Transmigrated Into The High-Risk Profession Life As A Master Chapter 12

Chapter 12: As Cold As Ice And Frost

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Shen Gurong lay there for a while before lifting his white hair and getting up in a leisurely manner. He thought of how he could go to the library in Liren Peak alone.

As he contemplated, upon leaving the Zhibai Hall, he saw Mu Zhe holding a stack of papers standing not far away under a mulberry tree, seemingly waiting for a long time.

Shen Gurong raised an eyebrow and walked towards him at a leisurely pace.

Seeing him approaching, Mu Zhe nodded slightly, “Master.”

Shen Gurong asked, “What are you doing here?”

Mu Zhe lowered his head respectfully, “I was waiting for Master to return to Fanjiang Residence together.”

Shen Gurong was momentarily surprised, as if he didn’t expect Mu Zhe to wait for him specifically.

After a brief pause, Shen Gurong seemed to have figured out that the protagonist was trying to repay the favor for saving him earlier. He chuckled briefly and said, “Before returning to Fanjiang Residence, I need to visit the library. Come with me.”

Mu Zhe had never seen Shen Gurong smile. Upon hearing this, he looked up in surprise, meeting Shen Gurong’s eyes that were unexpectedly gentle. He was suddenly stunned.

Seeing Mu Zhe in a daze, Shen Gurong tilted his head slightly and asked, “Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Mu Zhe snapped back to reality and immediately lowered his head, “Yes.”

Shen Gurong confidently held onto this sign of Mu Zhe’s compliance, as if grasping onto hope. Just as he was about to let Mu Zhe lead the way, Mu Zhe took a step forward, positioning himself half a step ahead to guide Shen Gourong.  


Shen Gurong nodded, looking at little Mu Zhe’s pitch-black hair, and a faint smile tugged at the corner of his lips. This child, quite clear about gratitude and resentment.

The library was situated on Jiuchun Mountain, not far from Fanjiang Residence. The two walked over a roped bridge, proceeding slowly down the mountain steps.

On both sides of the mountain steps, towering ancient trees provided dense shade, and a cool breeze brushed against them, creating a serene atmosphere. After a short while, they arrived at the library of Liren Peak.

The elder of the library was sunbathing in front of the book pavilion. When he spotted Shen Gurong approaching, he almost tumbled off the soft reclining chair. He hurriedly got up and bowed, “Greetings to the Sage.”

Shen Gurong, accustomed to the cautious demeanor of everyone around him, merely nodded, “I’ve come to find a book.”  

The elder quickly opened the intricately carved wooden door of the library and ushered the two inside. Legend had it that the library of Liren Peak held the most extensive collection of books across the Three Realms and Nine Provinces. Even the imperial family of Jingzhou had once sent people to borrow rare volumes. However, Xi Guxing, unwilling to be entangled with worldly affairs, strictly refused any external borrowings and sent the visitors away.

Walking amidst the densely packed bookshelves, Shen Gurong explored the library, which was organized into sections for classics, history, philosophy, and various other categories. The four-story library housed an immense collection of books.

The elder, holding a mermaid-shaped candle to illuminate their way, asked, “What kind of book are you looking for?”

Shen Gurong replied, “The Kunyu Map.”


“The Kunyu Map is on the fourth floor,” the elder guided him up the wooden steps. The library was rarely visited, and the air was filled with the damp scent of wood. “Three years ago, the Sect Leader revamped the Kunyu Map of the Nine Provinces. It includes every city and village across the Three Realms.”

Shen Gurong nodded and glanced at the silent figure of Mu Zhe following behind him. He asked, “Is there any book you want to borrow?”

Mu Zhe, climbing the stairs in silence, didn’t expect Shen Gurong to ask him. He hesitated for a moment, about to shake his head, but suddenly remembered something and stiffly nodded.

Shen Gurong said, “Then go ahead, no need to accompany me.”

Mu Zhe replied, “Yes.”  

Shen Gurong followed the elder and continued to ascend the stairs. Soon, they reached the fourth floor.

The fourth floor was spacious, with real books neatly arranged on the walls, and in the center was an ethereal map.

The elder said, “Sage, this is the Kunyu Map.”

It was the first time Shen Gurong had seen a map suspended in the air like this. The Kunyu Map seemed to condense the vast world onto a single piece of paper, displaying mountains, rivers, and numerous towns and cities. If one got close enough, they might even hear the faint murmurs of flowing rivers.

Shen Gurong marveled at the sight.  

The elder, not accustomed to seeing this secluded Sage, noticed his interest in the Kunyu Map and hastily asked, “Sage, which city are you looking for?”

Shen Gurong pondered for a moment and replied, “Can you provide information on any city?”

