The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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They spent two days like this beneath the cliff. The shedding of Zhuyou’s serpent’s skin on its tail proved unexpectedly difficult, but it didn’t exhibit the same excruciating pain and madness as before. This led Pei Yunshu to believe that when the flood dragon finally shed its skin on its tail, there was almost no pain involved.

However, on the third night, Pei Yunshu woke up in his sleep and heard a suppressed low growl from outside.

This growl woke him up, and as he walked out of the cave, he saw the churning snake tail on the water’s surface even before he approached the cold pool.

There was also a faint smell of blood.

Pei Yunshu took a breath and his fingers, gripping the stone wall, turned white. When he got closer, he found that the elixirs and spirit plants placed by the cold pool were gone. Many spirit plants had been knocked into the cold pool, and their medicinal properties had been absorbed by the cold pool.

Under the water’s surface, the flood dragon continued to roll.

Pei Yunshu took a step forward but suddenly felt something was wrong under his feet. He looked down and saw a pitch-black scale.

Scales floated on the water’s surface, and some were washed ashore by the waves. These scales, which grew on the flood dragon’s flesh, now seemed as common as weeds, visible everywhere.

Pei Yunshu crouched down, picked up one of the scales, and found it smooth and heavy to the touch. He sat down on the spot, staring into the distance, accompanying Zhuyou in the water throughout the night.

Why hadn’t he noticed the flood dragon’s healing ability before?

It wasn’t until dawn broke that the flood dragon gradually calmed down underwater, and the water’s surface gradually returned to its previous state.

Pei Yunshu got up, soaked in dew, and returned to the cave, pretending that nothing had happened.

Since it was a secret realm, there must be many precious spirit plants. Pei Yunshu made up his mind to find some spirit plants during the daylight hours that could help Zhuyou with its shedding. If the pain continued like this day by day, wouldn’t it be torturous?


Zhuyou floated on the water’s surface, lazily leaning against the rocks.

His black hair was spread out on his wet clothes, with a human body and a snake tail. In the deep wilderness, if those who wrote legends saw him, they would probably be scared out of their wits.

If Pei Yunshu hadn’t witnessed last night’s scene, he might have thought that Zhuyou was fine. He didn’t know whether Zhuyou’s pain had truly eased during the day or if he was forcing himself to endure it. Regardless of the reason, Pei Yunshu was feeling somewhat angry.

Zhuyou had saved him more than once, and he wasn’t an ungrateful person. Even if he was now disabled, he could still find some spirit plants that would be beneficial to him. Why didn’t Zhuyou tell him?

Pei Yunshu walked straight towards Zhuyou, and when Zhuyou saw him, his tail began to sway in the water, creating ripples of silver. His black vertical pupils, with a hint of red, stared at Pei Yunshu without blinking.

In front of those eyes, Pei Yunshu couldn’t find the words to speak. He tried to suppress his anger and spoke in a calm tone, “I’m going to look for some spirit plants in the forest.”

Zhuyou: “No.”

Pei Yunshu acted as if he hadn’t heard and turned to leave.

Suddenly, Zhuyou swam to the shore, grabbed his wrist, and pulled him into the water. Half of his body was submerged in an instant, and Pei Yunshu, caught off guard, clung tightly to Zhuyou’s neck.

His snake tail swayed excitedly in the water. Zhuyou wrapped his arms around Pei Yunshu and looked down at him. “No.”

Pei Yunshu’s wet hair clung to his face and neck, and his eyes were like flames. His chest heaved with anger, but he tried to remain calm and said, “Why not?”

Zhuyou tightened his hold on him, and their clothes at the waistline formed a delicate curve. He looked displeased, “Dangerous.”

With Zhuyou’s grip on his waist, Pei Yunshu realized how close they were. He quickly released his hold on Zhuyou’s neck and tried to push him away, but Zhuyou didn’t budge. Pei Yunshu could only lean back and use his hands to push against Zhuyou’s chest. “Let go.”

Zhuyou’s eyes flickered for a moment, and Pei Yunshu felt his skin suddenly heat up, not just from Zhuyou but from the entire area. The coldness of the pool quickly dissipated, and steam rose from the water.

Through the mist, Pei Yunshu saw a flash of red in Zhuyou’s eyes.

His instincts screamed that something was wrong. Pei Yunshu struggled with all his strength, and in the instant that Zhuyou released his grip, he swam towards the shore.

He touched the shore with his hands, but before he could catch his breath, warm water wrapped around his hands and feet, pulling him back into the water.

The water was Zhuyou’s territory, and Pei Yunshu was pushed back to Zhuyou’s side by the current. He was now completely soaked, and the mist of the hot current enveloped him. In the vast lake, they looked like a vivid ink painting.

