The Whole World Is My Crematorium Extra 2

Extra 2

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‘Dream of Golden Millet’ was a secret melody of Xuanle Sect that allowed the listener to have the most beautiful dream in the world. Three years ago, Xuanle Sect played this melody at Shen Fugui’s wedding banquet, causing the cultivators present to be unable to extricate themselves from the dream.

At that time, Xiao Yuan and Gu Louyin sealed their spiritual consciousness in order to stay awake. Xiao Yuan was quite regretful that they were not affected by the ‘Dream of Golden Millet’. Now that he was back here again and had no enemies, he also wanted to have a beautiful dream.

Gu Louyin felt some repulsion towards dreaming. In the past, he was often trapped in nightmares in his sleep because of his heart demons. His dreams would always be the same few pictures.

Fortunately, since he and Xiao Yuan became Dao companions, he rarely had nightmares anymore. Now that Xiao Yuan wanted to have a beautiful dream, he was naturally ready to accompany him.

Cai Xunnian smiled and said, “Then I will start. Be careful not to stay intoxicated for too long.”

Xiao Yuan said with great interest: “Let’s go.”

Before dreaming, Xiao Yuan had thought about what he and Gu Louyin would dream of. He was free and relaxed at the moment and very satisfied with his days with Gu Louyin. ‘Dream of Golden Millet’ made people dream of what they secretly wanted in their hearts, but he couldn’t think of a better life. If he had to express a wish, it would probably be for Shizun to wake up soon.

So, would Shizun wake up in the ‘Dream of Golden Millet’?

Yes, Shizun woke up.

Above Xufu, the moon was bright, casting scattered shadows. Xiao Yuan was sitting under an osmanthus tree with a black stone in his fingers, thinking hard. There was a chessboard in front of him, and opposite the chessboard sat a gentle and elegant man in a blue robe, with a smile in his eyes.

Xiao Yuan couldn’t think of a way to break the game. He was about to admit defeat, but Li Xianting was one step ahead.

“Teacher lost.”

Xiao Yuan was silent for a moment and then said slowly: “Shizun, this admission of defeat is not very damaging but extremely insulting.”

Li Xianting smiled and said, “Isn’t Ah Yu happy that he won?”

Xiao Yuan threw the chess pieces into the chess box and said, “Actually, I am very happy that Shizun can talk to me.”

Li Xianting smiled and looked up at the bright moon on the horizon. “The Lantern Festival is just a few days away. What kind of stuffed dumplings would Ah Yu like to eat? Shizun will make them for you.”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat the dumplings made by Shizun.” Xiao Yuan said gloomily, “My ge said that I must go back to Xingtian Sect during every New Year’s holiday. This is his absolute bottom line.”

Li Xianting only said, “There is no absolute in anything, Ah Yu will see.”

Next day, Li Yanzhi was ordered by Xiao Du to come to Xufu and bring something to Xiao Yuan. Xiao Yuan was a little panicked when he saw that thing and once again remembered the fear of being restricted.

It was a nine-tone snail.

“Take it away, take it away, take it away!” Xiao Yuan choked and said, “Shizun, help me!” ”

Li Yanzhi hurriedly said, “Don’t be afraid, young lord, the Lord just wants to say a few words to you.”

Xiao Du’s voice came from the nine-tone snail: “Ah Yu?”

Xiao Yuan: “…”

Xiao Du: “Ah Yu, you don’t need to come back for the Lantern Festival.”

Xiao Yuan: “???”

Xiao Du: “You have a Dao companion and you should put your Dao companion first. The Acacia Gu in Gu Louyin’s body attacks on the fifteenth of the month, don’t forget.”

Xiao Yuan was confused – was he dreaming?

Of course, he was dreaming!

Xiao Du continued: “Don’t come back if there is nothing important. I am very busy and don’t have time to take care of you.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Sure enough, there was everything in the dream, including the gege who was able to live in harmony with Gu Louyin, was empathetic and was driving him out, telling him not to go back to Xingtian Sect.

After Xiao Du finished speaking, Li Yanzhi put the nine-tone snail away without any intention of giving it to Xiao Yu.

The days in the dream passed in a flash. Xiao Yuan said goodbye to Li Xianting and went down the mountain to go home. On the way, he met Mu Yingyang who had returned from a hunting expedition.