“Exactly,” the elder said. “Since the establishment of Liren Peak a thousand years ago, every city that has existed within that time frame is recorded.”

Shen Gurong absentmindedly played with the wooden bead bracelet on his wrist, fell into silence for a moment, and then asked, “In the past thousand years, has there been a city named ‘Huitang’?”

The elder bowed slightly and replied, “Sage, please wait a moment.”

He went to the bookshelf against the wall, searched for a while, and said, “Sage, there is no record of such a city in the Three Realms.”

Shen Gurong asked, “Are you sure?”

The elder nodded, “Certainly.” 

Shen Gurong breathed a sigh of relief. He calmly said, “Alright, I understand.”

Shen Fengxue was only a little over a hundred years old, and the absence of “Huitang City” in the records of the past thousand years confirmed that he had indeed transmigrated into a fictitious world.

“Is there anything else that the Sage needs?” the elder asked.

Shen Gurong shook his head and said, “Thank you.”

The elder was taken aback, hastily nodded, and dared not say more.

After descending the stairs, Shen Gurong found that Mu Zhe was already waiting at the entrance, holding the books he intended to borrow.

“What books did you borrow?”  

Mu Zhe showed him a yellowed book with two beautifully written characters – “Questioning One’s Own Heart.” Without much thought, Shen Gurong left with Mu Zhe.

On the way back to the Fanjiang Residence, Mu Zhe remained silent. Shen Gurong, being someone who disliked loneliness, saw this as an opportunity to change Mu Zhe’s impression of him as a “beast.”

He casually started a conversation, “Where’s Yu Xinghe?”

Mu Zhe replied, “He lives in the residence of the outer disciples and went back after the morning class.”

Shen Gurong glanced at him, “Outer disciple?” 


Mu Zhe stiffened and whispered, “I… Yu Xinghe and I were afraid that staying in Jiuchun Mountain might disturb Master, so we moved to Changying Mountain without permission. I hope Master will punish us.”

Shen Gurong thought to himself, given Shen Fengxue’s good intentions that often lead to trouble, moving away to avoid disasters seemed like a reasonable choice.

Previously, Xi Guxing mentioned this, and at that time, Shen Gurong thought these two fellows lived with Li Suo in the residence of the inner disciples, so he didn’t pay much attention.

Shen Fengxue’s disciples residing with the outer disciples, how would the other disciples perceive them?

“It’s fine,” Shen Gurong said, “Just make sure Yu Xinghe moves back as soon as possible.”

Mu Zhe’s face turned pale.


Despite not understanding why he suddenly heard Shen Gurong’s inner thoughts, Mu Zhe felt that eavesdropping on someone’s inner thoughts without their consent was extremely impolite. Unless it was absolutely necessary to use spiritual power, he rarely took the initiative to probe Shen Gurong’s consciousness.

However, at this moment, Mu Zhe’s heart trembled slightly, and he suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to explore what Shen Gurong was really thinking.

The ability to control the consciousness of the person who posed the greatest threat to him was a temptation that could be considered twisted for the young Mu Zhe. It was as if there were two little figures, one black and one white, fighting each other in his heart.

[Don’t casually probe someone else’s consciousness.] 

“Before, Shen Fengxue could casually invade my sea of consciousness, why can’t I do the same to him?”

“If Master know he would kill me.”

“It was him who infused spiritual power into my dantian. If blame is to be placed, it should be on him.”

Mu Zhe, feeling a headache, pressed his forehead. In the end, he was still too young, and he was worried that Shen Gurong might harm Yu Xinghe. Unable to control himself, he activated his spiritual power once again.

In Shen Gurong’s thoughts: [Come back and stay here is good, so I can knead the dumpling every day.]

[Yu Xinghe’s temperament is good. He would let me hug and knead him. Unlike this little brat, he won’t let me hold him or knead him at all.]

Mu Zhe: “…”

Before, it seemed like Shen Gurong was obsessed with tossing Mu Zhe around. Even if Yu Xinghe acted cute and frolicked in front of him every day, Shen Gurong wouldn’t spare him a glance. Now, Shen Gurong suddenly wanted Yu Xinghe to come back, and Mu Zhe thought he had some sinister motive. Unexpectedly, he heard these thoughts.

Shen Gurong: [When will Mu Zhe be willing to let me hold him?]

Mu Zhe: “…”

Mu Zhe staggered, stumbled, and fell to the third step. Shen Gurong was startled and instinctively reached out to pull Mu Zhe into his arms.


Mu Zhe, still shocked, looked at him in astonishment. Shen Gurong held him tightly, his gaze slightly lowered.

