The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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The embroidered ball fell, caught by a demonic cultivator.

The demonic cultivator held the embroidered ball and flew towards Zouyu. However, before it reached the Hall Master’s hand, Yunman’s folding fan swooped in, its fan blades slicing the demonic cultivator’s wrist.

Wincing in pain, the demonic cultivator then hurled the embroidered ball toward the Hall Master.

With a swift movement, Eldest Senior Brother intercepted the ball before Zouyu could catch it.

In this small space, though the actions were not grand, they changed rapidly in an instant. Pei Yunshu, high up on the tower, couldn’t discern their movements clearly through the thick fog. His heart followed the red ball’s ups and downs, and in the blink of an eye, the red embroidered ball had passed through the hands of four or five people.

The wind on the tall tower was chilly, making Pei Yunshu’s face turn as pale as ice. Gradually, he began to feel dizzy as he watched the scene below.

The fox in his arms was the first to notice something amiss, but it didn’t know what to say, so it could only nuzzle Pei Yunshu’s hand, offering silent comfort.

Beauty was not their demon clan, and even if they were, they were modest. The fact that his senior brothers and demonic cultivators were fighting over the embroidered ball didn’t seem like a simple effort to save someone.

If they were only concerned about the fox and the beauty in the bridal chamber, any person could have caught the ball, right?

Pei Yunshu stroked Huayue’s head and turned to look behind him. The foxes that had carried him up were expressionless, seemingly indifferent to who caught the embroidered ball.

“If it were someone else, they might be ashamed and furious to death,” Pei Yunshu murmured to Huayue. “But I value my life highly.”

To put it bluntly, this was being afraid of death.

The struggle for the embroidered ball below was growing fiercer. The participants were becoming more ruthless, and disciples from Wuzhi Peak were indeed extraordinary, managing to hold their ground against the members of Flower Brocade Sect.

In the end, Yunjing threw the embroidered ball to Yuncheng.

Yuncheng smiled lightly and reached out to catch the embroidered ball as it was about to land in his hand. However, the ball suddenly bounced up from his hand’s side and fell straight to the ground.

The foxes cheered and pounced on the ball. Yuncheng furrowed his brows and reached for the ball on the ground. Yet, it seemed the embroidered ball had a will of its own. It bounced away from Yuncheng and avoided his grasp.

The foxes cheered, “You killed the groom, so how can you become the groom again?”

Yuncheng’s gaze darkened. He pierced through the foxes with his sword and flung the embroidered ball toward his senior brothers.

Unfortunately, Junior Brother Yunshu’s thrown embroidered ball couldn’t be touched because he had killed a fox.

As the embroidered ball soared through the air, Zouyu, who had been observing, finally made his move. He pulled out a whip and snatched the airborne ball. When the ball was in his hand, his distinctly jointed fingers spun it around, and he smiled enigmatically, “It’s getting late. If your junior brother is hungry or cold up there, those foxes probably won’t bring him food and clothing. I suggest I take care of it and go up to see your junior brother.”

Yunman’s face turned as dark as ink. His usually dashing and suave expression was now overshadowed by a murderous intent. “What is the Hall Master of Flower Brocade Sect doing here, joining in the commotion? It’s an insult to my junior brother if you go up. “

Zouyu narrowed his exotic-looking eyes, and after a moment, he placed the embroidered ball in front of him. He lowered his head slightly, lightly kissed the ball, and said with a playful smile, “Since Your Excellency puts it that way, then it’s decided. I will go up.”

After speaking, he walked toward the tall tower. The foxes made way for him, their pitch-black eyes fixed on Zouyu and the red embroidered ball in his hand. The subordinates of the demonic cultivators surrounded Yunjing and his senior brothers, preventing them from approaching their leader. Zouyu seemed completely at ease. With one hand behind his back and a faint smile of ease, he ascended the tower.


Upon seeing the demonic cultivator catch the embroidered ball, Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows.

Huayue exclaimed in shock, “Why is it that old lecher?!”

