Transmigrated Into The High-Risk Profession Life As A Master Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Silly thing

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Shen Gurong scanned the disciples, who were still as silent as cicadas in winter, suppressed the joy in his heart, and said, “Have you played ‘Hide and Seek’ in the mortal realm?”

Li Suo quickly responded, “I’ve played before, but only in my childhood.”

Shen Gurong continued, “Today, let’s play it again— I will give you the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. After you’ve hidden, take out the Tranquil Heart talisman[14]. You will be caught by me if the Tranquil Heart talisman explodes. This is considered as failing the class.”

The disciples: “…”

They had never heard of such an assessment for the Tranquil Heart Class!

Shen Gurong, seeing them motionless and seemingly bewildered, smiled ambiguously and said, “One incense stick.”

With those words, Li Suo immediately led the others rushing out.

Yu Xinghe also wanted to run, but Mu Zhe grabbed him, frowned, and said, “We don’t need to attend Tranquil Heart Class.”

Yu Xinghe’s eyes lit up, “Playing hide and seek with Master is fun!”


Mu Zhe: “…”

The malicious laughter of Shen Gurong still echoed in Mu Zhe’s ears. Mu Zhe pursed his lips and added, “It might not be fun. Listen to me, don’t go.”

Yu Xinghe blinked, “But…”

For someone like Yu Xinghe at his age, it was the time for playing. Mu Zhe could only let go when he saw that Yu Xinghe wouldn’t listen to advice and followed him.

In just a few moments, the entire Zhibai Hall was left with only Shen Gurong and Mu Zhe, who was practicing calligraphy.

The carved wooden windows on both sides of Zhibai Hall were open, and bamboo curtains hung down. The wind, carrying the lingering heat of late summer, swept through the hall.

Shen Gurong was not in a hurry to search for the disciples hiding in various corners of Changying Mountain. Instead, he leisurely sat on a cushion next to Mu Zhe, draped in a crane rope, supporting his chin with his hand, half-closing his eyes, looking somewhat drowsy.

Originally, Mu Zhe could practice calligraphy with an unchanged expression. However, after half an hour had passed and Shen Gurong seemed to have fallen asleep, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Putting down his brush, he spoke softly, “Master.”

He felt that… Shen Gurong seemed to be playing with them, especially with Li Suo.

Shen Gurong responded with a muffled sound, his sleepy voice carrying a hint of indistinct nasal tone, “What is it?”

His voice had a somewhat seductive depth, and Mu Zhe felt a tingling sensation in his ears. Uncomfortably, he touched his earlobe and said, “It’s been an hour.”

Shen Gurong, feeling a bit drowsy probably due to his unhealed injuries, grunted, “Hmm,” and continued to close his eyes to sleep.

Mu Zhe asked, “Aren’t you going to look for them?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it a bit. 


Shen Fengxue was a person of great complexity, and everything he did had its reasons. Even intentionally playing with people wasn’t something that Mu Zhe had the right to intervene in.

Mu Zhe’s face turned pale as he lowered his head. The recent gentleness from Shen Fengxue had almost made Mu Zhe forget what kind of person he fundamentally was.

Shen Gurong lazily opened his feather-like eyelashes, turned his head to glance at Mu Zhe, and suddenly asked, “Are you afraid of me?”

Mu Zhe’s hand trembled slightly, and he replied with a bitter tone, “I dare not.”

Shen Gurong didn’t say much and answered his previous question, “It takes four hours of concentrated meditation for the talismans of the Tranquil Heart Class not to break. It’s only been an hour, what’s the rush?”

Mu Zhe was taken aback, seemingly not expecting that Shen Gurong would respond to this seemingly irrelevant question.

Shen Gurong, oblivious to Mu Zhe’s surprised expression, continued to rest with closed eyes. 

Shen Gurong’s true nature was unrestrained and willful. These past few days of feigned indifference had been quite suffocating for him. Once he relaxed, he felt like rolling on the ground, and if Mu Zhe wasn’t there, he might have actually done it. He completely dozed off for six hours in the Zhibai Hall.

