The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 49

Chapter 49

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Ling Buyan’s voice was not loud, and his tone carried his usual casualness.

However, after hearing these few words, Duan Qianli suddenly felt threatened…

“You know who he is.” Duan Qianli’s words had a confirming tone, and Ling Buyan, who was standing opposite him, smiled and didn’t answer the question.

Duan Qianli felt a little sour seeing Ling Buyan like this.

——Obviously the other party knew it much earlier than he did, and even knew some things he didn’t know.

Although Duan Qianli was sad in his heart, he still looked righteous on the surface.

He sneered again, turned around and said to Li Fenglan: “Fuyue, this man in front of you is also from Tianmian Palace, who knows if he had other plans for approaching you like those people before.”

“Other plans?” This time, the person who answered Duan Qianli was Ling Buyan, he repeated these words, and then said, “Lord Demon Master really likes to judge others by himself.”

If we talk about Duan Qianli’s words just now, the atmosphere was still somewhat touching, but now the little bit of moving energy was completely washed away.

“You!” After Duan Qianli said this word, he suddenly switched back to the language of the Demon Clan, and said a lot of things to Ling Buyan.

His tone was full of contempt, Li Fenglan couldn’t help frowning.

The language of the Demon Clan was very difficult to understand, and the human race had always disdained to learn this foreign language, so after many years, Li Fenglan still couldn’t understand it.

However, being familiar with Duan Qianli, he guessed…the other party probably didn’t say anything good just now.

But something unexpected happened.

As soon as Duan Qianli finished his sentence, Ling Buyan, who was standing next to Li Fenglan, actually started talking to him in the language of the Demon Clan!

No way, Master can even do this?

Just when Li Fenglan was shocked, Ling Buyan frowned suddenly and said, “I never thought that Lord Demon Master would be so uneducated.”


Hearing these words, Li Fenglan immediately thought that in his last life, Duan Qianli liked to provoke himself with words, and even scolded other cultivators in Tianmian Palace. From this point of view, Duan Qianli probably didn’t control his mouth just now, and maybe even said some ugly words.

In an instant, Li Fenglan’s face also turned cold.

Seeing this scene, Li Fenglan didn’t want to pay attention to Duan Qianli at all, he silently took two steps towards where Ling Buyan was, then glanced at Duan Wannian and changed the subject, saying: “By the way, Master…she seems to be unable to talk. Can you take a look?”

Hearing this, Duan Qianli finally remembered his sister who had been neglected by him again, and he also looked at Duan Wannian, but what he thought of was Fuyue’s elbow, why was it turned towards Ling Buyan*?

* turning your elbow towards someone means he is siding on their side

Before he knew it, the atmosphere of the reunion after a thousand years was completely ruined by Duan Qianli himself, and he himself didn’t realize it.

Ling Buyan walked towards Duan Wannian slowly, and the golden giant bird tilted its head to look at him again: “Googoo?

“Just now Duan Wannian was injured by senior uncle…. I used spiritual power to replenish the demon core for her first. For some reason, after the demon core was repaired, she was not able to speak.” Li Fenglan explained with a very guilty conscience.

Since Duan Qianli was still here, Li Fenglan did not explain clearly about Mo Shenyu.

Duan Qianli, who was on the side, couldn’t help frowning slightly at this moment.

The “Li Fuyue” in his impression was the number one person in the cultivation world, he was omniscient and omnipotent, and he was the only one who could defeat himself. Thousands of years ago, Li Fuyue had never shown such an expression.

But now, he actually saw the word “dependence” on Li Fenglan’s body.

D*mn… How much bewitching soup did this cultivator named Ling Buyan pour into Li Fenglan!

Duan Qianli firmly believed that Ling Buyan was the same as the group of cultivators who surrounded Li Fenglan in his previous life.

And when he was incompetently furious, Ling Buyan’s hand had already lightly pressed Duan Wannian’s head. After a few breaths, he put his hand down, turned around and said to Li Fenglan: “It’s okay, Duan Wannian is a descendant of a demon god, so she can’t be stupid, at most, she will be confused for a while.”

Hearing this, Duan Qianli couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. To be honest, he had never seen such a situation in his clan before.

