The Whole Cultivation World Wants To Revive The Venerable Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Now was not the time to recognize each other, Li Fenglan silently took a step back, trying to pretend that he didn’t know Cheng Huang.

It had been imprisoned at the foot of the dark Shaoyuan Mountain for more than a thousand years, and it was already full of grievances. Now when it met its owner and wanted to act like a baby, he didn’t expect to be ignored.

Seeing this, Cheng Huang took another step forward, tilted its head and gave a “woo”, looking extremely aggrieved, as if wondering why Li Fenglan didn’t recognize him.

Did he forget himself?

In order to wake up Li Fenglan’s memory, Cheng Huang suddenly shrunk in size and put away the long horns on his back – of course this was compared to itself, even if it shrank down one large circle, Cheng Huang was still as tall as a one story high building.

Not good!

Seeing Cheng Huang suddenly shrunk in front of his eyes, Li Fenglan could already guess what it was going to do next.

The word “stop” was stuck in his mouth, before he could say it, he saw the huge beast lying on the cliff suddenly, and then turn its white and furry belly outwards.

“Aoooooooooo~” Come and touch it!

How did this look like an ancient beast?

He has no eyes to look, no eyes to look.

Cheng Huang remembered that thousands of years ago, his owner liked the way he looked when he was smaller. He would gently smooth his hair and rub his belly. Now it had reluctantly exposed its belly, why wouldn’t the master make a move?

Li Fenglan would really like to thank Cheng Huang for not being able to speak, if it could speak, his name would definitely be resounding throughout Tianmian Palace by now.

Seeing Cheng Huang’s performance completely different from what was recorded in the ancient books, the only remaining cultivator on the cliff who was not frightened by Cheng Huang finally couldn’t help asking: “It, this beast—does it recognize you? “

Before Li Fenglan could quibble – no, explain, a burst of extremely powerful pressure suddenly hit the cliff where he was.

Li Fenglan bent down in an instant, and at the same time, the severed spiritual veins in his body were burning with pain.

“Ahem…” A fishy sweetness welled up in his throat.

Seeing this, Cheng Huang rushed over in a hurry, but was stared at by Li Fenglan’s warning eyes, and as an ancient beast, it retreated back to its original place cowardly,


This is the pressure of the immortalization stage.

Today there were two immortalization stage cultivators in Tianmian Palace, one of them was Li Fenglan’s wretched junior Lin Chaochen.

The other one was Jiang Yichang, the current leader.

Sure enough, Li Fenglan turned around and saw that familiar figure.

Jiang Yichang stood in the air wearing a green shirt woven from ice silk, his facial features were soft and his eyes were clear. Coupled with the long hair tied into a jade crown, the whole person was really elegant to the extreme.

Compared with more than a thousand years ago, the person in front of him had hardly changed.

Li Fenglan remembered that he was talented, hard-working, never showed favoritism when dealing with sect affairs, and definitely deserved the word “gentleman”.

Jiang Yichang was originally the most promising candidate for the future head of Tianmian Palace, until Li Fuyue suddenly appeared alongg the way…

Because of this, the relationship between Li Fuyue and Jiang Yichang back then was a bit awkward.

All in all, Li Fenglan felt that he and Jiang Yichang were not familiar – even though their names were always mentioned together thousands of years ago.

Cough cough, if they had to talk about the past… At that time, he was expelled from the sect by Jiang Yichang, who had just succeeded as the head.

Speaking of which, Lin Chaochen was still out “slaying and eliminating demons”, of course he didn’t even have to guess who appeared here today.

A black long sword came through the air, it stabbed straight at Cheng Huang’s abdomen, leaving nothing back.

This was an unreserved blow from an Immortal Venerable of the Immortalization stage, it would not be a problem to flatten mountains and split seas.

But this time, it was blocked by Cheng Huang’s thick fur, and a wound didn’t open at all.

This sword failed to hurt Cheng Huang, but enraged it.

The ancient ferocious beast glared at Jiang Yichang fiercely, then it slowly crushed the black long sword that fell to the ground with its sharp claws.

Cheng Huang was provoking the other party.

Although this black long sword was not Jiang Yichang’s natal spirit sword, it was also closely related to him.

While it was being crushed by Cheng Huang, Jiang Yichang couldn’t help covering his chest with his hand, and then spit out a big mouthful of blood.

The shattering of the spirit sword also caused great harm to the cultivator himself.

At the same time, those cultivators who tried to seal Cheng Huang again just now also gathered here.

Among them was Meng Linzhou.

“Don’t come here!” Jiang Yichang wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and said to the people behind him.

——To be more precise, he said this to Meng Linzhou.

Meng Linzhou’s sword-holding hand was cut by a mountain rock stained with yellow aura just now, and the blood didn’t stop after a long time.

Seeing the distance between Li Fenglan and Cheng Huang, Meng Linzhou subconsciously wanted to approach the cliff and take Li Fenglan away.

If Jiang Yichang hadn’t spoken, Meng Linzhou might have already stood on the cliff at this time.

“Yes, Master Immortal.” The man gritted his teeth and stepped back reluctantly.

At this moment, except for Meng Linzhou, everyone up and down the cliff was shocked by Cheng Huang’s power.

Those who were close to Cheng Huang could feel that this ancient ferocious beast didn’t even use its real power just now—it didn’t recover its shape, and it didn’t even use any spiritual power when it crushed the long sword.

Cheng Huang only used brute force to crush the spirit sword of the immortalization stage Immortal Venerable.

