The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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When Li Fenglan came back to his senses, Ning Qingmo was already standing opposite him.

It’s obvious… just now, he used his divine sense to investigate the other party’s behavior, and he had been discovered.

Things will get a little awkward.

Li Fenglan’s cultivation base was too low, his behavior did not threaten Ning Qingmo at all, but he almost wrote the words “disrespectful” and “provocative” on his face.

Ning Qingmo looked at Li Fenglan coldly.

Being stared at by him like this, Li Fenglan couldn’t help but hesitate a bit.

Why don’t he call the rebel disciple back to rescue him?

No, no, no, what would happen to his face as a teacher!

Seeing that Ning Qingmo was silent, not only Li Fenglan, but also the other disciples of the Law Hall standing beside him trembled.

They didn’t know that Li Fenglan used his spiritual sense to probe Ning Qingmo just now, so they didn’t understand why the immortal came here, and they felt that Ning Qingmo was more and more terrifying.

“Take off the veiled hat.” After a pause, Ning Qingmo finally spoke.

Veiled hat!

Li Fenglan couldn’t help taking a step back and said: “Immortal Lord, I was injured in the early years, and there is a scar on my face…”

Li Fenglan stopped before he finished speaking.

Obviously, he couldn’t say to an immortal: “I’m afraid I’ll scare you.”

Li Fenglan was a swordsman, and for the convenience of activities, the veiled hat he wore could only cover his chin.

Before Li Fenglan lifted the veil by himself, suddenly a gust of mountain wind blew and gently lifted a corner of the veil. The next moment, Ning Qingmo, who was standing opposite him, saw the hideous scar on Li Fenglan’s chin.

The man couldn’t help but frown.

Feeling the white gauze gently brushing against his skin, Li Fenglan hurriedly lowered his head.

But then he suddenly discovered that it seemed that it was not just a gust of wind just now…

The ground under his feet was trembling slightly at this moment, and the dust and sand on the ground were swiftly swept back.

Even the stone cliff not far away had cracked open a gap.

What’s going on here, did Tianmian Palace have an earthquake?

Before Li Fenglan could figure it out, he heard a disciple of the Law Hall standing next to him scream.

“What’s wrong there!”

Looking in the direction he pointed, he saw a black mountain towering into the clouds in the distance, unexpectedly breaking apart little by little.

It seems that something is trying to rush out of the mountain.

At this moment, a long chant suddenly appeared in everyone’s ears. The sound was so loud that it could shake mountains and rivers, and it was accompanied by an ear-piercing sound of iron chains rubbing against each other.

After the loud noise, the world was silent.

Li Fenglan saw that the disciples of the Law Hall standing here couldn’t help approaching Ning Qingmo.

And when everyone froze in place with terrified faces, no one saw Li Fenglan suddenly smiling under the hood.

It turned out to be you, Cheng Huang.

The black mountain in the distance was called Shaoyuan Mountain, and at the foot of Shaoyuan Mountain, there was locked the only fierce beast in the Three Realms that was born according to the way of heaven.

Ning Qingmo walked forward quickly, and said “Stay here and don’t move.” He stepped into the void and headed towards Shaoyuan Mountain.

After he left, the rest finally couldn’t help whispering.

“…you know, Cheng Huang who was suppressed at the foot of Shaoyuan Mountain was originally taken by Li… Fuyue to bring disaster to the world.” As he was speaking, he cautiously pointed to the distant snowy Meizhou’s direction.

To bring disaster to the world?

Hearing these words, Li Fenglan couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

Another young disciple who had just became foundation establishment couldn’t help but exclaim: “Then why didn’t they kill it?”

“Ancient beasts, how can you kill them just if you want to?”

“They tried thousands of years ago,” added the first speaker, “It’s a pity that the combined efforts of the entire cultivation world couldn’t kill it, they just barely locked it in the forbidden area and sealed it…” 

After the voice fell, everyone fell silent, and no one dared to talk about deeper matters.

Feeling the vibration on the soles of their feet, everyone almost guessed what happened on Shaoyuan Mountain.

The barrier that sealed Cheng Huang will have to be repaired every 100 years, and it is just around the corner recently, when the barrier is at its weakest.

The tribulation thunder summoned by the deputy Sect Master of Mingxin Sect slashed it and the barrier was completely shattered, and the beast tried to break free from the chain.

“Wha, what if it… it escapes?” the young disciple asked with a trembling voice.

This time the person who answered his question was Li Fenglan: “If Cheng Huang really escaped, none of us would even be able to fill the beast’s teeth.”

After speaking, he smiled, his tone extremely relaxed.

Hearing Li Fenglan’s words, the person who asked the question fell to his knees on the ground with a “plop”, and the faces of several cultivators around him also turned pale.

When everyone stood still and did not dare to move, an older disciple of the Law Hall quickly stepped forward and pulled the person kneeling on the ground up and said: “Useless things, Cheng Huang feeds on the aura of heaven and earth! How could he eat people?!”

After speaking, he glared at Li Fenglan, as if to warn him not to continue spreading rumors.

Covered by the hood, Li Fenglan pretended nothing happened and shifted his eyes to the side to watch the scenery.

Just kidding, don’t mind it.

You can’t just spread rumors about me, but don’t let me spread rumors back.

The disciple of Law Hall wanted to warn Li Fenglan, but he didn’t expect that he would see a large auspicious cloud appearing in the sky the next moment.

Then a sword shadow pierced the sky and brought a beam of golden light, covering the entire Shaoyuan Mountain.

