The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 44

Chapter 44

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There were pictures of people dressed, but there were more of people undressed, and some were semi-covered, veiled in sheer fabric. Regardless of which one you look at, it makes one blush just at a glance. 

This person is truly shameless! 

Pei Yunshu only hastily flipped through two pages and, upon understanding what was depicted in this book, his face changed. He immediately burned it to ashes. 

The artist who drew these illustrations was undoubtedly highly skilled, using bold and vivid colors. With just a few strokes, he could see that the person depicted was undoubtedly Zouyu. Even the expressions on the faces were vivid and lifelike. 

The illustrations were filled with alluring scenes and seductive poses.

Pei Yunshu’s face turned unsightly, and the Qingyue Sword resonated with a hostile aura. In the blink of an eye, the book on the table had turned to ashes. 

Bai Lige was furious, “Who is this person? He’s truly shameless. I looked at it carefully, and not only did he not capture even a fraction of my husband’s beauty, but he must have also threatened the artist to exaggerate certain aspects. This person has an unbelievably thick skin.” 

As he spoke, Pei Yunshu and Hua Yue turned to look at him with indescribable expressions. 

Bai Lige met their gazes and said in surprise, “Don’t tell me you didn’t notice? Unfortunately, Yunshu has already burned the painting, or I could have shown it to you. You would have easily seen that the painting was exaggerated to an absurd degree. It’s simply laughable.” 

“….’ Pei Yunshu sighed.

Even the greatest anger had turned into a sense of helplessness. He turned around and burned the wooden box containing the erotic paintings along with the alluring peony into ashes on the ground.

Zhuyou raised the ashes and directed them towards the same spot in the air where they disappeared as if they had never been. What came from there returned to the same place. 

After handling these matters, Pei Yunshu returned to his room to meditate. The spiritual energy had just begun to flow when he suddenly felt a change. He found himself in a bustling market. 

The market was filled with people coming and going, and children were running around with food in hand. The high buildings on both sides of the street transmitted soft and alluring singing, every word filled with amorousness. 

Pei Yunshu watched the lively scene for a moment, lifted his robe, sat down on the ground in the middle of the crowded street, and began meditating. 

People passing by looked at him with curiosity, but Pei Yunshu closed his eyes and shut them out. 

Inside him, a golden core and a demon core were coexisting harmoniously, and their cultivation was highly efficient. Pei Yunshu focused his mind, immersing himself in his cultivation. 

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but when he opened his eyes, he found himself on a grand ship with carved beams and painted rafters. 

People were gathered around a raised platform in front. Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows and tried to look, but a haze seemed to obscure the view, making everything unclear. He approached the front, only to find that a drama was being performed on the stage. 

Drums and music played, and there was singing and dancing. However, Pei Yunshu’s expression darkened.

On the stage, people were performing a scene of a marriage proposal with embroidered balls. However, the one tossing the embroidered ball was a man, and the one catching it was also a man. The man who caught the embroidered ball held a red embroidered ball and approached the other. They both entered a bed adorned with red curtains, and their intimate actions began. 

Soft moans mixed with difficult sighs, causing the wooden bed to gently shake. A pale wrist extended from the red curtains, weakly resting at the bedside. 

Pei Yunshu turned around to leave but met the smiling gaze of a demonic cultivator who had an air of leisure about him. The demonic cultivator, dressed in black, stood right behind Pei Yunshu, gazing at him. He chuckled softly and said, “I did say I wanted to taste your skills in bed that day. Did you forget, Yunshu?” 

His sword, Qingyue, pierced through the demonic cultivator’s chest. Zouyu lowered his gaze to the sword in his chest and then looked back at Pei Yunshu, who was gripping the sword with determination. The smile on Zouyu’s face deepened. “Back in the demon market, that ugly demon always gave me a sense of familiarity. No wonder I felt something was amiss these past few days. It turns out Yunshu was trying to take my life.” 

Pei Yunshu coldly replied, “It’s a pity that this is just an illusion.”

The demonic cultivator also sighed, gripping the Qingyue Sword with his bare hand. He pulled the sword’s tip out from his chest, and the sword quivered, leaving a deep scar on his hand. 

If this weren’t an illusion, his hand would likely be broken in half.

“I also feel a great sense of regret,” said Zouyu. “Regret that on that day, when I took off Yunshu’s robe, I only saw him following the flood dragon. I still remember vividly the whip Yunshu struck on my face. But it won’t be long before I meet Yunshu again. We’ll take our time to make up for what we didn’t accomplish in the Fox Clan’s secret realm. When that time comes, even if Yunshu takes out that whip to play with me, I will find joy in my heart.”

As soon as these words fell, the surroundings began to dissipate, and Pei Yunshu suddenly opened his eyes. The outside world was already getting bright. 

He closed his eyes, feeling a deep sense of heaviness in his heart. 

Without strength, he would only endure all kinds of humiliation, and he wouldn’t even be able to count on his own memories. 

Even when he met that demonic cultivator, how much confidence did he have in being able to defeat the demonic cultivator with his sword? 


Before the grand cultivation event, Pei Yunshu had been cultivating in his room. When the young child informed him that he needed to go to Wuzhi Peak, Pei Yunshu felt somewhat dazed. 

“Senior Brother Yunjiao is waiting outside,” the young child said. “Senior Brother, please hurry.”

