The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 91

Chapter 91

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As for Xiao Du, Xiao Yuan remembered that he hadn’t seen him since the Winter Solstice. In the past two days, he and Gu Louyin had been together, so not to mention Xiao Du, they barely saw anyone else at all.

Xiao Yuan said, “Speaking of which, my shidi didn’t continue to make trouble. I wonder if he got over it.”

Gu Louyin asked, “Do you care about him?”

Xiao Yuan laid on his side on the soft couch, casually spinning the jade fan in his hand, and said, “I only have one shidi, how can I not care about him?”

Gu Louyin didn’t agree or disagree but picked Xiao Yuan up from the couch. “Your injury is healed.”

Xiao Yuan had an ominous premonition and said cautiously: “Well, I’m a little tired.”

Gu Louyin said, “You don’t have to move.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t believe it: “Seriously?”

It was snowing outside and the cold wind was pattering against the window but inside the house it was spring in full bloom.

Xiao Yuan’s upper body was neatly dressed; his back was pressed against the bookshelf, and there was the sound of the wooden frame shaking in his ears. He really didn’t need to move, he just needed to use his legs to hold Gu Louyin tight, lest he fall.

Generally speaking, people who first entered the romantic scene would always be addicted to it for a while. However, for the past two days, he and Gu Louyin had been alone in the room and treated each other ‘as respectful as guests’, kissing and hugging at most and applying the medicine. Xiao Yuan thought that Gu Louyin probably was not so interested in romantic affairs and the reason why he had done it that night was because of the peculiar smell he exuded.

Now that the Acacia Gu didn’t attack and there was no aphrodisiac smell, why did Gu Louyin still……

But he was indeed comfortable and there was nothing to complain about.

Xiao Yuan closed his eyes and was suddenly turned around by Gu Louyin. He was facing the bookshelf now and Gu Louyin’s voice came from behind: “No way.”

No way? No way what?

Xiao Yuan didn’t have time to think about it; Gu Louyin cupped his face and turned it, kissing his mouth.

Compared with the last time, Xiao Yuan fared much better. At least he could walk out of the room on his own. He and Gu Louyin came to Meng Chi’s residence. Meng Chi happened to be returning from somewhere and the three of them met on the way. Xiao Yuan said, “You are back just in time, I have something to ask you.”

Xiao Yuan’s face was flushed and there was something different in his expression. If one looked at Gu Louyin, romantic affairs didn’t seem to have left a trace on him; he was still otherworldly and god-like pure. The two of them, one as brilliant as the spring flower and the other as bright as the autumn moon, were obviously completely unlike each other, but standing side by side, they looked unexpectedly harmonious. Meng Chi froze for a moment and said, “You guys……”

Xiao Yuan said, “What’s wrong?”

Meng Chi recovered and said, “Do you know where the Venerable Lord is?”

Xiao Yuan asked, “He is not here?”

Meng Chi shook her head, “The Venerable Lord disappeared for two full days. I asked around and no one seemed to know his whereabouts.”

Xiao Yuan sneered. “He wants me to report my whereabouts, but he himself, on the contrary, can afford not to be found by anyone.“ Xiao Yuan didn’t care about it, “He always does whatever he wants and he will naturally show up when he needs to show up.”

Meng Chi said quietly: “You are really not worried at all.”

“En? Is there anything he needs me to worry about?”

Meng Chi sympathized with His Lordship a little bit. “Are you looking for me?”

Gu Louyin nodded and said, “Please prepare for the exchange of hearts.”

“Exchange of hearts? “Meng Chi said in surprise, “Between who and who?”

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows, “What do you think?”

Meng Chi’s gaze wandered between the two of them, and she sighed: “No wonder Master Mu has been depressed for the past two days, feeling all defeated – that’s it.”

It turned out that Xiao Yuan and Gu Louyin were together.

Xiao Yuan wanted to ask what was the situation with Mu Yingyang but considering that Gu Louyin, who had just finished tossing him, was by his side, he wisely pretended not to hear anything.

Meng Chi said, “I can help you exchange hearts, provided that His Lordship knows about this and agrees.”

Xiao Yuan said, “I will tell him.”

Gu Louyin suddenly said, “Qingyan.”

Xiao Yuan followed Gu Louyin’s gaze and saw a small cluster of flames flying towards him. Meng Chi frowned and said, “Didn’t Qingyan follow the Venerable Lord, why did it come back alone? Could it be that something really happened to the Lord?”

Xiao Yuan stretched out his hand and Qingyan fell in his palm, separating a finger-like wisp of flame, pointing to Xiao Yuan’s left side.

Xiao Yuan asked, “Are you going to take me to him?”

Qingyan jumped twice, nodding.

Xiao Yuan said, “Then let’s go.”

Xiao Yuan and the others followed Qingyan to the cold pond. There was a cold pond in the mountains with a frosty stone bottom, cold all year round. An occasional dip in the pond had the effect of clearing heat and dispelling fire, as well as calming the mind.

Meng Chi said, “Did His Lordship go to soak in the cold pond?”

“No way.” Xiao Yuan looked at the heavy snow and said, “Who would soak in the cold pond in the middle of the winter unless his brain is broken.”

The three of them walked for a while. Deep in the woods, the pool of water suddenly came into view. In the center of the cold pond, Xiao Du was sitting with his back turned to them. The water in the pond reached his chest, and his long hair was wet and clung to his back. To Xiao Yuan’s surprise, there was a young man in black clothes standing by the pond.

Xiao Yuan smiled: “It seems that his brain is really broken.”

“That’s… Master Mu?” Meng Chi said, “Why is he here?”