But after finishing the sentence just now, Ling Buyan glanced at Li Fenglan, and then continued: “It’s just that you lost too much spiritual power to her in one breath just now, and she is treating you as…”

Ling Buyan, having said that, suddenly stopped. After thinking for a long time, he finally frowned and found a suitable word: “Elder of the same clan.”

Eh? What does that mean?

After finishing speaking, before Li Fenglan could react, Ling Buyan continued: “It’s a bit conspicuous here, let’s go back to Miguang Mountain first.” 

“Okay.” Although he hadn’t yet figured out what his master meant, Li Fenglan still nodded very cooperatively.

Duan Wannian was seriously injured, and even though Li Fenglan forcibly used his spiritual power to heal most of her injuries, it was still somewhat inconvenient to move now.

Li Fenglan intended to put Duan Wannian in the space like when he came here.

But before he could make a move, the giant golden bird that was dying just now suddenly became the size of a palm, flew to his shoulder, and rubbed against his chin incomparably quickly.

Duan Wannian’s movements were too fast, and she didn’t look like she was just injured and it wasn’t until the golden head rubbed against him that Li Fenglan realized that the Demon Clan can become smaller!

“Ahem…” As if guessing what Li Fenglan was thinking, Duan Qianli couldn’t help but look aside.

Of course they can become smaller, but he absolutely cannot do such a thing that would damage the dignity of the Demon Clan ruling family.

Duan Wannian was really a traitor!

“Cuckoo~” Duan Wannian rubbed Li Fenglan’s hair with great enjoyment.

This time Ling Buyan came up, gently took Duan Wannian off Li Fenglan’s shoulders, then held her in his hands and said, “Her mental state is actually the same as usual, but in her heart, your identity had changed. Wait a little longer, and it will gradually return to normal.”

Regardless of the majestic adult appearance of the Demon Clan, they were all extremely cute when they were young.

The reason was very simple: the environment in the place of the Demon Clan was too harsh, and the little demons who were born had to rely on the protection of the elders to survive. Unlike human beings, Demon Clans often had several little monsters in one birth.

Therefore, in order to win a little more love from the elders, they mastered the two skills of becoming smaller and being cute from birth.

It’s just that most of the Demon Clan, after they grow up, will gradually forget this skill, or pretend that nothing happened, or even be extremely repulsed – such as Duan Qianli.

It was very dangerous to stay in the back of Miguang Mountain, but even so, he was unwilling to condescend to become smaller, so he never even let Li Fenglan know that he can shrink.

Now Duan Wannian being confused for a moment, recognized Li Fenglan as his “elder”, so when he faced Li Fenglan, he instinctively remembered these things.

Sure enough, at the same time that Ling Buyan’s voice fell, she finally said: “Let me go!”

Indeed there was no hint of becoming stupid, and even her voice did not change compared to usual.

Ling Buyan lightly grabbed Duan Wannian’s wings, put her beside Duan Qianli, and only said: “Take care of her.” He took Li Fenglan together and went back to Miguang Mountain first.

“Cuckoo!” Duan Wannian’s voice came from behind Li Fenglan again, and Duan Qianli’s extremely angry “Shut up!”

After Duan Wannian became smaller, Duan Qianli finally shrunk down a little, and stayed in the house where he lived when he pretended to be “He Yinyuan”.

Ling Buyan also left Duan Wannian there, and asked Duan Qianli, the older brother, to take good care of her.

Li Fenglan and Ling Buyan went to the main hall to discuss matters related to Mo Shenyu.

Li Fenglan originally thought that Duan Wannian would return to normal at night. But he didn’t expect… a long time passed, and Duan Wannian’s problem of recognizing the wrong person still hasn’t healed.

That night, just as Li Fenglan was about to go to sleep, he heard a “da da da da” sound from the wooden window frame of his room. The sound was not loud, and very rhythmic.

“What is this?” Li Fenglan, who was only wearing his middle coat, left the bed again, and walked towards the window frame with a night pearl.

He hesitated for a moment, and asked softly: “Who is it?”

“Da da”


“Da da”

Li Fenglan saw that no one responded to him outside the window for a long time, finally sighed, put down the night pearl in his hand, then slowly opened the window.

The next moment, a burst of golden light appeared outside the window.

