The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 44

Chapter 44

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Lin Chaochen was an immortal stage immortal, and aside from his obsession, with this level of cultivation, he already had the ability to move mountains and seas.

Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be a complicated matter for him to keep this ray of spirit in Dongshan Soul Yin Banner.

But even though Lin Chaochen poured his spiritual power into it immediately, the next moment, he found that the ray of spirit from his senior brother dissipated much faster than he imagined.

“What’s going on…” Lin Chaochen muttered to himself.

Could it be because his senior brother’s soul was scattered too thoroughly, the soul that was recalled by Dongshan Yinhun Banner was not very stable now?

Lin Chaochen didn’t have time to think deeply, he put all his spiritual power into Dongshan Yinhun Banner.

At this time, even if he abandoned everything, he still wanted to keep the soul of his senior brother here.

Lin Chaochen did things regardless of the consequences, he no longer controlled his strength, he only had one thought in his mind: to keep Li Fuyue!

At this time, not only was Dongshan Yinhun Banner affected and operating rapidly, the domineering pressure of Lin Chaochen’s immortalization stage also dispersed towards the entire Tianmian Palace from Snowy Meizhou.

Many disciples with relatively shallow cultivation bases had already been affected.

But in Miguang Mountain, Ling Buyan sat beside the bed holding Li Fenglan’s wrist with his eyes closed. With the output of a large amount of spiritual power, Ling Buyan’s face also became slightly pale.

At this time, his enemies were not only Lin Chaochen, but also Dongshan Yinhun Banner, and even the Wuliang Stone which originally guarded the Underworld River.

For any cultivator, this was an enemy that was too powerful to compare with.

——It’s okay to be in such a stalemate the entire time, but the most terrifying thing was that if Ling Buyan was not careful, he may be backlashed.

By that time, the consequences will be unimaginable.

But Ling Buyan didn’t seem to be afraid, his movements never stopped for a moment.

“…cough, cough, cough.” At this time, Lin Chaochen’s condition was not good at all. He himself had just mutilated himself once, and the scars on his body had not healed yet.

Now, pouring the spiritual energy in his body into Dongshan Yinhun Banner immediately made Lin Chaochen’s spiritual veins feel uncomfortable.

Blood was already seeping from Lin Chaochen’s lips.

If he was still sane, Lin Chaochen would have given up at this moment on propelling the Dongshan Yinhun Banner. However, the man in front of him had already lost all reason.

The secret room in Snowy Meizhou was full of golden light.

It was not just Lin Chaochen and Ling Buyan, but even Li Fenglan, who was lying on the bed pretending to be dead, was not in a very good condition at this moment.

The ray of spirit in his body that was attracted by Dongshan Yinhun Banner was being pulled by two powerful forces at this moment.

One was domineering and unfamiliar, while the other was gentle and familiar.

It was also at this time that Li Fenglan suddenly realized that someone was pulling him back into his original body.

At any rate, he was once the number one person in the cultivation world. Although he had never encountered such a thing before, after realizing what was going on, Li Fenglan immediately focused his attention and cooperated with that familiar force trying to get him to leave Li Fuyue’s body.

The light on Dongshan Yinhun Banner once again shone brightly, and at the same time, the Wuliang stone below also emitted a faint purple light.

All of these were fixing Li Fenglan here.

“Senior Brother…” Lin Chaochen murmured softly, “I won’t let you go, no!”

Lin Chaochen’s pressure had enveloped the entire Tianmian Palace, and all cultivators below nascent stage had to concentrate and meditate in order to stabilize their souls.

His wanton release of pressure was strictly prohibited by Tianmian Palace. Lin Chaochen naturally knew this, but he was not afraid.

At this moment in Tianmian Palace, feeling Lin Chaochen’s pressure, many people had already started to speculate whether something happened to the sect, and then panicked.

Both Dongshan Yinhun Banner and Wuliang Stone have been functioning to the extreme.