Gu Louyin said indifferently: “Fellow sufferers pity each other.”

Xiao Yuan walked forward and was about to speak when he was stopped by Gu Louyin. Xiao Yuan cast a confused glance at Gu Louyin, and Gu Louyin said in a vicious tone: “They are talking about you.”


Gu Louyin raised his hand to set down a sound transmission array, and Mu Yingyang’s voice clearly reached Xiao Yuan’s ears.

“You are his only gege,” Mu Yingyang’s voice was hoarse, as if he had drunk a lot, “and his only family member.”

Xiao Du closed his eyes and the snow fell on his eyelashes, “So?”

Mu Yingyang straightened his chest, “I’m here to ask to marry him.”

Xiao Yuan: “…”

Xiao Yuan didn’t dare to look at Gu Louyin’s expression and silently wrapped the fox fur around his neck.

Xiao Du suddenly opened his eyes full of ridicule and contempt, “You.”

Mu Yingyang clenched his fists and said solemnly, “Me.”

With a splash of water, Xiao Du stood up and walked towards the shore step by step. He stopped in front of Mu Yingyang, looked at him coldly and suddenly let out a chuckle: “You know, he is my only younger brother. As long as he wants, I can give him the entire Xingtian Sect and even the entire cultivation realm. Brocade, clothing, jade, food, rare treasures, panacea, ancient artifacts, I will give him as much as he wants. If he gets tired of using Bihai Chaosheng one day, I can give him a new one immediately; Yunjian Pavilion took his blood, and I can bleed everyone in Yunjian Pavilion – can you?”

Mu Yingyang was stunned.

“What are you, what can you give him?” Xiao Du sneered, “Some sincerity? Unfortunately, the last thing my brother needs is sincerity. Your sincerity is worthless to him.”

Mu Yingyang stared at Xiao Du with his eyes bloodshot, “What about you? Does he want your sincerity?”

Xiao Du narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“I may not be able to give my Shixiong neither Qingyan, nor Bihai Chaosheng, but I have never harmed him or forced him, let alone infected him!”

Xiao Du’s hostility surged sharply, “You’re looking for death.”

A violent wind rose suddenly, almost uprooting the trees. Mu Yingyang had been drinking for two days and after being drunk for two days, his reaction was not as good as usual. Feeling that the fierce murderous intent was about to hit him, he wanted to avoid but was too slow, so he could only endure.

At this moment, an ice wall suddenly appeared in front of Mu Yingyang, blocking Xiao Du’s blow.

Xiao Du said coldly: “Since you are here, why bother to hide?”

Mu Yingyang raised his head and saw Xiao Yuan walking through the wind and snow. His lips moved silently.

There was an indescribable boredom on Xiao Yuan’s face, “Yunjian Pavilion has not yet been destroyed, why are you fighting with your own people?”

Xiao Du looked at Xiao Yuan and smiled slightly: “Has Ah Yu finally come to me?”

“I have something I want to say to my brother alone,” Xiao Yuan said, “you can go back first.”

Meng Chi responded, saying, “Master Gu, Master Mu, please?”

Gu Louyin glanced at Xiao Yuan, then turned and left. Mu Yingyang hesitated and said, “Shixiong, I…”

Xiao Yuan didn’t even look at him. “Go back.”

After the three of them left, Xiao Yuan asked, “Why do you want to soak in the cold pond in winter?”

Xiao Du was still wearing the big red costume of the Winter Solstice. With his stern sword eyebrows, upturned eyes and thin lips, he had a look of coolness and elegance. “Because I’m angry.”

Xiao Yuan bent down and wanted to try how cold the pool was but Xiao Du grabbed his wrist. “Beware of catching a cold.”

Xiao Yuan said, “I have warm jade on me.”

Xiao Duwen said, “Don’t try it anyway.”

Xiao Yuan withdrew his hand and said, “You getting angry won’t be just once or twice. Will you come here every time?”

Xiao Du smiled, “Only this time.”

“Let’s hear what’s wrong.”

“There is nothing to say.” Xiao Du said calmly, “It’s probably because I’m very angry and if I don’t restrain myself, I’m afraid I’ll do something to make Ah Yu unhappy.”

“For example?”

“For example, kill Gu Louyin, tie Ah Yu up, lock him up, and make…” Make Ah Yu cry out in a sweet voice under him.

Xiao Yuan chuckled, “Aren’t you tired of pretending to be a good brother?”

Xiao Du said slowly: “As long as Ah Yu is willing to stay by my side, I won’t be tired.”

Xiao Yuan was silent for a moment and then said, “Treating you as a brother is the limit of what I can do.”

Xiao Du nodded, “I understand. Ah Yu doesn’t need to be afraid, I will always be able to pretend to be a good brother.”

Xiao Yuan raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Du meaningfully.

If Xiao Du really meant it, he could deny that he was pretending, so that they could still call each other brothers without a burden. But he had to say it. Xiao Du just wanted to insert a thorn in his heart, reminding him all the time that he wanted him.

It was a pity that Xiao Du still thought he had a conscience. As Xiao Du said, he didn’t need sincerity. He needed Gu Louyin’s sincerity alone, and whether others liked him or not did not influence or trouble him in any way.

You like whoever you like and I like Gu Louyin – it was that simple.

Xiao Yuan said, “There is one thing I am going to tell you about in advance.”

“Say it.”

“I want to exchange hearts with Gu Louyin.”

Xiao Du seemed to have been stabbed. He stared at Xiao Yuan and gave a low chuckle: “You don’t want mine, you want his?”

“Yes,“ Xiao Yuan said, “only his.”

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