The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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Xiao Yuan was startled. He clutched his glowing chest with one hand, and glanced at Xiao Du subconsciously. Xiao Du was holding another nine-tone snail in his hand, and spiritual power flowed from his fingertips like a river entering the sea, in a constant stream, but he never got a response.

Xiao Du stared at the nine-tone snail steadily, his expression was calm as a pool of water, as if he was used to it. But when he withdrew his spiritual power, some kind of almost morbid paranoia flashed in his eyes.

Just around the corner from him, Xiao Yuan did not panic nor did he hurry. Holding his breath, he turned around and left as if nothing had happened, and met Xiao Rong who came to find his brother.

Xiao Rong did not recognise Shen Fugui’s face, swept a glance at Xiao Yuan and brushed past him.

There was not a hint of difference in the way Xiao Yuan behaved. Xiao Du and Xiao Rong’s conversation came from behind him –

“What is gege doing here alone?”

Xiao Du smiled, “Looking for someone.”

Xiao Rong was confused: “Looking for someone?”

“En,“ Xiao Du casually put his arm around Xiao Rong’s slender waist, hugged him and whispered, “That little trick of his would only fool the likes of Mu Yingyang.” 

As Xiao Rong was held by his brother, his body stiffened, and he showed a bit of fear. He knew very well that both Xiao Du’s heart and his gaze were not on him.

Xiao Du played with Xiao Rong’s hair carelessly, sounding like he was talking to himself: “Since I’m not dead, how can he be.”

Returning to his room, closing the door and the windows, Xiao Yuan took out the nine-tone snail earring and didn’t know what to do with it for a while.

There was a heart-protecting spell on the nine-tone snail that could save his life when he was in danger. At the same time, if the heart-protecting spell was really set by Xiao Du, holding the nine-tone snail would be equivalent to holding the demon lord’s life in his hands. If he accidentally exposed his identity in the future, this may be a bargaining chip for him to get out safely. It was with these two points in mind that he kept the nine-tone snail for two years.

But he didn’t expect that Xiao Du would bring Xiao Rong to Baihua Palace. He could no longer carry the nine-tone snail with him. Fortunately, the nine-tone snail couldn’t be activated without spiritual power. As long as he did not respond, Xiao Du would not be able to find him through the nine-tone snail.

Xiao Yuan took note of it and hid the nine-tone snail in a distant corner. No matter how bright it was, no one else would find it.

The next day, the flower viewing party officially began.

After breakfast, the cultivators, led by the disciples of Baihua Palace, went to Chaochun Tower to enjoy the flowers. It was Chang Lan who was in charge of leading Xiao Yuan and Gu Louyin. Without waiting for Xiao Yuan to ask, Chang Lan took the initiative to speak, “Several of my sisters and I searched for the whole night in the palace but we couldn’t find Miss Cai.”

Xiao Yuan was a little worried, “The flower viewing party has started and she hasn’t shown up yet. It seems that she really is in trouble.”

Chang Lan said: “The sisters are still looking for her. As soon as there is news, they will report it as soon as possible.”

Xiao Yuan’s principle was based on taking people’s money to eliminate their problems, so he said, “Why don’t we skip the flower viewing and go look for her?”

Before Gu Louyin could answer, Chang Lan said, “The territory of Baihua Palace is complicated. If people who are not familiar with the way went to look for someone, they might get lost themselves. Don’t worry, young master, I have told the palace master about this. The palace master has ordered more manpower. I think we will be able to find Miss Cai soon.”

When Chang Lan said this, Xiao Yuan also felt that he was causing trouble by forcing them to look for someone, so he compromised and said, “Okay.”

Chang Lan did not take Xiao Yuan and Gu Louyin to Chaochun Tower, but first took them to the main hall to meet the master of Baihua Palace, Lu Liluan.

As the head of one of the three great sects, Lu Liluan belonged to the same generation as Gu Louyin’s father. She was dignified and elegant and although her appearance did not show her age, one could tell at first glance she was an elder in a high position.