Unlike the others who were terrified, Li Fenglan had to admit that seeing Jiang Yichang’s spirit sword being crushed by Cheng Huang made him feel refreshed.

But at the same time he couldn’t help frowning.

Li Fenglan found out that Jiang Yichang had been seriously injured long before coming here… If it wasn’t for this, it would be very difficult for Cheng Huang to crush the opponent’s spirit sword at once.

But Jiang Yichang was the head of Tianmian Palace, and he had an immortalization stage cultivation base, how many people in this world can hurt him?

Li Fenglan hadn’t watched the commotion for a few seconds, when at the next moment, trouble fell on him again.

Seeing that he had won against Jiang Yichang, Cheng Huang quickly turned around and rubbed against Li Fenglan as if asking for credit, almost wagging his tail happily.

It moved extremely fast, and before Li Fenglan had time to react, Cheng Huang was already lying on his back beside him again.

Cheng Huang: “Woooooh~”

Master, do you think I’m good?

Li Fenglan: “…” 

It’s hopeless, let’s just perish together.

Many people here had seen Cheng Huang act coquettishly and cutely to Li Fuyue.

This was also one of the pieces of evidence that Li Fuyue “controlled” the ancient fierce beast and tried to do evil.

Li Fenglan silently took two steps back, hiding behind several cultivators, trying to get away from it.

Cheng Huang, who noticed his movement and was lying on the ground waiting to be rubbed, tilted his head, and then walked behind the group of cultivators…

God kill me.

Li Fenglan stretched out his hand to caress the strange immortal bone on his chest, and silently thanked the kind person who revived him.

You have worked so hard to resurrect me, but I am afraid that I will not have the chance to repay this karma.

Seeing this, Jiang Yichang’s gaze finally left Cheng Huang, and slowly fell on Li Fenglan.

Before Li Fenglan could react, Jiang Yichang’s fingertips suddenly condensed a wave of spiritual power towards him.

Li Fenglan immediately realized: He wanted to see if Cheng Huang would react when he was in danger!

Protecting one’s Master is the instinct engraved on the soul of a spiritual pet.

Jiang Yichang may have begun to doubt himself…

Sure enough, at the same time that spiritual power hit Li Fenglan, Cheng Huang’s icy pupils suddenly stood up.

However, a variable that Li Fenglan could not have dreamed of appeared at this moment.

A black scabbard flew out from nowhere, it crossed the sky, and finally hit Cheng Huang’s forehead straight.

With the sound of “Woo”, the ancient divine beast who got up just now staggered twice, and then was knocked unconscious on the spot.

This movement was too fast and easy, as if Cheng Huang was not an ancient beast, but a little fox demon who couldn’t change form.

The vigorous fight just now was like a dream.

The surrounding cultivators looked at each other, and Li Fenglan subconsciously took a half step back.

Not to mention, the scabbard was made of unknown material and the spiritual power that was originally going towards Li Fenglan turned around and melted into the scabbard.

In just an instant, everything returned to calm.

It took Li Fenglan three days and three nights to subdue Cheng Huang in his previous life. He never thought that in this life, only a scabbard could stun this fierce beast and swallow Jiang Yichang’s immortalization stage spiritual power silently.

…I have only been dead for a thousand years, yet the world is changing too fast, right?

“Sect Master Immortal Lord, please excuse my offense.”

Just as Li Fenglan was thinking wildly, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

This voice seemed familiar?

Li Fenglan subconsciously turned around.

This time, he met a pair of eyes as cold as autumn water. Even Li Fenglan couldn’t help being startled when he saw these eyes. He felt that the person in front of him seemed to be able to see through him at a glance… 

The man had a straight nose, slightly raised lips and a gentle expression, like a statue carved on a cliff, in short, not at all like a person in the mortal world.

“Fenglan.” Seeing him turn around, the person standing behind smiled and called his name. The man’s tone was gentle and lazy, at the same time, the scabbard flew back into his palm.

Only then did Li Fenglan notice that the person who came was wearing a black brocade robe covered with golden daoist symbols that even he could not understand. While retracting the scabbard, the gold pattern on the sleeve also shone slightly.

Of course he recognized the person in front of him.

“You don’t recognize Master after you haven’t seen him for a few years?” The man said jokingly.

“Master… Master.” Li Fenglan hastily bowed to salute, and said the word a little stiffly.

He, Li Fuyue, once swore that he would never call him Master again in this life.

But things have changed now.

Because the man standing in front of his eyes… he was indeed the original owner’s master who had been in retreat for a long time.

Forget it, ask Li Fuyue to abide by the oath that Li Fuyue made, it’s none of Li Fenglan’s business.

Ling Buyan smiled and said “Mm”, then patted Li Fenglan’s shoulder lightly, as if to comfort him.

The next moment the man bypassed Li Fenglan and walked to the edge of the cliff.

“Sect Master Immortal Lord,” Ling Buyan went to say hello to Jiang Yichang. Just when Li Fenglan thought that his Master would plead or explain for him, he suddenly heard him say, “Cheng Huang’s change just now is not a big deal. “

“Oh?” Jiang Yichang was seriously injured just now, he coughed a few times, adjusted his breathing and asked, “Why did it move?”

He saw Ling Buyan nod lightly, and then said calmly: “It’s just that my disciple has a bit of Li Fuyue’s aura.”

Li Fenglan:? ? ?

But, carrying Li Fuyue’s aura?

Master, are you really here to save me?

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