The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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In the end, the fox didn’t reveal the answer to whether flood dragons are inherently lustful or not to Pei Yunshu.

Because the fox appeared to be extremely afraid. Its tawny-colored fur stood on end, and it clutched its arms tightly across its chest while its mouth continued to chatter incessantly. “I told you, that awe-inspiring presence that commands all things isn’t something your average demon can exude. Sir, you truly live up to your reputation. Even in your original form, you exude such elegance and grandeur. The only thing I could possibly compare myself to you with might be my ability to appreciate beauty.”

It continued to chatter away as they walked, the more frightened it became, the more it felt the need to talk. Pei Yunshu just brushed it off, paying no heed. He had been trying to summon the Qingyue Sword. Third Senior Brother had a high level of cultivation and plenty of experience from his travels, so in this situation, Pei Yunshu considered his presence more of a burden. However, the Qingyue Sword had been bound by the magical rope used by the demonic cultivator; Pei Yunshu wasn’t sure if he could break free.

And then there was the hair band – the one that had been drenched in Zhuyou’s blood as a mark of ownership. Why did it appear on his person all of a sudden?

His thoughts were in turmoil. The fox kept talking, finally emerging from its fear-induced stupor. With an alluring and flirtatious glance, it used its foxy eyes to appraise Pei Yunshu, its voice as light as air. “Beauty, why did you ask if flood dragons are lustful?”

Pei Yunshu suddenly became flustered, but quickly suppressed his unease. He pretended to be nonchalant and focused on the flora around them. “Just curious.”

The fox squinted its eyes and then transformed once again, turning into a strikingly handsome man. This was likely it’s true appearance – a far cry from the somewhat delicate appearance of the red-clothed lady they had seen in the Spring Breeze Pavilion.

Seeing Pei Yunshu looking at it, the fox lifted its thin lips and used a slender finger to lift a strand of black hair from his shoulder, coiling it around its pale fingertip in a manner that was almost intoxicating. “Beauty, what do you think? Am I also an outstanding beauty?”

The fox’s beauty was impactful, an exquisite blend of charm and otherworldliness. Its raised eyebrows and alluring fox-like eyes exuded a sense of allure mixed with a hint of aggressiveness. It certainly lived up to the term “beauty.”

Pei Yunshu nodded in agreement and said sincerely, “Indeed, you are beautiful.”

The fox was overjoyed, as if receiving affirmation from Pei Yunshu was the most important thing in the world. “A beauty is a beauty, your tastes is equally exceptional as mine!”

Pei Yunshu smiled, and the fox, who had been sneakily watching him, blushed and looked around with a shy expression. “Cultivators from the righteous path, do they all radiate such ethereal charm when they smile?”

Pei Yunshu hadn’t quite caught what it said. When he asked the fox to repeat itself, the fox was surprisingly unwilling. Instead, it started talking about its own matters, big and small, narrating them in great detail. It even spoke about its family and how the group of demonic cultivators from the Flower Brocade Sect had discovered the fox clan’s secret realm.

The fox’s name was Huayue, which was taken from “graceful as flowers and bright as the moon.”

The secret passage from the Spring Breeze Pavilion led outside the city into the wild. Pei Yunshu wasn’t familiar with the way, so he had no choice but to follow the fox through the thick foliage.

In his past life, he had been quite foolish. He finally had a chance to leave the mountain for a mission, but at that time, his Little Junior Brother, just like the current situation, couldn’t leave the mountain either and had to stay by the master’s side. So, he remained behind as well, accompanying his master and Little Junior Brother. 

Looking back now, it was quite comical.

A sonic boom suddenly sounded from behind. Pei Yunshu was startled but quickly turned around. Just as he was about to reach out his hand, the Qingyue Sword flew into his embrace, its sharp aura filling the air.

Pei Yunshu’s eyes curved in a rare moment of happiness. He rarely felt this carefree. Holding the hilt of the sword, he drew it out. But as soon as he pulled it out, he noticed the hair band entwined around the Qingyue Sword’s blade.

