The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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The crimson juice flowed over the petals and was about to reach Pei Yunshu’s feet when Zhuyou picked him up and leaped to the door.

Looking at the chaotic scene in the courtyard, the young child wore a worried expression and said, “Senior Brother, what should we do?”

“Cut them down,” Bai Lige said from the side, “Hmm, it seems like there’s something in the middle of the tree trunks.”

Zhuyou said, “You go and cut them.”

Bai Lige obediently went forward, and with a sharp gust of wind, he cut down all the peach trees in the courtyard. Only the trunks that were half-buried in the ground had something unusual—a tree within a tree, as thick as an arm.

“Peach wood within peach wood,” Bai Lige raised an eyebrow and turned to them, “Aren’t we going down the mountain today? Just by selling one, we can have a good time.”

Hua Yue’s eyes brightened, and his tail wagged nonstop. “Sell, sell, sell!”

Bai Lige dug out these peach woods, and as he dug out one, Zhuyou followed and collected another one. Finally, when Bai Lige figured out how to dig them out, Zhuyou didn’t wait for him to react and did it himself. In an instant, he had collected all the valuable items.

This demon king was truly thrifty.

Pei Yunshu watched them cutting down the trees. His head throbbed, and he rubbed his temples for a moment. The pain slowly subsided.

“If Senior Brother is going down the mountain today, you’ll need to change your clothes,” the young child said, “But Senior Brother only has Daoist robes.”

Pei Yunshu blinked. “I still have other clothes.”

If he remembered correctly, he should have a black gauze outfit made by Zhuyou. However, after rummaging through his storage bag, he couldn’t find that piece of black gauze.

Apart from that gauze, he still had the mortal clothes he had bought when he left the sect. There wasn’t a shortage of them.

He was about to pick a white outfit but then remembered what the Young Palace Master said. He furrowed his brow, moved his hand away from the white clothes, and chose a set of blue clothes instead.

After changing his clothes and coming out, the others had already packed up. Pei Yunshu held the excited Hua Yue in his arms and said, “Let’s go.”

“It’s been a long time since I saw Yunshu wear clothes of a different color,” Bai Lige mused, “It seems that since I met Yunshu, he hasn’t worn any colorful clothes.”

Pei Yunshu shook his head. “I’m not suited for those colors.”

Bai Lige smiled and turned to look at Zhuyou, catching a glimpse of an excited expression in the flood dragon’s eyes.

Plain clothes had their own beauty, and elaborate outfits had their own charm. If Yunshu took off his plain clothes, he would surely have a different kind of grace.

In a small town at the foot of Shanshui Sect’s mountain, there were more people coming and going than usual due to the cultivation event. However, as they had just descended from the mountain and had not yet entered the village, they were stopped by a bull demon.

“Great King,” the bull demon shed tears upon seeing Zhuyou, “I’ve finally waited for Great King to descend from the mountain!”

As soon as Zhuyou saw the bull demon, he subconsciously glanced at Pei Yunshu, as if he had remembered something. His expression changed slightly, and the hand that had been behind Pei Yunshu was also withdrawn.

Seeing his reaction, the bull demon looked at Pei Yunshu and suddenly realized something. He took out a long wooden box from his chest. “Great King, fortunately, you accidentally damaged the Demon-sealing Tower. That’s how I managed to escape. I don’t have much on me, but this… Great King and his wife will surely like it.”

“This is a treasure made by my old friend,” the bull demon shed tears again, “It’s most suitable for a couple in love.”

Zhuyou reached out and took it. Curious, Pei Yunshu moved closer to take a look and saw a brush soaked in ink inside the long wooden box.

The bull demon said, “Write your name with your blood on your beloved’s heart, and it will have a profound and mysterious effect.”

Zhuyou took out the brush and looked at it, then in the next instant, both he and Pei Yunshu disappeared on the spot.

Pei Yunshu was firmly pressed against a tree.

The tree trunk shook, and dry leaves fell suddenly. Pei Yunshu looked up at Zhuyou, but he noticed that Zhuyou’s eyes were faintly tinged with a bloody hue.

Instinctively feeling that something was wrong, Pei Yunshu struggled harder, but Zhuyou didn’t budge an inch. Instead, he pressed closer, his tongue licking the side of Pei Yunshu’s face.

Pei Yunshu’s scalp tingled. “Zhuyou!”

Zhuyou softly acknowledged, locking eyes with Pei Yunshu, and his vertical pupils showed an inexplicable excitement.

“Write the name.”

The brush the bull demon had offered floated between the two of them. Pei Yunshu felt like he was drunk from being stared at like this, and his struggles weakened. His mind was hazy, and he murmured, “Write it on the chest?”

Zhuyou nodded, lowering his gaze and brushing over Pei Yunshu’s chest, and the blood-red sensation surged again.

He lightly touched him with his fingertip, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. “I want to eat.”

Pei Yunshu lowered his head, following Zhuyou’s fingertip. He shook his head. “I don’t have anything to eat on me.”

Zhuyou unfastened Pei Yunshu’s belt, and Pei Yunshu allowed him to do so. He looked curious as his clothes slid off one by one, then green leaves covering him, creating a whole new world. 

He didn’t have any food on him. What could Zhuyou want to eat? 

By the time Zhuyou departed, that area was no longer visible. 

Zhuyou took out a paintbrush and forced out a drop of crimson blood from his fingertip. After the brush absorbed the blood, he lightly touched it to Pei Yunshu’s body. Unconsciously, Pei Yunshu, his eyes now tinged with crimson, shivered. 

