The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 78

Chapter 78

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When the two returned to the courtyard, the situation was very different from the time when Xiao Yuan had left. Most of the remnant souls that originally surrounded the mansion from the outside disappeared, and the ones that remained were the remnant souls of Yunjian Pavilion, such as the True Lord Shang Wen mentioned by Gu Louyin. There was also another group of people in the courtyard. It was Mu Yingyang, Li Yanzhi and the others. Meng Chi was also there. She was likely the one who had brought them in.

As soon as his subordinates arrived, Xiao Du didn’t bother to go into battle personally. Li Yanzhi took his place and was fighting Lu Yueyao. Mu Yingyang’s eyes lit up when he saw Xiao Yuan: “Shixiong!”

Xiao Yuan said with a smile: “Your expression… I would think we hadn’t seen each other for a few years.” In fact, even a night hadn’t passed since they entered Pangu Mountain.

“Are you okay, I was so worried about you.”

“Do I look like something is wrong with me?”

Mu Yingyang looked at Xiao Yuan closely, checking him from head to toe, and his eyes locked on his white neck. He stretched out his hand and asked, “Shixiong, here…”

Hearing this, Xiao Du told Li Yanzhi, “keep one alive”, and walked towards Xiao Yuan, “Ah Yu?”

Xiao Yuan subconsciously covered the hickey marks, looked at Gu Louyin and waited for him to take responsibility.

Gu Louyin said indifferently: “A bite.”

The atmosphere instantly became weird. Xiao Du and Mu Yingyang asked the same question at the same time: “Who bit him?”

Gu Louyin: “…”

“Aren’t you focusing on the wrong things?” Xiao Yuan quickly changed the subject, “Can you give Miss Lu a little respect? She is fighting desperately… Hey, shidi, you have a feather on your shoulder.”

Xiao Yuan helped Mu Yingyang remove the feather, successfully diverting Mu Yingyang’s attention. It was a bit silly to have a chicken feather on his shoulder in front of his shixiong; it must have made him look less handsome and dashing.

“It’s all Meng Chi’s fault,” Mu Yingyang said depressed, “making us find some rooster blood.”

Xiao Yuan said, “I asked her to find it.”

Mu Yingyang immediately changed his words: “Actually, it was fun to catch a rooster. I like to catch them.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Then next time catch a few more, I will make chicken drumsticks for everyone.”

Xiao Du was not as easy to coax as Mu Yingyang and asked again: “Who bit him?” He glanced at Gu Louyin, as if he already had a guess.

Xiao Yuan pretended not to hear, “Lu Yueyao hasn’t yielded yet?”

Xiao Du took a deep breath, letting Xiao Yuan get away with this for the time being and said “She died once and now she has an ‘immortal body’. I’m afraid it’s not that easy to threaten her.”

Lu Yueyao was average in strength, far from being Li Yanzhi’s opponent. Xiao Yuan watched her being ‘destroyed’ by Li Yanzhi in various ways and then being pulled together again. Li Yanzhi was not hurt in the slightest but he was sweating profusely from exhaustion.

Xiao Yuan said, “She knows that if she lasts long enough, she can wait until the reinforcements from Yunjian Pavilion come. Gu Hang chose her as the city lord for a reason.”

Mu Yingyang said in disgust: “Is she still a human being?”

“She’s neither a human nor a ghost,” Xiao Du said with interest, “probably a – ‘monster’?”

Xiao Yuan pondered: “She must have a weakness.”

Lu Yueyao was not afraid of death, and it seemed that she was not afraid of pain. Li Yanzhi slashed her with his sword so many times and she didn’t even groan. You couldn’t kill her, couldn’t torture her, so how could they make her hand over Qingyan?……

Xiao Yuan glanced at Gu Louyin thoughtfully.

Gu Louyin said, “What?”

Xiao Yuan looked away, his cheeks a little hot, and he said guiltily, “Nothing.”

Gu Louyin: “?”

Xiao Yuan coughed lightly and said, “I have thought of a way, maybe we can give it a try.”

Xiao Du asked, “What way?”

