to the nervousness.

After a while, Lin Chaochen finally uttered a sentence trembling: “Senior brother, I know you’re back…”

I know, you’re back.

These words were like a sharp sword, piercing straight into Li Fenglan’s heart.

It was also like a spell urging his death, just hearing it once made people tremble with fear.

At this time, the sky was already bright.

After finishing his meditation, Ling Buyan left the apse of Miguang Mountain, walked outside Li Fenglan’s room, and knocked lightly on the door.

——According to the plan, they were going to go to the back mountain today to solve the big trouble of Cheng Huang.

Usually at this time, the door of Li Fenglan’s room would already be opened.

But this time, Ling Buyan knocked for a long time, but there was still no response in the room.

“Fenglan?” Standing outside the door, Ling Buyan frowned and called Li Fenglan’s name again, then realizing that something was wrong. He finally pushed the door open forcefully.

Seeing Li Fenglan lying quietly on the bed, even breathing extremely smoothly, Ling Buyan should be relieved.

But his furrowed eyebrows and expression still didn’t relax.

Ling Buyan walked slowly towards the bed, and then called Li Fenglan’s name again.

The person on the bed still didn’t answer.

——Li Fenglan had an accident.

Seeing this, Ling Buyan immediately put his finger on Li Fenglan’s wrist.

After a few seconds, he retracted his fingers again.

“The spirit is missing…” Ling Buyan said softly.

He probably understood what was going on.

The next moment, Ling Buyan clenched Li Fenglan’s wrist again, and without hesitation poured spiritual power into the body of the person on the bed.

At the same time, the golden light on the Dongshan Yinhun Banner in Snowy Meizhou gradually dimmed.

Lin Chaochen, who was kneeling by the bed, immediately calmed down, and once again propelled the Dongshan Yinhun banner.

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