Li Fenglan saw Duan Wannian’s small head appear at the window frame. Because the angle was a bit off, he didn’t notice the light before he opened the window just now.

——She probably slipped in when Duan Qianli wasn’t paying attention.

“So it was you who knocked on my window in the middle of the night?” Li Fenglan carefully lifted Duan Wannian from the window frame. The little guy who was only the size of a palm suddenly flapped her wings and flew around Li Fenglan several times excitedly.

Even if Li Fenglan knew that Duan Wannian was fine and she only became like this only because she mistook himself as an elder, seeing such a small and plump bird flying around in front of his eyes, he still couldn’t help feeling a little worried .

Sure enough, Duan Wannian ate a lot of spiritual fruits in Miguang Mountain recently, and the whole monster gained a lot of weight.

Flying and flying, the thin golden wings couldn’t support the fat body, and almost hit the table.

“Be careful!” Fortunately, Li Fenglan moved quickly and took her into his hands.


Duan Wannian, who was lying in Li Fenglan’s hand, was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly rolled in his palm excitedly.

To be honest, although Duan Wannian had become much smaller, the temperature on her body had not dropped. When she rolled in Li Fenglan’s palm like this, to Li Fenglan, it was no different from holding a small charcoal ball.

It wasn’t hot enough to burn, but it didn’t feel familiar or comfortable at all.

“You go back to your brother’s place.” Li Fenglan put the little golden bird on the table speechlessly, and then said to her.

That little golden bird was able to communicate well with other people, but when facing Li Fenglan, it instinctively started pretending to be a cub.


Li Fenglan: “…” 

That’s enough!

Are you Demon Clan members all this weird?

“Duan Wannian—” Before Li Fenglan could finish his sentence, he saw the little golden bird that was still sitting on the table suddenly flapping its wings and flying towards his bed.

Before he could stop Duan Wannian, the little golden bird was already comfortably lying on the bed.


Although Li Fenglan often slept with Cheng Huang before and Duan Wannian, who only “cuckoos” now, looks like a little golden bird, but Li Fenglan would never forget that Duan Wannian was already a demon cultivator older than himself, and her appearance was completely that of a teenage girl.

“…Forget it,” Li Fenglan saw Duan Wannian who was about to sleep happily, and suddenly sighed and closed the window of the room, and then went straight out, “You can rest here first.”

His movements were extremely fast. Before Duan Wannian could react, Li Fenglan had already walked out and closed the door of the room.


“Cuckoo!!” The little golden bird flew up. She just wanted to go out, but found that the entire gate here was restricted by Li Fenglan. At this point, Duan Wannian finally spoke: “Fenglan! Fenglan!”

However, Li Fenglan had already walked to the open space and could not hear her voice.

The golden bird was naturally locked up here by him.

It was already late at night, and the square in Miguang Mountain was pitch black, and there was nothing there.

Li Fenglan glanced at Cheng Huang who had fallen asleep lying on the back mountain from a distance, and after struggling for a long time, he still walked towards the back hall of Miguang Mountain.

He thought that his master should be meditating in the front hall now, so he might as well sit in the outer room of the back hall for one night. In short, it would be good to get through the night, and he must lock up Duan Wannian early tomorrow.

Li Fenglan took advantage of the moonlight to walk outside the back hall of Miguang Mountain.

In his impression, Ling Buyan stayed in the main hall most of the time, and almost never came here. In addition, he lived here for a long time before, so Li Fenglan was already very familiar with this place.

So he walked to the door, pushed the door open and entered the room without any hesitation.

However, the next moment, Li Fenglan’s footsteps stopped here…

He saw that, completely different from what he had imagined, there were people in the room.

And that person was naturally Li Fenglan’s master, Ling Buyan.

D*mn it…Master actually changed to a different place to meditate tonight!

Through the moonlight, Li Fenglan saw that Ling Buyan, who was dressed in black, was sitting in the back hall and meditating. When he opened the door, the silver light from the sky poured down on Ling Buyan like water.

The moonlight made him colder, as if he had no karma with this world.

The moment Li Fenglan saw Ling Buyan, he silently took half a step back. His movements were very light, obviously wanting to disappear here quickly before the person in front of him opened his eyes.

However, Li Fenglan’s plan did not come true.