Xiao Yuan and Gu Louyin bowed to her respectfully. Lu Liluan smiled slightly, exchanged a simple greeting with them and asked, “How is Xuanle Sect doing?”

In compliance with what Shen Fugui taught him before Xiao Yuan said: “There have been a lot of things recently, and Jiejie has had no time to spare, otherwise she would definitely come to Baihua Palace to greet you in person.”

Lu Liluan smiled and said, “Your Jiejie didn’t come, but her letter arrived early in the morning.”

“Oh? What does her letter say?”

“It says that you have already come of age but are still the same as when you were a child, unable to put your mind on the right track. Your sister feels it is time to find a sensible immortal lady to take care of you.”

Xiao Yuan begged for mercy in Shen Fugui’s voice: “I can’t even breathe with one Jiejie managing me, and she wants to find another one for me? Give me a break!”

Gu Louyin looked at the profile of ‘Shen Fugui’, his eyes darkening slightly.

Lu Liluan let go of Xiao Yuan for the time being and asked Gu Louyin: “How are Yunjian Pavilion and Pavilion Master Gu recently?”

Gu Louyin said, “I don’t know. I haven’t been back for a long time.”

Lu Liluan paused, then smiled and said, “Then that’s perfect, you can meet your fellow disciples here.”

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows – could it be that those fellow disciples were Lin Wulian and others?

Gu Louyin said, “I am here this time just to find a medicinal herb.”

Lu Liluan nodded and said, “It’s almost time, so you two can go to Chaochun Tower with me.”

Chaochun Tower had seven floors. Each floor was a huge maze with all kinds of exotic plants. It would take more than half a day to take a closer look at the first floor, so the flower viewing would last for a full seven days.

The door of the building slowly opened, letting out a mysterious fragrance, and everyone entered one by one. Xiao Yuan saw many familiar figures.

Mu Yingyang’s face was pale, his eyes bloodshot, but he looked energetic, as if he was trying to find something. When facing Xiao Yuan, his face suddenly sank, and after holding back for a while, he actually managed to hold back to the end and walked past Xiao Yuan without saying a word.

Xiao Yuan who was waiting for him to step forward and start provoking him: “…”

Was he being ignored? What a happy occasion.

Xiao Du took Xiao Rong with him, walking calmly as if he was on a leisurely stroll. Xiao Rong was amazed by all kinds of flowers and plants that he had never seen before, and from time to time he asked Xiao Du, “Gege, what is this?” and “Gege, what’s the use of that?” As long as Xiao Du knew, he would answer him patiently.

In addition to these three people, Xiao Yuan also saw many familiar faces, such as——

“Gu Shixiong, Shen-gege!” Lu Yueyao struggled through the crowd towards the two of them, her small face flushed with excitement, “I knew I could see you here!” 

Gu Louyin’s face was as deep as water, and the chill surrounding him was so obvious it made people want to retreat.

Lu Yueyao’s smile froze, “Shixiong?”

Gu Louyin nodded lightly and said to Xiao Yuan, “Let’s go.” After saying that, he turned around and left without waiting for Xiao Yuan’s response.

Lu Yueyao looked at Gu Louyin’s back, bit her lip, chased after him and grabbed Gu Louyin’s sleeve.

“Shixiong, you haven’t been back to Yunjian Pavilion for two years!” Lu Yueyao said aggrieved, “Do you really want to give up on me… and all your brothers and sisters and give up on Yunjian Pavilion for him!” 

Gu Louyin looked down at his sleeve and said, “Let go.”

“I won’t let you go,” Lu Yueyao plucked up the courage to say, “Unless you promise to go back with me – ah!”

Lu Yueyao’s hand seemed to be stabbed by something, and the pain made her let go. When she looked up again, Gu Louyin had already walked far away.

Seeing Lu Yueyao being snubbed by Gu Louyin, Xiao Yuan only felt amused. What was this, another way for Gu Louyin to vent his guilt? Unfortunately, even if Gu Louyin did not return to Yunjian Pavilion for twenty years and if he did not say another word to Lu Yueyao, it would not change what had happened, the only thing it would do was to make him feel better.

