The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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The sky was marble white at dawn, the moonlight faded and the Acacia Gu inside Xiao Yuan’s body finally quieted down after fussing for the whole night. Xiao Yuan fell asleep deeply, his face as pale as paper, as if he had gone through a great catastrophe.

When they arrived at Biluozhai, Mu Yingyang put Xiao Yuan to bed. The moment Xiao Yuan left his embrace, something that was blocking Gu Louyin’s chest inexplicably dissipated a little.

Luo Lan invited Yunjian Pavilion’s highest medical practitioner, one of Gu Louyin’s Shishu and the only female elder in Yunjian Pavilion – Han Mu. Lin Wulian, who had heard the news, came with her.

Han Mu checked Xiao Yuan’s pulse, probed his chest again and declared: “He has Gu in his body.”

Everyone was startled. Gu Louyin asked, “What kind of Gu?”

Han Mu said with great interest: “I don’t know.”

Lin Wulian said in surprise: “There is a kind of Gu in the world that Han Shishu doesn’t know?”

“What’s so surprising about this,” Han Mu said lightly, “The world is so big, there are lots of strange things out there. The Gu in Xiao Yuan’s body is weird and tricky, and the person who infected him was definitely a Gu cultivation master.”

Mu Yingyang sneered: “So you guys are out of options? So much for being the world’s number one swordsman, haha.” Saying that, he was about to hug Xiao Yuan.

Gu Louyin stopped him, “What do you want to do?”

“Of course I am taking my Shixiong to find Shizun, or is he supposed to stay here and wait for death.”

Han Mu said, “Don’t worry, he won’t die for a while.”

Gu Louyin whispered, “Does Shishu have a way?”

“There is a way. The Gu in his body entered the marrow of his heart. If we take some of his blood, we may be able to see something from it.”

Gu Louyin asked, “How much blood?”

“Three drops.”

Xiao Yuan’s wrists were slender and fair, hanging by his sides defenselessly. Gu Louyin said, “Bring a bowl.”

Luo Lan looked around and picked up a tea cup on the table, “Use this.”

Mu Yingyang took Xiao Yuan’s hand, gently opened his palm, and poked his finger.

As a martial artist, Xiao Yuan rarely used any weapons, so he didn’t have any cocoons on his hands and were even smoother than a girl’s hands. The sensation of their fingers touching made Mu Yingyang feel numb for a while. He held his breath unconsciously and asked, “Will it hurt?”

Han Mu joked: “It’s just a needle prick, it’s not going to kill him.”

Gu Louyin said, “Please be gentle, Shishu.”

Han Mu: “…”

After taking the blood, Han Mu smelled it and her expression slightly changed. Mu Yingyang asked, “What do you smell?”

Han Mu ignored him, dipped a drop of blood with her finger and licked it.

Mu Yingyang said, “Hey!”

Han Mu murmured, “Serpentine beauty.”

Two people said in unison: “What?”

Han Mu said: “Although I don’t know what happened to Xiao Yuan, he has a large amount of serpentine beauty in his body. This is an extremely rare poisonous herb that grows in extremely desolate places. It can cure dozens of tricky poisons and it also has a strong aphrodisiac effect.”

Mu Yingyang’s face flushed with heat, “Aphro, aphrodisiac?” No wonder his Shixiong at that time was so……

Han Mu smiled and said, “If I guessed it correctly, he threw himself into your arms when he had a Gu attack, didn’t he? Such a beauty, Master Mu is so blessed.”

Mu Yingyang: “…cough.”

Gu Louyin asked with his expression cold, “Does Shishu have a way to get rid of this Gu?”

“Not yet. Having said that, serpentine beauty is extremely precious, and even Baihua Palace has difficulties finding it. This shows that the person who infected Xiao Yuan is by no means a little nobody.”

Mu Yingyang thought of something and his pupils suddenly shrank, “It’s him.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t wake up until noon. He opened his eyes blankly, wondering why he was lying in his bed in Biluozhai. He only remembered that he hid in the cave on Juedi Peak last night. The Acacia Gu’s attack was severe and he wished he could just pass out but he didn’t even remember what happened afterwards. Could it be that he really passed out and was found and sent back here?

