The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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Once again, Xiao Yuan was surrounded by the aura of another man. But unlike Mu Yingyang’s warm and clean smell, Xiao Du had a cold smell of blood on his body. When he was held in his arms, the heat in Xiao Yuan body dissipated slightly, and he remained clear-headed for a short while.

Xiao Yuan stayed close to Xiao Du and looked at Mu Yingyang. Mu Yingyang was also looking at him, his lips moved silently, as if calling him “Shixiong.” His right hand hung unnaturally, and although there was no blood, it could be seen that he was badly injured. Mu Yingyang’s hand was likely to be ruined.

Xiao Yuan looked away from Mu Yingyang and said, “Okay.”

“No!” Mu Yingyang shouted with effort, “Leave him alone, Shixiong, don’t mind me!”

Xiao Du raised his eyes slightly. He cupped Xiao Yuan’s cheek with his palm and said, “I didn’t hear what Ah Yu just said. Say it again?”

Xiao Yuan was forced to meet Xiao Du’s gaze, his long thick feathery eyelashes trembled, and he whispered softly: “I said, I will be obedient and listen to you, as long as you let him go.”

Xiao Du smiled instantly, “It’s impossible to let him go. I am going to keep him in prison so that Ah Yu can always stay obedient.”

Xiao Yuan clenched his fists tightly, his fingernails almost digging into his flesh. He lowered his head, panting slightly, and said, “Whatever you want.”

Hearing this, Mu Yingyang struggled frantically. He would rather die than become a burden to his Shixiong. “Xiao Du, let my Shixiong go, you can take my life if you wish!”

Xiao Du said to Meng Chi: “Seal his cultivation base and take him to Suoxian Prison.”

With his cultivation base sealed, Mu Yingyang couldn’t even kill himself if he wanted to.

After Xiao Du finished speaking, he picked Xiao Yuan up in his arms and said, “Put your arms around my neck.”

Xiao Yuan did as he said, as docile as a sheep.

Xiao Du looked gentle. He threw the robe Xiao Yuan was covered with on the ground and left with him in his arms.

Mu Yingyang let out a blood-curdling roar: “Don’t go – Shixiong! Come back, don’t leave! Give me back my Shixiong…”

His voice was already full of tears, and the pain of losing his right hand was far less than the pain of watching his Shixiong being taken away while he was powerless to stop it.

Meng Chi knew that it was a blessing to save Mu Yingyang’s life and said, “Master Mu, let me take a look at your hand first.”

She wanted to take Mu Yingyang’s hand but was pushed away abruptly. “I’m going to find my Shixiong and I’m going to save him!”

Mu Yingyang’s right hand was disabled and he was seriously injured, but Meng Chi couldn’t hold him back. A raging fire rose in his chest. Meng Chi slapped Mu Yingyang fiercely, gritted her teeth and said, “Look at you, what a waste, what can you do for your Shixiong! You are not the opponent of the Venerable Lord even with both your hands intact, and now even I can easily take your life. Are you still going to snatch someone from the Venerable Lord? Why don’t you keep dreaming, everything can happen in your dreams.”

She didn’t know whether Mu Yingyang had listened to her words or just had no more strength to scream, but he looked at his right hand blankly, his eyes dull.

Meng Chi had seen him bright and vigorous. She had told Xiao Yuan before that the reason why she spoke for Mu Yingyang several times was because she liked handsome young men. This was not a lie. Now she looked at Mu Yingyang’s waning appearance and sighed.

In just one night, this eighteen-year-old boy seemed to have experienced all the joys and sorrows that a man could experience in his lifeytime. The Shixiong who had been dead for two years, his beloved Shixiong, appeared in front of him without warning. Shixiong hugged him and kissed him. He also hugged and kissed Shixiong. Just when he thought he was going to be with his Shixiong, his hand was ruined and his Shixiong was snatched away again.

“Since ancient times, beauties have been matched with heroes. A beauty like Xiao Yuan is destined to be possessed by a powerful man.” Meng Chi said, “It’s not that the Heavens are too cruel to you, it’s that your strength is not enough to compete with others for him.”