Xiao Yuan saw Mu Yingyang from afar and waved his jade fan to greet him. Mu Yingyang didn’t respond. He lowered his head, thinking about something.

Even when the two were about to pass by, Mu Yingyang still hadn’t discovered the existence of Xiao Yuan. Xiao Yuan called, “Shidi.”

Mu Yingyang raised his head and saw Xiao Yuan. His eyes lit up when he saw Xiao Yuan. His gaze was full of the joy of a shidi who was seeing his shixiong. Other than that, there was nothing else.

“Shixiong, are you going down the mountain?”

“Yes, I’m going home to spend the Lantern Festival with Gu Louyin.”

Mu Yingyang nodded, “Walk slowly, Shixiong, and say hello to Gu Louyin for me. I won’t send Shixiong off.”

Xiao Yuan watched his shidi pass him and gradually walk away on his way, without looking back once.

His shidi’s infatuated gaze finally stopped following him. It turned out that this was also one of his wishes.

Xiao Yuan hurriedly returned to his and Gu Louyin’s house exactly on the evening of the fifteenth. He was ready to work hard all night, but unexpectedly, everything was as usual. There were no signs of Gu Louyin being infected with the Acacia Gu.

He said to Xiao Yuan: “You are back.”

“Why are you… what about the Acacia Gu?”

Gu Louyin said, “It’s been resolved.”

“I don’t know,” Gu Louyin said, “it’s just resolved.”

“…” Yes, the Acacia Gu that Gu Louyin had taken from him could be regarded as one of his little troubles. After the fifteenth of each month, Xiao Yuan had to lie in bed for two days to rest. It was okay, it was the Acacia Gu’s fault and had nothing to do with Gu Louyin. But the point was that he rarely took a break, and on the full moon night every month, it was a bit too much.

But he never talked to Gu Louyin about this issue. There were three reasons: first, a man can never say ‘no’; second, he himself had a good time; third, Gu Louyin was so good-looking that sometimes he couldn’t help but take the initiative to push down Gu Louyin.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and even without the Acacia Gu, there were still some things to do.

The full moon was like a mirror, and the house was full of spring.

Gu Louyin put Xiao Yuan’s legs down from his shoulders, picked him up from the desk and gently put him on the bed. Then he put on his white clothes and began to clean Xiao Yuan.

Xiao Yuan said in surprise: “Are you going to sleep?”


“After doing it just once?” Xiao Yuan couldn’t believe that there was such a good thing, “Really only once?” 

“En.” Gu Louyin wiped his body for him, “This thing should be done in moderation. The best thing to do is to keep your mind clean and clear.”

Xiao Yuan felt that something was wrong. Moderation was good, but wasn’t it too much to keep your mind clean and clear and all that. And to be honest, he felt a bit underwhelmed. “Actually, I’m not too tired, so why don’t we……”

“Indulgence hurts the body.” Gu Louyin said, “We will continue during the Lantern Festival next year.” 

Xiao Yuan’s brows twitched, “When?”

“In one year.”

For Xiao Yuan it was like a bolt from the blue.

Impossible, this was definitely not his wish!

Xiao Yuan suddenly woke up from his dream, panting slightly due to excessive shock. Gu Louyin held his hand and asked, “Xiao Yuan?”

“I just, just…” Xiao Yuan grabbed Gu Louyin’s hand, feeling frightened, “It scared me to death.” 

Cai Xunnian smiled apologetically: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just played a place wrong.”

Xiao Yuan breathed out a sigh of relief, “I just thought… how could it be possible.”

Gu Louyin asked him, “What did you dream of?”

“It’s hard to say.” He had a beautiful dream at first, then a spring dream and finally a nightmare. “How about you? What did you see in your dream?”

Cai Xunnian said in confusion: “Master Gu was always clear-headed and the ‘Dream of Golden Millet’ seemed to have had no effect on him.”

Xiao Yuan said, “Ah, have you sealed your spiritual consciousness?”

Gu Louyin said, “No.”

“Then why…”

Gu Louyin looked at him and said, “Probably because I have nothing else to ask for.”

The present life together with Xiao Yuan was his dream of golden millet.

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