The soft brush tip glided over that area multiple times, leaving vivid red marks on his fair skin. Pei Yunshu let out a stifled sound, feeling wronged. “It’s itchy.”

Zhuyou swallowed hard, his face becoming even more beautiful with his demonic patterns. He reached out to give Pei Yunshu a gentle massage. But as soon as he touched him, Pei Yunshu whimpered, “Hurts.”

He was being teased mercilessly, and the scent of the flood dragon’s arousal affected his senses, making him feel confused. His mind turned into a mush, and he felt both painful and uncomfortable. Using even a little force was unbearable.

Zhuyou approached and examined it many times. Although he didn’t break the skin, just looking at it made him look pitiful. He blinked, took out ointment, and applied it gently to Pei Yunshu.

His movements were gentle and slow.

After finally writing the two characters “Zhuyou” on Pei Yunshu’s chest, Zhuyou bit Pei Yunshu’s fingertip, and after forcing him to release some of his blood, he handed the brush to Pei Yunshu. Pei Yunshu looked at him with sleepy eyes, and in a daze, he wrote his own name.

As soon as the final stroke was made, a surge of warmth rose in his chest. This warmth disappeared in an instant, and when he looked at his chest again, the writing had already disappeared.

Zhuyou looked satisfied, his emotions gradually calming down. When the leaves around them lost their vitality and fell to the ground, Pei Yunshu had fallen into a deep sleep, nestled in Zhuyou’s arms.

Zhuyou carefully held him, and following the traces left by Bai Lige and Hua Yue, he arrived at an inn. Ignoring the questions of the innkeepers, he took Pei Yunshu to their room.

Pei Yunshu was fast asleep, and Zhuyou watched him quietly, lowering the canopy over the bed.

As exhaustion gradually receded, his mind cleared up, and the mushy thoughts disappeared. Pei Yunshu had only slept for less than an hour when he woke up.

He stared at the bed canopy for a moment, but when his mind fully returned, he remembered what had happened earlier and felt his anger flare up.

Pei Yunshu was about to sit up, but as his hand moved, it accidentally touched the wounded area, causing him to groan in pain.

He hadn’t been mistreated this severely even during their visit to the demon market!

Thinking about what had just happened, his face changed colors. He was both furious and embarrassed. He wanted to give Zhuyou a good lesson, but at the same time, he didn’t want to see him at this moment.

After a moment, Pei Yunshu lowered the bed curtain and turned away. He secretly used a hand towel to wipe the dampness and then gently dabbed the wounded area. He dared not press too hard; each gentle pass was a struggle for him to avoid looking at it. However, he still had to look when applying the medicine. When he did, his neck, including the tips of his ears, turned crimson. 

At this moment, he was truly not wanting to see Zhuyou anymore. 

Downstairs in the inn, Zhuyou suddenly raised his gaze toward the upper floor. “He’s angry.” 

“Lord Zhuyou,” the fox commented with a teasing tone, “What did you do to the Beauty Yunshu?” 

Zhuyou’s eyes flashed briefly. He remained silent but stood up, heading towards the stairs to the upper floor. 

Pei Yunshu had just fastened his belt when someone knocked on his door. “Who is it?” 

The person outside didn’t answer, but Pei Yunshu had an unexplainable hunch that it was Zhuyou standing at the door. 

Thinking that it might be him, he decided not to open the door. 

However, Pei Yunshu suddenly realized that he was thinking about Zhuyou at this moment without being influenced by the powder. 

The strange effects of the powder he had inhaled in Wuzhi Peak had apparently worn off. 

As he thought about Zhuyou outside the door, this time, his emotions were no longer the same as before. He didn’t feel anxious, only an inexplicable and complex mixture of emotions. 

Zhuyou called from outside the door, “Yunshu.” 

Pei Yunshu looked up. 

The flood dragon said, “Don’t be mad at me.” 

Pei Yunshu remained silent. 

Outside, Zhuyou tilted his head in thought, and he retrieved a blank booklet from his sleeve. He flipped through the pages one by one until he reached the middle of the book, where he paused. 

Imitating how people in the book spoke, he replaced the name with his own and said, “Yunshu, your husband can’t get enough of you.” 

His voice was soft, but his words were loud and clear. 

The Qingyue Sword burst through the door, and Zhuyou stepped back. The sword struck the floor with force. 

Zhuyou furrowed his brows, confusion crossing his handsome face. He couldn’t understand why Pei Yunshu was still upset. Hua Yue that the folksy dialect from the book was something that ordinary humans loved, so why was Pei Yunshu still angry? After contemplating for a while, he finally realized it might be because he called him by the wrong name. 

Zhuyou approached the door once again, slowly peering through the opening created by the Qingyue Sword. He had a direct view of the lower half of Pei Yunshu’s face, his lips tightly sealed.

Pei Yunshu had a long and fair neck with a red mark on it. 

That was created by Zhuyou, the more he held it, it was like a piece of blood jade mixed in white jade. Just looking at it, it was so beautiful that you couldn’t look away.

His dragon horns and mystical patterns resurfaced, and he felt his entire body heat up. His eyes transformed into vertical pupils. 

Zhuyou’s breath became agitated, and inside the room, Pei Yunshu suddenly felt parched. 

He rushed to the table, poured a couple of glasses of water, and took a few sips. That’s when he heard the voice from outside, “Yunshu, your wife can’t get enough of you.”

Pei Yunshu was taken aback, causing him to cough uncontrollably. 

He couldn’t believe how shameless this flood dragon was being!

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