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Three years had passed since the destruction of Yunjian Pavilion.

In the past three years, Xuanle Sect had gradually replaced Yunjian Pavilion as the number one sect in the world. Shen Qianyan, the Master of Xuanle Sect, was ostensibly no different from Gu Hang in her level of cultivation. But everyone knew that the one who stood behind Xuanle Sect, who used Xuanle Sect to do whatever he wanted and who commanded the three realms, was the one who, three years ago, was called the ‘Demon Lord’ by the righteous cultivators. Xiao Du, the master of Xingtian Sect, was the true master of the cultivation realm.

However, the people of Xingtian Sect didn’t think so. No matter how advanced their Venerable Lord was in cultivation and scheming, didn’t he still have to follow the words of the young lord? The matters as small as the stuffing for the dumplings that Xingtian Sect would eat during the winter and as large as how to deal with the remnants of Yunjian Pavilion, the Venerable Lord had to write to the young lord about them to seek his opinion.

At the beginning, Xiao Du was able to receive Xiao Yuan’s replies. Even if it was only a few words, he was satisfied to see his brother’s handwriting. Unfortunately, after a few letters, the handwriting in the replies completely changed. Unlike the free and easy handwriting of Xiao Yuan, this handwriting was vigorous and powerful, and it was clear at first glance that it was written by someone else.

Xiao Du was displeased and his aura grew more and more violent, making the entire Xingtian Sect tremble. Everyone was in danger. In the end, Meng Chi came forward to advise him: “It’s probably because it’s cold and the young master is too lazy to hold a brush, so he let the young master’s wife write for him.”

Xiao Du became even more worried when he heard this, “Ah Yu is freezing when he follows Gu Louyin. What’s the use of Gu Louyin for this venerable?”

Meng Chi looked embarrassed: “That…” Should she tell the Venerable Lord? It was around the fifteenth day of the month when the young lord replied to this letter.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that it was correct for her not to remind him. Because the young lord’s reply was not only not written in his handwriting, but the tone was also different. My goodness, was their lord writing as his younger brother or as his brother-in-law?

Xiao Du was so angry that he went straight to closed door training, afraid that his spiritual veins would burst and he would die of anger.

At the end of the year, Xuanle Sect had a happy event. Two years after his marriage to his shimei, the young master of Xuanle Sect, Shen Fugui, was blessed with a son, and this year the little heir of the Shen family would turn one year old. This was a big event and should have been celebrated with great enthusiasm but the Shen family wanted to keep a low profile this time, so they only invited their family and the friends they had frequent contacts with.

Meng Chi took the invitation and begged to see Xiao Du. “My Lord, this banquet is for the first year birthday of the little son of the Shen family…”

Xiao Du said calmly: “The little son of the Shen family… Ah Yu will definitely go.”

“Of course, the young lord and Master Gu have always been good friends with Shen Fugui, how can they miss his son’s birthday banquet?”

Xiao Du gave a chuckle, “Then let’s go.”

As the saying goes, a worm with a hundred feet will not freeze to death. Yunjian Pavilion occupied the position of the number one sword sect in the world for many years and had many people supporting it. A lot of secret agents that were mixed in other sects survived the bloody wedding of Xuanle Sect three years ago. Most people were grateful to be able to stand up on their feet and continue to live. But there were still a few who didn’t give up and firmly believed that Gu Hang prepared a way out for himself in advance and would definitely resurrect and make a comeback.

These people gathered secretly and searched around for traces of Gu Hang and the remnants of Yunjian Pavilion. A Taoist devotee Xuan Gui of Tianhe Sect, a clan of sword cultivators, was one of those who gave the orders.

One day, the disciples of the Taoist devotee Xuan Gui routinely came to greet their master, only to find that their master was already dead. The death of Xuan Gui was extremely tragic; there was a large dark hole in his throat, as if it had been pierced by sharp claws. Oddly enough, Xuan Gui had a peaceful expression on his face, as if he hadn’t noticed or understood anything.