Members of the Flower Brocade Sect were utterly shameless. They abducted people they were interested in and took them back to their sect, where they would be forced into relationships. Among these remarkably talented men and women, many had ended up as lust slaves on their beds. Not to mention their Hall leader, Zouyu. During their journey here, Huayue had learned this well—Zouyu had ruined the lives of countless handsome young men and beautiful women with his charming face.

If he wanted to do something to Pei Yunshu, how could Yunshu beauty possibly resist?

Huayue was so anxious that Pei Yunshu grew even more cautious. He stared at the staircase above and was somewhat puzzled. “Hasn’t Flower Brocade Sect always emphasized the union of Yin and Yang?”

“If he’s not interested in you, would he bring his subordinates to fight for the embroidered ball?” The fox’s tone was resolute. “These demonic cultivators wouldn’t bother with such a thankless task. Beauty, don’t believe those words so easily. While it’s true that the Flower Brocade Sect emphasizes the union of Yin and Yang, if Zouyu truly desires you, who could stop him?”

After speaking, the fox suddenly transformed into human form. With jet-black hair, rosy lips, and a captivating charm, his fox-like flirtatious demeanor stood out even more among the rigid foxes around him.

Huayue sighed softly, fearless and undaunted. “Beauty, don’t worry. If that demonic cultivator comes up here with improper intentions, I’ll sacrifice myself for you. I’ll use my charm to beguile him.”

Pei Yunshu frowned. “That’s not acceptable.”

“Don’t worry, beauty,” Huayue confidently smiled. “Using charm on others is a small matter for us foxes. If that demonic cultivator still won’t yield, I’ll go all out to distract him. I’ll leave him weak in the knees and too timid to touch a single hair on you.”

“But…” The fox suddenly blushed, looking shyly at Pei Yunshu from the corner of his eye. His face had turned pink. “Beauty, before I subdue that demonic cultivator, could you let me have a kiss from you?”

Pei Yunshu thought he had misheard. “What?”

Before Huayue could repeat himself, a voice with a teasing tone echoed from behind them. “This fox is quite bold.”

Zouyu stood in the inner hall, looking at them with an amused expression.

Suddenly, the golden Celestial Binding Rope shot out from Pei Yunshu’s storage pouch and flew into Zouyu’s hand. Zouyu raised an eyebrow and the rope flew into the air, heading straight for the fox who had been boasting earlier. In an instant, the fox was bound and dragged to the side.

The foxes standing nearby suddenly scattered, chanting “bridal chamber, bridal chamber.” In a blink, they rushed down the tall tower, seemingly headed to carry out some task.

In this small corridor, only Pei Yunshu and Zouyu remained.

To make matters worse, Pei Yunshu’s spiritual power was sealed, and he couldn’t even summon his Qingyue Sword.

Zouyu stared at him fixedly, his eyes filled with a sense of inevitability. He took a step forward, slowly approaching Pei Yunshu. He brought the red embroidered ball in front of Pei Yunshu and taunted, “So, this is the embroidered ball Your Excellency threw?”

Pei Yunshu took a step back, his gaze wary. “The Hall Master brought those demonic cultivators in and they’re about to die, aren’t you going to save them?”

Zouyu looked downward, just as Pei Yunshu had described his subordinates had been gravely injured by Yunjing and the others. The reason Yunjing’s group hadn’t come up yet was due to the foxes blocking the entrance.

Zouyu sighed in a seemingly regretful manner. “Since they’re useless, there’s no need for me to waste energy saving them.”

This person was truly heartless. A shiver ran down Pei Yunshu’s spine, and he subtly tried to distance himself from Zouyu.

However, just as he took a step back, Zouyu suddenly appeared behind him. He approached from Pei Yunshu’s shoulder, his voice carrying a smile. “It’s time for the bridal chamber. Why are you avoiding me?”

Pei Yunshu’s breathing became erratic, and he hurriedly took two steps forward to escape, but Zouyu grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer into his embrace. Zouyu skillfully undid Pei Yunshu’s waistband and chuckled, saying: “Since that fox said so, if I don’t do something, it might harm my reputation.” 

