The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 77

Chapter 77

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Lu Yueyao crashed into a big tree in the courtyard, and the stout trunk was broken by her back. She slammed to the ground with a bang. An average mirror person would be destroyed by this, their body annihilated, but Lu Yueyao had all her three spiritual and six physical souls. Even though her body shattered into countless mirror fragments, she was pulled together again, intact as ever. Not even a strand of her hair was messed up.

Gu Louyin and Xiao Du glanced at each other, as if they didn’t expect someone else to take action at the same time. Xiao Yuan flew down from the eaves of the house, applauded and smiled, “Miss Lu is amazing.”

Lu Yueyao stared at Xiao Yuan with a deadly glare, and by the look in her eyes, Xiao Yuan was really going to think she had a grudge against him for taking her husband. “You protect him… you all protect him!” Lu Yueyao shouted in tears, “Do you think you can protect him… I will make you watch with your own eyes as he is ridden by a thousand men and trampled by ten thousand!”

After that, the soul-attracting lights hanging under the eaves lit up one after another,  hundreds of them, and the entire yard was enveloped in a strange light. The remnant souls stuck outside the doors were finally summoned and rushed inside in droves. They had only one goal – Xiao Yuan.

Xiao Yuan said “ah” meaningfully, expressing his fear. Gu Louyin and Xiao Du guarded him, keeping him behind them. Xiao Du stared at him and asked, “Do you still not want to hurt them?”

Xiao Yuan felt a bit embarrassed and said, “Why is Meng Chi not done yet?”

Once the soul-attracting lamp was lit, there were only a few things that could extinguish it, such as the blood of a rooster or a black dog, or the ash from an incense burner – the means commonly used by the people to ward off evil spirits. These things were not difficult to find, but it took a while to find the blood of a black dog that could extinguish thousands of soul-attracting lamps… yet what did Meng Chi and the black dog do wrong?

Meanwhile, dozens of remnant souls in the front had already rushed over. Xiao Du endured not taking action without Xiao Yuan’s affirmative answer, but Gu Louyin waved his long sword and destroyed their bodies with just one swipe. The original bodies were not next to them and the souls that had lost their carrier couldn’t find a new host and could only turn into a lone soul.

Xiao Du narrowed his eyes, as if displeased: “Did Ah Yu allow you to make a move?”

Gu Louyin said, “They want to hurt him.”

A group of remnant souls fell, and many others followed suit. Xiao Yuan looked at the steady stream of remnant souls and said quickly: “Gu Louyin, deal with Lu Yueyao and find out the weakness of her immortal body.”

Gu Louyin nodded, “Okay.”

Xiao Yuan said to Xiao Du: “You stop these remnant souls. Kill them only to ensure your own safety.”

Xiao Du said lazily: “I will try my best.”

“I’m going to find Gu Louyin’s remnant soul.”

“Ah Yu,” Xiao Du handed Xiao Yuan a talisman, “use it to unlock the soul-possession spell on the remnant soul.”

Xiao Yuan put away the talisman, “Wait for me to come back.”

He deliberately didn’t lower his voice. Lu Yueyao heard his words clearly and screamed angrily: “Wishful thinking!”

Xiao Yuan ignored her and walked straight in. She wanted to step forward to apprehend him but was stopped by a chilly sword aura. Gu Louyin said coldly: “Wishful thinking indeed.”

With Xiao Du and Gu Louyin present and after disposing of a few minions, Xiao Yuan easily broke into the wedding room that Lu Yueyao had painstakingly prepared. The interior of the room was beautifully decorated with gold, with carpets on the floor and ‘happiness’ characters on the windows. The red light shone brightly and brilliantly – this was what the bridal chamber should have looked like. In contrast, his bridal chambers in Dongguan Mountain and Gu Louyin’s illusion were too shabby.

Xiao Yuan walked into the back room and a bright red wedding bed came into view. There was no one on the bed. It seemed that what Lu Yueyao said about Gu Louyin’s soul lying on the wedding bed and waiting for their reunion was nonsense. But if Gu Louyin’s earth soul was not here, where would it be?

Xiao Yuan climbed into the bed, groped around, suddenly moved and smiled silently. He pressed the switch he found; the bed under him split in two and he fell down.

With just a blink of an eye, he touched the ground with both feet. This room was exactly the same as the bridal chamber above. The only difference was that there was a man with silver hair and in red clothes lying on the wedding bed.

