The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 92

Chapter 92

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Xiao Du repeated slowly: “Only his.” These short words seem to divide the people in this world into two categories: Gu Louyin and others.

“Heh.” Xiao Du chuckled again, but there was no smile in his eyes; instead, there was mockery and self-deprecation. Exchanging hearts with Xiao Yuan meant that he would bear the pain of the Acacia Gu for him and his golden core and cultivation base might also be affected. It was not a good thing. Most people would avoid it like plague, but he regarded being able to exchange hearts with Xiao Yuan as a reward, a kind of salvation. As long as Xiao Yuan agreed to exchange, it proved that he forgave him and was not angry anymore.

Waiting for so long, he tried his best to restrain himself and did not force Xiao Yuan to accept him, but Xiao Yuan was still unwilling to give him this opportunity.

“I ordered to infect you with the Acacia Gu, why does Ah Yu go to find someone else?” Xiao Du suppressed his surging emotions and said as gently as possible, “Shouldn’t I pay off the debts I owe?”

Xiao Yuan said, “You have paid it off.”

Xiao Du was startled.

“I said after the heart-protecting spell was fulfilled, things were settled.” Before Xiao Du could say anything, Xiao Yuan added another word: “Ge.”

Xiao Du closed his eyes. Once upon a time, he dreamed of hearing Xiao Yuan call him ‘gege’. He got what he wanted now, but the only thing he felt was indescribable sadness.

“I don’t understand,” Xiao Du said, “Gu Louyin harmed you no less than me. You can forgive him, accept him and even be willing to accept his heart but you only resign to get along with me perfunctorily. You allow him to make mistakes, why can’t you allow me to make mistakes?”

Xiao Yuan fell into contemplation; he had never thought about this question.

Xiao Du was not wrong. Even if Gu Louyin was forced, the damage caused to him back then was real and could not be erased. He ‘killed’ Xiao Du once, only to reluctantly recognize him as his brother for the sake of the overall situation. He said they were settled, but both he and Xiao Du knew very well that it was impossible for them to start over, let alone go back to the past.

On the other hand, Gu Louyin became demonized for him, his hair turned silver, his life term was shortened, he turned against his shimen and foolishly summoned his soul on the snowy mountain alone… It sounded miserable, but neither Mu Yingyang nor Xiao Du fared much better than him. Why did he only feel moved by Gu Louyin?

The answer was simple.

“Because I’m biased.” Xiao Yuan said lightly, “Those who are favoured will always have special privileges.”

Xiao Du was so frustrated that he couldn’t speak. He could bear Xiao Yuan designing to take his life and he wouldn’t complain even if he really died at his hands one day. He would only ask him with a pained heart if he was tired of trying to kill him. This was the privilege he gave Xiao Yuan.

And Gu Louyin was for Xiao Yuan what Xiao Yuan was for him. 

It turned out that he had lost from the beginning.

Xiao Du suddenly said, “I don’t accept it.”

Xiao Yuan said “oh” indifferently.

“You should have heard what I said to Mu Yingyang just now.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t know what Xiao Du was trying to say and felt a little impatient, “En.”

“If it were Gu Louyin coming to ask to marry you today, I’d say the same words to him.” Xiao Du said, “Gu Louyin is not worthy of you.”

Xiao Yuan smiled, “Although I call you ‘gege’, you don’t have to stage the drama of an elder brother acting like a father. It’s not your place to decide who I will marry.”

“If you only have a romantic affair with him… you can do as you like.” Every word Xiao Du said felt like a knife twisting in his heart, “But if you want to be Dao companions with him, you can only do that if you kill me again.”

Xiao Yuan frowned.

Just because two people slept together did not mean that they were lovers. For cultivators, a Dao companion was the only one in this life, loyal and unwavering. In other words, he was now sleeping with Gu Louyin, but it was not impossible for him to sleep with others. But if he and Gu Louyin became Dao companions, leaving their imprint and bloodline in each other’s body and then going to sleep with others…… It would be fine, it’s just that you would be cleaned up by the Dao of heaven and maybe lose years of cultivation. Moreover, if you wanted to dissolve a Dao companionship, you would have to suffer the pain of cleansing the marrow and the bones.

Since ancient times, there were men and women who became Dao companions out of deep affection for each other. Xiao Yuan didn’t know how many people persisted for a lifetime. Perhaps for them, it was the heavy restraint of the words ‘Dao companions’  that made them follow to the end.

This level was a bit far away for him and Gu Louyin at the moment.

Seeing Xiao Yuan keep silent, Xiao Du’s eyes flashed for a moment, “Or, you have already…”

Xiao Yuan said, “Not yet. ” Gu Louyin didn’t mention this matter and had not acted in a particular way when making love to him.

Xiao Du said solemnly: “Yet?”

“No one knows what will happen in the future.”

Xiao Du stared at Xiao Yuan and said, “Ah Yu, listen up. You don’t want me, I can accept it. But I can’t accept you being with Gu Louyin or Mu Yingyang. I am not worthy, and neither are they.”

Xiao Yuan sneered, “According to your meaning, as long as my Dao companion has not harmed me, you can accept him?”

Xiao Du gently squeezed out a “yes”.

Xiao Yuan shook his head, “I don’t understand you.”

Xiao Du’s eyes turned red; he gritted his teeth and said, “Since it cannot be me, it can’t be someone who has hurt you.”

Knowing that it would be useless to say more, Xiao Yuan calmly said, “I’m leaving.”

Xiao Du stopped him: “Ah Yu.”

Xiao Yuan stopped and looked back at him.

“If you need it,” Xiao Du said with difficulty, “I can find a beloved for you who is worthy of you.”