Xiao Yuan sat up with effort and heard a cold voice. “You are awake”.

He looked at the source of the voice and saw Mu Yingyang sitting on the window sill, his arms crossed and his face quite ugly.

Looking ugly was right. If he looked good, Xiao Yuan would have thought that he had been switched.

Xiao Yuan asked, “How did I get back?”

“I carried you.”

“Carried?” Xiao Yuan imagined the picture and his eyebrows twitched, “Thank you for your hardwork, Shidi.”

“What’s so hard. You are too thin, I can wrap your waist with one arm. You usually eat so much, where does it go to?” Mu Yingyang paused, “To feed the Gu insect?”

Xiao Yuan was stunned, “Shidi already knows.”

Mu Yingyang slipped down, walked to the bed and said with his face sullen: “It’s Xiao Du, right?”

“Uh…” Xiao Yuan didn’t want Mu Yingyang to know about it. In a month or so he would be happy to say goodbye to everyone and enjoy his life of freedom with reckless abandon, and at this time he didn’t want to make a mess of things and let anyone get in the way of completing his mission. He had a hunch that if Mu Yingyang knew about the Acacia Gu, Mu Yingyang would definitely make trouble.

Mu Yingyang said with certainty: “It must be him. Apart from him, who can use serpentine beauty as an aphrodisiac. He put Gu into you and forced you to infiltrate Yunjian Pavilion to steal Qingyan – isn’t it?!”

Xiao Yuan didn’t expect Mu Yingyang to be able to guess eight or nine things out of ten. He was silent for a moment and said, “Shidi, have you really been switched? Otherwise how could you become so smart?”

“Xiao Yuan!” Mu Yingyang said angrily, “You just let Xiao Du do whatever he wants to you? If he tells you to die, are you going to?!”

The two grew up together since they were young. Mu Yingyang had never been more angry at Xiao Yuan than at this moment. He hadn’t even been that angry when he was tricked and trapped in the formation the day before. Xiao Yuan’s ears hurt from the noise he made, so he said, “Shidi, calm down, it’s me who was infected, not you…”

Mu Yingyang opened his mouth and said, “I would rather it to be me!”

When the words fell, both of them were taken aback.

Mu Yingyang quickly turned away and said awkwardly: “At least I wouldn’t be as stupid as you. You have disgraced Xufu.”

This sentence immediately dispelled the strangeness in Xiao Yuan’s heart. To tell the truth, when Mu Yingyang said those words earlier, he was almost frightened.

“When you get well, we will leave.”

Xiao Yuan asked, “Where to?”

“Go to Xingtian Sect and ask Xiao Du for an antidote.”

Xiao Yuan smiled, “I have no problem with Shidi wanting to die, but don’t pull me into it.”

“Instead of suffering, it is better to fight to death. What’s more, we may not be dying, Shizun will definitely help us.”

Xiao Yuan’s heart felt tired. He just wanted to spend the last month quietly, was that impossible? “Shidi, don’t waste your words, I won’t go.”

Mu Yingyang stared at him: “Why?! Do you want to be controlled by others for the rest of your life?”

Xiao Yuan blurted: “I am more afraid of pain and death than of being controlled by others for the rest of my life. I don’t have the lofty and unyielding character of Shidi, and there is no need for Shidi to impose his ideas on me.”

Xiao Yuan expected Mu Yingyang to continue pestering him but he calmed down suddenly. “When is the next time your Gu attacks?”

“…a month later.”

Mu Yingyang said, “I won’t let you die, and I won’t let you get hurt.”

Xiao Yuan: “??? ”

The next day, Mu Yingyang left without saying goodbye, leaving a note with only one word written in it: coward.

Luo Lan, who stayed in Biluozhai to take care of the guests, asked, “Master Xiao, where has Master Mu gone?”

Xiao Yuan sighed, “Why does he like looking for death so much? Isn’t it good to live?” He had been hurt like that and still couldn’t remember; Mu Yingyang really truly wanted to die.

According to what Meng Chi said earlier, Xiao Du agreed with Mu Yingyang staying by his side, which showed that Mu Yingyang was still somehow useful to Xiao Du. Xiao Du never killed people who were useful. He himself is an example of that; Xiao Du wanted to use his face, that’s why he was still alive.