In an instant, there was bursts of fairy music, and the red clouds rose.

Even if Li Fenglan and the others stood far away, they could feel the surging spiritual power in the air.

——The great powers from all parties who came to participate in the Sect Conference gathered in Shaoyuan Mountain to jointly suppress the vicious beast that moved.

Accompanied by the long cries of the ferocious beast, the young cultivators who were standing on the same cliff with Li Fenglan all stared in place.

“That’s Immortal Meng Linzhou! There’s also Immortal Ning Qingmo who left just now!” 

After a moment of silence, someone with good eyes finally recognized several figures among them.

Even if they were also cultivators, they had never witnessed a big force, enough to shake the world.

At this moment, Li Fenglan suddenly heard a familiar name from the people around him.

“By the way, where is the sword-wielding Immortal? If he comes, will he be able to seal Cheng Huang?”

Lin Chaochen?

Hearing this sentence, Li Fenglan couldn’t help complaining in his heart:

Your sword-wielding immortal Lin Chaochen is probably busy getting rid of his heart demon right now.

Then someone shook his head and replied: “It is said that Immortal Lord Lin was injured when he was chasing the demon clan a few days ago. Unexpectedly, the demon clan had some movements before his injury was healed. He had already left the sect earlier, rushing to deal with this matter overnight.”

How could Lin Chaochen blame the demon clan? ? ?

That day he obviously caused trouble after giving birth to a heart demon, and was injured when he was hunted down.

He was afraid it was fake to deal with the demon clan, and it’s true that he was taking the opportunity to avoid the limelight.

——The Sect Conference was not over yet. If Lin Chaochen didn’t come out and show his face, it would definitely arouse others’ suspicion.

Going out to deal with the changes of the demon clan was a really good reason to avoid the powers in the cultivation world.

He didn’t expect Lin Chaochen to be so good at making up stories after a thousand years of absence.

Tsk tsk… Li Fenglan thought, if he had been as smart as Lin Chaochen back then, he probably would have lived a few more years.

Sure enough, after hearing the explanation, the people around felt that the Immortal Lord always put the overall situation first, and no one doubted the truth of this matter.

At the same time of the golden light flourishing on Shaoyuan Mountain, seven great ascension stage powers each showed their spiritual powers to seal Cheng Huang.

The ancient fierce beast kept hitting the stone wall, making piercing long cries.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Li Fenglan slowly closed his eyes.

More than a thousand years ago, Cheng Huang was sealed in front of his face by everyone in the cultivation world in the same way.

“It’s useless…” Looking at the picture in front of him, he suddenly smiled and said these words.

With these seven people, there was absolutely no way to seal an ancient divine beast.

Sure enough, the next moment, with a roar, the black Shaoyuan Mountain actually shattered little by little.

The one-foot-high boulder was turned into powder in an instant, and a huge ice-blue eye looked out through the cracked gap in the stone wall.

Yes, one eye blocked the entire crack in the stone wall.

It was rumored that Cheng Huang had a pure white body shaped like a fox, horns on his back, and a body like a mountain… Now it seems that it was not an exaggeration at all.

The people staying on the mountain wall all took a step back, and invariably remembered the record about Cheng Huang in ancient books.

A few seconds later, the huge Shaoyuan Mountain slowly shattered and fell down.

And the cultivator who tried to seal Cheng Huang just now was also pushed away by this powerful force.

The smoke rose rapidly, covering the sky and the sun.

At this time, they finally saw Cheng Huang’s appearance clearly, and it was exactly as it was stated in the book.

Its figure was indeed as big as half of the Shaoyuan Mountain that fell down just now!

Standing in the void, Cheng Huang’s icy blue eyes suddenly fell on the mountain wall where Li Fenglan and his party were standing, and then it let out a long moan. Because of this long cry, the stone wall under everyone’s feet trembled again, and some people couldn’t even hold on and sat down on the ground.

The distance of a few miles was really nothing to a huge beast like Cheng Huang.

Almost instantly, Cheng Huang appeared on the edge of the cliff where Li Fenglan was.

Cheng Huang’s volume was too large, it blocked everyone’s sight.

These cultivators had never been so desperate.

“The, the beast is going to eat the people!” Looking blankly at the mountain-like body, someone couldn’t help shouting this sentence.

But the huge beast ignored him.

This icy blue eye stared fixedly at Li Fenglan, and then approached him little by little.

At the same moment, Li Fenglan remembered something – 

Cheng Huang was an ancient beast, it could directly smell the qi of a human soul.

No matter if one is reincarnated or resurrected from a dead body, nothing can escape Cheng Huang’s nose.

… This attribute was really terrible!

Sure enough, at the next moment, Cheng Huang suddenly lowered its incomparably huge head, and slowly approached where Li Fenglan was.

With a “plop”, the cultivator next to Li Fenglan who was a foundation establishment stage fainted on the spot.

But Cheng Huang still didn’t even look at that person, it suddenly tilted its head and blinked at Li Fenglan, and then… gently rubbed its nose against the person in front of it.


Is this still the legendary Cheng Huang who was so vicious!

At this moment, Cheng Huang looked extremely aggrieved, and his ice blue eyes became wet.

It couldn’t help but “woo” at Li Fenglan, like a puppy complaining that it’s master didn’t come to play with it for so long. It didn’t think there was anything wrong with showing off its cuteness to humans even when it grew up to be so big.

Cough cough.

When Li Fuyue took Cheng Huang, it was not for the purpose of causing harm to the world.

This ancient fierce beast was actually his spiritual pet.

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