The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 41

Chapter 41

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The crimson headband was torn off and some strands of the young man’s scattered long hair fell onto Xiao Yuan’s body.

The moonlight outside was clear, and a sober thought flashed in Xiao Yuan’s mind – the person he was holding was……

However, it was only a very brief moment of clear-mindedness and he again was quickly overwhelmed by the surging desire. Xiao Yuan hadn’t kissed anyone before, he didn’t know what to do and he could only rely on instinct at times like this.

The smell on the young man’s body was clean and warm. He didn’t dislike it. He wanted more. It would be best to be completely immersed in the young man’s breath and blend in with him.

Mu Yingyang’s eyes widened abruptly. All this was so sudden that he didn’t even realize what was happening.

The body pressing into his arms was extremely hot, and he himself felt extremely hot too. The breath he exhaled was hot. There was a unique fragrance all around, unlike any smell that a medicine room would have. He had smelled it once before, when his Shixiong had an attack of Acacia Gu two years ago. Why did this man named An Mu also exude this smell?!

Chaotic thoughts, distant memories and the strange touch on his lips made Mu Yingyang freeze in place, lost and confused, until the person in his arms stretched out a soft thing and licked the corner of his lip.

With a bang, Mu Yingyang blushed and finally remembered the meaning of touching his lips – he was kissed, kissed by some unfamiliar person. He had always wanted to do this with his Shixiong. He had been thinking about it for a long time, but now he was doing it with another person.……

Mu Yingyang held his breath, pushed the man away vigorously and said angrily: “You, what are you doing!”

Xiao Yuan was pushed to the ground, his eyes misted, his expression dazed and helpless.

The fragrance became more and more intense, Mu Yingyang was panting slightly and a drop of hot sweat fell from his forehead. He was sure that An Mu was also attacked by the Acacia Gu, and the peculiar fragrance emitted by the Acacia Gu had an aphrodisiac effect on men. If he stayed any longer, he might have an accident.

Mu Yingyang gritted his teeth and said, “Do you have an antidote?”

Xiao Yuan couldn’t hear anything except his own rapid heartbeat. He fell to the ground and stretched out his hand to Mu Yingyang impatiently: “Come here… come and help me.”

Mu Yingyang said something again and turned to leave. Xiao Yuan didn’t know where his strength came from, so he struggled to stand up, stumbled a few steps and hugged Mu Yingyang’s waist from behind.

Mu Yingyang paused, his adam’s apple rolled, and he said quickly: “I can’t help you.”

Xiao Yuan put his cheek on Mu Yingyang’s back, gasping non-stop, and said softly, “Yes, you can… will you hug me?”

Mu Ying said angrily: “Nice try.”

He was not only angry with An Mu, but even more angry with himself. No matter how powerful the fragrance of the Acacia Gu was, he shouldn’t have reacted. He should have kicked An Mu into the air and then walked away, instead of being hugged from behind and staying in place.

But it was probably because An Mu and his Shixiong were infected with the same kind of Gu. When he looked at An Mu who was delirious he would think of his Shixiong and that he would never be able to touch him again.

Mu Yingyang whispered in a low voice, “Let go, if you don’t let go, I, I…”

Xiao Yuan’s eyes were moist and red as he was tortured by Acacia Gu. He said aggrieved: “Why don’t you want me, don’t I look good?”

“Don’t you yourself know if you look good or not?!” Mu Yingyang said angrily, “Let go!”

Xiao Yuan’s arms around Mu Yingyang’s waist tightened even more, “I won’t let it go, I…”

Before he finished speaking, Mu Yingyang heard a movement outside, suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, “Someone is coming.”

Xiao Yuan understood his words, his eyes became clear for a moment, and he said, “You can’t let other people find me and take me away.” It couldn’t be Xiao Du, he would rather be with Mu Yingyang than with Xiao Du.

Mu Yingyang hesitated for a moment, then picked up Xiao Yuan and flashed out.

As soon as the two left the medicine room, several disciples of Xingtian Sect broke in.

“Not here either!”