But now that Mu Yingyang went there, even if he didn’t die, he would inevitably have to suffer a serious injury. Unless he goes to Shizun first, then it will be a different matter.

Xiao Yuan was a little worried. If Mu Yingyang died on his own, of course he would not care about it; but if his annoying Shidi died for him, he could not help being concerned.

Gu Louyin also asked about his Gu, and Xiao Yuan only said that his enemies infected him. Gu Louyin did not ask more questions and told him to tell Han Mu everything he felt during the attack of Gu, so that Han Mu could find an antidote as soon as possible.

“What it felt like when the Gu attacked…”

Gu Louyin said, “Was it very uncomfortable?”

“It’s not a question of whether it’s uncomfortable or not, it’s that kind,” Xiao Yuan gestured blindly with his fan, “that special kind.”

Gu Louyin: “?”

Han Mu smiled and said, “I understand.”

Xiao Yuan said, “It’s good that you understand.” He really didn’t want to say it out loud. One of the two people in front of him was an elder who seemed to be very curious about him, and the other was a young swordsman who was clean and refined. Did they want him to say that he was thirsty and lewd at that time and just wanted to cling to a man? He still wanted his face.

Han Mu asked, “Who is the enemy that infected Master Xiao with Gu? I feel curious that he can raise such a Gu.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Then I’m afraid Elder Han can only continue to be curious.”

Han Mu raised her eyebrows and said, “I’ll go back first, and I’ll come to you when I have something.”

Gu Louyin got up to send her away, “Shishu, walk slowly.”

After Han Mu left, Gu Louyin said, “Why don’t you tell us the identity of your enemy, we might be able to…”

Xiao Yuan interrupted him: “This is my own business, so I don’t need Gu-xiong to worry about it.”

Gu Louyin was quiet for a while and said, “Okay.”

Seeing that Gu Louyin was not planning to leave, Xiao Yuan asked, “Gu-xiong, is there anything else?”

Gu Louyin took out a brocade box from his sleeve and said lightly, “This is for you.”

Xiao Yuan took the brocade box and opened it. Inside was a piece of exquisite jade. He had seen a similar piece on Gu Louyin. “Is this warm jade?”

Gu Louyin looked at him, “Do you want it?”

“Of course I want it… will I be able to wear just a single piece of clothing on a snowy day, like you?”


Xiao Yuan played with the jade pendant and found that the word ‘jade’ was engraved on it. He said, “The jade is engraved with ‘jade’, are you afraid that I think it’s a stone?”

Gu Louyin: “…it’s your name.” (Yu)

“It turned out to be like this.” Xiao Yuan tied the jade pendant to his belt and smiled, “Thank you, Gu-xiong.”

When Xiao Yuan went out again, he took off all his extra clothes. His crimson outfit was particularly eye-catching among the plain white of Yunjian Pavilion disciples, like a drop of red in the white snow.

Lu Yueyao saw him from a distance, felt unhappy and said, “What kind of a man wears red…”

Lin Wulian, who was walking with her, smiled and said, “I think Xiao-xiong is very suitable for this fiery color.”

Lu Yueyao bit her lip, “He does it on purpose to attract Gu Shixiong’s attention. As long as he is here, Gu Shixiong doesn’t look at anyone else!”

Lin Wulian teased: “That ‘anyone else’ you are talking about, is it you?”

Lu Yueyao choked, “It’s not just me, isn’t Lin Shixiong the one who used to be closest to Gu Shixiong? Now he spends almost every day with Xiao Yuan…”

“Okay, Shimei, enough talking.” Lin Wulian said with a pleasant expression, “Furong Town was attacked by an unknown miasma and turned to Yunjian Pavilion for help. Since Qian Shishu handed this matter to you and me, we should rush over as soon as possible.”

Lu Yueyao was quite reluctant and muttered helplessly: “What else does this person have besides a good face?”

Taking advantage of the good weather, Xiao Yuan and Luo Lan borrowed oil and salt from the kitchen and set up a grilled fish array in the yard. The fragrant grilled fish, coupled with the strange array, attracted many people to watch.

