The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Once Mu Yingyang said that, Xiao Yuan could only put the matter aside for the time being and mention another thing that he was a little curious about.

“By the way, I heard that a lot of things have happened in Baihua Palace these days. Some little shimei from Yunjian Pavilion was poisoned; Gu Louyin left Baihua Palace early and returned to Yunjian Pavilion and within a few days he became demonized…” Xiao Yuan said in a small talk tone, “Master Mu was in Baihua Palace at the time. Do you know what happened?”

Disgust condensed in Mu Yingyang’s eyes and he said, “I don’t even want to curse Yunjian Pavilion anymore, it’s wasting my saliva. They don’t have a single good person in the whole sect. I hope that the others will end up like Lu Yueyao and Gu Louyin.”

“Lu Yueyao is dead?”

Mu Yingyang said impatiently: “I don’t know, even if she hasn’t died, she will definitely die soon.”

“Then why did Gu Louyin suddenly become demonized?”

Mu Yingyang’s eyes were sharp like knives; he gritted his teeth and said, ”Because the people of Yunjian Pavilion didn’t want to hand over my Shixiong’s remains, they wanted to…” His voice stopped abruptly, and Mu Yingyang’s expression became extremely ugly. He couldn’t say the next words. He wanted to vomit just thinking about it.

Xiao Yuan waited for Mu Yingyang to finish speaking, but he just took a deep breath, clenched his fists and said, “If Gu Louyin hadn’t become demonized overnight, killing in all four directions in Yunjian Pavilion, I would have brought my Shixiong back to our shimen a long time ago. My Shixiong would definitely be very unhappy if he knew that his bones were in Gu Louyin’s hands. Wait until I destroy Yunjian Pavilion, then I will definitely take my Shixiong back.”

Xiao Yuan couldn’t help but say, “Isn’t it just bones, it’s unlikely to go that far.”

Mu Yingyang stared at him, “Why did you even come here?”

“I came to chat with Elder Meng.”

Mu Ying said angrily: “Then go find her and don’t bother me.”

Xiao Yuan said without hesitation: “Okay, goodbye.”

Xiao Yuan walked out of the medicine room and happened to meet Meng Chi coming back. Meng Chi said, “Are you leaving?”

“Leaving, leaving,” Xiao Yuan looked back at Mu Yingyang with a stinky face and lowered his voice, “I’m afraid that if I talk to him again, I won’t be able to keep from revealing my identity and he’ll turn into a dog.”

Although Meng Chi didn’t understand what Xiao Yuan meant, she was still amused.

Xiao Yuan looked at her holding a copper mortar and pestle in her hands and asked, “Did you just go to grind medicine?”

“That’s right.” Meng Chi took the mortar and showed Xiao Yuan the medicine she had just grinded. Xiao Yuan leaned over and sniffed but didn’t smell anything and asked, “Is this a good medicine or a poison?”

Meng Chi smiled and said, “I’ve been grinding the medicine myself, of course it’s a poison.” Xiao Yuan was intrigued, “What’s its name and what kind of poison is it?”

Meng Chi lowered her head to admire her baby with a fanatical light in her eyes and a weird subtle smile on her lips: “I made it specially for Yunjian Pavilion and I haven’t had time to name it. The disciples of Yunjian Pavilion, not to mention the others, all have a solid foundation, so they recover from their injuries more quickly than an average person. But as soon as they take my treasure, the injuries that can be healed in a day will take at least three days to heal, even as much as half a month, and they will not be able to find out why. When they have more and more injured people, Xingtian Sect will strike back.”

Xiao Yuan exclaimed, “It’s amazing! But if you can poison them, why don’t you just give them some deadly poisons, such as withered bones, wouldn’t it be faster to win? There is no need to engage in these bells and whistles.”

Meng Chi’s smile gradually disappeared and she looked at Xiao Yuan blankly.

Xiao Yuan said, “Am I wrong?”

“No, what you said makes sense.” Meng Chi said angrily, “I have figured out the name of this medicine, so let’s call it ‘Waste’.”

On the 14th, Xiao Du ordered a maid to tell Xiao Yuan: “Master Xiao, His Lordship wants to see you.”

