The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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However, when Pei Yunshu arrived at his third senior brother’s location, he was informed by his servant that Yunman had taken Yunwang down the mountain to buy things.

Upon hearing this, Pei Yunshu furrowed his brows. The servant inquired, “Is there something urgent, Senior Brother?”

The egg was placed inside his storage pouch, invisible to others. Pei Yunshu shook his head and replied, “No, nothing.”

Once he was airborne on his sword, Qingyue Sword, understanding his intentions, slowed down and carried him aimlessly through the sky.

Pei Yunshu retrieved the egg from his storage pouch. As he held it, he felt its warmth, clearly sensing that the egg was alive.

To cook and eat it, he sighed, discouraged. Qingyue Sword beneath his feet changed its course and accelerated, heading toward the rear mountain.

The egg had been hidden beneath him the entire night. In the nostrils of beasts, his body now carried the scent of this egg. He hoped that the creature related to this black egg would appear, guided by the scent. He also wanted to know how this egg had ended up on his bed.

Upon reaching the rear mountain, Pei Yunshu put away his sword and carried the palm-sized egg on foot, wandering through the forest.

Wuzhi Peak actually encompassed a vast expanse of surrounding mountaintops. Rich in spiritual energy, this area was home to many beasts, some of which had already developed sentience.

After an hour’s walk, Pei Yunshu suddenly heard the sound of flowing water up ahead. He recalled the illusory realm in the bath last night, hesitated for a moment, then continued forward.

Passing through the layers of trees, a shallow and clear stream appeared before his eyes.

This shallow waterbody couldn’t possibly contain the massive snake. Pei Yunshu relaxed his brows and was about to leave when the egg in his hand suddenly swayed toward the direction of the river. Caught off guard by its movement, the egg slipped from his grasp.

The egg fell heavily to the ground but didn’t shatter. Instead, it urgently rolled toward the stream, landing in the water with a “plop.”

Pei Yunshu followed, arriving at the stream’s edge. The water submerged the black egg, and the egg seemed to finally settle comfortably in the water, remaining motionless.

The water flowed swiftly. Pei Yunshu’s heart stirred, and he dipped his hand into the water, feeling its pleasant coolness.

After walking for so long and with such picturesque surroundings, he set up a protective barrier, walked downstream from the egg, and was about to remove his shoes and socks when the barrier suddenly trembled.

A massive eagle slammed into the barrier from above, its talons sharp and its greedy eyes fixed on Pei Yunshu. After a brief gaze exchange, it grew even more excited and began attacking the barrier.

Pei Yunshu frowned and cast a spell, causing the eagle to let out a cry before transforming into human form.

A man dressed in black robes fell to the ground and was subsequently bound by Pei Yunshu’s magical artifact. He could only raise his pale face and plead, “Immortal, spare me!”

Pei Yunshu, clad in snow-white attire, silently scrutinized him. “Why did you attack me?”

A wry smile tugged at the pale man’s lips as he replied, “I couldn’t resist when I saw the Immortal laying an egg. As I flew past, I thought I’d come down and have the Immortal help me lay an egg too.”

Qingyue Sword swiftly flew to the beast’s neck, trembling in its sheath.

Pei Yunshu’s chest heaved slightly with anger. He shook his sleeve, generating a gust of wind that propelled the man upward.

“Immortal!” The eagle’s voice grew distant as it shouted, “Why not form a pact with me—”

Qingyue Sword returned to its master’s side, its frigid hilt brushing against Pei Yunshu’s cheek.

Gripping the sword, Pei Yunshu turned to retrieve the egg from the stream. However, as he turned, he was met with a pair of blood-red eyes.

The flood dragon that occupied the entire stream looked at him, lowered its head, and bit into the egg, placing it on the riverbank. 

Water flowed down from the snake’s head, and Pei Yunshu suddenly realized that at some point, there had been complete silence all around. 

He took two steps back, sweat forming on his nose, and stared intently at this suddenly appearing snake. 

Even though it was a flood dragon, it looked like a snake, and it was still a terrifyingly large snake. 

He gritted his teeth, his lips stinging, but it helped him maintain his composure.

Little did he know that as soon as the bloody scent had wafted from his lips, the snake’s head raised its eyes and focused on Pei Yunshu. The droplet of blood that had just oozed from his lip coalesced and flew towards the flood dragon’s front. A bright red snake tongue extended, capturing the airborne droplet of blood. 

After tasting the flavor, those blood-red eyes shifted back to Pei Yunshu’s face. 

Pei Yunshu hurriedly licked away the bloodstain on his lower lip, holding his injured lip. His gaze was vigilant, afraid that it would take more of his blood. 

The flood dragon’s snake tongue extended once more, and a stream of water rose from the water, encircling Pei Yunshu’s bare feet through his clothing. 

His shoes and socks were still on, but the water soaked his clothes, slowly creeping up from his ankles. 

Pei Yunshu picked up the Qingyue sword to slash at it, but the water only split and divided into several smaller streams, approaching his skin from all directions. 

The chill made Pei Yunshu shudder, and he threw one magical weapon and talisman after another, but he couldn’t stop the slowly rising water.

He was bullied to the point that the corners of his eyes turned red, but he endured without saying a word. However, after a while, all these streams of water stopped. 

There was only one left, which nestled at Pei Yunshu’s neck, climbed up his profile, reached his eye corner, and the cold touch covered his eyes, as if trying to comfort him. 