The hairpin saw him and excitedly flew into the air, spitting out a golden rope. It was the celestial binding rope used to bind the Qingyue Sword. Before Pei Yunshu could react, it touched his wrist and, in a whoosh, disappeared under his clothes, hidden away somewhere.

Pei Yunshu felt somewhat bewildered. As Huayue watched him, his eyes following the white hair band disappearing beneath his sleeve, its curious expression seemed to ask where it could possibly be hidden.

“Beauty Yunshu, is that something the Lord transformed into? I don’t think the aura is quite right.”

“Why did Lord flood dragon end up under your clothes?”

He didn’t realize it was there when the hair band was on him, but now that he knew, everything felt strange.

Pei Yunshu could only do his best to ignore the hair band’s presence. He asked Huayue, “How long until we reach the Fox Clan’s Secret Realm?”

Huayue responded, “We’re almost there!”

Emerging from the secret passage, Huayue led Pei Yunshu through twists and turns in this wild mountainous terrain. Their steps were strange and mysterious, and Pei Yunshu followed each of his steps closely, realizing he had entered a formation.

Every step within the formation required utmost caution; one misstep could lead to irreversible consequences.

After a considerable time, the scenery before them suddenly changed. The forest receded, revealing a desolate clearing. A stone monument, towering over three zhang in height, stood deeply entrenched before them. Engraved on the monument were four imposing characters: “Fox Clan Secret Realm.”

Pei Yunshu gazed at those four characters. The stone monument had likely endured the passage of countless years, yet its spiritual energy remained particularly fierce, forcefully penetrating the eyes of any intruders.

The fox was also taken aback. “My fox clan’s ancestor had quite the calligraphy skills.”

After a moment of contemplation, the fox raised its hand and made a gesture in the air. A water mirror appeared out of nowhere, reflecting the scene outside the formation.

In the mirror, Pei Yunshu saw Third Senior Brother. He had a somber expression, his eyes fixed ahead. He squeezed a sound transmission talisman between his fingers and sent it into the air. Not far from him were Zouyu, who had narrowed his eyes, and the members of the Flower Brocade Sect.

Without needing much thought, Pei Yunshu knew to whom the Third Senior Brother had sent the sound transmission talisman.

Most likely, it went to the place of the Eldest Senior Brother, and another to the Master.

Suddenly, an anxious feeling surged within Pei Yunshu. It was as if he had arrived in this secret realm one step too late. In the next moment, Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master would descend upon him with the overflow heavens beast, wearing a stern expression as he sent Pei Yunshu back to the sect.

Pei Yunshu whispered, “Let’s go in.”

The fox asked, “What?”

Pei Yunshu turned to look at it. His black hair cascaded over his shoulder, and his warm and calm eyes radiated gentleness. His words were both soft and heavy, like a gentle breeze carrying immense weight.

His eyes seemed to shine.

“Let’s enter the realm first,” Pei Yunshu said, “before they arrive.”


Atop Wuzhi Peak.

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master opened his eyes and stepped outside. The overflow heavens beast laid lazily under the peach blossom tree and roared at him.

Yunwang, who was beside them, closed his book. “Master.”

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master nodded slightly, reaching out to catch a sound transmission talisman. He crushed it, and Yunman’s voice echoed from it.

“Master, Fourth Junior Brother has been taken into the Fox Clan Secret Realm by a fox.”

The voice of Third Senior Brother was stifled, hiding his simmering anger.

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master’s expression darkened slightly, while Yunwang froze in place.

What had Third Senior Brother said?

What had happened to Senior Brother Yunshu?

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master replied with a sound transmission talisman before turning and walking back into his room. Yunwang, however, grabbed onto his robe.

“Master,” Yunwang lowered his head, unable to discern the expression on his master’s face. But his grip on Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master’s robe had become white-knuckled from the force, “Aren’t you going down the mountain to save Senior Brother Yunshu?”

