The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Xiao Du’s words made Xiao Yuan laugh.

Xiao Du asked, “What is Ah Yu laughing at?”

“Not only is Venerable Lord Xiao high in cultivation, he is also a master at playing games at every turn.”

Xiao Du’s temperament was weird and changeable; he didn’t get angry at this moment but said, “Ah Yu doesn’t believe me? I really can’t bear it.”


Xiao Du said, “Did you mention Qingyan to Gu Louyin?”

“Yes, he rejected me without hesitation.”

“So you see, there’s nothing I can do. Ah,” Xiao Du said slowly, “only if you become his Dao companion will you have a chance to get close to Qingyan.”

Xiao Yuan couldn’t help but ask, “Why is the Venerable Lord so obsessed with Qingyan?”

Xiao Du smiled, “Because it was originally mine, silly Ah Yu.”

After the transmission was completed, Xiao Yuan looked up at the full moon on the horizon and felt that the moon in Yunjian Pavilion seemed to be much larger than that in Luling City.

On the 15th of last month, when Xiao Yuan’s Acacia Gu attacked, there were frequent accidents in Luling City, and Mu Yingyang appeared suddenly. Xiao Du probably knew that it was difficult to get things done, so he gave him relief like charity. This time, he was afraid that it would be difficult for him to escape.


Xiao Yuan turned his head and raised the corners of his lips when he saw the visitor, “Have you finished talking with your Shishu?”

“En,“ Gu Louyin said, “what are you doing here?”

“I’m thinking about where I should spend the night tonight.” Xiao Yuan showed a sad expression, “I can’t go back to Biluozhai. I’m afraid that my Shidi will fight with me again.”

Gu Louyin looked at him for a moment, then blurted out: “Come to my place.”

Xiao Yuan’s gaze was a bit complicated. Gu Louyin was throwing himself into the net.

Gu Louyin thought he had misunderstood something and continued: “I have many rooms there.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t hesitate anymore, “Okay.”

At Gu Louyin’s residence, Xiao Yuan met the little disciple called Luo Lan again. There were no designated servants in Yunjian Pavilion. The newest disciples did some chores, and Luo Lan was one of them.

Luo Lan said in surprise: “Why is Master Xiao back again?”

Xiao Yuan tapped Luo Lan’s head with a fan and said with a smile: “Your young master invited me to stay here for a night.”

Luo Lan’s pupils dilated and shrank again: “Even Lin Shixiong has never lived here…”

Gu Louyin took Xiao Yuan to the house they had been to during the day and said, “You live here.”

Xiao Yuan said, “This seems to be your room, right?”

“There are very few guests here and there are no beds in the other rooms.”

“Then where will you sleep?”

“There is a couch in the study.”

Xiao Yuan was a little moved, “Gu-xiong, you are such a good person.”

Gu Louyin: “…”

Xiao Yuan slept in Gu Louyin’s room all night and didn’t know that Mu Yingyang hadn’t slept all night, angry like a scorned woman who couldn’t wait for her husband to return home.

Early the next morning, Luo Lan brought breakfast, and Xiao Yuan asked him, “Where is Gu-xiong?”

“The young master was invited over by Elder Qian early in the morning.”

“By the way, does your Yunjian Pavilion have that kind of place, the kind of…” Xiao Yuan lowered his voice, “Very secretive. A place suitable for doing bad things?”

Luo Lan turned vigilant: “What do you want to do?”

“I want to hide a big treasure.”

“Oh… then you can go to Juedi Peak, it’s a place where disciples are confined, and few people usually go there.”

“Juedi Peak,” Xiao Yuan said with a smile, “I’ll remember that.”

Xiao Yuan was eating when Lu Yueyao called “Gu Shixiong” and walked in. When she saw Xiao Yuan, the smile on her face disappeared instantly, “Why are you here?”

“Good morning, Miss Lu. Have you eaten yet, do you want to join me-”

Lu Yueyao didn’t give him any face at all: “Why are you staying with my Shixiong?”

Luo Lan explained: “The young master invited Master Xiao to stay here for a night last night.”

“Gu Shixiong invited him?“ Lu Yueyao couldn’t believe it, “It’s impossible. He must have pestered Shixiong to death, so Shixiong took him in.”

Xiao Yuan said, “There are a lot of people pestering Gu Louyin. Why do you think he kept me and didn’t keep the others?”

Lu Yueyao blurted out: “Isn’t it because you saved his life!”

Xiao Yuan smiled slightly, “Miss Lu, it’s good to remember that I saved his life.”

The implication was: is this how you treat the young master’s savior?

Lu Yueyao’s face was as cold as frost, and after enduring for a little longer, she turned her head and walked away.

Luo Lan sighed: “Master Xiao, you have the bearings of the head of the harem!”

Xiao Yuan said very humbly: “I’m flattered.”

After breakfast, Xiao Yuan left a note for Gu Louyin and went to Juedi Peak early. It was located far away from the main peak of Yunjian Pavilion, its slope rising for thousands of meters, with a deep stream below the mountain. It was rarely visited by anyone.

Xiao Yuan found a hidden cave, set up a prohibiting array at the entrance of the cave and quietly waited for the arrival of the full moon.

After comprehending the power of Acacia Gu, Xiao Yuan didn’t fall asleep so easily as he did last time. He clearly felt his body falling into heat little by little.

Feeling as if there was a fire burning through his body, Xiao Yuan curled up in the cave, his scarlet clothes soaked with sweat and something stirring in his lower abdomen. At first he was able to bear it. As the night got darker and the moonlight became brighter, he became dizzy and his periods of sanity grew fewer and shorter.

