The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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Ningchao formation, to acquire it, is when the day approaches its end, when the tired bird returns to the forest and hides in its nest when the sun sets.

When the formation was activated, nothing unusual could be seen with the naked eye, and everything would be extremely calm. If it wasn’t for Li Fenglan’s understanding of this formation, it would be difficult for him to discover it in a short time.

Li Fenglan still sat on the same spot without moving, he looked at the sword forest in the distance, as if he was just feeling the warm wind here in a daze.

But this was only on the surface, in fact Li Fenglan’s heart was not peaceful.

…Master, have you decided to make a move?

Li Fenglan couldn’t help laughing at himself.

In the previous life, Duan Qianli was his enemy and could recognize himself now, but it happened to be his most respected and trusted master, who still wanted to put himself to death in his next life. Why did Li Fenglan never know that Qiu Wanyou was such a persistent person?

Even if he knew that his master wanted to kill himself, and sacrifice his flesh and blood to the Dongshan Yinhun Banner, after realizing the existence of the Ningchao Formation, Li Fenglan’s heart sank again.

He slowly supported his head with his hands and closed his eyes, as if being blown by the warm wind made him fall asleep.

Li Fenglan knew that Qiu Wanyou was looking at him somewhere.

And his current appearance was exactly the same as that of Li Fuyue in the previous life who was sleepy and dozing off after practicing the sword.

The warm wind slowly blew up a wisp of blue silk that Li Fenglan draped behind his head, and his long hair rose up like a puff of blue smoke. Li Fenglan’s appearance was seven or eight points similar to Li Fuyue. And after he closed his eyes, from a distance, it was exactly what Li Fuyue looked like when he was alive!

Standing outside the sword forest, Qiu Wanyou saw such a picture.

“Fuyue?” Qiu Wanyou, holding a long sword in his arms, couldn’t help calling Li Fenglan’s name softly in the direction where Li Fenglan was.

But the next moment, he shook his head and told himself: “It’s not him…the soul is different.”

Li Fenglan didn’t know that Qiu Wanyou would test his soul almost every time he saw him and his soul also told Qiu Wanyou again and again that the person in front of him was indeed an ordinary disciple named “Li Fenglan” in Tianmian Palace, not his disciple Li Fuyue.

There really were two people in this world who were so alike.

“I’m sorry…” Qiu Wanyou, who always had the attitude of an immortal, suddenly said softly that he was sorry to Li Fenglan.

He thought, if Dongshan Yinhun Banner did not exist, or if Lin Chaochen failed to attract Li Fuyue’s remnant soul last time, he would not have done such a cruel thing and would take good care of this little cultivator who had similar blood to Li Fuyue.

But Lin Chaochen succeeded.

In fact, with Qiu Wanyou’s ability, he could have used Li Fenglan’s blood to sacrifice it to Dongshan Yinhun Banner long ago. He didn’t take action for a long time, not because he was not ready enough as he said to Lin Chaochen.

In the previous days, Qiu Wanyou had been struggling.

It was the news that Li Fuyue’s soul was attracted that day, which completely made him make up his mind.

He wanted Li Fuyue to come back, no matter what price he paid.

Unknowingly, Qiu Wanyou slowly hugged the long sword in his arms. He took one last look at Li Fenglan, forced suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, closed his eyes and recited the incantation to activate the formation.

A wind wall formed by spiritual power separated the inside and outside of the formation.

Qiu Wanyou didn’t know, but at this moment, Li Fenglan, who had been closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep, slowly opened them and stood up.

He turned around and looked at where Qiu Wanyou was.

At this moment, a gust of wind suddenly blew up in the open space that was still extremely quiet just now. It was not an ordinary wind, the qi around it condensed into substance in an instant.

If an ordinary person stood here, it would only take one breath for him to turn into powder by the qi.

However, when the strong wind transformed by the spiritual energy blew, a faint golden light appeared around Li Fenglan, completely blocking the wind.