Ling Buyan located in Miguang Mountain had his lips turn pale.

But even so, he still didn’t let go of Li Fenglan’s wrist.

Even when the two artifacts were running the fastest, Ling Buyan concentrated and injected more spiritual power into Li Fenglan’s body again.

This time, victory and defeat will be decided.

In the secret room in snowy Meizhou, the Wuliang stone placed under the banner of Dongshan Yinhun suddenly dimmed.

Before Lin Chaochen could react, he saw a large crack slowly opening on the black boulder.

With a slight “cracking” sound, the ancient artifact that was originally lying on the bottom of the Underworld river split in two bit by bit.

The next moment, spiritual power overflowed from the Wuliang Stone, and it charged towards Lin Chaochen.

The man who was kneeling here fell backward suddenly, and the sword wound on his chest turned into a big blood hole in an instant.

Under the severe pain, Lin Chaochen widened his eyes and stared at the ceiling motionless.

At this moment, he wasn’t worried about his cultivation, nor his body, he was only afraid… that his senior brother would leave him.

For Li Fenglan, one moment he was still in Snowy Meizhou pretending to be dead, but the next moment, his body was free again.

At this time, his first reaction was – someone was grabbing his hand!

Things changed too fast, and the incident where Lin Chaochen killed himself with a sword in his hand just now was too terrifying. Li Fenglan subconsciously widened his eyes when he felt someone grabbing his hand.

Then he saw—it turned out that he had returned to Miguang Mountain.

The person holding his wrist was Ling Buyan!


“Mmm…” Seeing Li Fenglan wake up, Ling Buyan finally heaved a sigh of relief, he slowly let go of his hand, “How do you feel?”

Li Fenglan wanted to answer Ling Buyan’s question, but just when he wanted to answer him, he realized——Ling Buyan’s complexion was so pale.

He didn’t know when the Ling Buyan in Li Fenglan’s heart had become an omnipotent existence.

He’s strong, he’s omnipotent, and he can’t even get hurt.

Until this moment. Li Fenglan’s heart ached a bit when he saw Ling Buyan like this.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” He hurriedly asked, but Li Fenglan found the answer by himself just after saying the words: “…I see, Master just pulled me back from there. The Dongshan Yinhun Banner was still there and the Wuliang Stone is not easy to deal with…”

Ling Buyan did not answer Li Fenglan’s question, his current state was really not good.

Ling Buyan gritted his teeth and stood up. He calmed his qi a little and then said: “I’m fine, but my spiritual power was consumed a bit.” 

His soul just returned to the body, so Li Fenglan was actually not feeling very good.

But seeing that Master seemed to be leaving, Li Fenglan quickly sat up, and he gently tugged Ling Buyan’s sleeve.

“Master…” After calling out these words, Li Fenglan suddenly didn’t know how to continue.

“What’s the matter, Fenglan?” On the contrary, Ling Buyan, who was in poor condition, smiled slightly and asked. 

Li Fenglan shook his head slowly, he suddenly bit his lip and said: “Thank you… Actually, Master, you don’t have to be so kind to me.”

Ling Buyan couldn’t help but be stunned. He held that hand of Li Fenglan’s with both hands, looked at his eyes and gently smiled and shook his head.

——Ling Buyan couldn’t do it.

Finally, Ling Buyan coughed a few more times and said, “I’ll go to rest for a while, if you recover, go and see Cheng Huang.” After speaking, he walked away quickly.

Although the other party didn’t say it clearly, Li Fenglan knew that Ling Buyan’s current state might be very bad.

At the same time, his master didn’t want him to see himself in a state of distress and weakness.

Although Li Fenglan’s divine soul had left his body, it was only a wisp after all.

After a little recovery, he would be fine.

Although he was very worried about Ling Buyan, Li Fenglan, who didn’t want to disturb the other party, finally did what his Master said, and headed towards the back of Miguang Mountain.

