The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 42

Chapter 42

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Mu Yingyang suddenly raised his head. He was so stimulated by Xiao Yuan and the scent of the Acacia Gu that his whole body was on fire. He couldn’t pay attention to the movements around him, so he didn’t even know that someone was coming.

Dissatisfied that Mu Yingyang suddenly stopped, Xiao Yuan put his arms around his neck and tried to pull him back.

Mu Yingyang was sweating hard but resisted and said, “Shixiong, wait a minute, there are people outside.”

Mu Yingyang endured hard, but Xiao Yuan clung to Mu Yingyang’s shoulders again and bit his adam’s apple hard.

Mu Yingyang let out a muffled groan of pain and pleasure. Xiao Yuan seemed to know that he had bitten him and licked the place where he had just bitten.

Mu Yingyang took a deep breath, grabbed Xiao Yuan’s hand and gasped: “Shixiong, are you going to play me to death?”

His eyes were red, his black clothes were messy, and his long hair was scattered on his shoulders. He was really a handsome young man who could attract a lot of beautiful women.

The knock on the door continued, getting more and more rapid, accompanied by human voices. “Master Mu, we are looking for someone. This person is very important, so please let us bother Master Mu and allow us to enter your house to search.”

Mu Yingyang said as calmly as possible: “I am already asleep.”

The person outside the door paused and then said, “His Lordship has an order, and we can’t miss any corner of Xingtian Sect. If Master Mu doesn’t let us in, we will have to break in.”

Mu Yingyang said coldly: “Do you think you can get in?”

The disciples of Xingtian Sect looked at each other for a moment, then the leader of the group said: “Go!”

As soon as they took a step forward, countless barbs and poisonous thorns suddenly grew on the door and the windows, each of them extremely sharp, emanating swirls of black mist.

“Be careful, it’s poisonous!”

Everyone retreated hurriedly. “How can we deal with it?”

“Try fire?”

“No, what if the house is set on fire.”

“Cut them with a sword and cut off all the thorns.”

This was the first time someone hugged, kissed and touched Xiao Yuan since he got infected with the Acacia Gu. The Gu was particularly excited, turning its carrier into a licentious man who would put to shame the workers of the pleasure quarters. Xiao Yuan was completely unaware of the movement outside and kept tugging Mu Yingyang’s belt. He didn’t have much strength and he couldn’t pull off his belt, so he took Mu Yingyang’s hand and pressed it to the inside of his thigh.

While Mu Yingyang wanted to stop people from coming in, he also had to take care of the delirious Xiao Yuan. Half of his mind was focused on the swords trying to break in, half on the warm fragrant jade he touched. He was about to split.

He looked at his Shixiong’s flushed face and plum blossom lips and felt desperately angry and anxious: “Why is it now!”

There were so many people outside, so noisy, separated by just one door. He couldn’t do anything with his Shixiong in this situation.

Mu Yingyang glanced at the door and said, “Shixiong, bear with me, I will get you out.”

Xiao Yuan hummed a soft “en” and stretched out his arms to hug him.

Mu Yingyang bent down and was about to hug him. When he saw Xiao Yuan’s neckline slip, revealing a delicate clavicle, his eyes darkened; he took out a robe from the closet and draped it on Xiao Yuan’s body.

“Shixiong, we are going out.”

It was unclear if Xiao Yuan understood him; he just looked at him blankly.

At this moment, the sound of swords outside the door stopped abruptly, and someone shouted: “Lord!”

Mu Yingyang’s expression changed; he stood in front of Xiao Yuan, summoned Duya and stared at the door intently.

If it was really Xiao Du, things would be difficult.

Xiao Du was dressed in red clothes, coming from the night, his eyebrows cold and an aura of killing around him. There were several dark red stains on his clothes, both of his blood and blood of Yunjian Pavilion. Meng Chi followed closely behind him, her sideburns slightly messy and her expression worried.

The disciples of Xingtian Sect went silent, as if facing an enemy. Xiao Du said, “Is he in there?”

The leader answered truthfully, not daring to conceal anything. “Reporting to Your Lordship, we were stopped outside the door by Master Mu before we went in to check.”

Xiao Du looked at the bright lights in the room; his pupils shrank. He raised his hand and waved his sleeves. The iron-hard thorns on the doors and windows shook like feathers and then returned to their original state.