His sight fell into the sword forest – Li Fenglan knew that the so-called Ningchao Formation could only be practiced if one was proficient in formation techniques and sword techniques at the same time. This formation sounded gentle, but it was actually the most dangerous sword formation in the world.

He could control all the surrounding spirit swords around him.

Sure enough, at the moment when the strong wind blew, the long swords that had been lying quietly in the sword forest wailed one after another.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help chuckling, he called out “Sword Come” softly, then held the original owner’s sword in both hands and waited for the depths of the sword forest.

Qiu Wanyou’s incantation had been recited once, and the long sword in his arms emitted a dazzling silver light. As if echoing that sword, all the swords sleeping in the sword forest of Tianmian Palace woke up in an instant.

They were awakened by the Ningchao Formation just to deal with Li Fenglan alone.

What a big formation. Maybe it’s because he died once, but his mood was different. Facing the long swords coming at him, Li Fenglan still had the time to laugh at himself and think – he had seen all kinds of big battles in his two lifetimes.

The speed of those flying swords was extremely fast, like lightning bolts flying out of sword forest. Not to mention ordinary people, even most of the sword cultivators in Tianmian Palace, in Li Fenglan’s current position, couldn’t see the figure of the swords clearly.

But Li Fenglan was not only able to see the trajectory of the flying swords clearly, but even guessed where they would stab.


In the blink of an eye, Li Fenglan drew out his sword and blocked the first flying sword that attacked him.

Then came the second, and the third.

In the sword forest of Tianmian Palace, there were a total of 9,900 spirit swords, which was no different from ten thousand swords.

But on Li Fenglan’s face, there was no trace of fear.

In his last life, Qiu Wanyou said that his disciple Li Fuyue was the person he thought most worthy of the title of “Sword Cultivator” in this world. Qiu Wanyou felt that – the sharpest sword in the world should not have edges and corners, and the greatest swordsman should also be as gentle as water.

At that time, Li Fuyue was like that.

But after reliving his life, he may have finally changed.

The experience of the previous life told Li Fenglan that sometimes the “path to survival” does not come from the pity or trust of others, but can only be fought by oneself.

In the past, Li Fuyue died because of the distrust of the cultivation world, and even more because of his own negativity and abandonment.

But now, Li Fenglan will not be like this.

He never said it, but the words that Ling Buyan said at the beginning: “If the cultivation world says that I will do harm to the world, then it is better to show them what it is like to do harm to the world.” It had been affecting Li Fenglan invisibly .

And it taught him to take all the initiative back into his own hands.

Flying swords struck him one after another, Li Fenglan didn’t even frown.

The Ningchao Formation was already very powerful, not to mention that it was Qiu Wanyou, who was urging this formation, a cultivator who had already ascended. Li Fenglan didn’t know if he could beat the Ningchao Formation. He knocked down the flying sword that was coming towards him.

Those swords were fast, Li Fenglan’s movements were even faster.

But there were too many spirit swords activated by the Ningchao Formation, even if Li Fenglan exhausted all his life’s knowledge, he would still be injured inevitably.

The long sword cut through his flesh, but Li Fenglan continued to move his hands as if he didn’t know pain.

As a sword cultivator, how to use a long sword had long been engraved on his soul.

Therefore, when swinging the sword, Li Fenglan actually let his mind wander.

——He remembered the millennium in Snowy Meizhou.

Qiu Wanyou practiced sword with him, took away the things he brought from home, and told him to forget the worldly troubles and pursue the Dao.

The other party was the person he trusted and admired the most in his previous life.

From the time he entered Tianmian Palace at the age of seventeen to the time he went out to practice at the age of three hundred, Qiu Wanyou was everything to him. Just like Lin Chaochen relied on his senior brother, Li Fenglan also relied on Qiu Wanyou.

Even at the last moment, when he knew that Qiu Wanyou had agreed to kill him with Yao Zhengzhong as a front, Li Fenglan never really hated him.

Because he knew that his Master was a cultivator with the world in mind. His master had already ascended, and after hearing that his disciple went mad in the upper realm, he chose to stand on the side of the entire cultivation world, which was understandable.

