The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 28

Chapter 28

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Seeing that they couldn’t get serpentine beauty from Xiao Du, Han Mu was no longer polite and said, “Since the distinguished cultivator doesn’t want to help…”

Xiao Du didn’t wait for her to finish speaking. He walked slowly to the door, paused, turned around and asked Xiao Yuan, “Are you leaving?” 

Xiao Yuan asked rhetorically: “Why should I leave?”

Xiao Du smiled and said, “Young Sect Master Shen is not from Yunjian Pavilion, is he?”

Jiang Liuyuan said: “Although Young Sect Master Shen is not from Yunjian Pavilion, he is undoubtedly one of our own and we can trust him completely.”

Xiao Du asked meaningfully, “One of their own, huh?”

Xiao Yuan said, “Walk slowly, we won’t see you out.”

After Xiao Du left, Jiang Liuyuan said: “I will set off tomorrow to find serpentine beauty in the extremely desolate land. Shidi, you have been there once. Can you go with me and help me look for it?”

Gu Louyin said, “No.”

Jiang Liuyuan said in surprise: “Why?”

“As I said, I came to Baihua Palace just to find a medicinal herb.”

Jiang Liuyuan couldn’t bear it, “Okay, I’ll just go by myself.”

“Shixiong, I’ll go with you!”

“I’m going too!”

“Nonsense,” Han Mu scolded them, “for just the few of you to go to the extremely desolate land is simply a death sentence.”

The disciples of Yunjian Pavilion stepped back unwillingly. Lu Liluan knew that Han Mu and Gu Louyin had something private to talk about, so she also took the disciples of Baihua Palace and left. Xiao Yuan was not sure if he needed to leave, but Han Mu didn’t seem to mind the presence of ‘Shen Fugui’ and said directly: “Louyin, do you think today’s incident is related to the poisoning of Lin Wulian two years ago?”

Gu Louyin said, “Perhaps.”

Han Mu nodded, “Highly poisonous withered bones induced through blood, how can there be such a coincidence in the world indeed? If it were Xiao Yuan who poisoned Lin Wulian in the first place, who could have poisoned Lu Yueyao this time? You were right, the incident two years ago had nothing to do with Xiao Yuan.”

Gu Louyin’s eyes were deep, “Shishu, don’t you think it’s too late to say this now?”

Han Mu sighed and said, “Louyin, don’t you understand? Regardless of whether it was Xiao Yuan who poisoned Lin Wulian or not, in order to be able to take his blood with dignity, he had to be the killer.”

Gu Louyin smiled very indifferently. He rarely smiled, and because he rarely smiled, it was particularly surprising when he did. But at this moment, his smile would only make people feel helpless and desperate. “I understand, but I understood it too late. Five full days too late. I let him…” Gu Louyin exhaled quietly, “let him suffer for five days more.” 

If he had gone to the desolate lands at once, instead of wasting time looking for evidence that could clear Xiao Yuan’s name, perhaps things would have been different.

The candlelight swayed; Gu Louyin’s face was hidden in the dark and Han Mu couldn’t see his expression clearly. “Don’t blame yourself too much. If it weren’t for you protecting him two years ago, the Pavilion Master would have cut open his heart to get the Gu, so he wouldn’t be able to wait until you brought the serpentine beauty back.”

Gu Louyin said softly: “If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have anything to do with Yunjian Pavilion at all.”

Han Mu sighed: “Everything has its own destiny and it is not up to you or me to decide it.”

Xiao Yuan poured himself another cup of tea and drank it all.

It was the first time he had heard about cutting out his heart to get the Gu. It seemed that among the initial methods of saving Lin Wulian, the only option wasn’t just taking his blood, but also a more straightforward one. Since the serpentine beauty in his blood was coming from Acacia Gu, they could take out the Acacia Gu from his heart and put it directly into the medicine. Having to choose between two evils, Gu Louyin made the choice for him, temporarily saving his life. Did he want to thank Gu Louyin for it?

Heh, but what for? He didn’t injure Lin Wulian. Whether it was to take his blood or to cut out his heart and extract the Gu, he obviously did not have to choose either one. So what right did Gu Louyin have to choose one for him?!

For the first time since regaining his freedom, Xiao Yuan felt anger. He closed his eyes and suppressed his anger so that the two of them would not sense his emotions.