Cheng Huang was originally quite lively, but now that it was too large, it was imprisoned here.

When Li Fenglan arrived at the back mountain, the first thing he saw was Cheng Huang’s pitiful eyes.

He didn’t know if it was Li Fenglan’s illusion… It’s just that he hadn’t seen him all night, so why did Cheng Huang seem to be a little bigger?

“Woo~” When Cheng Huang saw Li Fenglan, he whined for a long time, and then finally remembered that he could speak.

“Feng Lan, woo woo, I don’t want… I don’t want to be here…”

Cheng Huang just learned to speak now, so his speech was intermittent and not very coherent, and he only knew those few words.

Hearing this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but sigh, and he stepped forward to touch Cheng Huang’s huge paw.

“If you can shrink back to your original shape, I can take you back,” Li Fenglan tried again to guide Cheng Huang to recall, “Did you find a way last night?”

Cheng Huang shook his head listlessly, and after a while It rested its chin on its paws and nudged its owner lightly.

Cheng Huang said: “Cheng Huang doesn’t know… I have a lot of memories, I can’t tell the difference.” Its voice sounded as if it was very wronged.

Seeing that Li Fenglan seemed willing to communicate with him, Cheng Huang started rambling again.

This time it was probably saying – I took a look inside myself, all those beasts before were big! All of them were very imposing, and none of them had ever become smaller.

Cheng Huang’s voice was still so soft and waxy, but his tone was extraordinarily justified…

Speaking of fierce beasts fighting for supremacy in ancient times, those fierce beasts were much more powerful than Cheng Huang in terms of combat power and combat experience.

Li Fenglan looked at Cheng Huang, who had grown bigger, and suddenly remembered the murals he had seen in the Sect’s forbidden area—He didn’t know how the Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor managed to kill four ancient beasts by himself.

Li Fenglan’s most important task these days was to take good care of Cheng Huang. However, Li Fenglan didn’t stay in the back of the mountain for too long, and because he was worried about Ling Buyan, he went to the back hall of Miguang Mountain.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Li Fenglan felt a slightly chaotic wave of spiritual energy.

——Ling Buyan had the habit of hiding his cultivation, even if he had known him for a long time, Li Fenglan still didn’t know what realm his master was. Besides cultivating, Ling Buyan usually doesn’t show any spiritual pressure.

This was the first time that Li Fenglan had encountered such a situation since he knew Ling Buyan.

In fact, the spiritual power fluctuation here was not obvious, if it was someone else, Li Fenglan would definitely miss it.

But at this time, the only person in the room was Ling Buyan.

Based on Li Fenglan’s understanding of him, unless he was in a bad state… Ling Buyan would never allow his spiritual power to overflow.

He stood outside the apse of Miguang Mountain, hesitated for a long time, then finally stretched out his hand and knocked gently on the door.


No one in the room answered.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan, who was standing at the door, finally let go of his consciousness—he wanted to see how Ling Buyan was doing now.

As a cultivator, Li Fenglan’s soul was extremely powerful, he can see more than just the “appearance” of everything.

And even though he had already been mentally prepared, Li Fenglan couldn’t help being shocked when he saw the scene in the apse the next moment.

For the first time, he felt the state of Ling Buyan’s soul!

“How could this be…” Li Fenglan murmured.

In the apse of Miguang Mountain, a cultivator dressed in black had closed his eyes and was meditating. Around him, spiritual power had condensed into a dark vortex.

Ling Buyan closed his eyes tightly and frowned.

He had been meditating for a while, but his physical condition showed no signs of recovery.

Li Fenglan even saw—Ling Buyan’s soul, there was a problem!

Logically speaking, he had been turned to ashes before, and the state of mind and soul was already very bad. But Li Fenglan realized at this moment that the problem of Ling Buyan was even bigger than his own!

Li Fenglan’s own soul was brought back by the Soul Condensation tower.