But even if he could rationally understand why his Master made such a decision, Li Fenglan still had some resentment in his heart.

Even at the moment before he died, he was like a naive child, with the idea of using his own death to punish others and causing them heartache.

He thought: Will Qiu Wanyou feel sad when I die?

How stupid.

Li Fenglan was a person who was good at suppressing his emotions, just like how he can suppress his nature for the sake of his identity as “the future master of Tianmian Palace”. Even in his heart after rebirth, Li Fenglan was able to suppress his resentment towards Qiu Wanyou. If he didn’t think about it, he just pretended it didn’t exist.

But the emotions and resentment he had suppressed for a long time finally broke out at this time.

——Why do you want me to die after I was reborn? This time I obviously did nothing.

——Why don’t you recognize me when we have been together day and night for thousands of years?

That’s right, maybe in front of other people, Li Fenglan didn’t want them to recognize him, and wanted to completely separate himself from his previous life.

But only here with Qiu Wanyou, he had some expectations.

However, at the moment when the Ningchao Formation was operating, all expectations were shattered.

The strong wind in the Ningchao formation blew away the tears from the corners of Li Fenglan’s eyes.

If the group of people in his previous life saw Li Fenglan’s appearance now, they would definitely be shocked – at this time, he was even crazier than when he fell into qi deviation before.

Li Fenglan’s white clothes were almost completely soaked with blood.

The wind wall condensed by spiritual power gradually thinned down, and the sky had completely darkened.

It was unclear how long it took, but the speed of the Ningchao Formation finally slowed down. Although Li Fenglan’s cultivation had almost recovered and his spirit was still strong, the original owner’s body could not compare with the body that he practiced sword day after day in his previous life.

So at this time, if it wasn’t for his willpower, Li Fenglan might not even be able to lift his sword.

“Cough, cough…” A stream of blood gushed from his throat, and Li Fenglan wiped the blood away with his sleeve as if nothing had happened.

He swung his sword vigorously for the last time, and finally couldn’t help supporting himself with the sword, half kneeling on the ground.

The wind wall of the Ningchao formation slowly dissipated, and the person standing in the distance operating the formation finally opened his eyes.

“This is impossible…” Qiu Wanyou opened his eyes wide, and he looked into the Ningchao formation, “How could… how could I lose?”

He subconsciously put a hand on the hilt of his sword, instinctively he wanted to kill the man in front with a sword.

However, before he could make a move, Qiu Wanyou saw a bloody figure half-kneeling in the center of the Ningchao formation.

He subconsciously took a step back, and still muttered the word “impossible”.

He didn’t know that Li Fenglan, who was half kneeling on the ground covered in blood, actually laughed at this moment.

Li Fenglan tried his best to stand up slowly.

Although the spiritual wind wall around the sword forest had disappeared, the aura brought by the long swords had not dissipated.

Because of the injury, most of Li Fenglan’s protective qi dissipated, and the moment he got up, many tiny wounds appeared on his skin.

But Li Fenglan didn’t care.

Covered in blood, even his face was covered with small wounds. He smiled at Qiu Wanyou, and then walked towards the man step by step.

In Qiu Wanyou’s eyes, Li Fenglan seemed to have stepped out of a sea of ​​blood. Seeing Li Fenglan like this, Qiu Wanyou couldn’t help taking a big step back.

His mind went blank.

But Li Fenglan was still heading towards Qiu Wanyou.

One step, two steps…

The distance between the master and the disciple seemed to be shrinking.

But Qiu Wanyou felt that the bloody man in front of him was getting away from him little by little.

In the end, Li Fenglan finally stopped opposite Qiu Wanyou.

He smiled at the other party again, and then said in a hoarse voice: “Immortal Master Qiu Wanyou.” He also performed a big salute.

“You—” Before Qiu Wanyou finished speaking, Li Fenglan stood up straight with his sword again.

Qiu Wanyou couldn’t recognize himself.

If Li Fenglan wanted to live a peaceful life before, he could find a way to blame Ling Buyan for what happened just now, and Li Fenglan believed that Ling Buyan could definitely round up this matter for him.