Mu Zhe went from initially thinking, “Is he really playing with Senior Brothers?” to finally realizing, “He is indeed amusing himself.”

In the end, considering Li Suo had just recovered from a serious illness, Mu Zhe gathered his courage and called out to Shen Gurong, “Master, Master?”

Shen Gurong, who seemingly possessed a magical ability for napping, sat there half-asleep. Even when awakened, he mumbled something incomprehensible, instinctively reaching for the sash of his robe to cover his eyes.

Mu Zhe: “…”

Mu Zhe’s lips twitched slightly. He bent his knees, picked up the ice silk from the hem of Shen Gurong’s robe, and placed it in Shen Gurong’s palm.

Shen Gurong then covered his eyes with the ice silk and lazily asked, “What time is it?”

Mu Zhe sighed and said, “Six hours have passed.”

Shen Gurong: “…”

Well, it was already afternoon.

He stood up, mumbling, “It’s time for an afternoon nap.”

Mu Zhe: “…..”

Mu Zhe couldn’t bear it anymore. Taking a deep breath, he subtly reminded him, “Master, Senior Brother Li Suo and the others are still hiding on Changying Mountain.”

Shen Gurong, still half-asleep, suddenly realized that he was still involved in that naughty activity, thanks to Mu Zhe’s reminder. Unfazed, he took out the jade token from his sleeve and went to find Xi Guxing.


Xi Guxing’s voice quickly came from the jade token: “Are you trying to die again?”

Shen Gurong yawned lazily and said, “Go find Li Suo and the others for me.”

Xi Guxing responded, “What?”

“They’ve been hiding on Changying Mountain for half a day; the Tranquil Heart Class should have passed by now.”

Xi Guxing: “…..”

Xi Guxing probably guessed Shen Gurong’s teaching methods and finally spoke after a pause, “Shen Fengxue, they’re right. You really are a clothed beast.”

Shen Gurong: “…”

He was just trying to help with the class, why were people still curse at him?

An hour later, Xi Guxing led a group of disciples, all wilted from the scorching sun, into Zhibai Hall.


Changying Mountain was like the height of summer, scorching hot at noon. The disciples, too fearful of Shen Gurong, dared not move after hiding. Due to their intense concentration, the Tranquil Heart talismans on their foreheads surprisingly remained intact for six hours.

All the disciples were so immersed in meditation that if Xi Guxing had delayed a bit longer, most of the disciples on Liren Peak might have turned into monks[15].

The disciples returned to their desks with drooping postures, slightly lowering their hands, and bowed to Shen Gurong.

Shen Gurong glanced at them and noticed that their fear of him seemed to have deepened.

Shen Gurong, feeling a mischievous mood creeping in, was quite pleased to see others fearing him. He smiled ambiguously, “They all passed?”

Xi Guxing also smirked, “They all passed. It’s thanks to the excellent teaching of the Sage.”

Shen Gurong modestly said, “You flatter me.” 

Xi Guxing: “…”

All the disciples remained silent out of fear, and even the usually cheerful Li Suo dared not make a sound.

Xi Guxing waved his hand, “You can all disperse. If the Tranquil Heart Class fails again next time, think about today’s teaching from Sage Fengxue.”

Everyone shuddered.

Li Suo bowed and, in unison with the other disciples, said, “Thank you for the enlightening teaching, Sage.”

This lesson would be unforgettable for a lifetime.

After everyone left, Shen Gurong, supporting his chin, with a voice bearing a bit of laziness as if just waking up, asked, “Senior Brother, when is the next Tranquil Heart Class?”

Xi Guxinggave him a disdainful look, “Do you still want to tease them? Have a bit of conscience, Shen Shiyi.” 

Shen Gurong’s lips curved slightly, “However, during this period, I cannot use spiritual power recklessly and have to stay at Fanjiang Residence all day. It’s too boring.”

Xi Guxing glanced at Mu Zhe, who was tidying up the copybooks, his eyes filled with coldness.