Thousands of years have passed, and he had returned to his original appearance, and there was not even a trace of his soul scattered.

But Ling Buyan was different.

Although his soul was intact, it was full of cracks…

If it was an ordinary person, if his soul became like this, he would probably disappear immediately.

But not only Ling Buyan’s soul did not do that, his soul while covered with cracks and scars, was the most powerful Li Fenglan had ever seen before.

…What exactly had Ling Buyan experienced?

Ling Buyan’s spirit was extraordinarily powerful, and Li Fenglan, who was thinking that at this time, was also defenseless.

So when he was thinking about this question, Li Fenglan’s consciousness was actually brought into a memory.

This was a memory that belonged to Ling Buyan.

Li Fenglan, who just wanted to see his Master’s status just now, would not have imagined that for the first time he would inadvertently glimpse Ling Buyan’s past.

And this past can also be described as thrilling.

Endless sea of ​​flames.

Li Fenglan had never seen such a place.

For a moment, he couldn’t tell where the sky was and where the earth was. Because at this moment, the space Li Fenglan was in was filled with magma surging in all directions.

Even if it was just his consciousness that was dragged into Ling Buyan’s memory, Li Fenglan still felt a burning pain that was hard to ignore when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Where is this… why is Master here?”

No one answered Li Fenglan’s question.

Just as he was thinking of this, a huge flaming tornado with a height of several hundred meters emerged from the ground not far away and directly connected to the sky.

The next moment, it attacked where they were.

This was a fire dragon tens of meters thick. The center of the flame was a strange dark green color. It had the power to melt everything in the world.

Even if he could only see this memory, and he can’t feel the power of the fire dragon, when it hit him, Li Fenglan’s spirit still subconsciously concentrated his strength and broke free from this h*ll-like world.

At this moment, he instinctively thought – the flame that came at him just now was Baishi underworld fire!

After a few breaths, Li Fenglan finally returned to the world he was familiar with.

Before being drawn into Ling Buyan’s memory, he was standing outside the apse of Miguang Mountain, and was just about to knock on the door lightly.

After returning here, Li Fenglan found that he fell to the ground without knowing when. His palms were covered with cold sweat, and his heartbeat was frighteningly fast.

Baishi Underworld Fire… Li Fenglan used to think that this was something only in legends.

It was said that in ancient times, the underworld had not yet formed, let alone so-called reincarnation. At that time, after everything died, it would return to endless purgatory, and would eventually be burned clean by the underworld fire of Baishi.

However, just now, he actually saw it in Ling Buyan’s memory.

From this point of view…the cracks in Ling Buyan’s soul should be caused by this thing.

And the place of Endless Purgatory actually exists!

…But why did Ling Buyan go there?

At this moment, the door of the back hall of Miguang Mountain was suddenly opened from the inside.

Li Fenglan looked up and saw Ling Buyan in black standing opposite him, he frowned and asked softly, “Fenglan? What’s wrong with you?”

Just as he was speaking, Ling Buyan stretched out his hand, and Li Fenglan was gently pulled up.

His condition seemed much better, although his face was still pale, his demeanor returned to his usual look Li Fenglan was familiar with.

Li Fenglan was going to directly tell him what he saw just now, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed them again.

“It’s nothing,” Li Fenglan pretended to smile relaxedly, “I was a little dizzy just now.”

“Rest well, the Wuliang Stone has been destroyed just now, there should be no problem in a short time, but just to be on the safe side, you still have to continue to work hard to stabilize your divine soul.” Ling Buyan carefully instructed.

Only after hearing this did Li Fenglan know that the Wuliang Stone had been destroyed.

“The Wuliang Stone was destroyed?” He subconsciously repeated these words.

… No wonder Ling Buyan suffered such severe injuries, it turned out that he actually destroyed the ancient artifact directly.

“En,” Ling Buyan didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with his actions, he nodded and said, “It won’t be fixed in a while, and I don’t think Lin Chaochen can do anything in a short time.”