Zhuyou watched him silently, and deep red emerged from the depths of his eyes, making his enchanting facial markings even more terrifying. Just a glance at them would induce fear.

But Pei Yunshu only glanced at his facial markings once, and his whole body felt like it was burning. His consciousness began to blur, similar to the feeling he had after consuming the black egg that day, except this time, it wasn’t drowsiness but a gradually increasing warmth on his skin.

He knew something was wrong, and he tried to swim back to the shore with his last ounce of clarity. However, his limbs felt weak, and he could only float on the water’s surface by clinging to Zhuyou.

“Zhuyou…” he mumbled, but he didn’t even know what he was saying anymore. “Don’t…”

Zhuyou opened his storage pouch, carefully selected a white silk handkerchief, and used pale fingers to cover his eyes, wrapping it around from the front to the back of his head. The person lying in the water could no longer see anything.

Darkness enveloped him, but his other senses became more acute. The warm water flowed over his body, and Pei Yunshu’s head felt fuzzy. After a while, he remembered why the cold pool had become warm.

The flood dragon spoke in a low voice by his ear, sounding pitiful. “Uncomfortable.”

Of course, it would be uncomfortable.

Pei Yunshu thought dully, “You removed the scales, how could it not be painful?”

Right, I also need to find some healing spirit plants while it’s still daylight.

Pei Yunshu’s fingers moved slightly as the silk handkerchief covered his eyes, but it couldn’t hide his bewildered expression. Zhuyou held his face in his hands, and his snake tail wrapped around Pei Yunshu’s leg.

His breath grew increasingly shallow, spraying onto Pei Yunshu’s lips, which were glistening with moisture and looked more tempting than honey on roasted chicken. Zhuyou’s tone was low as he pressed, “Give me a lick.”

He tilted his head, considering, “A lick will make it less uncomfortable.”


Pei Yunshu was furious.

It was the first time he had ever been so angry. After breaking free from the water, despite being drenched, he ran into the forest without hesitation.

Numerous streams of water surrounded him, clearing away branches and thorns as he moved. Whichever direction he walked, these streams paved the way for him. Pei Yunshu could see these streams no matter where he looked. Eventually, he lowered his head in frustration and rushed forward without paying attention.

The streams didn’t dare to stop him in his current state of anger. They could only suck the water off him and escort him.

After an unknown amount of time, Pei Yunshu regained some sanity. He stood still for a moment, ignoring the streams, and decided to find some usable spirit plants first.

In the courtyard on Wuzhi Peak, he had planted many spirit herbs and trees. During the years he had been imprisoned there, he remembered the appearance and characteristics of each spirit plant very clearly.

However, some nearby spirit plants with good medicinal properties had already been eaten by the monsters that used to reside here. Pei Yunshu walked around and only managed to gather three or four spirit herbs that could strengthen his spiritual power.

As he reached the end of the cliff, he looked around and suddenly spotted a large white flower blooming halfway up the mountainside.

The flower was as large as a basin, with pale pink petals at the front and a pure white bottom. It waved elegantly in the cold wind, as if carved from ice and snow, sparkling and translucent.

This flower had a particularly romantic name: White Ridge Flower.

Pei Yunshu was overjoyed. He approached carefully, stepping on large rocks to reach the rare White Ridge Flower.

The streams wanted to pick it for him, but Pei Yunshu shook his head and declined their help. He looked at the streams seriously and instructed, “Water can’t touch it.”

The streams reluctantly withdrew.

The flower was blooming at a height, but it was within reach. When Pei Yunshu climbed high enough, he took off his outer garment, wrapped his hand in the fabric, and carefully picked the delicate flower.

Fortunately, the flower’s roots were not deeply anchored. Pei Yunshu gently pulled it, and the entire flower came off with its stem. A faint, delightful fragrance emanated from it, reaching his nose and refreshing his mind.

Pei Yunshu held the flower carefully and descended the mountain. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he quickly checked to ensure the White Ridge Flower was still intact.

“Senior Brother.”

A hoarse voice came from behind.

Pei Yunshu was startled. He turned around hastily and saw Yunwang sitting on the back of a overflow heavens beast, flying in mid-air and looking down at him from above.

Yunwang’s once peach blossom-like face now appeared weathered. His eyes were bloodshot, and his lips were parched and cracked. His white robe, which should have been pristine, had gathered a fair amount of dust, making him look even more disheveled than Pei Yunshu.

Yunwang gazed at Pei Yunshu for a long time, then urged the overflow heavens beast to descend and dismounted.

“Senior Brother,” Yunwang’s voice was low, “Where did you go?”