[Hey, this brat looks cold, but he’s surprisingly soft to hold.]

Mu Zhe: “…”

Mu Zhe’s face turned slightly green.

Shen Gurong sat him on the steps, kneeled on one knee on the lower steps, and regardless of Mu Zhe’s weak struggles, gently held Mu Zhe’s calf, giving his ankle a slight squeeze. 

Mu Zhe made a painful “hiss” sound. The moment he made a sound, he immediately bit his lip tightly, forcefully suppressing the pain.

Shen Gurong raised an eyebrow, looking at him. “Does it hurt?”

Mu Zhe clenched his teeth, “No, it doesn’t hurt.” Even if it did hurt, he wouldn’t admit it.

Shen Gurong was a bit skeptical, so he tried lightly pinching again.

This time, Mu Zhe was in so much pain that tears were about to come out.

Shen Gurong: [Hahaha! This stubborn little dumpling is quite amusing.]

Mu Zhe: “…”  

Shen Gurong saw that Mu Zhe couldn’t resist and extended his arms, intending to hold him in his arms.

Mu Zhe’s face turned pale, and he stubbornly whispered, “I can walk by myself.”

Seeing Mu Zhe resisting, Shen Gurong reluctantly withdrew his hands and took a step back on the stone steps. He said, “Then try taking a few steps.”

Mu Zhe, enduring the intense pain in his legs and ankles, didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Shen Gurong. He attempted to take a step forward.

The steps on Liren Peak were steep, and Mu Zhe’s short legs struggled even on a normal day, let alone when injured. After a couple of attempts, he lost his balance and stumbled directly towards the stone steps. If he fell, it would undoubtedly result in a head injury with bloodshed. 

Mu Zhe panicked and was about to reach out to cushion the fall on the stone steps when he suddenly smelled a bitter medicinal fragrance. Next, a pair of gentle hands caught him, securing his small body in a warm embrace.

Mu Zhe’s face turned red.

Shen Gurong lowered his gaze, and through the thin ice silk, he could see the soft colors in Mu Zhe’s light-colored eyes. Shen Gurong softly said, “Are you okay?”

Mu Zhe was stunned, and his heart trembled slightly. In the next moment, he heard Shen Gurong desperately suppressing laughter.

[This child is really stubborn. He’s crying from pain, yet he insists it doesn’t hurt.]

[No wonder he’s my disciple; he’s really good at pretending.]

[Ha, ha, ha, ha!]

Mu Zhe: “…………”

Mu Zhe expressionlessly held onto the book, struggling to extend his small hand to push Shen Gurong’s robe. His little face, whether from anger or embarrassment, turned bright red.

He intended to bounce out of Shen Gurong’s embrace, but the pain made him hesitate. He could only bite his lip, remaining silent. His resistance was clearly written on his face, hoping Shen Gurong would realize on his own.

Unfortunately, Shen Gurong seemed oblivious. He held Mu Zhe tightly and leisurely walked up the stone steps, engaging in casual conversation with Mu Zhe.

“Why did you suddenly decide to borrow this book?”

Mu Zhe, still sulking, remained silent.

Shen Gurong, unfazed, continued, “Do you recognize any characters at all?” 

Shen Gurong just wanted to inquire if Mu Zhe recognized any characters. After all, the little antagonist, Yu Xinghe, couldn’t even recognize the characters for “Zhu Xie.” Considering Mu Zhe was younger, they should be on equal footing.

However, after the seemingly malicious act of deliberately pinching Mu Zhe’s ankle and forcing him into an embrace, asking such a question carried an inexplicable suspicion of intentional mockery.

Mu Zhe, accustomed to his teasing, immediately had his thoughts go awry. He muttered, “I recognize all the characters in the Tranquil Heart Sutra.” 

Shen Gurong happened to see Fanjiang Residence not far away and, with an even tone, praised him, “Oh, very clever.”

Mu Zhe: “…”

It sounded more like sarcasm.

Mu Zhe’s thoughts about “betraying the master and annihilate the sect!” stirred once again after a few days of silence.

Shen Gurong, being easy-going, didn’t notice Mu Zhe’s sensitive thoughts. The library and Fanjiang Residence were on the same mountain steps, allowing Shen Gurong to smoothly return to his residence.

He originally intended to escort little Mu Zhe back to the side courtyard, and incidentally, improve their master-disciple relationship. However, Mu Zhe struggled to get down, insisting on walking by himself. Shen Gurong had no choice but to let him go.

Mu Zhe’s face turned crimson, and he hobbled towards the side courtyard.

Shen Gurong called from behind, “Are you sure you don’t want your master to accompany you back?”

Little Mu Zhe hopped even faster. 

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