Xiao Yuan could almost guess Xiao Du’s intention. He followed the maid to the main hall; Xiao Du sat at the desk, holding something in his hand, looking fascinated.

Hearing Xiao Yuan footsteps, Xiao Du put away the object in his hand and raised his eyes slightly. Before he said anything, Xiao Yuan said, “If you want to ask me whether I have thought it through clearly, you don’t have to waste your words.”

Xiao Du stared at him intently for a while and said, “No hurry, you still have one day.”

“No matter how much time you give me, my decision will not change.”

“Don’t talk too much.“ Xiao Du didn’t seem to care, “When it’s time for you to make a decision tomorrow, maybe you will change your mind.”

Xiao Yuan frowned. He had always used the antidote given by Luo Lan in the past two years, but he still remembered the few times Acacia Gu attacked two years ago. As long as he was left alone, although it was difficult to get through it, he still could do it, gritting his teeth. But once there was someone around him, after he was tortured to insanity by lust and was delirious, it would be very likely that he would be “thirsty and shameless”, and as long as there was a man, he would throw himself into his arms. Fortunately, he left himself a way out.

“I am not looking for you today because of Acacia Gu.” Xiao Du said, “I have something to give you.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t even think about it: “I don’t want it.”

Xiao Du’s heart fell and he smiled at himself, “First look at what it is, okay?”

“No.” Xiao Du, who had been rejected twice, showed his true face, his pupils shrinking. Xiao Yuan was pushed from behind and involuntarily took two steps forward, and then Xiao Du stretched out his arm and pulled him forcefully closer, making Xiao Yuan sit on his lap.

Xiao Yuan didn’t resist and just silently changed his body. In the blink of an eye, the person in Xiao Du’s arms changed from An Mu to Xiao Bao’s mother from Tong’an County.

Xiao Du’s body froze.

Xiao Yuan took the opportunity to stand up, touched his face and said in a female voice, “My face, does Your Lordship like it?”

Xiao Du covered his face with his hands and said helplessly: “Ah Yu, stop making trouble, I just want to hug you.”

“Funny. There are so many people who want to hug me, do I have to hug them one by one?”

Xiao Du suppressed his jealousy and said, “Don’t mention other people, Ah Yu. I can’t bear to do anything to you, but those who have touched you, if you mention them one more time, they will be one step closer to the ghost gate.”

Xiao Yuan said indifferently: “Then go find them, I don’t mind.”

Xiao Du seemed to smile, “Use them and throw them away. Ah Yu is so cruel. In this aspect, we’re actually the same kind of person, aren’t we?”

Xiao Yuan also smiled, “I dare not compare, there is still a gap between you and me.”

“The gap will get smaller and smaller and we will become more and more alike.” After Xiao Du finished speaking, the sandalwood box placed on the desk slammed open. “Let’s see if you like it.”

Xiao Yuan looked inside the box, and there was actually a folding fan inside. He only glanced at it, and his eyes lit up all of a sudden.

Xiao Du said: “This fan is refined from the ice crystals of the Wuchuan Sea. It is dexterous and light, like a white dragon going to sea, and it is the hardest thing in the world. It will not lose to any famous sword in the world when fighting at close range. It is said that its previous owner was the Immortal Lord Bichao, who had already ascended – Ah Yu should have heard of it.”

Of course Xiao Yuan had heard of it. It was impossible for anyone who used a fan as their weapon not to know the name of the Immortal Lord Bichao, and he also knew the name of this fan – “Bihai Chaosheng.” (born in the blue tide)

Xiao Du smiled and, looking at Xiao Yuan’s expression, he knew that he had delivered the right thing. “Compared with Wuguan Fengyue that Li Xianting gave you before, it can be said there can be no comparison at all.”

Xiao Yuan forced himself to move his gaze away from Bihai Chaosheng and asked, “Where did you find this legendary thing?”

Xiao Du whispered, “As long as it’s something you want, no matter how difficult it is to find, I will find it for you.”

Xiao Du’s move was extreme enough. There was no cultivator who wouldn’t want to become stronger, and he was no exception. With such a famous weapon in his hand, he would be able to get twice as much success in his future cultivation.