Pei Yunshu tightened his grip on the outer garment in his arms and nodded slightly. “Little Junior Brother.”

But he avoided giving a direct answer.

Yunwang’s eyes darkened, and he approached Pei Yunshu step by step. A smile played on his lips, but as he got a clear look at Pei Yunshu, the smile froze, and his gaze fixated on Pei Yunshu’s lips, which were swollen and split.

“Senior Brother, what happened to your lips?”

Pei Yunshu frowned and raised a hand to touch his swollen and cracked lips. A sharp pain shot through him, and he let out a soft hiss.

“…” Yunwang clenched his fists. After a while, he forced a smile again, his face as beautiful as ever, and his eyes filled with playful charm. “So, Senior Brother, even under the cliff, you can still have a husband to accompany you.”

While his smile was beautiful, his words were grating.

Pei Yunshu said coldly, “Junior Brother, be cautious with your words.”

He turned to leave, but Yunwang blocked his path with a grim expression. The streams that tried to attack him were stopped by the overflow heavens beast. The beast let out a resounding roar, its golden vertical pupils brimming with excitement.

“Junior Brother,” Pei Yunshu said, “What do you want?”

Pei Yunshu had no idea what had gotten into Yunwang. Perhaps they were the only two around, and Yunwang no longer wanted to pretend to like him.

Pei Yunshu wore only a white inner robe, not much different from his appearance on Wuzhi Peak, except for his bright red lips, which gave off an unsettling vibe.

Suddenly, Yunwang chuckled softly, his eyes shimmering with a hint of mischief. His eyes sparkled with joy. “Senior Brother, did that flood dragon who took you away do this to your lips? Yunwang is very curious. How about Senior Brother takes Yunwang along to meet this legendary flood dragon?”

Pei Yunshu stared at him in silence.

Under the moonlight and clear breeze beneath the cliff, he had spent three days with Zhuyou beneath this cliff. Though they couldn’t use their spiritual powers, he felt remarkably relaxed. Except for the occasional moments with Zhuyou…

He felt free, even amidst all the hardship.

However, upon seeing Yunwang again, he only felt a deep sense of exhaustion.

Pei Yunshu said softly, “Little Junior Brother.”

The overflow heavens beast and the streams struggled against each other, but the streams couldn’t compare to Zhuyou. Eventually, they turned into mist under the beast’s feet.

A flicker of panic crossed Yunwang’s eyes.

Pei Yunshu continued, “Since you dislike me, there’s no need to pretend like this.”

Yunwang’s face showed a hint of panic. “Senior Brother, how could I dislike you?”

Pei Yunshu smirked and decided not to say more. He was about to go back the same way he came, but Yunwang suddenly pounced from behind, grabbing his waist. Though Yunwang was shorter than Pei Yunshu, he was surprisingly strong. “Senior Brother, come back to the sect with me. Yunwang will explain everything.”

Before Pei Yunshu could respond, Yunwang took out a pill from his storage pouch and stuffed it into Pei Yunshu’s mouth. The pill dissolved instantly, leaving Pei Yunshu with no time to resist.

His limbs grew weak, and he gradually lost the strength to stand. Gritting his teeth, Pei Yunshu used his last bit of strength to toss his clothes to the streaming water. “Go quickly, don’t let the water touch the petals!”

Zhuyou had not finished shedding its skin, and the White Ridge Flower had extraordinary effects on both humans and demons.

The streams took on the greatest responsibility, clutching the corners of the garment and rushing through the branches and leaves.

Yunwang held Pei Yunshu, his eyes fixed on the direction of the streams, his expression unclear.

After Pei Yunshu fell into a deep sleep, Yunwang moved him to the back of the overflow heavens beast. The beast stared into the depths of the forest and roared loudly.

Suddenly, a spine-chilling low roar echoed from the forest, and a surging wave of water rushed down the cliff.

Yunwang immediately flipped onto the back of the overflow heavens beast. “Run!”

The overflow heavens beast leaped into the air and flew toward the cliff.


Inside the cave, the three senior brothers were absent, and only a brownish-yellow fox cowered in the corner.

Yunwang lifted Senior Brother Yunshu from the back of the overflow heavens beast and gently placed him on the stone bed. He stood beside the bed, looking down at Yunshu, who was in a deep slumber.

According to his senior brothers, the one who took away Senior Brother Yunshu was a flood dragon, and the person who had just chased them with water was undoubtedly that flood dragon.

Yunwang reached out, brushed aside Yunshu’s black hair, and pinched his chin. Yunshu’s swollen lips became even more prominent. Yunwang muttered to himself, “A cherry in March, as fresh as when first picked.”

After saying this, his complexion darkened.