The cultivation base of Xuan Gui was one of the deepest in Tianhe Sect. Who was able to kill him instantly?

The Master of Tianhe Sect looked serious and muttered, “Could it be him…”

A disciple said sadly: “Who killed Master? I want to avenge him!”

“If it’s really him, it can only mean that your Master was involved with Yunjian Pavilion and deserved to die.” The Master of Tianhe Sect added solemnly, “Besides, you are far from being his opponent, so give up.”

The disciple said unwillingly: “Who is Sect Master talking about?”

The Master of Tianhe Sect was silent for a long time and then said, “The assassin of Xingtian Sect, Mu Yingyang.”

After leaving Tianhe Sect, Mu Yingyang returned to the inn and changed his bloody clothes. The man in the mirror looked magnificent, his body imposing and his sword eyebrows slanting towards his temples. He had completely lost his childishness, except for his eyes that were still as brilliant as stars.

He was undoubtedly a handsome young man. Walking around the Upper and Lower Immortal Realms on a regular basis, he would inadvertently attract some infatuated glances. When Meng Chi once complimented him on his increasing good looks, he made a fool of himself and asked “Who looks better, Gu Louyin or I?”

Meng Chi looked embarrassed: “That…”

Mu Yingyang said depressed: “Forget it, don’t talk about it.”

Meng Chi comforted him: “You and Master Gu have different styles, so it’s not easy to compare.”

Mu Yingyang said, “Say, should I dye my hair silver-white too?”

Meng Chi pressed her palm to her forehead. This man seemed to be so mature, why did he go back to childishness as soon as something related to Xiao Yuan was concerned?

Mu Yingyang looked away from the mirror and glanced at the invitation on the table – it was almost time for him to leave for Xuanle Sect.

The Shen family’s son’s first birthday banquet was approaching but Xuanle Sect looked no different from usual. There were few invited guests, but the gifts sent were piling up.

Mu Yingyang asked the disciple of Xuanle Sect who led the way: “Has my Shixiong arrived?”

The disciple of Xuanle Sect smiled and said, “Master Xiao and Master Gu arrived this morning and are now catching up with the young master.”

Mu Yingyang’s heart thudded, “Take me to see him.”

After several days of snowfall, the snow finally stopped today. As soon as the sun came out, Cai Xunnian asked her husband to take their son out to bask in the sun. So, when Mu Yingyang entered the courtyard, he heard the baby’s unintelligible babbling.

He saw a man standing in the courtyard, dressed in snow-white, with his black silky hair falling like a waterfall, holding a giggling child in his arms.

Mu Yingyang blurted out: “Shixiong.”

Xiao Yuan looked back and smiled at Mu Yingyang, “Shidi is here.”

By this time, Mu Yingyang and Xiao Yuan hadn’t seen each other for a year. Xiao Yuan was still exactly as he remembered, with a bright smile even brighter than the warm winter sun.

Gu Louyin stood beside Xiao Yuan, half a head taller than him. He was dressed in a white attire similar to Xiao Yuan’s, his face was as cold as frost, and he held an out-of-place rattle in his hand.

Before coming to Xuanle Sect, Mu Yingyang was ready to be unable to meet his Shixiong alone. He knew that no matter where his Shixiong went, there would be Gu Louyin by his side. He thought he would be sore when he saw the two of them together, and he was indeed sore, but oddly enough, he was not uncomfortable.

He saw that his Shixiong was doing well and was very happy; he also saw his Shixiong smile at him.

He was already satisfied.

Xiao Yuan teased the child and asked, “Where did shidi come from?” 

Mu Yingyang pulled together his thoughts and said, “From Tianhe Sect.”

“En?” Xiao Yuan said carelessly, “It seems that you have done a good job with the Taoist devotee Xuan Gui?”

“I have.” Mu Yingyang’s voice unconsciously acquired coquettish notes, “I did it fast and well. How will Shixiong reward me?”