Mu Zhe, aware of Sect Leader’s disapproval, turned pale, and his movements became faster.

He held the copybooks and stood up, bowing respectfully. As he was about to leave, Shen Gurong suddenly said, “Mu Zhe, stay.”

Shen Gurong had been thinking about checking the map in the library to confirm if “Huitang City” really existed in this world. Although he thought it was unlikely, Shen Gurong felt it was prudent to make sure.

Otherwise, facing a face so similar to his own, he couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable sense of unease and panic.


The library on Liren Peak was a place Shen Gurong only had a rough idea about, and as someone prone to getting lost, he was certain he wouldn’t find it on his own. After some thought, Shen Gurong decided to have Mu Zhe guide him. This way, he could also find a reason to bring the two closer and ease the stiffness in their master-disciple relationship.

However, each time Shen Fengxue coldly uttered the words “Mu Zhe, stay,” in Mu Zhe’s eyes, he would inevitably endure excruciating agony afterward.

Upon hearing these words, Mu Zhe’s brain hadn’t fully processed the information yet, and his body instinctively shuddered.

Xi Guxing caught the lingering fear in Mu Zhe’s eyes and sneered, “No need to stay, go.”

Mu Zhe’s complexion turned even more unsightly. His legs felt a bit weak, and with a restrained “yes,” he turned and left.

After walking out of the Zhibai Hall, Mu Zhe recalled Shen Gurong’s frosty expression, and there was a slight, bitter tinge on his heart.

He stood outside Zhibai Hall for a while, hesitating before cautiously attempting to activate the spiritual power within him. 

Shen Gurong’s voice suddenly exploded, nearly making Mu Zhe shudder.

[Don’t go, I said!]

[Who will take me to the library if Mu Zhe leaves?!]

[Xi Guxing, you silly thing!]

Mu Zhe: “…”

Mu Zhe was already feeling complex emotions, and upon hearing these words, he almost couldn’t catch his breath, feeling choked in his chest.

Shen Gurong was completely unaware that the young protagonist had long seen his true nature and was still asking Xi Guxing about the morning class.

Xi Guxing replied, “Back then, you never attended the morning class on Liren Peak. Now you want to teach one, how ironic.”

Shen Gurong chewed on a few spiritual berries and mumbled, “So, can I make up for it now?”

Xi Guxing: “…”

Xi Guxing looked at him with a hint of frustration. “Are you just amusing yourself?”

Shen Gurong remained silent.

Xi Guxing still couldn’t adapt to Shen Gurong’s current demeanor. He picked up the bamboo flute beside him and tapped Shen Gurong’s leg, speaking coldly, “Sit properly. Is this how your master taught you?”

Shen Gurong, without any reservations, simply half-laid on the small desk, his long hair scattered behind him, looking as if he was about to doze off. “But I’m tired.”

Xi Guxing was very dissatisfied with Shen Gurong’s boneless and lazy appearance. He smirked and said, “I told you not to act coquettish with me.”

Shen Gurong: “…” 

Shen Gurong was on the verge of jumping up to curse him. Speaking softly, and it’s considered acting coquettish? Why don’t I summon a lightning bolt aimlessly to strike down Xi Guxing?

Seeing Shen Gurong glaring at him, Xi Guxing began to adapt to the situation. However, as he realized this, his expression changed, and he cursed himself for being a spineless fool. If Shen Shiyi behaved, he still couldn’t adapt. Did they have to resort to physical fights every time they met to satisfy him?

Xi Guxing glanced at him, and with a tone devoid of goodwill, he said, “If you want to attend the morning class, just come. Just don’t cause trouble for me.”

As he spoke, Xi Guxing stood up to leave.

Shen Gurong said, “Thanks, Sect…”

Xi Guxing turned around, his eyes filled with icy killing intent.

Shen Gurong, feeling somewhat submissive, added the last two words, “…Senior Brother.”

Only then did Xi Guxing brush his sleeves and leave.

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[14]: change from previous term ‘Charm’ to ‘talisman’

[15]: because monks mediate all time

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