Xiao Yuan’s moral integrity was emotionally affected. But emotions were just emotions and he still didn’t want Xiao Du’s things. “I didn’t say I wanted it.”

Xiao Du looked at him, “Do you want it?”

“I don’t.”

Xiao Yuan’s rejection was obviously not as firm as at the beginning. Xiao Du chuckled softly and said, “I will ask someone to send it to Chanxin Courtyard. If you don’t want it, just put it in the corner and let it gather dust.”

Xiao Yuan, wearing the auntie’s face, winced and said, “Bihai Chaosheng is the hardest thing in the world. Even if there is a powerful cultivation base to protect the body, it can’t stop it.”

Xiao Du nodded, “Indeed.”

Xiao Yuan said slowly: “Aren’t you afraid that I will stab you in the chest with it?”

Xiao Du seemed to taste bitterness in his mouth, “Will you?”

Xiao Yuan couldn’t answer the question: “I suggest you take it away.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Xiao Du said in a low voice and smiled, “Even if you have this artifact, you can’t hurt me.”

Xiao Yuan fell silent, staring at Bihai Chaosheng, his eyes thoughtful.

Xiao Du wanted Xiao Yuan to stay for dinner, but Li Yanzhi suddenly asked to see him, saying that he had something important to tell him. Xiao Yuan said, “Then I’ll go first.”

“Stay,” Xiao Du said, “There is nothing in Xingtian Sect that you can’t listen to.”

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything else.

Li Yanzhi’s expression was solemn as he said, “My Lord, the elders of the Six Peaks of Yunjian Pavilion are coming to Xingtian Sect in order to inquire about the Sword Seeker Lord. In addition to the six grandmaster-level elders, there are dozens of young swordsmen.”

Xiao Yuan said with a ”wow”, “Not a bad line up.”

Xiao Du said, “They overestimate their capabilities.”

Xiao Yuan said, “If one can become the elder of Yunjian Pavilion, their strength cannot be underestimated. You should be careful not to underestimate the enemy.”

Xiao Duyu smiled: “Ah Yu is caring about me?”

“…treat it like I said nothing”

“I will resolve it quickly,” Xiao Du was in a good mood, “I will be back before sunset tomorrow.”

Xiao Yuan thought secretly, you don’t need to come back at all.

Facts proved that the elders of Six Peaks of Yunjian Pavilion were really difficult to deal with. At sunset on the second day, Xiao Du did not return. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t beat six opponents alone. The major guardians of his sect joined the battle one by one, even Meng Chi was no exception. At this moment when Xingtian Sect’s security precautions were the most lax, Xiao Yuan came to Meng Chi’s medicine room. As he and Meng Chi had agreed, the medicine room was not locked and there was no enchantment, so he dived in with no effort.

Meng Chi hinted that she would put the antidote to Acacia Gu in a conspicuous place. He looked around and found the “Waste”, but he couldn’t find the antidote.

The sky gradually darkened, and the full moon rose in the night sky, shedding a clear glow.

A layer of sweat appeared on Xiao Yuan’s forehead and repeating the words “keep calm”, he flipped through every corner of the medicine room, his hands trembling uncontrollably. No… no… nowhere at all! Where was it, where was the antidote?!

Acacia Gu that had been sleeping for two years felt the brilliance of the full moon and came out of his heart again. Xiao Yuan’s heart was beating violently, his breathing was hot, his body felt soft and weak and he couldn’t even stand still.

Xiao Yuan leaned against the medicine cabinet and panted. The scenery in front of him was blurred, the long-forgotten fragrance spreading in the room.

In a daze, he seemed to see a young man pushing the door in. The young man smelled the scent emanating from him, and his expression suddenly changed, “This is…”

Xiao Yuan felt his aura, and the fire in his body burned even more vigorously. He whispered unconsciously, “En… don’t go.”

The young man squatted down in front of him, grabbed his shoulders, his eyes reddened and he said, “Why are you like this too? This smell …… Who the h*ll are you?!”

Xiao Yuan only felt a tingling sensation in the place where he was touched by the young man. He pressed himself into the young man’s arms anyway, catching the hairband he had tied his hair with.

Then he struggled to straighten his body, blocking the young man’s lips.

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