Before he could take two steps back, Ling Buyan, who was meditating in front of him, gently opened his eyes.

Li Fenglan:! ! !

He regretted it, he wished he could go back to the room now, grab Duan Wannian and throw her to her brother.

“Fenglan?” Ling Buyan put away the spiritual energy around him, and raised his eyes to look at him.

Hearing this, Li Fenglan smiled awkwardly, and said with extreme embarrassment: “Master… sorry for the interruption, I’ll go back now!”

Before Li Fenglan could turn around, Ling Buyan stood up, and along the way gently grabbed his wrist.

“It’s so late, where are you going?” Although he was meditating just now and still didn’t know what happened to Duan Wannian, Ling Buyan knew that Li Fenglan coming here so late in only a middle coat, there must be something wrong with his residence.

“I’ll go to the front hall to meditate or something.” Li Fenglan quickly replied.

“No need,” Ling Buyan knew that Li Fenglan was different from most cultivators, he had the habit of resting at night, “you can rest here, I’ll just go to the front hall.”

“I, I…” According to habit, of course Li Fenglan preferred to be alone but Ling Buyan was his master, how can there be a master who makes way for him?

They’re all men anyway.

Seeing that Ling Buyan was leaving, Li Fenglan said directly: “Wait! Master, it’s so late, forget it.” This sentence was completely blurted out by him without thinking.

Hearing Li Fenglan’s words, Ling Buyan turned his head to look at him in surprise.

Seeing this, Li Fenglan nodded quickly, as if he had already made up his mind.

In fact, in order to make Cheng Huang smaller these days, Ling Buyan vacated many things that he had previously stored in his space dimension and put them in the front hall, in order to find some clues in it.

At this time, the front hall was full of things, not to mention, the most important thing was that there were too many kinds of immortal artifacts, and the spiritual power in the room had become chaotic. For cultivators, this was definitely not a good place to meditate.

In fact, the apse was also divided into several entrances, with several layers of screens to cover it. The inside and outside did not interfere with each other and as far as he was concerned, it doesn’t matter if one more person slept in the back. Since Li Fenglan didn’t mind, then Ling Buyan certainly had nothing to worry about.

So after hearing Li Fenglan’s words, Ling Buyan paused for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay.”

After half a stick of incense, Li Fenglan laid back on the bed he was familiar with in the apse.

Although Li Fenglan couldn’t see anyone outside through several screens, a cultivator’s five senses were keen, and after Ling Buyan began to meditate, the surrounding spiritual power also produced slight fluctuations.

So no matter what, Li Fenglan, who was staying in the same room with him, would definitely not be able to ignore the existence of the other person.

The drowsiness that had just been born disappeared completely at this time.

——Him sleeping here while Master meditates outside, was this really good?

Li Fenglan was entangled with this matter over and over again, but what was amazing was that knowing that Ling Buyan was outside the door seemed to make him feel extra secure.

Even he, who was still struggling one moment, fell into a deep sleep the next moment…

Li Fenglan’s restriction on the room at night was time-limited.

After the sun rose during the day, the slightly larger Duan Wannian finally pushed open the door of the room, and then told her brother everything about last night.

So as soon as Li Fenglan got up and went out, a golden light appeared in front of his eyes.

——It was Duan Qianli, he had been waiting here for some time.

Seeing Li Fenglan coming out, Duan Qianli’s first words were: “Fenglan, did you stay with Ling Buyan last night?!” 

“Hmm?” Li Fenglan had not yet reacted to what he was going to do, and then listened to Duan Qianli grit his teeth, slowly saying: “Unpredictable intentions…”

Li Fenglan couldn’t help feeling a little funny when he heard the words “unpredictable intentions” from Duan Qianli’s mouth. As he walked out the door toward his room, he said casually, “Master has been very good to me.” And was just and honorable!

“Very good?” Duan Qianli’s heart became even more sour. While following Li Fenglan, he said slowly: “Everything in the world is for profit, and the world is full of hustle and bustle for profit. He must have something in mind for being so kind to you.”

Li Fenglan himself didn’t want to pay attention to Duan Qianli, but when he heard this, he finally turned around and said speechlessly: “So, Lord Demon Master, did you come here for profit?”