Lu Yueyao, who was in a coma, muttered painfully, then her mouth foamed. She twitched suddenly. Han Mu’s expression changed and she walked to the side of the bed, covering her lips with two fingers. After a while, Lu Yueyao calmed down, and she breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the thin film of sweat from her forehead with her sleeve.

Xiao Yuan asked, “How long can she last?”

“If there is no serpentine beauty or blood of someone who has used Serpentine beauty, the max is three days.”

“Three days was barely enough for Lin Wulian to travel from Yunjian Pavilion to Baihua Palace.”

Han Mu shook her head with sarcasm in her words, “Different people have different destinies. This girl, her life will not be long.”

The news of Lu Yueyao’s poisoning spread quickly. Although the people were a little nervous, the flower viewing party was held as usual. All the disciples of Yunjian Pavilion were absent from today’s flower viewing party, except Gu Louyin.

The fate of their shmei was on the line but her Shixiong was still in the mood to enjoy the flowers. Many people were talking behind their backs, saying that the young master of Yunjian Pavilion, who was said to be a celestial being, was nothing of the sort. Others, such as Mu Yingyang, said it directly in front of Gu Louyin.

“Is your shimei dead yet?”

Gu Louyin didn’t want to pay attention to him. Xiao Yuan, who happened to be passing by, replied: “Not yet.”

“Tell me when she is dead,” Mu Yingyang raised the corners of his lips in a smile, “I will set off firecrackers to celebrate.” Xiao Yuan: “…” Mu Yingyang’s mouth was still toxic, he thought with a sigh.

Xiao Yuan did not go with Gu Louyin today and was in Chaochun Tower alone looking for the ruthless hua that could suppress the Acacia Gu. There were countless flowers and plants in the building, and Xiao Yuan was dazzled. He finally found it, but unexpectedly, he was not the first to arrive.

Standing in front of the only ruthless hua, Gu Louyin was talking with a disciple of Baihua Palace. Xiao Yuan didn’t care whether he would be suspected by Gu Louyin, so he leaned forward and said, “No matter how much Young Pavilion Master Gu pays, Young Sect Master Shen will pay three times as much as him.”

Gu Louyin: “…”

The disciple of Baihua Palace smiled and said, “Young Sect Master Shen misunderstood. ruthless hua, like serpentine beauty, is a treasure. According to the rules of Baihua Palace, it is for exchange only and not for sale.”

“Exchange?” Xiao Yuan said, “What do you want to exchange it for?”

“It depends on what the young master is willing to exchange it for.”

Xiao Yuan asked Gu Louyin, “What are you using?” 

Gu Louyin said, “Shuang Leng.”

Xiao Yuan was stunned – Gu Louyin wanted to use his natal sword to exchange for the ruthless hua?

Xiao Yuan heard himself ask, “No way… what do you want to use it for?” ”

Gu Louyin presented Shuang Leng to the disciples of Baihua Palace and said, “When he comes back, he will need it.”

Xiao Yuan understood clearly, sneered and said, “You don’t have Shuang Leng anymore. Even if he comes back, you can’t protect him. What’s the use?”

Gu Louyin didn’t seem to care at all: “I have other swords.”

Xiao Yuan had countless gold and silver treasures but all of them didn’t add up to a tiny part of Shuang Leng. He could only watch as the disciple of Baihua Palace took Shuang Leng and said, “When I report to Palace Master, I will send the ruthless hua to Young Pavilion master’s room.”

The only ruthless hua was snatched by Gu Louyin. Xiao Yuan had no interest in enjoying the flowers and he secretly groaned: okay, Gu Louyin, you forced me. If I can’t get the ruthless hua, then I can only keep a man. Goodbye.

Xiao Yuan turned to leave, Gu Louyin stopped him: “You wanted a ruthless hua.”

Xiao Yuan smiled, “I don’t want it anymore, you can keep it.”

Gu Louyin looked at him for a short while, as if trying to see through him, and said, “You wanted it before.”

“I have money and I want to buy treasures when I see them.” Xiao Yuan said impatiently, “Don’t look at me like this, I’m really not the one you are looking for.”

Gu Louyin’s throat moved sharply, “Okay.”

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  1. Atleast Its confirmed that GLY didn’t force XY to save that green tea Lin Wulian but to prevent him XY for dying and that he tried to prove his innocence before knowing his sect is just poisonous!
    But i totally get XY too it had nothing to do with him so why he had to be forced with either of the choices anyway? GLY should have just escaped with him even if it proved to be in vain.XY would have liked that better

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