The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Among this group of demonic cultivators from Flower Brocade Sect, the one at the forefront was a young man with sharp features.

His handsome brows and eyes were tinted with melancholy and an arrogant disregard. His deep eyes held a touch of exotic charm as he casually surveyed the scene within the inn.

The innkeeper personally greeted them, “Please, have a seat guests.”

As this town was close to Shanshui Sect, the people passing by were a mix of cultivators and ordinary folks. They had developed keen eyes and the innkeeper was warm and enthusiastic, quickly guiding them to a few well-lit empty tables.

After scanning the inn, the group of demonic cultivators led by the young man took a central table, while the others scattered at different tables, forming a protective encirclement.

Pei Yunshu whispered, “Senior Brother, it seems like these are not ordinary members of Flower Brocade Sect.”

Third Senior Brother furrowed his brows, and then discreetly reinforced the barrier he had set up with a few spirit stones from his sleeve. However, his concern was not quite the same as what Pei Yunshu had in mind. “Flower Brocade Sect aren’t known for being reasonable. Yunshu, stick close to Senior Brother. We two handsome men mustn’t fall victim to their schemes.”

Pei Yunshu reminded him, “They are all male cultivators.”

Flower Brocade Sect emphasized the union of yin and yang, so the real danger would only be for pretty young women upon seeing this group of male cultivators.

Third Senior Brother finally realized this and rubbed his chin. “Oh, right.”

The ordinary mortals in the inn and the female cultivators who recognized Flower Brocade Sect had quietly left the inn, leaving only a few capable male cultivators still eating.

One of the Flower Brocade Sect cultivators said, “We haven’t seen a beauty throughout our journey.”

Another one chimed in, “Isn’t there a Spring Breeze Pavilion in the city? They say all the beauties of Qinghe City are gathered there. Hall Master, shall we go check it out tonight?”

The Hall Master sitting alone at a table squinted his eyes and poured a cup of water from a teapot. “Then let’s go check it out.”

What followed was a conversation filled with crude remarks, oblivious to the presence of others. Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows and glanced up. On the opposite side, Yunman was also listening with great interest. He even took out his folding fan and fanned himself gracefully, as if he wished to join in the conversation.

Pei Yunshu moved his fingers, and in the next instant, the indecent and vulgar words were cut off by the barrier. Third Senior Brother looked sheepishly at him, as if only now remembering that he was there, with regret written all over his face.

Junior Brother Yunshu is descending the mountain for the first time, hearing such things may not sit well with him.

Pei Yunshu picked up his chopsticks, lowered his head, and started eating. He appeared unfazed, but Yunman carefully observed his expression. However, as he continued to observe, he seemed to lose himself in thought.

Feathered fan, long lashes, and lustrous black hair. His fingertips were like jade.

Previously, Yunman hadn’t noticed how attractive Fourth Senior Brother was.


After they finished their meal, the members of Flower Brocade Sect had already left the inn.

The group of demonic cultivators conducted themselves ostentatiously, as if afraid that others might not notice them. Their flamboyance left Pei Yunshu puzzled about their intentions. Being so conspicuous actually made it difficult for him to figure out what they were up to.

On the second floor of the inn, there were sleeping rooms. Yunman used a sound transmission talisman to inform Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother about the presence of Flower Brocade Sect cultivators in Qinghe City. Then he turned to Pei Yunshu and asked, “Junior Brother, would you like to go to the Spring Breeze Pavilion tonight to broaden your horizons?”

Pei Yunshu didn’t know what the Spring Breeze Pavilion was, but he could roughly guess from the conversations of those cultivators.

Since Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master instructed them to understand the purpose of these demonic cultivators, it was only natural to keep an eye on them. Pei Yunshu nodded, “Sure, I’ll go.”

Third Senior Brother saw his quick agreement and grinned mischievously, leisurely sitting by the table. “Junior Brother, do you know what Spring Breeze Pavilion is?”