Meng Chi was stunned. The Venerable Lord couldn’t break Mu Yingyang’s thorn formation with one move. Was he injured too badly, or was Mu Yingyang’s strength too big? She secretly looked at Xiao Du and saw him looking down at his hand, his eyes darkening.

Xiao Du’s patience was exhausted, and his fierce and powerful aura hit the door covered in thorns, bursting up the thorns and shattering them into powder, into nothingness; but the door remained unscathed, with no trace on it.

Xiao Du walked to the door, his outstretched hand hovered in the air for a moment; then he gently opened the door.

With the strong fragrance rushing to their faces, Xiao Du and Meng Chi immediately knew that Xiao Yuan was still inside – with Mu Yingyang.

Xiao Du’s blood was surging, blue veins on his forehead protruded, violent jealousy burning away all his sanity.

The scene that had appeared in his mind countless times really appeared in front of his eyes – Xiao Yuan, with his face that could enchant any living being, was lying on a soft couch. His clothes were messy, he was covered with another man’s robe. His forehead and the corners of his eyes were hot, his lips were red, moist and a little swollen – obviously swollen from kissing. The man who had kissed him was standing next to him, with long hair hanging down to his waist, his clothes messed up, too, and there was an ambiguous mark on his Adam’s apple.

Xiao Du was furious. His eyes opened wide, and the dark red stain on his left shoulder became a little darker.

The door slowly closed behind him.

Meng Chi hurriedly said, “Your Lordship has just been injured, so you must not be angry.”

Mu Yingyang blocked Xiao Du’s gaze, raised Duya and said, “My Shixiong is not dead. I want to take him away.”

Xiao Du didn’t say a word, staring at Xiao Yuan’s hanging wrist.

Meng Chi carefully remembered Xiao Du’s original plan and said, “Master Mu, you have misunderstood. This person is An Mu, not your Shixiong. An Mu can change his face and can look like your Shixiong. Your Shixiong died a long time ago. Didn’t you see his corpse in Yunjian Pavilion?”

Mu Yingyang was unmoved: “If he is not my Shixiong, why does he have Acacia Gu in his body?”

Meng Chi said, “Who said that I can only infect your Shixiong alone?”

Mu Yingyang hesitated for a moment, turned his head and glanced at the person behind him. Xiao Yuan was also looking at him. He couldn’t help but raise his hand and touch Xiao Yuan’s eyebrows. His tone was gentle like never before: “No, he is my Shixiong, you can’t fool me.”

Xiao Yuan grabbed Mu Yingyang’s hand that was ready to withdraw, leaned over and licked his palm. Mu Yingyang exhaled sharply and trembled, “Shixiong…”

Meng Chi exclaimed, “Master Mu, you–”

A chill suddenly emanated from Xiao Du’s body. The room instantly became cold, making people feel as if they were surrounded with the ice – this was the sign of Xiao Du’s extreme anger. Meng Chi’s face turned pale. Once Xiao Du started this time, no matter who it was in front of him, it would make no difference. He wouldn’t recognize his own people either. She decisively said to the disciples of Xingtian Sect guarding the door: “You guys stand down.”

“But Elder Meng…”

Meng Chi shouted angrily: “If you don’t want to die, stand down!”

The chill oozed out of the door, and the disciples of Xingtian Sect also noticed something and immediately retreated as they were ordered to. The surroundings suddenly became quiet. Meng Chi closed her eyes, took a step forward fearfully and whispered, “Your Lordship, he is here too. Your Lordship doesn’t want him to get hurt, does he?”

Xiao Du didn’t answer, but the chill on his body had subsided a little, at least to the point that it didn’t threaten to destroy everything. He couldn’t let anyone hurt his brother, including himself.

Meng Chi breathed out a sigh of relief. She could only sigh at her misery; why did she have to get involved in these men’s affairs? “Master Mu, move away first, we have the antidote to the Acacia Gu…”

Xiao Du said, “You don’t need to talk to a dead man.”

“My Lord, they should… they shouldn’t have done it to the end yet.”

“So what.”

Meng Chi was stunned. She should have thought of this; with Xiao Du’s temper, whoever dared to touch Xiao Yuan in front of his eyes would have to die.