But Li Fenglan didn’t do that.

——Just like when his soul was scattered back then, he naively wanted to use his own death to punish his master and make him sad. This time, Li Fenglan, whose eyes were red and covered in blood, had a similar thought again.

Li Fenglan stood still, his mood was extremely calm at this moment, he slowly smiled at the person opposite, and then called him a second time.



After Qiu Wanyou heard these words, a “buzz” suddenly sounded in his ears. He stood still and couldn’t move, even the long sword in his arms was almost unable to be held.

Qiu Wanyou didn’t know how many times he had heard these words in his life.

Even when he descended to the realm this time, and finally cooperated with Lin Chaochen, it was all for someone to be able to say these words again.

But he had never been so afraid of hearing these words like this moment.

What did this little cultivator named “Li Fenglan” call himself just now? How could he call him that?

In fact, at this time, deep in Qiu Wanyou’s mind, there was already a very terrifying idea, but he, who had set up the Ningchao formation just now, instinctively rejected that idea.

——He was not afraid of Li Fuyue’s resurrection, and even hoped that Li Fuyue would be resurrected. Qiu Wanyou thought that as long as Fuyue could be reborn, he would definitely make him forgive the things in his previous life, or wait for forgiveness for thousands of years.

Qiu Wanyou was only afraid that Li Fenglan was Li Fuyue.

Because this means that he had made an irreparable mistake…

As a swordsman, Qiu Wanyou’s hands were faster than his brain.

Hearing the words “Master” just now, the long sword that he had been holding in his arms all this time was unsheathed and rested on Li Fenglan’s shoulder.


Before Qiu Wanyou finished speaking, he saw the person standing opposite him suddenly smile again, and then gently push the sword off his shoulder.

Li Fenglan didn’t use much strength, and it was at this time that Qiu Wanyou realized that his hand was almost out of strength, and he was almost unable to hold the sword steadily.

“Master, you want to say that I don’t deserve to call you ‘Master’?” Li Fenglan laughed at himself and said, “This ‘Ji Jiang’ is rarely stained with blood, but now, it is stained with my blood…”

Although Qiu Wanyou’s sword did not hurt Li Fenglan, Li Fenglan was covered in blood at this moment, and as soon as the sword touched his shoulder, most of it was stained red with blood.

“Say, what did you say?” At this moment, all Qiu Wanyou’s attention was on the words “Ji Jiang”.

——Different from Li Fuyue’s world-famous “Finished Karma”, only two people in the entire cultivation world knew the name of this long sword that Qiu Wanyou often held in his arms.

“Ji jiang” was the spiritual sword passed down by the Qiu family, and the name of the sword was the same as the Qiu family’s ancestral grave in the mortal world. Therefore, in order to avoid taboo, Qiu Wanyou never told anyone the name of this sword—except his great disciple Li Fuyue.

“I said,” Li Fenglan stared firmly into Qiu Wanyou’s eyes, and said word by word, “Master’s Ji Jiang sword.”

Qiu Wanyou came from a cultivating family and was raised according to the requirements of immortals since childhood. He often had an appearance of neither joy nor sorrow, and even Li Fuyue, who had been with him for a long time, had gradually acquired this habit.

But after hearing what Li Fenglan said just now, Qiu Wanyou completely lost his composure.

The Ji Jiang Sword in his hand, which he treasured so much, fell heavily to the ground.

“Fu… Fuyue?” At this moment, extreme joy and fear struck Qiu Wanyou together, and his voice even changed because of the shock.

How could it be, how could Fuyue be alive?

How could he become an ordinary cultivator in Tianmian Palace?

…But he had clearly probed his soul.

Qiu Wanyou felt that life had played a huge joke on himself.

He didn’t expect to hear this. The person standing opposite him shook his head, Li Fenglan said: “Now, you should call me ‘Fenglan’, after all, Li Fuyue is dead.” His tone was light.