He took out some medicine from his storage pouch, his gaze fixed on Yunshu’s face. He applied the medicine generously to his lips. His touch was rather forceful, causing the lips, already kissed to maturity, to be unable to bear the pressure. Tiny drops of fresh blood seeped from the wounds, partially staining the colorless ointment.

Yunwang looked at the blood, and his hand trembled. He gradually lightened his touch while applying the ointment. The milky-white ointment gradually became transparent. After finishing applying it to Yunshu, Yunwang’s fingertips also carried the scent of the ointment and blood.

Yunwang placed this hand behind him, his eyes fixed on Yunshu.

Even though he had fallen asleep, Senior Brother Yunshu’s brows were still furrowed, as if he carried something on his mind, and he couldn’t even sleep peacefully.

Yunwang watched him and, as if enchanted, bent down, approaching Yunshu. The fragrance of the medicine wafted from his lips, lingering at his nose without dissipating.

The transparent ointment made the March cherry appear as if it had been peeled delicate flesh.

Suddenly, the fox in the corner let out a sharp cry, jolting Yunwang from his trance. Yunwang stood up abruptly, his expression panicked as he stared at the sleeping Yunshu.

What had he been about to do just now?

Yunwang turned and ran out of the cave, stumbling as if a wild beast were chasing him from behind.

The overflow heavens beast opened its eyes, glanced at Yunwang as he rushed out, and followed him out.

When there was no one left in the cave, the fox in the corner approached the bed.

“Beauty,” the fox walked to the bedside and softly called to Pei Yunshu, nudging him with its paw. “Wake up, beauty.”

Pei Yunshu’s breathing was shallow, and he didn’t respond to the fox’s calls. With his remaining demonic energy, he reached into his storage pouch and took out a translucent white pill, carefully placing it on Pei Yunshu’s lips.

This is the extraordinary Snow Tree Inner Core, capable of detoxification and healing. The fox chattered incessantly, saying, “Beauty, when you wake up, please return it to me. A three-thousand-year-old tree spirit inner core isn’t easy to come by.”

“Of course, if beauty and Lord flood dragon are willing to let me stay by your side as the concubine, I’d be happy to give you the Snow Tree Inner Core. I don’t know when you’ll wake up, but we need to escape quickly. Your senior brothers are quite frightening.”

The fox kept chattering on, not feeling lonely at all. It seemed that he had been pent up for these past few days.

As the fox spoke, it suddenly lowered its body and sniffed Pei Yunshu all over. Then it exclaimed softly, “It’s all Lord flood dragon’s scent!”

The fox followed the scent, nodding approvingly. It seemed that Beauty had remembered its advice and understood the importance of protecting his yuan yang in this fox clan secret realm.

Lord flood dragon was indeed remarkable. Even in the presence of Beauty, he managed to protect his own yuan yang. Such courage was something this little demon couldn’t compare to.

Huayue felt genuine admiration.


The fox stayed with Pei Yunshu until the sun set. Yunshu remained asleep, and when Beauty’s senior brothers were about to return, the fox had no choice but to hide. It peeked its head near Pei Yunshu’s ear and whispered, “Beauty, remember, when you wake up, don’t open your eyes.”

It repeated this several times until it heard the sound of a sword approaching. Then, it moved from the side of the bed to the corner.

The next moment, someone flew into the cave. Eldest senior brother got off his sword and froze in place.

“Junior Brother…?”

The person on the stone bed acted as if they hadn’t heard, and eldest senior brother cautiously approached. Only when he reached the bedside did he truly believe that junior brother Yunshu had returned.

Even Yunjing, who was usually reserved and quiet, couldn’t help but feel moved at this moment. He stared at Pei Yunshu for a while, then restrained his emotions and took out a thin blanket from his storage pouch, gently covering Pei Yunshu.

After covering his junior brother with the blanket, Yunjing sat down by his side and removed the dry leaves from the bed. When he finished picking up the leaves, he said softly, “It’s good that Junior Brother has returned.”

Pei Yunshu had his eyes closed and couldn’t hear his words.

Yunjing didn’t feel sad. He focused his attention on imagining his junior brother’s appearance and gently ran his hand through Yunshu’s black hair.

The black hair scattered beneath him, contrasting with the pale face of his junior brother, where only the lips were as red as cherry petals.

Eldest senior brother saw it all, stood up, and said, “Junior Brother likes being neat and clean. I’ll go to the pool to fetch some water for him to freshen up. It’s not far from the cave entrance, so Junior Brother, please wait patiently.”

In the corner, Huayue couldn’t help but mumble to itself. It hadn’t realized that Yunshu’s eldest senior brother, just like itself, was someone who could actually talk to himself.

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