That was right, the Wuliang Stone was destroyed, Ling Buyan was in this state, and Lin Chaochen’s place was probably even worse…

Li Fenglan could only nod upon hearing what his Master said.

Speaking of Miguang Mountain, there were currently three major troubles.

Maybe it’s because Li Fenglan had been busy trying to find a way to get Cheng Huang back, but he accidentally forgot about the two huge luminous bodies in the front hall.

While the two were talking, there was a sudden commotion in the front hall of Miguang Mountain.

Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan took a look at each other, and walked quickly to the front hall together.

Although the room was temporarily given over to Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian, it didn’t mean that the two of them could live here comfortably and come and go whenever they wanted.

——When leaving the front hall, Ling Buyan conveniently set up an enchantment there.

But before reaching the entrance of the front hall, Li Fenglan saw an extremely dazzling golden light shining through the windows.

You know it’s daytime right now!

In just two, three steps, Li Fenglan walked to the entrance of the main hall.

And before he opened the door, Li Fenglan heard loud noises coming from the room… To be precise, it was the loud noise of wings flapping wildly.

What’s going on here?

“Don’t worry,” just as he was talking, Ling Buyan took out an umbrella from somewhere, and at the same time opened it to block the eyes of the two of them, “Be careful not to blind your eyes.”

After saying that, Ling Buyan finally with his hands, opened the gate of the front hall of Miguang Mountain.

The next moment, the golden light flourished.

If it wasn’t for the umbrella, Li Fenglan’s eyes might not be able to see clearly for the next few days.

Li Fenglan saw that Ling Buyan who was standing beside him suddenly made a move, and after a few breaths, the light in the hall finally dimmed slowly.

Although the sound of flapping wings had not disappeared, at least the light in the room was within the acceptable range.

At this time, Li Fenglan finally walked in with Ling Buyan, and the person standing beside him also put away the paper umbrella in his hand.

“You guys…” Seeing the mess in the main hall of Miguang Mountain, Ling Buyan couldn’t help frowning and asked.

At this moment, Li Fenglan finally had a clear view of the main hall.

——Although Duan Qianli and Duan Wannian woke up, they still haven’t turned back into human bodies!

At this time, a huge golden bird was flying around in the room, knocking over the decorations to the ground. The other one opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling hopelessly.

Before the two could answer, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but clear his throat and said, “…It seems that they can’t change back?”

“That’s right.” Ling Buyan agreed with Li Fenglan calmly.

This was too funny!

Li Fenglan knew that Duan Qianli, the demon, had always been stinking of beauty and his aesthetics were also very “humanized”, a lot similar to his species, and preferring the appearance of the human body.

If he didn’t meet a strong enemy, Duan Qianli would not have easily changed back to his original form—this was completely different from ordinary monster races.

In the last life, when he beat Duan Qianli back to his original form several times, he would immediately disappear from the human world for a period of time, and he would only show up again when he recovered.

And now… Duan Qianli couldn’t revert back.

Seeing one of the giant golden birds bumping towards him, Ling Buyan immediately fixed it in place.

The next moment, the immobilized giant golden bird uttered a crying voice: “Let me out!”

Oh, it turned out to be Duan Wannian.

At the same time, the other one with a face of life and death suddenly came to life: “No way! Wait until you recover your original shape before leaving!”

While Li Fenglan was suppressing his laugh, Ling Buyan turned around and closed the gate of the main hall.

He smiled and said to Duan Qianli: “Lord Demon Master really can’t leave so soon. After all, the display destroyed by your sister on Miguang Mountain had not been compensated.” 

Li Fenglan: “…”

Duan Qianli: …

Wait, what did Ling Buyan call me just now?

The author has something to say: The beauty obsessed demon lord finally found out that he was exposed (x)

In addition, the tug-of-war competition, Ling Buyan never tires of winning xd

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