Pei Yunshu hesitated for a moment, his ears turning slightly red, and he fell silent.

Third Senior Brother burst into laughter and teasingly continued, “Junior Brother, besides drinking, that place is also a paradise of earthly delights.”

His tone was playful, and Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows slightly, “Senior Brother, please stop.”

Without Eldest and Second Senior Brother present, Yunman’s demeanor was relaxed. He heard Pei Yunshu’s response, raised an eyebrow with a smile, stood up, and took out his folding fan again. He playfully gestured as if he wanted to lift Pei Yunshu’s chin, “Junior Brother, life is short and nights are fleeting. Don’t you understand?”

His words were light and clear, carrying a hint of alcohol. Pei Yunshu grabbed the front end of the folding fan, “Third Senior Brother, please refrain from making inappropriate comments.”

Yunman retracted the folding fan, gazed deeply at him, suddenly smiled, and then turned to leave the room.

Laughter echoed from within the room to the outside. Regardless of the differences in cultivation methods and sects, he seemed more like those demonic cultivators from Flower Brocade Sect.


With Yunman determined to let Pei Yunshu experience the world, they set off for the Spring Breeze Pavilion as the sky began to darken.

The Spring Breeze Pavilion was built by the riverside, with willow trees swaying in the wind, and the scene was as vibrant as daylight. The market streets were lit up, much livelier than the village at the foot of the mountain.

Pei Yunshu still wore the veil, but it couldn’t shield him from the noise. In less than a quarter of an hour, they arrived at the liveliest spot by the riverside. Downstairs, graceful women leaned against railings, fanning themselves, exuding an air of grace and allure.

Pei Yunshu and Third Senior Brother were led inside. As soon as they entered, they saw a group of Flower Brocade Sect cultivators sitting near a carved screen, each holding a wine jug.

The one referred to as the “Hall Master” among them was even more audacious. He had a flirtatious-looking beauty leaning against the screen, whispering sweet nothings with a provocative demeanor.

The beauty’s cheeks were flushed, and her fragrant shoulders were partly exposed.

Upon witnessing this scene, Yunman’s smile vanished instantly. He stepped forward, blocking Pei Yunshu’s line of sight, and said coldly, “Indecent matters, Junior Brother, don’t look.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as these words were spoken, the Hall Master of Flower Brocade Sect lifted his head from the beauty’s shoulder. His sharp brows carried a hint of gloom, and he glanced sideways at Yunman with a half-smile. “Who are you talking about?”

The leader of those demonic cultivators set down their wine jugs and approached, fixing their predatory gaze on Pei Yunshu and Yunman.

They were numerous and powerful, so Pei Yunshu grabbed Third Senior Brother’s hand, advising him not to act rashly. He courteously said, “Senior Brother has spoke too much. Sir, please continue as you wish.”

Taking a step forward, Pei Yunshu’s ankle-length veil swayed, concealing his appearance completely. One of the demonic cultivators across from them sneered, “Where did this unsightly thing come from? Even dares to come to the Spring Breeze Pavilion for women.”

Women wore veils to conceal their appearances, while men used them to hide their true identities.

Pei Yunshu remained silent, simply drawing his Qingyue Sword, which soared near his ears with a pleasant hum, causing the thin veil to ripple like water.

With his sword aimed at the cultivators, they fell silent, their attention shifting to their leader.

The Hall Master of Flower Brocade Sect disentangled himself from the woman’s half-revealed shoulders. He gazed lightly at Pei Yunshu, playfully lifting the chin of the seductive beauty beside him. “Little beauty, should we start a fight with them?”

The alluring woman in scant clothing glanced at Pei Yunshu and Yunman, giggling, “Even if we fight, it shouldn’t be in our Spring Breeze Pavilion.”

The Hall Master of Flower Brocade Sect laughed a few times, then nestled back into the woman’s shoulder. Seemingly uninterested, the cultivators picked up their wine again. However, a few pairs of eyes subtly lingered on Pei Yunshu and Yunman.