The aura caused by the Ningchao Formation hadn’t dissipated yet, and the cuff of Li Fenglan’s white outfit was suddenly cut, but he didn’t seem to see it.

The person standing opposite Li Fenglan shook his head lightly, and the little white jade on his forehead also shook accordingly.

Li Fenglan seemed to guess what Qiu Wanyou was thinking, he smiled lightly and said: “Master, you want to say, you have tested my soul and I am not Li Fuyue?”

Qiu Wanyou pursed his lips and said nothing.

“So Immortal Master Qiu Wanyou, you only recognize that familiar soul, not the person?” Li Fenglan finally spoke out the words he wanted to ask.

At this time, he felt much more relaxed.

Li Fenglan really wanted to know, Qiu Wanyou had been with him day and night for thousands of years, did he recognize him as himself, or the familiar soul?

How ridiculous.

“I…” At this moment, Qiu Wanyou’s lips trembled, his light-colored pupils were illuminated by the moonlight, and the panic in them could not be hidden.

That’s right, the little cultivator named “Li Fenglan” in front of him clearly had about 70% similar appearance to his disciple, even had the same habits, and also raised the same ferocious beast. He had discovered all this a long time ago, but why didn’t he think he was Li Fuyue?

At this moment, Li Fenglan slowly bent down and picked up the sword on the ground.

He said softly: “Master and I have only gone out of the sect together once, and that was to go to the ‘Ji Jiang River’ in the mortal world to pay homage to your family. To not be disturbed by others, even the descendants of the family can only find that place by relying on Ji Jiang sword. I still remember…”

Li Fenglan gently stroked the body of Ji Jiang swored while talking, his expression was very gentle, as if he remembered the past again.

Just like what Li Fenglan said, there were only the two of them at that time of worship, even at that time Qiu Wanyou hadn’t accepted Lin Chaochen as his disciple.

Who else could this person in front of him be if not Li Fuyue, whom he had thought about for thousands of years?

Li Fuyue came back, the person he had thought about for a thousand years was still alive!

He didn’t die… let alone completely dissipate into the world.

“It’s you, Fuyue…” At this moment, ecstasy finally diluted the shock and fear. Qiu Wanyou instinctively took two steps forward, he stretched out his hand, as if to wipe off the blood on Li Fenglan’s face.

But his movement was dodged by Li Fenglan.

This time, it was Li Fenglan who took two steps back.

His eyes were extremely cold.

“In my last life, I fell into qi deviation, and the world said that anyone who fell into qi deviation can’t control himself and will cause harm to the world, so they wanted to kill me,” Li Fenglan smiled. He looked at Qiu Wanyou again, “In this life, I obviously resemble ‘Li Fuyue’, but you all couldn’t recognize me.”

“It turns out that all of you only look at the appearance…” It was unclear if whether what Li Fenglan said was for Qiu Wanyou or himself.

Whether it’s falling into qi deviation or having an unfamiliar soul, all these are appearances, but the people around him only believed in such appearances.

“No, no—listen to me, I just… wanted to see you so much.” Qiu Wanyou didn’t know what he was talking about, he could only feel that something very important was leaving him .

Li Fenglan didn’t speak, he picked up the Ji Jiang sword in his hand little by little, and put it gently in Qiu Wanyou’s hand.

“What are you going to do?” Qiu Wanyou opened his eyes wide in horror.

He found that he couldn’t see through the person in front of him after not seeing him for a thousand years.

Li Fenglan’s expression was extremely solemn, and he said: “I’m still me. Master knows that none of the cultivators in this world who have fallen into qi deviation can recover. Maybe I will change back to my previous appearance tomorrow. So you can now inform the Three Realms of my identity, and you can also kill me—if you can.”

The immortal who seemed indifferent to sorrow and joy in the past slowly looked down at the long sword in his hand.

His hands were trembling, and he could barely hold the sword.

Qiu Wanyou knew that being able to say these words meant that the person in front of him was completely disappointed in him… and everything was caused by himself.

“Master, draw your sword. For the peace of the cultivation world, you should draw your sword.” Li Fenglan said softly.

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