Xiao Yuan refused to say, only told the three of them to watch from aside, not stepping forward without his permission.

Meanwhile, Li Yanzhi once again cut Lu Yueyao in half. His sword slashed from the top of Lu Yueyao’s head all the way down to her feet. After slashing, Li Yanzhi stopped, gasping for breath. Seeing Xiao Yuan walk towards Lu Yueyao’s ‘wreckage’, Li Yanzhi hurriedly said, “Young Lord, be careful!”

“It’s okay, she is not my opponent.” Xiao Yuan tugged at his placket a little bit, creating an effect of messy clothes. When Lu Yueyao was ‘resurrected’ again, he used this opportunity and pressed Bihai Chaosheng against her throat.

Lu Yueyao saw Xiao Yuan’s face clearly and sneered: “That one can’t stand it anymore and it’s time to replace him?”

Xiao Yuan smiled: “Miss Lu misunderstands, I am here to thank you.”

Even though Lu Yueyao couldn’t wait to smash Xiao Yuan into pieces and turn his bones into ashes, she had to admit that Xiao Yuan was born incomparably beautiful. His smile could fascinate countless men and women. Thinking that the shixiong she admired was also bewitched by this smile, Lu Yueyao was full of rage, “Xiao Yuan, why don’t you die! A scourge like you shouldn’t live in this world!”

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows and said, “Do you really hate me that much?”

“Kill me if you want but don’t talk nonsense! You want Qingyan? Well, just go to h*ll. I will hand over Qingyan when you die!”

Xiao Yuan smiled slightly, “If I die, your shixiong might not be able to survive – don’t you feel sorry for him?”

Lu Yueyao stared at Xiao Yuan fiercely, as if to drill a hundred holes in him.

“I have seen the wedding room you arranged. It took a lot of thought. I liked it very much.” Xiao Yuan said carelessly, “I also liked the bed, the colourful dragons and phoenixes were very interesting. The bed was also soft and comfortable to lie on. If it weren’t for the wrong time, I would really like to sleep on it for a night.”

Lu Yueyao’s face turned pale, “You… you slept in my wedding bed?!”

Seeing Lu Yueyao’s extreme reaction, Xiao Yuan knew that what he thought was right. Rather than killing the body, he should kill her heart – since he could not kill the person, he could only try to kill Lu Yueyao’s ‘heart’. Lu Yueyao was a ‘monster’, but she was a proud girl during her lifetime. No girl can bear the person they hated the most to sleep on her wedding bed; Lu Yueyao was no exception.

“Of course I slept, how would I know this if I didn’t sleep? I haven’t finished boasting yet. The carvings of the mandarin ducks with their necks crossed on the head of the bed have a profound artistic conception and the bed itself is also very sturdy.” Xiao Yuan paused; his ears reddened a little, he bit the bullet and continued, “No matter how you toss on it, it won’t squeak and screech like other beds.”

Lu Yueyao was so angry that her whole body trembled, “You were in my bed… b*tch! Shameless beast! I’ll kill you… I’ll kill you!”

Lu Yueyao raised her sword and rushed towards Xiao Yuan. Mu Yingyang shouted, “Shixiong, be careful!”

“What are you shouting,” Xiao Du said, “can’t you see that Ah Yu deliberately irritated her.”

Mu Yingyang glanced at him and said gloomily: “I am worried about Shixiong, so it’s natural for me to shout. I’m not like you who can just watch Shixiong being attacked as if it is a show.”

Xiao Du didn’t take offence and said, “If your right hand could be as useful as your mouth, it wouldn’t be such a waste.”

Mu Yingyang remembered that Xiao Du had ruined his right hand but for Xiao Yuan’s sake he could only endure quietly. He did not expect Xiao Du to take the initiative to mention this matter. Mu Yingyang’s face darkened and he said coldly, “You–”

Gu Louyin didn’t say a word; his attention was always on Xiao Yuan.

Xiao Yuan had been long prepared for Lu Yueyao’s attack. He turned sideways to block the sword in Lu Yueyao’s hand with the fan handle and smiled: “Won’t you ask who I slept in your bed with?”