Upon hearing Zhuyou’s name, Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but feel a jump in his heart. It had been so many days, and the effect of that powder had yet to dissipate. 

His Grandmaster had extracted his “emotion string,” and now he had to maintain a cold and emotionless facade to avoid suspicion. However, just hearing Zhuyou’s name made his heart skip a beat. If he were to truly meet him, how could he maintain that cold demeanor? 

Pei Yunshu took a deep breath and walked out of the room with an expressionless face. 

Zhuyou was waiting outside and looked towards him as he emerged. He was about to approach Pei Yunshu, but the latter took a step back. 

Zhuyou furrowed his brows. 

The moment he did so, Pei Yunshu felt a slight, throbbing pain in his chest. He cleared his throat, drew the Qingyue Sword, stepped onto it, and extended his hand towards Zhuyou. Though his face showed no emotion, his tone softened imperceptibly, “Yunjiao, come.” 

Zhuyou stood behind him, wrapping his arms around Pei Yunshu’s waist. 

As they flew into the sky, with no one around, Zhuyou gently placed a kiss on Pei Yunshu’s ear. 

Pei Yunshu couldn’t escape, and he didn’t want to escape. He lightly tapped Zhuyou’s hand and whispered, “Do not do nonsense.” 

“When we meet others, you need to keep your distance from me. My Grandmaster has severed my emotional attachments, and if you get too close,” Pei Yunshu cleared his throat, “my heart beats too fast.” 

A mischievous glint appeared in Zhuyou’s eyes. “Kiss.” 

Pei Yunshu scanned the surroundings and, seeing no one, erected a barrier. Still, he wasn’t entirely at ease. “Please set up another barrier.”

As he said this, he had a feeling that they were doing something bad.

Once Zhuyou had set up the barrier as well, the Qingyue Sword flew through the air. Pei Yunshu blushed slightly, turned his head, and looked at Zhuyou’s face. He then leaned in closer, lightly kissing his lips. 

Zhuyou’s lips were pale, carrying a cold and clean touch. After Pei Yunshu kissed him, Zhuyou remained still, only lowering his gaze at him with a silent urge. 

Pei Yunshu leaned in again, mimicking Zhuyou’s usual way of kissing him. He extended his tongue carefully and licked Zhuyou’s lips. 

With this kiss, Pei Yunshu felt like it wasn’t enough. He attempted to slip his tongue between Zhuyou’s lips but quickly realized what he was doing. He hastily pulled back from Zhuyou’s lips. 

The Qingyue Sword’s speed had slowed considerably during this time, and they had only flown past Three Day Peaks in the span of those moments. Pei Yunshu cleared his throat and turned to ease his expression. 

Zhuyou clung to him from behind, his breath becoming impatient. Pei Yunshu was surprised and asked, “Zhuyou?”

Zhuyou buried his face in Pei Yunshu’s hair and mumbled, “Ignore it. It’ll pass in a moment.” 

Pei Yunshu was momentarily taken aback but then couldn’t help but laugh. 

Despite his inherently wayward nature, Zhuyou was pure in his lack of understanding. Even if his nature persisted, he was cleaner in some ways than many people. 

Pei Yunshu laughed but before he could think further, Zhuyou spoke. His voice was low and raspy, and Pei Yunshu didn’t quite catch what he said. “Bai Lige mentioned something called ‘Spring Palace Picture.'” 

“Whatever you do, don’t look!” Pei Yunshu didn’t doubt for a moment that Bai Lige, with his unconventional personality, might have shown Zhuyou something inappropriate. If the flood dragon understood what he saw, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with. Pei Yunshu emphasized repeatedly, “If Bai Lige gives it to you, don’t look.” 

Zhuyou’s eyes flickered, and he tilted his head, sounding confused. “Why?” 

“….” Pei Yunshu struggled to explain, “Well…this…”.

“Why can’t I see it?” Zhuyou asked. “What’s inside?”

Pei Yunshu remained silent and, after a while, decided to speak. He forced himself to say, “It’s just some boring paintings.”

Zhuyou pressed, “What kind of paintings?”

Pei Yunshu stayed quiet. He had made up his mind not to speak. He kept his gaze fixed ahead and secretly accelerated the speed of the Qingyue Sword.

However, Zouyu wouldn’t let it go. “The person in those paintings that day is you, isn’t it?”

Pei Yunshu’s voice turned cold, and his killing intent towards the demonic cultivator deepened. “It’s just paintings in someone else’s hands, nothing more.”

Zhuyou said, “But I want to recreate what’s in those paintings with you.”

The Qing Yue Sword suddenly wavered, and the sharp blade tumbled a few times between the peaks. The whistling wind passed by the barrier, and Pei Yunshu stood straight, but his heart was racing. 

They were about to arrive at Wuzhi Peak. He remained silent, but Zhuyou’s words echoed in his mind over and over. 

A surge of impulse welled up within him, and he even thought to say, “Let’s do it.” 

But his rational mind was clear; this impulse was merely a result of the strange powder’s effects. When the powder’s influence faded, just like before, he shouldn’t feel this way toward Zhuyou. 

How he faced Hua Yue and Bai Lige would be how he faced Zhuyou. If enough time passed, Zhuyou would likely understand and find someone suitable for himself. 

With these thoughts, Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but feel a sense of melancholy. 

Would he and Zhuyou ultimately go their separate ways?

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