Huayue, who was being dragged away by the Celestial Binding Rope, widened his eyes in disbelief. He had never expected this cursed demonic cultivator to follow his words and bully Pei Yunshu. 

The waistband was undone, and the outer robe fell open. Pei Yunshu gripped the waistband and struggled to break free from Zouyu’s restraint. 

Zouyu pressed against his shoulder and took a deep whiff of his hair, seductively saying, “You really do smell delightful.” 

Finally, Pei Yunshu managed to break free with all his strength. Zouyu seemed caught off guard, and Pei Yunshu was able to escape his embrace. Just as he was about to step forward to reclaim his beauty, a white flash passed by, and with a loud crack, Pei Yunshu’s the waistband lashed across Zouyu’s face. 

The fox sucked in a cold breath.

A loud sound echoed out, and this lash silenced the entire floor. Zouyu’s face was turned by the strike, and a red whip mark gradually appeared on his handsome profile.

Time passed slowly, and after a long while, Zouyu touched his cheek and turned his head slowly.

Pei Yunshu stared at him, anger burning in his eyes like woven flowers.

The black thin veil outer garment spread open, revealing a nice color underneath. However, the neatly tied inner shirt inside seemed a bit distracting.

He had not known of this intense side of him before, and while resistance could be taken as a form of amusement, excessive resistance became displeasing.

Zouyu lightly touched the whip mark, withdrew his hand, and walked back towards Pei Yunshu.

Pei Yunshu held a belt in his hand and swung it at him again, but this time, Zouyu firmly caught the end of the belt, even rubbing it a few times and smiled, “If you want to fight, let’s do it on the bed.”

Nausea, disgust—every word from Zouyu filled Pei Yunshu with an inner loathing. His complexion turned unpleasant, and he let go of the belt, stepping back.

Zouyu tossed Pei Yunshu’s belt aside, and with a flick of his finger toward Pei Yunshu, the black thin outer garment slid down from one shoulder.

Pei Yunshu gripped the slipping outer garment, his five fingers clenched tightly, fingertips turning white. He bit his lip, his eyes reddening.

A garment made of Zhuyou’ shed skin, what could it do?


Zouyu seemed to find this especially amusing. His fingers lightly flicked again, and the other side of the loosely held outer garment was forcefully removed by his magic, taking just a moment for Pei Yunshu’s outer garment to be completely gone.

No matter where he tried to hold on, other parts couldn’t resist Zouyu’s magic.

Holding the garment in his hand, Pei Yunshu clutched it tightly. He had nowhere left to retreat, pressing against the wooden railing.

His lips were cut, his mouth filled with a taste of blood. His black hair was messy, and only the loosely tied hairband persisted.

With a thought, Zouyu summoned a gust of wind that blew away Pei Yunshu’s hairband.

As the hairband disappeared, his black hair fluttered in the wind.

Dressed in a pristine white inner shirt, with black hair flowing, he stood atop the high building, shrouded in dense fog.

Truly beautiful.

Pei Yunshu lowered his head, looking at the clothes in his hand. He softly called out, “Zhuyou.”

Was the white hairband that could transform into Zhuyou’s appearance still there?

Could it come out?

Zhuyou had disappeared after he entered the bridal sedan, so did the hairband also vanish?

Pei Yunshu tried to feel the burning sensation on his legs, but he couldn’t sense anything.

His inner shirt couldn’t hold on any longer, and the securely tied straps started to slowly come undone. Zouyu was a distance away from Pei Yunshu, but he wore a smile and calmly watched as the fabric slowly unraveled.

Like watching flowers bloom.

As he neared the breaking point, tears finally fell heavily from Pei Yunshu’s eyes to the ground. He didn’t know why, but he called out again, “Zhuyou—”

Each sound carried a crying plea.

A scorching sensation surged, and the white hairband suddenly emerged from within Pei Yunshu’s clothes, forming a ferocious giant flood dragon in front of him.

A flood dragon halfway through shedding its skin, weak and vulnerable that should be hiding.

Author’s note: Fox: Ahhh, come and touch me! Come touch me!

Zhuyou: I’m gonna kill someone!

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