Xiao Yuan slowed down, walked to the bed and looked down at Gu Louyin’s remnant soul. Just like in the illusionary realm, Gu Louyin, dressed in happy clothes, was still as clear as jade, as if he had entered the world as an immortal, unstained with the desires of the mortal world. He slept quietly, his long eyelashes drooped, and his frost-like appearance made others only want to look at him from a distance, not daring to desecrate him.

But Xiao Yuan was not an ordinary outsider. Not only did he take a closer look, he also wanted to have fun. But thinking of Xiao Du and Gu Louyin who were still buying time for him outside, he didn’t delay for a moment, took out the talisman Xiao Du gave him and put it on Gu Louyin’s forehead.

The talisman exuded a faint golden light, and a gust of wind from nowhere blew the talisman to the ground. At the same time, the silver-haired sword cultivator on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

Xiao Yuan said, “Are you awake?”

Gu Louyin looked at him for an instant, his long eyelashes trembling slightly: “It’s you…”

Xiao Yuan didn’t know how much memory and consciousness of the original body this ‘Gu Louyin’ had inherited, but judging by the way he looked at him, he should have no malice towards him. “En, it’s me.” He said, “It’s good that you are awake. It’s dangerous here, come with me and I’ll take you home.”

Gu Louyin didn’t say anything but just looked at him with deep and dark eyes, as if something was brewing in his mind. Xiao Yuan vaguely felt that something was wrong. Just as he was about to speak, he felt a slight chill on his wrist and something bright red swirled before his eyes. He collapsed onto the wedding bed, and Gu Louyin held his hand and leaned down towards his mouth.

Xiao Yuan was so shocked that he forgot to struggle for a while, until his lips felt painful. He groaned, recovered and wanted to push Gu Louyin away, but Gu Louyin held him tighter.

Gu Louyin kissed him almost rudely, as if trying to tear him apart. His breathing became more and more chaotic, and he was almost unable to breathe. Gu Louyin still didn’t think it was enough and bit Xiao Yuan’s neck fiercely. Xiao Yuan yelled out in pain and threatened: “If you don’t stop, I will deal with you!”

Unless he had to, he didn’t want to do it before bringing Gu Louyin’s soul to his body. But obviously it was his last resort now.

What happened to this Gu Louyin? Which side did he inherit from the original body… Wait, was there any side of Gu Louyin that could bite people?

Gu Louyin unclenched his teeth, licked the place he had just bitten and panted slightly, “I have always wanted to do this to you.”

Looking at Gu Louyin’s red eyes, Xiao Yuan was stunned.

“I want to hug you, I want to kiss you, I want to…” Gu Louyin pressed close to Xiao Yuan’s ear and said two words softly. Xiao Yuan was so horrified that he forgot to struggle – was he crazy or was Gu Louyin crazy, he seemed to have heard, have heard……

A trace of clarity flashed in Xiao Yuan’s eyes. No, this was not something Gu Louyin would say, this remnant soul must be defective! Either the soul-possession spell had not been removed or he had been affected by the soul-attracting lamp. In short, it was by no means Gu Louyin’s intention.

After thinking about it like this, Xiao Yuan calmed down. He said, “You let me go first, we need to talk.”

Gu Louyin shook his head, “Won’t let go. If I let you go, you will leave.”

“I’m not leaving!”

“I want to hide you.” Gu Louyin said stubbornly, “Hide you in a place that only I can find.”

Xiao Yuan frowned, “What kind of demon are you…”

Suddenly, Xiao Yuan felt the weight on his body gone and ‘Gu Louyin’ pressing on him disappeared. He propped up his body and saw another Gu Louyin dressed in white standing in front of the bed. His expression was as usual at first glance, but when he looked closely, it was quite indescribably complicated.

Xiao Yuan said blankly: “Why are you here, outside…”

Gu Louyin said, “The soul-attracting lamps have been extinguished. Your brother is facing Lu Yueyao, I went to look for you first.”

“Your remnant soul…”

There was a subtle anger in Gu Louyin’s tone: “I got it back.”

Xiao Yuan touched the tooth marks on his neck and said, “I don’t think your earth soul is normal.”


“He actually likes to bite people,” Xiao Yuan was full of suspicion, “Do you have a habit of biting people?”

Gu Louyin was quiet and said, “He wouldn’t bite just anyone.”

“He also said, said…“ Those words were really hard to say; Xiao Yuan couldn’t go on and said, “Forget it, I’ll just think I was bitten by a dog.”

Gu Louyin: “…”

Xiao Yuan focused and said, “Let’s go out.” Both he and Gu Louyin had already retrieved their souls. Next, they just needed to find Qingyan, then leave here.

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