Mu Yingyang lowered his head, his eyelashes blocking his eyes. Meng Chi liked his eyes very much, as bright as stars. His eyes were dim for two years, and after the brief flash of brightness tonight, only the dead embers were left.

Meng Chi repeated what she had just said: “Let me see your hand.”

This time, Mu Yingyang did not push her away.

Xiao Du carried Xiao Yuan to the main hall, put him on the big bed under the drapery and pressed him down.

Xiao Yuan placed his hands against his chest and murmured, “Anti, antidote… give me the antidote.”

Xiao Du was annoyed by Xiao Yuan’s resistance. He took his hands and placed them above his head, holding both of his wrists with one hand. His lips seemed to brush the tips of Xiao Yuan’s ears endlessly. “Weren’t you full of affection under Mu Yingyang just now? Why do you just want the antidote when I am here?”

Xiao Yuan’s body continued to exude the mysterious fragrance. Xiao Du was not a young man like Mu Yingyang who was in love for the first time. His face didn’t give away anything and he didn’t even shed a drop of sweat. Only he knew how hard it was for him to endure.

“Where did he touch you, huh?” Xiao Du tore off Xiao Yuan’s half-open  clothes, and Xiao Yuan’s collarbones, shoulders, and lower abdomen all appeared in front of him. Xiao Du checked Xiao Yuan’s upper body inch by inch as if inspecting his own unique treasure.

Xiao Yuan’s body was a bit taller than it had been two years ago, but it was still slimmer than that of an average man. His waist was lithe, his skin was like white jade, and the two spots on his chest were bright red. Who knows if it was a blessing or a curse that a man who was not interested in love and romance had such a face and body.

There were no traces of being touched on Xiao Yuan’s body except for his lips and neck. Xiao Du’s expression eased slightly, and his eyes gradually moved down.

The jade belt around Xiao Yuan waist was almost loose, and with a single pull, he could……

Xiao Du’s eyes darkened – he had wanted him for a long time. As long as he did this, he could turn him into his own person.

If everyone else can do it, why can’t he?

When Xiao Du’s hand came to Xiao Yuan’s jade belt, the flames of the torches on the wall suddenly rose high, illuminating Xiao Yuan’s face for an instant.

Xiao Yuan’s superb appearance was probably inherited from his mother.

In front of the dazed Xiao Du, the flames turned into a sea of fire. Little Xiao Du was desperately sent out of the sea of fire by his stepmother. His stepmother, the first beauty in the Upper Immortal Realm was in a wretched state, her hair messy and her face black with soot. She handed him his younger brother and said softly: “Ah Du, your didi will be left to you to take care of in the future.”

Little Xiao Du’s tears hadn’t dried yet; he held his younger brother’s soft hand and said solemnly: “Mother… Mother, don’t worry, I will treat him as my own didi.”

His stepmother was surprised that he called her that and smiled, her eyes like autumn water. Even in the face of great adversity, she was devastatingly beautiful. She touched little Xiao Du’s head for the first time and said, “Ah Du, you have to remember that although you are not related by blood, he is your own didi.”

His own didi…?

Xiao Du closed his eyes and let go of Xiao Yuan’s wrists. Xiao Yuan didn’t know where his strength came from, as he immediately propped his hands on the bed and scrambled further inside, chanting: “The antidote, I want the antidote… Mm…”

There was an unwilling, sullen look in Xiao Du’s eyes as he roared: “Xiao Yuan, why are you avoiding me!? Why am I the only one who can’t do it!?”

Xiao Yuan seemed to be frightened, opened his eyes wide and looked at him blankly.

Infinite sadness surged in Xiao Du’s heart; he had never been so powerless as he was now. He forcefully pulled Xiao Yuan back in his arms and said in a suppressed voice: “Don’t hide from me, don’t… don’t reject me.”