Seeing that ‘Shen Fugui’ was still there, Lu Yueyao said with tears in her eyes: “Shen-gege, please help me persuade Shixiong, he is still angry with me.”

Xiao Yuan asked, knowing the answer: “Why is he angry with you?”

Lu Yueyao looked indignantly, “Isn’t it because of Xiao Yuan! He was angry that I testified that Xiao Yuan was the killer who poisoned Lin Shixiong – but it was the truth. Did he want me to lie?”

“How do you know that is the truth?”

“I saw it with my own eyes, how can it be fake!”

“You saw with your own eyes that Xiao Yuan poisoned your Lin Shixiong?”

Lu Yueyao’s eyes dodged, but her tone was extremely determined: “Yes.”

“Really.” Xiao Yuan smiled and said slowly, “Then I will persuade him later. At any rate, it is his father and his sect, so how can he be unwilling.”

Lu Yueyao said with joy: “Yao’er thanks Shen-gege!”

Xiao Yuan took two steps a little absent-mindedly, accidentally bumped into the shoulder of an approaching person and said “Sorry.”

The person: “It’s fine.”

It was actually Xiao Du. The conversation between him and Lu Yueyao just now……

Xiao Yuan smiled slightly apologetically and walked away calmly and freely, unaware that Xiao Du had stopped in his tracks and glanced back at him if only for a moment.

Xiao Yuan found Gu Louyin in front of a red lotus. Gu Louyin asked, “What did she say to you?”

Xiao Yuan said calmly: “She asked me to persuade you to return to Yunjian Pavilion as soon as possible.”

Gu Louyin was noncommittal and said, “Red lotus, it gathers the brilliance of the sun and the moon. Although it is not medicinal, if one keeps it nearby, it has an effect of strengthening spiritual roots and veins.”

“Oh.” That suited him quite well.

Gu Louyin asked, “Do you want it?”

Some of the flowers and herbs in the flower viewing party could be bought and sold. Xiao Yuan would naturally not be fooled, “I don’t want it, it’s useless for me to want it.”

Gu Louyin looked at him for a while and said, “I want to buy it for him.”

“Buy, buy, buy,” Xiao Yuan said, “but do you have money?”

Gu Louyin was startled.

“You haven’t returned to Yunjian Pavilion for two years and you spent five hundred taels of silver on me not long ago. You should be in a tight spot.”

Gu Louyin pursed his lips, “I will find a way.”

Xiao Yuan called the disciple of Baihua Palace on the side, “Miss Immortal, I have money for this red lotus, and I want it.”

Gu Louyin said, “Why?”

“I bought it for a thousand taels of silver, and I will sell it to you for two thousand taels later, won’t it be great?”

Gu Louyin: “…”

At the end of the first day of the flower viewing party, Xiao Yuan bought the red lotus. Xiao Du bought a few rare and exotic plants for Xiao Rong to watch and play with. Gu Louyin and Mu Yingyang returned empty-handed.

At night, Xiao Yuan sat at the table and gently flicked the petals of the red lotus. When it grew dark, he pushed the door and walked out.

He had been at ease for two years and he didn’t even bother to think about revenge. But now that the person who framed him was close at hand, it would be a pity for him not to do something. He would not take Lu Yueyao’s life either. At most, he would take one of her eyes to see whether she was blind or blind at heart.

Xiao Yuan had a plan but unexpectedly, as soon as he went out, he saw Chang Lan hurriedly coming towards him. Xiao Yuan’s first reaction was that she found Cai Xunnian. Seeing her solemn expression, he thought that something had happened to Cai Xunnian. His heart sank and he said, “Miss Chang, my shimei…”

Chang Lan shook her head: “It’s not your shimei, it’s Young Pavilion Master Gu’s shimei.”

“Lu Yueyao?” Xiao Yuan said in surprise, “What happened to her?” ”He hadn’t done anything yet, so why did Lu Yueyao have an accident?

“She is poisoned,” Chang Lan said, “badly poisoned. It’s withered bones.”

Xiao Yuan was taken aback. Why did the name of this poison sound so familiar?

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