Xiao Yuan said, shrugging: “It’s not me who asked you to assassinate Xuan Gui. If you want a reward, you should go to my ge.”

Mu Yingyang: “…”

The corners of Gu Louyin’s lips curved and he said indifferently: “He is about to fall asleep.”

Xiao Yuan looked down, and sure enough, the little guy in his arms was already drowsy. “By the way, shidi, let me reintroduce you. This is my son, his name is Ah Ling.”

“Shixiong’s son…?” Mu Yingyang was stunned, “Who, who was he born from?”

Cai Xunnian and Shen Fugui, who just heard this sentence, said in unison: “Born from us.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “I am his godfather and Gu Louyin is his master.”

Mu Yingyang breathed out a sigh of relief and said, “This child is only one year old and you have already found a godfather and a master for him?”

Shen Fugui said, “We are lucky, hehe.”

Mu Yingyang was not interested in other people’s sons, so he asked Xiao Yuan: “Where has Shixiong been?”

Xiao Yuling returned the little Ah Ling to his mother and said, “Penglai.”

Mu Yingyang was stunned, “Shixiong went to see master again… But didn’t Shizu say that Shizun wouldn’t wake up for at least five years of soul summoning? It’s useless for Shixiong to go now.”

“He didn’t go to see Shizun,” Gu Louyin said, “he wanted to eat sea fish.”

There was a voice full of mockery: “Sea fish is so delicious that you don’t even go home for the Winter Solstice?”

Xiao Yuan didn’t answer the question: “My brother is here just in time. My shidi is going to ask you for a reward.”

Mu Yingyang: “…”

After the guests arrived, Shen Qianyan invited them to the hall to watch what thing the little Ah Ling would pick. (The custom of placing a variety of articles (writing brush, abacus etc) before an infant on its first birthday to see which one he or she picks up.The article chosen is supposed to be an indication of the child’s inclinations, future career etc.) The ground was littered with objects for choosing. Cai Xunnian put his son down and said softly, “Baby, go.”

The little Ah Ling began to crawl on the ground. Xiao Yuan picked up a meat bun and started calling for his godson, “Ah Ling, Ah Ling, come to Gandie, Gandie (godfather) will give you something delicious.”

Shen Fugui said anxiously: “Xiao Yuan, don’t lure my son!” He didn’t want his son to become a foodie.

Cai Xunnian said, “It’s also good to pick a meat bun. It’s a blessing to be able to eat it.” The pretty girl of the past was full of maternal tenderness now, “I just want the baby to grow up in peace and everything to go smoothly for him.”

Little Ah Ling crawled in the direction of Xiao Yuan using both his hands and feet, and Shen Fugui let out a painful wailing. However, the little Ah Ling did not grab the meat bun in Xiao Yuan’s hand but sat on the ground, staring at the Yuxiao sword in Gu Louyin’s hand.

Gu Louyin lowered his eyes and said, “Do you want this?”

Little Ah Ling made a babbling sound and stretched out to grab Yuxiao.

Shen Fugui was overjoyed: “As expected of my son, he will become a great man in the future!”

Xiao Yuan gave a disappointed “ah”. Gu Louyin asked, “What?”

“Sword cultivators are mostly stubborn and single-minded.” Xiao Yuan shook his head and said, “Look at his silly face, some girl might make him sad when he grows up.”

Gu Louyin: “…”

After the banquet was over, the guests took a break in their respective guest rooms. Xiao Yuan took Gu Louyin out for a walk and said that he wanted to take him to a good place. Gu Louyin didn’t ask much and allowed Xiao Yuan lead the way. As a result, Xiao Yuan took him to Xuanle Sect’s music room. Cai Xunnian was waiting for them here.

Xiao Yuan said, “I missed it three years ago and this time I have finally come to Xuanle Sect again. I would like to invite my husband to listen to the ‘Dream of Golden Millet’  together.”

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