Who else could there be?! In the bridal chamber there was Gu Louyin’s soul. Later, it was Gu Louyin himself who went to Xiao Yuan. Who else could there be besides Gu Louyin?! Lu Yueyao never thought that Xiao Yuan would share the bed she had prepared in the bridal chamber with Gu Louyin at such a time… Suddenly, she saw the hickey marks on Xiao Yuan’s neck.

“Xiao Yuan, you deserve to die!” Lu Yueyao was already in shock from anger and jealousy and she tried her best with every swing of her sword.

Xiao Yuan dodged easily and did not forget to pour some oil on Lu Yueyao’s fire. “Miss Lu, do you know why I want to thank you? I want to thank you for preparing perfect wedding festivities for Gu Louyin and I.”

“Ahhhhh–” Lu Yueyao screamed frantically; the phoenix crown fell, her long hair was scattered and her red lips were open like a bloody wound.

Kill… She wanted to kill Xiao Yuan, she had to kill Xiao Yuan! But she couldn’t do it. She was not strong enough to be Xiao Yuan’s opponent. She couldn’t even touch a hair on Xiao Yuan’s head, even without taking into account the people who wanted to protect him. She couldn’t kill him, unless, unless… she died with him!

Lu Yueyao closed her eyes suddenly. The acacia red that was painted on her forehead flickered like a candle and then changed from red to cyan in full view of everyone.

Xiao Du narrowed his eyes and whispered, “Could it be…”

The cyan point gradually spread, like a spark from a prairie fire. Lu Yueyao opened her eyes, and her pupils turned into swaying cyan flames.

Xiao Yuan was stunned. He stood a few steps away from Lu Yueyao, watching the flame burn more and more brightly, rising higher than the house. Lu Yueyao was bathed in the fire and her figure became several times larger. He could only see her outline, not her face.

“Qingyan,” Mu Yingyang said in surprise, “is this Qingyan?”

Xiao Du smiled, “Gu Hang actually sealed Qingyan in Lu Yueyao’s body. When he learns that Lu Yueyao took the initiative to remove the seal, his expression will be wonderful.”

Gu Louyin was about to step forward to Xiao Yuan when he heard Xiao Du say, “What’s the use of you going?”

Gu Louyin said, “Qingyan can burn everything.”

“I know,” Xiao Du said without hurry, “that’s why I asked, what’s the use of you going.”

At this moment, Lu Yueyao spoke: “Xiao Yuan, die… Xiao Yuan, die!” She repeated these words, her voice was faint and unsteady, no longer as sharp and harsh as her previous voice. But when it reached their ears, it made everyone tremble, making their blood surge and their qi distort.

Xiao Yuan covered his ears and was forced to take a few steps back.

“Die, die–!” With Lu Yueyao’s roar, Qingyan turned into a nine-claw cyan dragon. The dragon was so big that there was not enough space for it in the courtyard. In front of it, Xiao Yuan looked very small, not even as big as the dragon’s claw.

The cyan dragon shook his tail and lifted its large claws. Xiao Yuan only saw a flash of blue-green in front of his eyes; he was so shocked that he almost forgot to dodge.

Two figures flashed by, one in white and one in red, and Xiao Yuan fell into a slightly cool embrace. Gu Louyin carried him away from under the dragon’s claws, and Xiao Du replaced him and stood under the dragon’s paw.

Xiao Yuan’s heart clenched, “Xiao Du!”

Xiao Du looked at the cyan dragon transformed from Qingyan in front of him, and the corners of his lips raised little by little. “Idiot, don’t you know that Qingyan will recognize its Master?” He calmly raised his hand and said softly, “Come here.”

The huge cyan dragon seemed to be startled and then quickly shrank into a small ball of fire the size of a deer’s eye. It floated excitedly around Xiao Du and finally landed on the palm of his hand, bouncing non-stop.

Qingyan could burn everything, including a mirror person, including a human soul.

Lu Yueyao disappeared completely, leaving nothing behind.

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