Yunman looked coldly at them. The woman who had led them in hastily intervened, saying, “This way, gentlemen, please.”

Inside the private room, several beauties had prepared wine. Pei Yunshu sat at a table and absentmindedly removed his veil.

The white veil fell to the side. Third Senior Brother regained his senses and exclaimed in shock, “Junior Brother, why did you take off your veil?”

Pei Yunshu frowned, replying, “Senior Brother, why shouldn’t I?”

Yunman’s expression shifted unpredictably. Unable to come up with an answer, his face grew as dark as ink.

The two sat at the table. The women of the Spring Breeze Pavilion hesitated at first, but after a moment, one elegantly dressed woman walked over, her figure graceful as she took a seat next to Pei Yunshu.

Gently lifting a cup of wine, she brought it to Pei Yunshu’s lips and coquettishly said, “Sir, have a drink.”

Pei Yunshu tilted his head to avoid, pushing away the woman’s hand. As he turned, he coincidentally met the gaze of the intricately carved door.

The carvings on the doors and windows of the Spring Breeze Pavilion were exquisitely detailed, depicting mountains, flowing waters, and blooming flowers. The small perforations let in traces of indoor light, creating a beautiful and elusive scene.

However, through those perforations, Pei Yunshu saw a pair of eyes fixed directly on him.

These deep, exotic eyes were quite intimidating as they suddenly appeared. Cold sweat broke out on Pei Yunshu. Only then did he realize that those were the eyes of Flower Brocade Sect’s Hall Master.

In the next moment, the door to the private room was kicked open. The rowdy group of demonic cultivators swaggered in, causing the women to scream and stumble aside.

The Hall Master of the Flower Brocade Sect walked in last, his eyes immediately fixed on Pei Yunshu. He smirked playfully, “You’re not a woman, yet you wear a veil in front of us. Could it be that you’re so handsome that you fear we’ll kidnap you back to our sect?”

The demonic cultivators laughed in agreement, “Our sect’s little enchantresses love this kind of appearance.”

A folding fan brushed past them. The teasing laughter from the demonic cultivators abruptly stopped. Yunman had an expressionless face. He extended his hand, revealing sharp bone spikes on the folding fan’s ribs. As he pulled it back, the bone spike grazed the arm of one cultivator who had been speaking arrogantly.

A trace of a bloody scent wafted through the air. Pei Yunshu knew that Yunman’s move was merely to intimidate and not meant to harm them.

Their opponents seemed to know that as well.

“Hall Master,” one of the cultivators cautiously addressed their leader, as if wanting to shield him, “Let’s go.”

As the group of cultivators planned to exit the room, Third Senior Brother’s expression eased slightly. Pei Yunshu observed them and noticed that the Hall Master who had already walked out turned back. His gaze met Pei Yunshu’s, and a playful smile curved his lips.

Pei Yunshu’s heart sank. Instinctively, he moved back, and true enough, a moment later, a golden Celestial Binding Rope shot toward his previous seat. The rope sliced through the air, shattering the chair into pieces.

The cultivators, who had been preparing to leave, instantly picked up their weapons and attacked. They separated Yunman and Pei Yunshu, and the Celestial Binding Rope flew out again, aiming at Pei Yunshu once more.

The slender, golden rope was agile and strong. Qingyue Sword moved to intercept, but the rope ensnared it, causing the sword to struggle, and Pei Yunshu’s brows furrowed in concern.

The Hall Master of Flower Brocade Sect watched, chuckling, “We’ve searched for so long without finding a suitable beauty for the beast’s liking. Who knew it would be so effortless? Today, my Flower Brocade Sect is going to forcefully seize Your Excellency.””With such looks, I believe that beast must be quite fond of you. Even this Celestial Binding Rope seems more impatient than I am.”

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