Mu Yingyang didn’t feel fear, “No one knows who’ll be the dead one here.”

“You are just an ant.” Spiritual power gathered into several ice blades in Xiao Du’s palm and flew towards Mu Yingyang like a torrential rain. Mu Yingyang jumped up extremely quickly and disappeared from his place a moment before the ice blades reached him. Like a ghost, he quietly reappeared behind Xiao Du, his Duya stabbing the opponent’s neck fiercely.

Xiao Du seemed to feel something and avoided the attack from behind. Mu Yingyang knew the difference between his and Xiao Du’s cultivation levels, and it was only in close quarters that he could use his strengths to his advantage.

Xiao Du didn’t like to use weapons; fighting with bare hands against an assassin with a poisoned spike who specialised in taking people’s lives was a real constraint. Mu Yingyang was no longer the teenager who could be seriously injured with one palm blow two years ago. Besides, Xiao Du had just been fighting with the elders of the Six Peaks of Yunjian Pavilion for two days and one night. He was injured and his wounds were still bleeding and every move needed to be careful. For a while, the two were equal.

Meng Chi hid aside and looked at Xiao Yuan who was curled up on the soft couch. He seemed to have been drained of reason and strength by lust. He laid with his eyes half closed, sweat wetting his forehead and eyelashes. It hurt her to see him like this.

Mu Yingyang persevered for enough time, but after all, his opponent was Xiao Du, and no matter how fast he was, it was not enough. When he attacked Xiao Du from his side again, Xiao Du stood upright and did not move, allowing Mu Yingyang to stab him. Mu Yingyang felt that something was wrong, but it was too late to stop.

Xiao Du grasped his hand that clenched Duya and said fiercely, “Did you  touch him with this hand?”

Mu Ying said in a cold voice, “I touched him not only with this hand.”

Xiao Du sneered, and with a sudden force, Mu Yingyang seemed to hear the sound of his bones shattering.


Duya fell from his hand and hissed on the ground. Blood was gone from Mu Yingyang’s face, cold sweat flowed and severe pain made him dizzy. Unwillingly, he knelt on the ground on one knee, holding his right hand in his left, gritting his teeth and prevented himself from making a sound.

But he knew that his right hand had been destroyed by Xiao Du.

Xiao Du looked down at him condescendingly, “You didn’t need to die. It’s your own fault that you touched him.”

Mu Yingyang closed his eyes and panted heavily. He can’t die, his Shixiong is still there, how can he die!

Mu Yingyang groaned in a muffled voice and tried to pick up Duya with his left hand, but Xiao Du was faster.

Xiao Du stepped on Duya, “Do you have any last words?”

Mu Yingyang didn’t speak, but tried to raise his head and look up at the soft couch.

Xiao Du was full of hostility and was about to finish him, when he heard Meng Chi shout: “My Lord, think twice! This person is Li Xianting’s beloved disciple. If the Venerable Lord really kills him, you’ll lose a lot of help in attacking Yunjian Pavilion, not to mention that Li Xianting will likely be a fierce enemy, and when the time comes, if we have enemies at our backs the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Xiao Du said, “Li Xianting doesn’t even care about Ah Yu, why would he still care about him?”

Meng Chi bit her lip and said, “Your Lordship might not care about Li Xianting, but what about him?”

“He won’t know.”

Meng Chi knew that Xiao Du had made his decision to kill, and she was afraid that it would be futile to persuade him even though she had tried her best.

Mu Yingyang was going to die, because of Xiao Yuan .

She turned her head, not wanting to witness the tragic death of the young man, but unexpectedly heard an angry “stop.”

Meng Chi opened his eyes in surprise; Xiao Yuan was sitting up, looking seven points intoxicated and three points clear-minded. It was these three points of clear-mindedness that saved Mu Yingyang’s life.

Xiao Yuan clutched his chest with his hand and said haltingly: “Let him go, let him go. You… if you dare to kill him, I…”

Xiao Yuan didn’t say the threatening words, but he woke up briefly and saw everything, and this was the biggest threat to Xiao Du.

Xiao Du slowly put down his hand, walked to the edge of the soft couch, hugged Xiao Yuan in front of Mu Yingyang, kissed Xiao Yuan ‘s forehead and whispered softly: “I won’t kill him, but you have to listen to me obediently in the future, okay?”

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