“He’s not in Chanxin Courtyard or the medicine room, where else can he go?”

“You ask me, how can I know? Let’s hurry up and find him, otherwise when the Venerable Lord comes back and finds that no one has seen him… I hope the Venerable Lord will not scatter our ashes too far.”

“Are you two stupid? There is no enchantment in the medicine room, which means that someone has come in. He must still be nearby, look for him!”


Mu Yingyang moved extremely quickly and it barely took a moment to bring Xiao Yuan back to his residence. He was not a disciple of Xingtian Sect and he didn’t want to have too many contacts with Xingtian Sect. He lived in a relatively remote area and the disciples of Xingtian Sect rarely bothered him.

Mu Yingyang kicked open the door of his room, hastily threw Xiao Yuan on a soft couch, took back the hairband from his hand and said coldly: “You stay here honestly.”

Xiao Yuan’s clothes were soaked in sweat and a few strands of hair stuck to his cheeks. Mu Yingyang didn’t look much better than him; he was sweating profusely, and both of them were struggling extremely hard. Mu Yingyang obviously could still bear it, but Xiao Yuan couldn’t bear it anymore.

He thought in a daze, Mu Yingyang didn’t touch him, didn’t want him, was it because his face was not good-looking? Would it be okay if he changed to a good-looking face?

Good-looking face… He had used countless faces, and the best-looking one was his own.

Mu Yingyang closed the windows one by one and said, “You should be fine when dawn breaks. I’m leaving.”

Xiao Yuan said softly, “Are you really leaving?”

Hearing a voice that was both familiar and long-forgotten, Mu Yingyang turned around in horror and met a pair of hazy, slightly intoxicated  eyes; the color of the irises was very light; his favorite color.

Mu Yingyang was petrified. Xiao Yuan’s face reflected in his bright eyes, and his chest was rising up and down like a bellow.


Mu Yingyang’s voice was low and hoarse, sounding incredibly cautious, as if he was afraid to wake himself up.

An Mu’s body was much sturdier than Xiao Yuan’s original body, and his clothes hung loose on him now, so wide that it seemed a gust of wind could blow them all away.

At this time, the Acacia Gu began a new round of restlessness, and Xiao Yuan rubbed wantonly on the soft couch, making painful muffled groans.

For Mu Yingyang at this moment, everything around him had disappeared, and he couldn’t even smell the peculiar smell of Acacia Gu. In his eyes and heart, there was only his Shixiong.

Mu Yingyang said to himself: “…is it a dream?”

In the past two years, he had often had this kind of dream, dreaming that his Shixiong was not dead, that he had returned to their shimen with him. They were just like in the past, always together. When he woke up, he would know that it was not true again.

Mu Yingyang walked to the soft couch step by step, stretched out his hand tremblingly and touched Xiao Yuan’s cheek – it was hot.

Mu Yingyang’s eyes reddened, he choked and said, “Shixiong, is that you? Is it really you? Am I dreaming again… Would you be so hot in a dream?”

Xiao Yuan could only see Mu Yingyang’s lips that kept moving but he couldn’t hear anything. He held Mu Yingyang’s hand and rubbed his cheek against his palm. Mu Yingyang took a deep breath, eagerly grabbed Xiao Yuan’s shoulders, lowered his head and kissed him.

Mu Yingyang obviously had no experience but it was more than enough for Xiao Yuan who was under the influence of Gu. During the entanglement, the two exchanged their breaths erratically, both falling on the soft couch.

Mu Yingyang pressed down on Xiao Yuan and gasped, “Shixiong, how can I help you, tell me.”

Xiao Yuan’s mind was groggy and his body was completely controlled by the Acacia Gu. He grabbed Mu Yingyang’s wrist and put it on his thigh.

A ball of fire suddenly exploded in Mu Yingyang’s body, and his hand slid into Xiao Yuan’s clothes involuntarily.

The skin on his Shixiong’s legs was even hotter than his face, smooth and delicate, and his complexion was flawless. Just as Mu Yingyang’s hand gradually moved upwards, there was a knock on the door that caught him off guard.

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