The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange

The Whole Sect is Acting Strange (师门上下都不对劲)
Author: Wang Sanshan (作者: 望三山)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBA

Author Summary:

“If waste were to be reborn, could it become completely new? 

Pei Yunshu still sees himself as worthless; he has only become smarter and no longer seeks what he can’t attain. He calmly watches as his master picks up a junior brother who will receive the love of the entire sect, and he patiently waits for everyone to go crazy for the junior brother. 

He no longer wishes to contend with the junior brother, nor does he yearn to become the most favored one in the sect. When his master and senior brothers treat him kindly, he repays them one by one, so as to avoid becoming like his past self, who was criticized and looked down upon with every word and sentence.”

“In the past, there was an overwhelming worldly aura, but now, with a rebirth, even a hint of that worldly scent is almost gone.
Senior brothers and the newly arrived Junior Brother were worried about Pei Yunshu. Finally, one day, they forcibly took him down the mountain to drink.
After two bowls of strong liquor, Pei Yunshu’s eyes were slightly red, his face flushed, and a clear and round teardrop slid down, falling into the wine bowl.
Silently shedding tears, it was truly a boundless beauty. 

From that day on, the whole sect is acting strange.”