It felt extremely comfortable, but he held back all the grievances in his heart, his hand holding the sword trembling slightly. 

Having reached the Golden Core stage, he was being humiliated by a monster in broad daylight. 

The redness in the corners of his eyes deepened, and the last stream of water also dissipated. The black flood dragon, squeezed into the narrow stream, tilted its head in confusion, and a hoarse voice emanated from its mouth. 


Pei Yunshu’s hand holding the sword trembled, but he remained silent. 

The flood dragon stared at him for a while, then pushed the black egg next to Pei Yunshu, trying to please him.


The black egg was once again swallowed whole by the black flood dragon.

To demonstrate how to eat it, the flood dragon swallowed the egg slowly. Pei Yunshu finally realized who had brought the egg, as after the black flood dragon swallowed the first egg, it somehow procured another one from somewhere and placed it before him.

The meaning in its blood-red eyes was clear—it wanted Pei Yunshu to eat as well.

Pei Yunshu glanced at the black egg at his feet. Lacking sufficient power, he picked up the egg but didn’t know where to begin.

He could only reluctantly ask Qingyue Sword for help, using the sword’s tip to create a small crack. Bringing the egg to his lips, he hesitated.

Anticipating a strong, unpleasant taste, he was surprised to find the liquid within the egg was warm and sweet. As the liquid entered his mouth, a warm current flowed through his body.

Pei Yunshu’s gaze grew increasingly hazy, his face reddened. By the time he finished the entire egg, he seemed almost intoxicated. His earlobes turned crimson, swollen with blood, and he staggered as if about to collapse to the ground.

The water beneath him formed a soft bed, and he laid on the water bed, curling on his side. His black hair covered his face, which was flushed with a rosy hue. He drifted into a sweet slumber.

The water bed carried him slowly toward the black flood dragon. Qingyue Sword was encased in a protective barrier, its attempts to break free futile.

The black flood dragon began to whip its tail on the water’s surface within the narrow stream. As Pei Yunshu drew near, its tail snaked eagerly toward him.

Its upper body transformed into human form, encircling the sleeping beauty. The exceedingly handsome snake demon extended its still-terrifying blood-red tongue and licked the redness on Pei Yunshu’s face.


When Pei Yunshu awoke again, he felt extremely comfortable. Gazing at the moon and stars above, he remained somewhat dazed.

Qingyue Sword leaped into the air, brushing against him at his side. The sword’s cold scabbard made him feel real, finally pulling him out of the pleasurable dream.

He then noticed that he was lying on a giant tree, its sturdy branches forming a natural and safe bed. Leaves rustled slightly by his side. Pei Yunshu got up, allowing his outer garment to slide off his body.

A gentle breeze blew by, and the night was serene. Even though darkness surrounded him, his mind felt unusually clear. Pei Yunshu raised his lips, leapt down from the tree.

There was no sign of the snake in his vicinity. Pei Yunshu thought of the egg and the water streams, and a vague understanding of the snake’s intentions emerged in his mind.

The snake might have wanted to share the same comfort it felt with Pei Yunshu by surrounding him with water, or perhaps it tried to show its goodwill by offering the egg.

Pei Yunshu shook his head, pushing aside these absurd thoughts.

He still had no idea what the black egg was. Until now, Pei Yunshu felt like his body was immersed in warm water, invigorated and relaxed. The speed of his spiritual energy circulation had also noticeably increased.

A rushing sound came from nearby as several wild chickens from the back mountain, their wings broken, were tossed in front of Pei Yunshu. He raised his head and saw a naked man emerge from the stream.

Moonlight illuminated the demonic markings on his face, while an aura of malevolence emanated from beneath his blood-red eyes.

Pei Yunshu quickly turned his head away and pulled out a set of clothes from his storage bag, tossing them in front of the snake demon. “Put these on.”

The snake demon donned the wet clothes. His hair, darker than the night itself, hung behind him, and he walked barefoot toward Pei Yunshu.

Unconsciously, Pei Yunshu stepped back until he was against a tree.

The clothes were a bit small for the snake demon, exposing his wrists. Despite being a Daoist robe, it failed to soften his aura in the slightest.

As he approached, Pei Yunshu extended his hand to push the snake demon away, but the demon caught his hands and pressed him against a thick tree trunk.

Suddenly, Pei Yunshu recalled something he had read in certain scrolls a long time ago.

From snake to flood dragon, then to dragon they may change form, but whether it’s a snake, a  flood dragon, or a dragon, their inherent nature remains the same. Lust is an instinctual and shameless thing.

A faint blush spread across his face. He struggled, but couldn’t free himself from his tight grasp. “What do you want?”

Lowering his head, the snake demon lightly pressed his lips against the corner of Pei Yunshu’s mouth. The cool dampness felt like the scales of some creature. There were slight, raised bumps on both sides of his forehead, which were undeveloped flood dragon horns.

This gentle kiss caused Pei Yunshu’s expression to change, but before he could react, the black flood dragon had already pulled away. Even after retreating, it seemed to regard him with curiosity, its cold breath inching closer once again.

Pei Yunshu covered his lips and hurriedly moved away from him.

The wing-broken chicken, no longer able to cry out, obediently pecked at its own feathers, enduring the pain as it pulled itself clean.

Sitting by the campfire, Pei Yunshu gripped his Qingyue Sword with one hand and covered his lips tightly with the other. His gaze surreptitiously darted around as he contemplated leaving, yet he was unsure whether the snake demon would allow him to go.

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