His lips were bitten bloody, his fingers rubbed fiercely on the ground and the seductive love fragrance filled the cave. Just when Xiao Yuan was about to faint, a hazy figure appeared in front of him.

“Shixiong, you’ve made me look for you so hard.” 

This voice was……

Wet with sweat, Xiao Yuan opened his eyes, “Shi, Shidi?”

Mu Yingyang approached him, “Do you think I can’t find you if you hide in a place like this?”

“You, don’t come over! ”

Mu Yingyang stopped and his eyes suddenly widened.

Xiao Yuan was lying on the ground, his clothes messy, and his cheeks were smouldering red. His bloodied red lips were slightly open, panting, and his eyes were sparkling, making Mu Yingyang feel like he was drowning.

Rich fragrance lingered in the air; Mu Yingyang’s chest was rising and falling and his handsome face flushed red. As if bewitched, he slowly approached Xiao Yuan. “Shixiong…?”

Mu Yingyang’s aura made the fire in Xiao Yuan’s body burn even stronger, burning all his sanity to the ground. His body was no longer under his control, and he heard himself say in a hoarse voice, “Come here.”

Mu Yingyang’s Adam’s apple rolled as he knelt down on one knee beside Xiao Yuan, “What the h*ll are you…”

Before he finished speaking, his collar was caught by Xiao Yuan. He was pulled forward and pressed against Xiao Yuan’s body.

Mu Yingyang propped up his body and looked at the dazed Xiao Yuan, his voice raspy: “What is this smell on you, why would I……” Feel so strange?

Under the torture of Acacia Gu, Xiao Yuan kept drilling into Mu Yingyang’s arms, “Shidi, help me.”

Mu Yingyang said at a loss: “Me, how can I help you?”

Xiao Yuan murmured: “I’m so hot…” He bit his lip, drawing a little blood, looking both pretty and somewhat flirtatious. Mu Yingyang couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch these red lips, “Shixiong, don’t bite yourself…”

Xiao Yuan had already lost consciousness, but even if he was still awake, he would not have known that Gu Louyin was standing in front of the cave at this moment, holding Shuang Leng in his hand, a chill all over his body.

Luo Lan said, “Young Master, if Master Mu can go in, why can’t we.”

Gu Louyin said, “There is an array.” Mu Yingyang and Xiao Yuan were from the same Shimen and Mu Yingyang naturally solved it faster than them.

“Then can we go in?”


Shuang Leng left its sheath, and the sword intent transformed into two pale blue streams of light that turned into ten and struck heavily against the invisible barrier, until, with a muffled sound, a tiny gap appeared in it.

Luo Lan understood that Gu Louyin was trying to destroy the array.

After dozens of times, the gap widened enough to let in a man, and Gu Louyin immediately slipped in, followed by Luo Lan.

As soon as he entered the cave, a strange fragrance reached him, and Luo Lan couldn’t help but say, “It smells so good.”

Gu Louyin frowned slightly, “It’s his smell.”

The two of them vaguely heard something, as if someone was moaning. Gu Louyin was stunned, his face looking like cold white jade.

Luo Lan blushed, “Young Master, this, this is…”

Gu Louyin’s chest seemed to be blocked by something, his hand holding Shuang Leng clenched tightly.

“Are we still going in?”

Gu Louyin said coldly: “You stay here.”

He didn’t know what he was thinking of and he didn’t want to see anything. But since Xiao Yuan had set up the array, it meant that he didn’t want to be disturbed. Even if… even if Mu Yingyang was doing something to him, it didn’t mean he was willing.

Gu Louyin thought he was prepared but when he saw Xiao Yuan lying in Mu Yingyang’s arms with Mu Yingyang’s fingers in his mouth, he realized what anger was for the first time in his life.

Mu Yingyang looked horrified when he saw him and took out his fingers, “How did you get in?”

Gu Louyin glanced at Xiao Yuan, a thin film of sweat appearing on his forehead, and said quietly: “Give him to me.”

Mu Yingyang got up and stood in front of Xiao Yuan: “Get out.”

“There is something wrong with him, can’t you tell.” Gu Louyin insisted, “Give him to me, I will take him to the doctor.”

Mu Yingyang hesitated. Of course he knew there was something wrong with Xiao Yuan as he was now, but he was very, very, very opposed to letting others see such a Xiao Yuan. He even wanted to continue, with his bright and beautiful Shixiong in his arms, biting his fingers, even the breath he exhaled was hot. If it hadn’t been for Gu Louyin breaking in suddenly, he would definitely……

Without Mu Yingyang’s touch, Acacia Gu in Xiao Yuan’s body caused a new bout of restlessness. He let out a muffled groan of pain full of ambiguity, causing both of the young men confronting each other to breathe heavily.

Gu Louyin didn’t want to talk nonsense with Mu Yingyang anymore and went straight to grab Xiao Yuan. Mu Yingyang’s animosity surged, he summoned Duya and said in a vicious voice: “You dare to touch him?”

“He feels very uncomfortable.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Gu Louyin barely maintained his composure, “While you and I argue, your Shixiong’s pain intensifies. Get out of the way.”

Mu Yingyang looked back at Xiao Yuan and saw him frowning, shaking his head in confusion, his long hair scattered all over the place – he had never seen his Shixiong in such a sorry state.

Mu Yingyang’s shoulders slumped and he said, “You go find a doctor, and I’ll carry him out.”

Gu Louyin didn’t care about anything else: “Okay.”

Mu Yingyang bent down, wrapped his arm around Xiao Yuan’s waist and picked him up. Xiao Yuan didn’t even have the strength to struggle, so he pressed to his chest meekly and put his arms around his neck.

Gu Louyin took a deep breath, turned around abruptly and strode out.

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