This sentence immediately choked Duan Qianli, he said “uh” for half a day before saying, “Naturally I am here for you!”

But Li Fenglan was no longer interested in listening to Duan Qianli’s explanation. He had already walked to the door of his room while talking, and it happened that Ling Buyan, who got up early to pack things in the main hall, also came out at this time.

Judging by his expression, he obviously heard Duan Qianli’s words just now.

After seeing Ling Buyan, Duan Qianli, who had nothing to say just now, suddenly seized the opportunity.

He looked at Ling Buyan and said what he had just said again.

And maybe because Duan Qianli was too annoyed, Ling Buyan frowned and said, “What if I say, I only want what’s good for him?”

Although Ling Buyan was answering Duan Qianli’s question, Li Fenglan couldn’t help being moved when he heard what the other person said. After all, to be honest, until now he had not seen what Ling Buyan was trying to plot against him…

“Hehe,” Duan Qianli sneered, and he said, “Only what’s good for him? That is really nice to say.”

Maybe because Duan Qianli was annoyed, Ling Buyan waved his hand and cast a spell of silence on him, the Miguang Mountain was finally quiet for a while.

However, this question suddenly became entangled in Li Fenglan’s heart again.

The disciples of Tianmian Palace often have to complete various tasks. In addition to going out to practice, if there was anything in the sect, they would also ask them to help.

In the last life, Li Fenglan leaned against a big tree to enjoy the shade, but in this life, as an ordinary disciple, after mending his spiritual veins, he naturally couldn’t avoid labor anymore.

In the evening of this day, a spirit crane flew over from the sect and assigned Li Fenglan a job to clean dead branches outside the sword forest. Almost every disciple of Tianmian Palace had done this kind of thing several times in their thousands of years of cultivation, it was so ordinary that it cannot be more ordinary so Li Fenglan didn’t think much about it.

At the beginning of You Shi, Li Fenglan put on the veiled hat again and went outside the sword forest.

Looking at the towering boulder peaks in front of him, he couldn’t help showing a little nostalgia in his eyes.

Although he almost became the head of Tianmian Palace in his previous life, this was also the second time for Li Fenglan to come to this place.

When he came back last time, under the watchful eyes of countless people in the cultivation world, he took out the natural sword “Finished Karma” from this sword forest, which shocked the world ever since. From then on, people said that Li Fenglan would be the next “Xuanchu Immortal Ancestor”.

Everyone knew that “Finished Karma” and “Split Karma” were twin swords. For thousands of years, all the great powers in the cultivation world have tried to take out Finished Karma, but they all failed.

Li Fenglan’s ability to get the recognition of Finished Karma was equivalent to the recognition of the divine sword. Li Fenglan’s talent and ability were equivalent to that of the Chuxuan Immortal Ancestor back then.

At that time, he was indeed unparalleled.

Even if a thousand years had passed, Li Fenglan would never forget that day.

At this moment, Li Fenglan came to the sword forest full of dead branches alone, and Li Fenglan only felt that everything in the previous life was like a good dream.

He was not in a hurry to clean up the dead branches here, but slowly sat down hugging his knees and closed his eyes.

The sword forest was located in a relatively low-lying area, and the temperature was also high. At this time, a gust of warm wind blew, and Li Fenglan actually felt a little sleepy.

However, he didn’t relax for a long time, and Li Fenglan’s eyes suddenly widened within half a stick of incense.

The aura around the sword forest suddenly became active. Li Fenglan’s spiritual sense sensed that within a short while, the spiritual qi in this vicinity, which was originally evenly divided, actually gathered in a few small corners very regularly.

Then he connected those small corners in his mind

“It’s the Ningchao Formation…” Li Fenglan murmured.

While talking softly, Li Fenglan slowly clenched his hands tightly.

Ningchao formation, only two people in this world knew it.

One was himself – Li Fuyue who should have died thousands of years ago.

And the other one was…his master Qiu Wanyou.

This “Ningchao formation” was the formation method passed down exclusively by the Qiu cultivation family back then.

While recognizing this formation, Li Fenglan immediately understood: today’s sect mission may not be as simple as he thought. And it was not Disciple Tang who assigned him the task, but…his former master Qiu Wanyou.

It was Qiu Wanyou who deliberately led himself into the formation.

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