He fed Xiao Yuan the antidote and felt the body shaking in his arms gradually calm down. The Acacia Gu in Xiao Yuan’s body was restless for half a night and finally quieted. Xiao Yuan’s physical strength had long been exhausted by it, and he fell asleep in Xiao Du’s arms.

Xiao Du stayed by his bed. He had defeated Yunjian Pavilion, Mu Yingyang and got a promise that Ah Yu would obey him in the future, but instead of feeling joy, he seemed to be exhausted as if he had lost everything.

He didn’t know how much time passed; the sky was marble white and Meng Chi, who had been busy all night, walked into the hall and said wearily: “My Lord, let me see your injury.”

Xiao Du completely forgot about his injury. He looked down at his shoulder and said blankly, “Okay.”

Meng Chi couldn’t help gasping when she saw a bone-deep sword wound on Xiao Du’s shoulder.

In yesterday’s battle, Xiao Du was one against three, and he was able to handle it with ease at the beginning. But the elders of Yunjian Pavilion were not easy to deal with, and even Xiao Du couldn’t defeat them all for a while. Relying on a unique sword formation, Yunjian Pavilion dragged the battle on until the evening of the second day.

After nightfall, the full moon rose, and Xiao Du’s mind was obviously not on the battle in front of him. He was eager to win and did not hesitate to use a forbidden technique to break through the sword formation of Yunjian Pavilion, but it backlashed and gave the opportunity to the enemy to take advantage of it, which led to this sword wound.

In addition to the sword wound, Meng Chi also found a long cut on Xiao Du’s back. The color of the wound was purple, which meant there obviously was poison. Meng Chi said in surprise: “My Lord, on your back…”

“I know,” Xiao Du said, “can it be cured?”

Meng Chi hesitated for a moment and asked, “Is it Mu Yingyang’s Duya?”

Xiao Du neither confirmed nor denied it. Meng Chi knew that it meant she was right. It seemed that she underestimated Mu Yingyang. Mu Yingyang had one of his hands destroyed by Xiao Du, but Xiao Du hadn’t walked out of it unscathed either.

Meng Chi had prepared the poison for Duya, so she naturally knew its power. She said with a solemn expression: “It can be cured, but even after it is cured, there will be residual poison in the Venerable Lord’s body. The Venerable Lord must rest for at least three months, otherwise there may be hidden consequences.”

Xiao Du didn’t care: “En.”

When Meng Chi heard his tone, she knew he was not paying attention, and said sternly: “Your Lordship has been injured and poisoned. This is really not a joke. To put it bluntly, if the elders of the Six Peaks of Yunjian Pavilion make a comeback at this time, the Venerable Lord may not be able to hold on for a day.”

Xiao Du stared at the sleeping Xiao Yuan and said, “I know what’s at stake, you don’t have to say anything.”

Meng Chi sighed, “Yes.”

Xiao Yuan slept for a whole day, and when he woke up again, he found himself lying in a strange bed. It was pitch black outside the window. He seemed to have had a long dream. But when he found out that he was using his original body, he knew that it was not a dream.

The memory of last night was intermittent, and he only remembered sporadic fragments. One moment, he was ‘attacking’ Mu Yingyang, and the next moment Mu Yingyang was ‘attacking’ him back. Later, he saw Mu Yingyang down on one knee… He remembered most of what happened afterwards, and he also remembered that he promised Xiao Du that he would be obedient.

Xiao Yuan didn’t dislike his too bright appearance but this face could really cause a lot of trouble. As soon as he wanted to change back to An Mu, he heard Xiao Du’s low voice: “Don’t use the bodies of other people.”

Xiao Yuan lifted the drapery. Xiao Du stood in front of the bed, his face a little pale, as if he had been injured.

Xiao Yuan raised eyebrows – could there be such luck that the people of Yunjian Pavilion hurt him?

“Use your own,” Xiao Du said, staring into his eyes, “I like to see it.”

Xiao Yuan nodded lightly: “En, got it.”

Since he promised to be obedient, he will definitely ‘be good’ and ‘well behaved’.

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