“Thank you,” Xiao Yuan said, “but I just want him.”

When Xiao Yuan returned to his place, he did not see Gu Louyin. Instead, he saw a note Gu Louyin left for him. There was only a simple sentence there: Going out, wait for me. 

Gu Louyin’s words were similar to his swordsmanship, fluid and graceful, pleasing to the eye.

However, what else could Gu Louyin be preoccupied with, besides him? Wasn’t he the most important thing for Gu Louyin?

The note didn’t say where he’d gone or when he’d be back. Xiao Yuan didn’t worry but felt a little puzzled.

By nightfall Gu Louyin still hadn’t returned yet. Xiao Yuan was lying on the bed alone, sleeping soundly. 

But on the third night after Gu Louyin left, he began to feel a little restless and he couldn’t help but think: Gu Louyin wouldn’t run away, would he? This move was too sudden. Although no one could hurt Gu Louyin with his cultivation base, it was several days since he’d left and Xiao Yuan decided to start worrying two days later.

While Xiao Yuan was tossing and turning, he heard a knock on the door and immediately sat up, “Who is it?”

“Shixiong… it’s me. “Mu Yingyang’s voice was obviously drunk and Xiao Yuan suspected that he hadn’t been sober for a while.

Xiao Yuan laid down again and said, “I am already sleeping.”

Mu Yingyang stopped talking, still standing at the door.

Xiao Yuan thought for a while, then pushed away the quilt and got out of bed. As soon as he opened the door, the rich aroma of wine rushed towards his face. Looking at Mu Yingyang’s red eyes, Xiao Yuan said indifferently: “I don’t want to talk to drunks. If you have anything to discuss, let’s talk about it when you are sober.”

Xiao Yuan wanted to close the door but Mu Yingyang stretched out his hand to hold the door. He was so aggrieved that he almost cried. “Shixiong, I beg you, don’t drive me away. I am willing to do anything for you, I… I like you…”

Xiao Yuan rubbed his forehead, “But I don’t like you.”

Mu Yingyang stubbornly said, “No, it’s impossible. Shixiong used to treat me so well, better than anyone else.”

“I didn’t mean to be nice to you.” Xiao Yuan said wearily, “And even if I treated you well, did you cherish it?”

Mu Yingyang said solemnly: “I… but I have changed. I will not say anything bad to Shixiong anymore and I will not make Shixiong angry anymore.”

“You have changed, but it has nothing to do with me not liking you.”

Mu Yingyang asked cautiously: “Then what do I have to do so that Shixiong would like me?”

“It’s useless to do anything.”

Mu Yingyang’s eyes widened, filled with tears.

“Go back.” Xiao Yuan said cruelly in a calm voice, “You are in my room so late, if he finds out,” Xiao Yuan lowered his head and smiled, “I will have to coax him again.”

Mu Yingyang grasped Xiao Yuan’s shoulder fiercely and said frantically: “Shixiong is mine, mine! No one can take him away…”

Xiao Yuan was just about to throw him out but someone was faster than him.

Mu Yingyang watched his hands get covered with frost and quickly withdrew them.

The silver-haired sword cultivator stood at the door, full of chill, staring blankly.

Xiao Yuan breathed a sigh of relief: “Finally you’re back.”

Gu Louyin nodded lightly, then glanced at Mu Yingyang and said, “Get lost.”

Mu Yingyang opened his mouth but before he could speak, a gust of wind pushed him out of the door and the door slammed shut in front of him.

Xiao Yuan put away Bihai Chaosheng and said, “I thought you guys were going to fight again.”


“Oh? Have you changed your temper?”

“You don’t like it.”

Xiao Yuan said coolly: “It’s not just that I don’t like it but I’m almost bored to death.” All day long, they fought and fought over him, even Yunjian Pavilion put less pressure on him than them.

Gu Louyin said, “I won’t fight with them.”

“Good boy.” Xiao Yuan looked Gu Louyin up and down and found nothing strange. He asked, “Where have you been in the past few days?”

Gu Louyin said, “Wuchuan Sea.”

Xiao Yuan was at a loss, “What were you doing there?”

“Xiao Du gave you Bihai Chaosheng.”

“Yeah, so?”

Gu Louyin stretched out his hand and spread out his palm. Xiao Yuan saw a crystal clear blue bead. “This is…”

“The Wuchuan Sea ice crystal.”

Bihai Chaosheng was forged from ice crystals. So Gu Louyin disappeared for a few days in search of the ice crystals of the Wuchuan Sea? And found one?! Ice crystals, like Qingyan, were ancient relics. Although Qingyan was unique and there was no other, they were also valuable and so rare one could hardly see it in a hundred years. Gu Louyin was lucky.

“I searched for three days and only found this one.” Gu Louyin pursed his lips, “I will help you find more in the future.”

Xiao Yuan’s heart seemed to be a little itchy.

Gu Louyin’s tone seemed a bit uncomfortable: “When I was in the snowy mountain, I was lucky enough to have some savings. Although I am not as good as Xingtian Sect, but…” Gu Louyin paused and finally said, “I can find for you whatever you want.”

Xiao Yuan curved his lips in a smile. He didn’t touch the ice crystal that Gu Louyin had worked so hard to find but cupped his cheeks and asked, “Have you been looking for it for a long time?”

Gu Louyin looked down at him, “En.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Xiao Yuan raised his head and gave Gu Louyin a kiss.

The other party quickly responded. The kiss was obviously not enough just to say thank you. Xiao Yuan sat on Gu Louyin and asked, “You have consumed a lot of spiritual power in the past few days, you must be very tired. Do you want to…”

Gu Louyin said, “For you I have enough.”

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