Everyone in Yunjian Pavilion knew that the savior of the Young Pavilion Master was an unparalleled beauty. They thought that this beauty was as unearthly as the Young Pavilion Master and would feel offended if one gave him an extra look. Who would expect that this beauty would actually grill fish in full view of the public and invite them to taste it. It was just… too sudden.

Gu Louyin and Qian Sang happened to pass by and saw Xiao Yuan waving Wuguan Fengyue, his clothes fluttering as if he was a fairy. Who would have thought that he was just adding fire to the grilled fish.

Gu Louyin thought of the chicken Xiao Yuan had killed on the snowy mountain and smiled very lightly.

Qian Sang caught his subtle smile and said cheerfully: “Master Xiao really is beautiful.”

Gu Louyin didn’t answer immediately. It took a while before he said “en”.

“I have lived to such a ripe age and I have never seen anyone more beautiful than him, male or female.” Qian Sang sighed, “But there is another person who resembles him in some way and also makes people unable to look away.”

Gu Louyin was not interested in other beauties and did not ask. Qian Sang also didn’t continue this topic and said, “Master Mu has already left, is Master Xiao about to leave too?”

Gu Louyin’s eyes flashed for a moment, and he said, “He can’t leave without removing the Gu poison.”

Qian Sang said, “What if he insists on leaving?”

Gu Louyin closed his eyes and said nothing.

Xiao Yuan distributed the grilled fish to the disciples of Yunjian Pavilion who were watching, and specially left one for Gu Louyin and asked Luo Lan to deliver it.

In the dead of the night, Xiao Yuan was lying on the bed, looking at the nine-tone snail on the pillow and hesitating.

Mu Yingyang was gone for two days. If he really went to Xingtian Sect, he would almost reach the destination. He didn’t know who was next to the other nine-tone snail at this moment. If it was Meng Chi he could still ask about it, but if it was Xiao Du he needed to avoid the topic.

Before Xiao Yuan made a decision, Xingtian Sect actually took the initiative to find him.

Meng Chi, Meng Chi, it has to be Meng Chi!

——”It’s me.”

Xiao Yuan’s heart sank, and the sentence “Why is it you again” was stuck in his throat. He could only say honestly: “My Lord.”

Xiao Du said, “What are you doing?”

“Lying in bed, ready to go to sleep.” Xiao Yuan said, “Your Lordship seems to be in a good mood?”

Xiao Du smiled a little and said, “It’s because I will be able to see Ah Yu soon.”

Xiao Yuan sat up abruptly, “What?”

“I’m coming to find you, Ah Yu.”

At the end of the transmission, Xiao Yuan’s whole body, including the Acacia Gu inside him, screamed in rejection.

“Can I not go?”

[All Have]: “No.”

Xiao Yuan took a deep breath: there was only the last month left, he must endure it!

Xiao Yuan changed his clothes, went down the mountain and came to Furong Town mentioned by Xiao Du during the transmission.

Furong Town was a small town not far from Yunjian Pavilion. It was late at night and there was no one on the streets. Xiao Yuan walked down the street, vaguely feeling that something was wrong and there seemed to be an indescribable aura around him. He heard footsteps coming from behind him and stopped. Before he turned around, Wuguan Fengyue  spread out behind him, blocking the way of those who were approaching.

The man laughed lightly and with a wave of his hand, Wuguan Fengyue actually flew into his hand as if it had recognised its owner.

Xiao Yuan’s heart sank, and he was about to turn his head, but then he was hugged tightly by someone, and a faint smell of wine reached him.

“Both the fan and the person are all mine tonight.”

The words ”Xiao–“ and ”Du” remained unsaid. With his feet off the ground, Xiao Yuan rose into the air and landed a few moments later on top of a drum tower.

The night breeze picked up and blew the red sleeves of the two men into flying vividly.

Xiao Yuan calmed down and pushed Xiao Du away. He lowered his eyes and saluted, “Greetings Your Lordship.”

“Look up.”

Xiao Yuan raised his head. The man in front of him was elegant and handsome, his own face reflecting in his narrow eyes.

Xiao Du looked down at him for a few moments and said, “Ah Yu, you’ve lost weight.”

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