“For now, I won’t descend the mountain,” Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master’s expression was cold. “Your Senior Brothers will protect Yunshu. There’s no need to worry.”

Yunwang fell silent.

Ever since his Senior Brothers had left the mountain, Yunwang would often think about Pei Yunshu. The young disciples in the sect said that Senior Brother Yunshu was the one who stuck to their master the most, yet Yunwang was the one who remained by his master’s side. Despite this, Pei Yunshu hadn’t shown any reaction whatsoever.

When Senior Brothers descended the mountain together, Yunwang would often think, which Senior Brother would talk to Pei Yunshu today, and which one would have skin contact with him tomorrow.

Just thinking like this made him feel as though a surge of resentment was about to burst forth.

He truly detested Pei Yunshu. He was envious of how Senior Brothers cared for him. While they went down the mountain, Yunwang pondered how to make the Senior Brothers dislike Pei Yunshu, how to prevent anyone from touching him or talking to him. Ideally, he wanted to confine Pei Yunshu to the courtyard where no one could see him.

But after the Senior Brothers lost Pei Yunshu, Yunwang’s suppressed resentment and killing intent grew even sharper, causing the hand gripping Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master’s robe to tremble gently.

Why was it like this?

Yunwang wondered.

In essence, he loathed Pei Yunshu too much. Perhaps some shallow individuals who only looked at appearances would be deceived by Senior Brother Yunshu’s looks. So, no matter what, he had to find Senior Brother Yunshu.

He needed Senior Brother Yunshu to witness his Master and Senior Brothers being taken away by him. Only then would some mundane worldly scent rub off on Senior Brother Yunshu.

“Master,” Yunwang suppressed the fierce surge of killing intent within him. His face paled slightly, while his lips blushed in vivid crimson.

Ling Qing Daoist Spiritual Master looked down at him, and Yunwang hesitated for a moment. Then, he flashed a smile as serene as a lotus in clear water. “I want to go down the mountain.”


Pei Yunshu and Huayue approached the stone monument, preparing to step into the secret realm. However, they were blocked by a barrier.

The fox suddenly realized and bit its finger, drawing symbols on the stone monument with its blood. It muttered, “My mind slipped; I almost forgot to use fox blood to open the door. Luckily, I didn’t let those Flower Brocade Sect cultivators catch me. Otherwise, the fox beauty might have turned into a dried corpse!”

The mirror it had conjured still floated in the air. Pei Yunshu’s gaze remained fixed on it. While the fox was drawing symbols, he saw two flashes of white light in the sky. In the next instant, eldest Senior Brother and second Senior Brother stood beside third Senior Brother.

Pei Yunshu turned to look. The spots where his Senior Brothers were standing in the mirror were now nothing more than a desolate clearing within the secret realm.

Although only a formation had been set up here, in reality, the distance between him and his three Senior Brothers was less than a hundred meters. Pei Yunshu continued to observe the mirror and saw dozens of incredibly thin swords floating around second Senior Brother. Yuncheng’s face still carried a warm spring-like smile, while only his eyes remained chillingly cold.

Pei Yunshu sighed and urged softly, “Huayue, you need to hurry.”

“Another quarter of an hour,” Huayue looked up at him, puzzled. “Why is beauty in such a rush?”

Seeing Pei Yunshu still focused on the mirror in the sky, the fox followed his gaze.

Pei Yunshu raised his hand, and as his sleeve slid down, a small section of his finger as white as jade extended out, pointing at Yuncheng.

“That’s my Senior Brother,” he said. “He’s quite skilled in formations.”

The fox cheered, “That’s great! When your Senior Brother enters, let’s explore the secret realm together!”

Pei Yunshu averted his gaze from the mirror, his black hair dancing in the blowing sand. After a long while, he mustered a faint, pale smile and spoke in a voice so light that a gust of wind could scatter it, “Huayue, if he enters, he will kill you.”

The author has something to say: Question: Among the four senior brothers, who do you think is the most formidable and not to be trifled with?

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